Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 9

When Kirido turned around in shock, she was there carrying the broken door in one hand.
…There’s no way someone of her slim build could exert that kind of force. Her astounding mobility and strength to lift the door one-handed, her Ability was doubtless physical enhancement.
Kirido seemed dumbfounded as he watched Kurashiki use the broken door to block the entrance.
“Sakaki said it on the first day. Abilities have a ‘hierarchy’.”
If I recall correctly, that was something the outer Kurashiki told me about. Fourth-rank ‘Nothing’, third-rank ‘King’, second-rank ‘Divine Protection’, and the phantom first-rank ‘Sequence’ that only appeared at astronomical probabilities.
“There’s one problem. What do you think my Ability is? Mr. Fourth-Rank.”
“A King Skill I guess? Clearly a cut above the rest.”
“I won’t hear that from fake bottom-rank trash like you. Shut up. Are you looking down on me?”
Since she called me fourth-rank, I took a guess, but it seems I was wrong.
Kirido’s face was blue as he shook, and Kurashiki’s unbelievable about-face, along with being told ‘You’re looking down on me thinking I just have a King Skill’ seemed to give him an awful premonition.
“Se…second-rank—’Divine Protection’.”
At those words, I clearly saw Kurashiki raise the corners of her lips.
Divine Protection, in other words on the same level as Asahina Kasumi…amazing, I might not be able to win.
While absentmindedly thinking that, I returned my gaze to Kirido.
Kurashiki’s ‘Resistance is futile’ demonstration should be about wrapped up.
“—Now then, let’s get to the main issue.”
The real reason I called Kirido here.
For some inexplicable reason, he had a face like he’d seen an illusion of Lady Asahina, but I’ll write off his warped vision as an issue with his eyes, and the auditory hallucinations can be dismissed with ‘Go to an ENT’. However—hey Kirido, I can’t overlook everything else scot-free.
“Let me tell you the premise. I didn’t mind if you and Asahina became a couple, and if it raised her motivation I planned to cheer you on. If tranquility waited beyond that, it would have been fine. So no matter how terrible you were, I observed silently for at least these past few days.”
There was a chance it was my misunderstanding, that I just lacked insight.
Are you fit to be by Asahina’s side? Are you a person who could benefit this class going forward…I watched and listened to you closely.
“Conclusion—you are unnecessary. So I will crush you. I eliminate waste from my vision.”
“Heh…quit messing around…! Just who the hell do you think you are?!”
Who I think I am, huh. It would be nice if I had the sense to arrogantly say ‘Me’ here, but with my expressionless face, saying stuff like that would just be lame. And in the first place, the pronoun is different so I can’t use it.
But well, who I think I am doesn’t really matter.
Right, it doesn’t matter. I’m crushing you because you’re an annoyance.
I’m trampling your life because I feel like it.
“It’s no different from what you’re doing, after all.”
You and I, we’re doing the same thing.
That’s why no matter what you did to me, I wasn’t angry. It would be strange as a human to dislike having done to you what you do to others.
That’s why—hey Kirido, don’t say it’s unjust.
You and I are essentially the same, comrades.
“So don’t complain when it ends here, Kirido Hashiru.”
A large image was projected onto the blackboard at the front of the classroom.
Squinting at the burst of light, Kirido turned his gaze toward the image.
—I’ll say his expression then was truly a sight to behold.
[Heh, I can just imagine Amamori dragging his feet to school…]
What was projected was none other than Kirido himself. The location was this school building’s entrance. The time was early morning when the sun had just risen. In the dim lighting, he was cramming large amounts of drawing pins into someone’s indoor shoes.
Seeing it like this, it really makes you look like an idiot.
I vaguely thought that as the scene transitioned to the next.
It was a photograph of Kirido with a disturbing grin, carving cuts into a desk with an x-acto knife.
The impact seemed greater than before, as Kirido cried out in shock.
“Wha—?! Don’t mess around…! There’s no way…I didn’t do this!”
“Now now, calm down Kirido. Please watch through to the end first.”
At the same time I snapped my fingers, what was shown next was—a photo of Kirido rummaging through leftover food in the cafeteria’s trash, and a photo of him dumping it on a desk. The two images were split left and right. They gave off the impression of candid shots taken by a smartphone. Anyone who saw them would be convinced of his crimes—except.

scene transition


“Stop messing around! There’s no way I did this stuff! Really!” His agitation was beyond the norm.
Even an amateur could tell, he wasn’t lying.
That’s right, this is scenery you were planning to create in the future.
There’s no way these photos could have been taken at this point in the timeline… However, Kirido.
“Strangely, the photographs remain,” I muttered, showing him the camera and surveillance camera I had placed on a desk.
These were purchased privately by me and Kurashiki yesterday after school at an electronics shop. They were reasonably pricey, but I think I managed to buy some guaranteed quality items.
“You bas—!”
Kirido yelled—and in the next instant, his figure accelerated.
The two devices disappeared from my hands. Looking back, Kirido was there smashing the cameras onto the ground, stomping them into dust.
“Like hell…I’ll let this slide!”
“Sadly, reality can be cruel. It really exists, Kirido.”
As I said that, I operated my smartphone.
[I’ll kill him, I’ll definitely kill him!]
It played back the violent words I’d heard from Kirido before. Kirido, startled, looked back, then as he grasped the situation, his face flushed red. What filled his eyes was intense hatred.
“You bas—!”
“Sadly, this doesn’t violate school rules. However, if I say I was punched by you alongside this recording and that I ‘definitely can’t let this slide’… Oh Kirido, I’m worried about you. I’m terrified you’ll end up expelled.”
When I taunted him in a flat voice, a clear vein bulged on Kirido’s forehead.
There was a hard thud from somewhere.
—In the next instant, Kirido’s figure sharply and quickly charged at me.
It seemed his limiter had come off from his outburst, allowing full acceleration.
In terms of speed alone he could compete with Kurashiki who had a Divine Protection Ability—but.


“Didn’t I tell you I was eliminating you…through normal means.”

Right after, Kirido had collapsed before me.
He fell down not understanding what had happened, and seeing that, Kurashiki, who had been silent until now, let out a long whistle. Looking that way, cold sweat was streaming down her cheek.
“…Yuuto, just now, were you as fast as…no, faster than Asahina?”
“Well, I don’t feel like comparing.”
Since it was a foolish question I answered ambiguously without thinking.
Asahina Kasumi’s [Divine Protection of the Thunder God]. I don’t know how I could surpass Divine Protection with an Ability that [Ruins Eyes], but if Kurashiki says so, it may be true.
“Hey, you’re lying about your Ability right?!”
“Hm? Don’t worry Kirido, I won’t use my power on the likes of you.”
Even if I did have some hidden power. No matter what ability I had.
Come on, I couldn’t use it against you. After all, my opponent is Kirido.

“That just now was pure physical ability. Using my Ability too would just be cruel, don’t you think?”

I smiled at him with utmost goodwill. Though expressionlessly.
In contrast, Kirido’s face was deep blue, and Kurashiki was grinning hard enough to distort her cheeks.
Seeing their reactions, I looked down on Kirido.
“I won’t retaliate against you. You’ll disappear from this academy unharmed.”
I nodded slightly at Kurashiki. Then, though with a somewhat unpleasant expression, she came over to me and—slammed her fist into my face.
Her blow with a completely different weight from Kirido’s fists.
It vigorously blew my body all the way to the window, the sound of shattering glass echoing through the classroom…no, the whole school. I barely managed to catch the window frame to avoid falling, then deliberately spat out the blood filling my mouth onto my uniform’s chest. I signaled Kurashiki with my chin.
Then, as if it were a hassle, she took out a mop from the lockers. And using her knee, she snapped the mop’s handle in two with a satisfyingly crisp sound. Still not understanding the insane situation, Kirido stared blankly as the ringing sound echoed through the classroom.
“Here, Kirido-kun, this is for you.”
What the student council president persona Kurashiki handed Kirido was one half of the snapped mop.
Kirido blankly looked down at the mop half he’d reflexively accepted.
Meanwhile, Kurashiki vigorously smashed the remaining mop down on her own head.
…That looked painful. Though I thought that indifferently, as if watching someone else’s matter.

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