Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 3

Miyahi, a woman, has her own values different from those of Linsugaya, and she has kept them without abandoning them.
Her nobility and grace have been passed on to Takeru.
Despite whatever terrible treatment he received, Takeru was not the sort to resent others because of it. He was kindhearted, always considerate of others over himself.
As hoped, this time his nature worked favorably.
At the same moment Todd felt relieved, Enethya behind Takeru, who had looked stunned, burst into even more violent sobs than before.
“I-I’m sorry!! What I did was awful…!”
She cried out and clung to Takeru’s back, apologizing profusely.
Surprised that the Enethya he was supposed to be protecting had started weeping, Takeru realized he must have made her cry and panicked.
Swayed by Enethya, Takeru soon began weeping as well.
The two cried as they apologized to each other.
It no longer seemed to matter what had first made them start crying.
“You two made up nicely, didn’t you?”
“Yeah… I hope this improves their relationship a bit.”
At some point, Edward who had been behind Todd was nodding approvingly with a knowing look.
Though startled to be suddenly addressed from behind, Todd somehow managed a reply while concealing his agitation.
“You knew this would happen, didn’t you, Big Brother?”
“That’s just conjecture. I only acted based on what I hoped would happen.”
“Hehe, if you say so.”
After the tearful apology session ended, Enethya no longer made fun of Takeru.
She came to trust and believe in Takeru, who had protected her, and started including him when she played house with her younger sister, Anastasia.
Takeru’s role was a knight protecting Enethya’s princess character.
Perhaps because playing girls’ games embarrassed him, he always wore a bashful, flushing smile while playing together with them.
The slightly reddened face of Takeru always bore a radiant, sunflower-like smile.

The palace of Rynsgaya was not particularly large.

In total, there were three.
The king had to flaunt his invisible authority to both domestic and foreign lands.
Therefore, the two palaces used for public affairs and receptions were built relatively sturdily and solemnly to convey majesty.
However, Burgel’s Palace where King Rynsgaya the Fourth and his family lived was so modestly constructed that one would doubt it was truly the royal residence.
Having undergone frequent repairs over the centuries, it looked quite shabby compared to the other two palaces built in more modern architectural styles.
The current king was famously frugal, or to put it bluntly, stingy.
Thus he never properly renovated Burgel’s Palace, continuing to use it as is.
Then why did he keep using a palace that, at best, had an old-fashioned charm and, at worst, was falling apart, all while minimally patching it up? The reason lay in the founding history of the Rynsgaya Kingdom.
Next to Rynsgaya was another country called the Rinfelt Kingdom, possessing roughly equal national power.
Originally, these two nations were one country known as the Rhein Kingdom.
In short, Burgel’s Palace was a relic of the Rhein Kingdom.
Therefore, the successive kings of the Rynsgaya Kingdom, who prided themselves as the Rhein Kingdom’s legitimate successors, continued using this palace.
However, due to its antiquated construction, whether fortunately or unfortunately, the palace had poor air-tightness and sound insulation, with heated air quickly escaping outside.
As a result, the interior of the palace chilled rapidly despite magic being used to warm it.
“Achoo! Achoo…!”
“Are you alright, Anastasia?”
“Y-Yes, Big Brother…”


Within one room of the shabby palace were two children.
A boy gently patting the back of a girl coughing softly before him, and the girl named Anastasia accepting the boy’s pats.
The boy – Todd – looked at the girl before him with a sad expression.
(Anastasia’s health is much worse than I thought… Seeing her sickly constitution as text in a game is completely different from living together with her.)
The one who called Todd “Big Brother” was named Anastasia Von Rynsgaya.
She was the second princess of Rynsgaya, one year junior to Enethya at the age of three.
Anastasia was what you might call an ill-fated beauty.
She was an extremely delicate character, possessing persistent debuffs that continually penalized her abilities.
However, she was also intellectually brilliant, skilled in national administration and systemic reform, playing a huge role during domestic policy phases.
Having Anastasia as an assistant after becoming king allowed one to somewhat neglect governing and progress the story or trigger events without issue.
Whether she was present or not made around a 30 percent difference in the chance of rebellion when undertaking normal governance while making various preparations and taking precautions. She was that much of an outstanding talent.
But Anastasia was sickly, bearing an incurable disease called the [Elcio’s Embrace] that not even Schlein, the head court magus, could cure.
As was often the case in [Augustus: Throne of the Supreme], there were usually multiple prepared solutions for any given problem, so guides weren’t necessary to play it.

It’s a kind of consideration, I guess, to make the game playable even without consulting a walkthrough site. However, the methods often involve spontaneous random events or combinations that seem like haphazard work, leading miraculously to problem resolution. This is probably why it’s considered a masterpiece of a game.
But I digress.
There were three ways to cure Anastasia’s incurable disease.
All three were currently beyond Todd’s desperate reach.
And since two relied on random events, there was effectively only one method available.
That method was – befriend the elves living in the Great Tree Sea next to Rynsgaya and receive the item [Elf Potions] from them.
To achieve that required interacting with the elves, which was no simple matter in itself.
The demihumans like elves and dwarves had long severed contact with humans, fleeing deep far from civilization.
To reestablish relations with them would require some dramatic event.
Either overwhelmingly defeating the elves, all adept magic users, in battle, or achieving a feat worthy of earning the recognition.
Accomplishing either goal inevitably necessitated military might.
“Anastasia, I brought some mint fruit water. Drinking it will soothe your chest.”
“Oh, thank you, Big Brother…”
Anastasia accepted the water Todd handed her and steadily drank from her small mouth.
Her slender throat quivered and shook as she dutifully drank.
After Anastasia thanked him and returned the glass, Todd passed it to a servant to take away.
Since lying down would be more comfortable, as Anastasia had said, Todd decided to lead her to the bed.
Carrying a princess pickaback style was probably still beyond his current strength, despite the five year age difference.
With the benefit of his previous life’s memories, Todd naturally assumed a piggyback pose, not attempting anything reckless.
“I-It’s a little embarrassing, Big Brother…”
“There, there, don’t say that.”
Feeling both endeared and solemn at the sight of Anastasia turning bright red in embarrassment while feebly shaking her head, Todd walked through the palace.
The royal family of Rynsgaya lived much more modestly compared to the kings and nobles Todd imagined in medieval fantasy.
According to rumors, even the kingdom’s top aristocrats like dukes and marquises lived far better lives.
As a result, he encountered relatively few servants while passing through.
Since the palace itself wasn’t very large either, it didn’t take long for Anastasia’s room to come into view.
His arms didn’t seem to be tiring yet either.
At this rate, he probably could have tried a princess carry after all with some effort.
While thinking that, he laid the embarrassed Anastasia with a bright red face onto the canopy bed.
“Ah, thank you, Brother…”
What exactly was the canopy for? To keep off dust, probably.
Letting his mind wander idly, Todd shifted his gaze from the filmy curtains on the bed back to Anastasia.
“You’re welcome, think nothing of it.”
Anastasia wasn’t a particularly talkative person to begin with.
And while Todd liked talking, unfortunately he had absolutely no idea what topics were suitable to discuss with a girl five years younger.
Due to focusing solely on magic training and physical tempering, he was ignorant about the city life and the current trends.
As he wondered what to talk about… a considerable amount of time passed in silence between Todd and Anastasia when it was just the two of them like this.
However, neither of them had a particularly displeased expression, nor did they seem to be in a hurry to fill the silence by starting a conversation.
In fact, Todd quite enjoyed this quiet time spent with Anastasia.
It’s not that they couldn’t stand the silence, but rather, it was… how should he put it? Anyway, like this, it felt like they were isolated from the world’s relentless rush, where time usually passes too quickly, and they could enjoy a leisurely moment.
As a result, Todd, who would often be praised for his intelligence by those around him, found himself lost in meaningless thoughts.
“Yes, what is it?”
“It’s peaceful, isn’t it…”
“Yes, it is peaceful…”
“Peace is the most important, isn’t it…”
“Yes, it is.”
Time flowed slowly between the two of them.
“Hey, Anastasia, it’s oka──Big brother!? Huh, Anastasia, that’s not fair! Just because your’re sick, you can’t hog big brother all to yourself!”
The leisurely time, like that of a mature couple sitting on the veranda, continued until Enethya, who had hurried over upon hearing that her sister wasn’t feeling well, barged in…

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