Before the tutorial begins chapter 18

Chapter 18: Detachable Multi-Purpose Melee Weapon Equipped with Variable Combat Logic [Ägir Axe]

  • Romantic Workshop [Lali-Lali].

The [Ägir Axe]. Its full name appears to be Detachable Variable Combat Logic Equipped Multi-Purpose Melee Weapon [Ägir Axe].

“The amazing thing about this baby is that it can change its own shape. The basic shape is a [Staff], but it can also become a [Sword], [Spear], or [Hammer]. And I don’t mean figuratively, it literally changes.

Weapon Form Change.

As expected, and surprisingly, the basic concept of the Aegir Axe was exactly the same as the game era weapon of the same name.

Impossible. You mean Guren made the Aegir Axe?

According to the game’s flavor text, the creator of the Aegir Axe was unknown.

So that’s still a possibility. Since the creator is unknown, there is no logical contradiction with Guren, the craftswoman who doesn’t appear in the original work, being the creator.

Still, I couldn’t believe it.
The reason is simple. I can’t imagine that the craftsman who created such a special weapon was a person who didn’t leave a mark on future history.

Even in the timeline of the second game, the structure of the Ägir Axe was treated as a black box.

Its unique feature is the physical shape change of the weapon. The combination of overwhelming attack power and durability from its ultra-hardness and mass. These two things produced a synergistic effect that could only be described as an insane, multi-purpose melee weapon that could “freely switch physical attributes while attacking”.

There’s no way an artisan who created such a mysterious weapon would disappear without a trace, right?

“The secret of transformation lies in this metal called [Slime Steel], which I have uniquely mixed! Simply put, it’s like a [Crazy Hard and Crazy Smart Shape Memory Alloy]. Combine that with spirit stones and spirit power, embed a digitized program with specific algorithms, and it transforms.

But I think it would be faster to experience it directly, so here Kyoichiro, hold this.”

–I was so shocked by her casual explanation of these mysterious parts that I almost fainted, but somehow I held on and grabbed the handle of the black rod.

Heavy. Not so much that I can’t hold it, and it doesn’t seem like it would hinder the fight, but even with this fortress of muscles, I can still feel the weight.

Nice weight. My biceps are happy too.

“I knew it, you’re great, Kyoichiro. It’s so heavy, but you lift it easily.”

“Hahahaha! I’ve been training!”

The old Kyoichiro said goodbye long ago after a year of this.

The one here now is the bulk monster that was born after being tormented by a demon trainer. A pitiful incarnation, forced to wear muscle armor because of his mortal body. Hmph.

“You look like a creepy narcissist with delusions of grandeur.”


You’re the one who made me get this body in the first place, you bastard!

…Oh, Guren smiles wryly. I have to get back on track.

“Sorry, I’ll hold it, but what should I do now?”

“Ehh, do you want to flirt more with Al-chan?”

“No, I’m fine, thanks.”




“Wipe that grin off your face.”

“Well, since you insist…” Guren handed me a small object with a satisfied look.

I was a little uncomfortable because she seemed to have some strange misunderstanding, but for now I’ll ignore the details and look at the item placed in my hand.

It was a rather large ammunition cylinder.

The tip of the bullet part looked unusually pointed.

“Shopkeeper, what is this strange object used for?”

Al rarely spoke directly to Guren. Since it was a weapon from before their time, she must have been curious.

But we probably don’t use it in a normal way.

“This is a detachable battle logic. In short, it’s loaded with the blueprints for transforming the Ekzakksu It’s like a special auxiliary memory.
So, yes. Quickly, Kyoichiro, insert the bullet marked [Slash] into the chamber.”


I put the bullet marked “Slash” into the chamber.

If I remember correctly in the game, after that…

“Then pull the trigger~”

That’s right, I think, and cock the mechanism. A nice crisp sound echoes through the shop, then… wait a minute.

“And pulling the trigger transforms it!”

That’s what happens!

Well, I’m reluctant to suddenly pull the trigger in the middle of the store.

“Um, is it really okay to shoot this here?”

“It’s totally okay, totally okay. It’s just borrowing the gun mechanism, it doesn’t actually shoot anything, so go ahead and shoot.”

Relieved that it has the same specifications as the game, it seems safe to shoot.

“Got it. Then…”

With the shopkeeper’s permission, I pull the trigger again. Here goes.

One, two…three!

I squeeze hard with my index finger, releasing the power of the bullet.

What happened was a clear sound and vibration. The impact of the trigger – no, something more – began to fundamentally change the massive form of the Ägir Axe into something else.

To describe it, it was like a slime invasion.

A black slime squirmed around the tip of the shaft, freely kneading and twisting the existence of the black staff as it pleased.

Squirm squirm squirm squirm. The tip became sharp.

Squirm squirm squirm squirm. The whole thing became square.

Squirm squirm squirm squirm. The squares finally formed blades that intertwined.

Squirm squirm squirm squirm.

Squirm squirm squirm squirm.

After squirming for about five seconds, the black rod I was holding had transformed into a beautiful black sword.

It was a thick, exquisitely crafted sword. The blade was sharply pointed, as if it had been polished by a master swordsmith.

There was no room for doubt. This is the true Ekzakksu

“How is it! Amazing, right?”

I nod sincerely at Guren’s self-praise.

Nothing else to say but unbelievable.

The Ägir Axe, which is called the [Mysterious Technology Collection] even in the future timeline, was created by her in this era.

Without a doubt, Guren has accomplished a monumental feat that will be recorded in the history of weapons.

“Amazing. So amazing. I truly respect you. That’s why…”

So I can’t help but wonder.

“Please tell me, why hasn’t such an amazing weapon sold well?”

Why is the name [Yashima Guren] not written in the history of the future?

The Ägir Axe is labeled as a weapon of unknown origin, the Lali-Lali perverts don’t have a trace, and only the technology and prices remain top-notch, turning it into a high-end shop.
Yes. In the future world, the Lali-Lali world of Danmagi, not a single inhabitant exists, including Guren.

What happened? No, what will happen?

To gain a foothold in the future I know, I need to understand.

What she’s shouldering.

“Hehe, that hits the nerve, Kyoichiro-“

Guren looked at the sky with an embarrassed expression, sighed, and then told me the circumstances with a self-deprecating smile.

“I hate to say this about my greatest masterpiece, but this thing is half-baked. Considering the production costs and everything, it’s not something a beginner can buy, but the higher-ups have a ton of [Revelations], right?”


Revelations. Not avatars, but spirits that are placed directly into dungeons – in other words, rare items that drop when you defeat boss class enemies.

They come in a variety of forms, including weapons, armor, and accessories, but each one has crazy, broken specs that defy human wisdom.

Revelations, after all, are itemized information from boss spirits. In other words, the unique abilities and traits of the boss are reproduced in some form.

Top specs and extremely rare unique items with special abilities.


If you ask me whether adventurers who have obtained such cheat gear would use human-made equipment, the answer is, of course, no.

Especially in raiding groups and other such adventuring clans, it’s common for the entire main party to have Revelations, and large factions will happily list Revelation ownership in their recruitment information.

Revelations are a sign of strength, as well as items that greatly increase an adventurer’s abilities.

As a result, the stronger players want Revelations, while adventurers who are focused on earning money simply don’t look at expensive items.

“And this thing is ‘hard’ too. Backliners don’t need it, of course, but even frontline players don’t want it if they’re agile types.

That’s why the Ägir Axe doesn’t sell, Guren explained sadly.

“Making this baby pushed me pretty far too, like I borrowed from some shady places and stuff to finance it, so I gotta make that money back fast, to be honest.”

That seemed to be the reason she made those high-pressure sales pitches. Unsuccessfully, it seems.

“So if you buy this, it’ll help me out a lot. I know it’s lame to say this, but my life kind of depends on your judgment, Kyoichiro. So please! Think of it as helping me and buy it!”

Guren bowed her head with the momentum of prostration. As she says, it is certainly a lame way to put it – no, more underhanded.

Begging me that she’ll be in trouble if I don’t buy it, and of course making me feel guilty if I refuse. Especially effective on a nice guy herbivore mental like me, no doubt.

Another thing Guren probably doesn’t know is that she leaves no trace in the future world.

She said earlier that she borrows from sketchy places. I don’t know if this debt is really the reason why Guren disappeared in the future, and I have no way of finding out.

But as long as visible ruin in the form of debt looms over her, I can’t ignore it.

Ah, dear… Why does such a skilled craftsman as Guren have to go through such misery?

She accomplished something monumental that could be recorded in the history of human weapons! It couldn’t have been easy. There must have been a lot of hardship and suffering.

And her greatest masterpiece, finally completed after so much effort, can’t be sold? Ruined by debts? Don’t talk nonsense in your sleep, shitty fate.

I’m not going to let someone who worked hard and achieved greatness disappear without even being able to claim parentage of her creation.


My partner nodded subtly in understanding. She usually spews vitriol, but her response at times like this is strangely cool and wise and calm.

The biggest obstacle is gone.

The weapon specs are no problem either.

Then all that’s left is for me to ask her.


When supply meets demand and seller and buyer are on the same page, there’s no need to explicitly state what happens next.

“What do you think?”

On the way back from Lali-Lali, Al, who was walking beside me, suddenly asked a mysterious question. She was holding a kebab in her right hand and fried dough in her left. Combined with the sunset sky, I somehow felt like we were walking through a festival.

“Thinking about what?”

“Yashima Guren. The event of us buying that long staff is something that should not have happened in the original story. Then its circumstances should also change considerably.”

“I suppose so.”

I turn my attention to the custom-made weapon case on my back. Although it looks like an extremely slim coffin, it’s quite easy to carry. My new treasure inside is fast asleep in its black stick form.

“Has this saved them? Freed from debt and able to continue creating groundbreaking works as a rising star of craftsmanship – will this be the future for Yashima Guren?”

Al’s sweet voice contained neither concern nor affection for Guren.

Rather, it seemed to be a straightforward question directed at me.

“It will be difficult.”

So I honestly shared my thoughts.

“Personally, I want it to end happily. But it probably won’t.”


“There are too many futures I can’t explain, just because of their debt problems.”

For example, why did Guren have to be erased from history?
And why did the Lali-Lali perverts disappear?
And also…

“Did nobody really buy the Ägir Axe?”

Guren called it half-baked.

Too expensive for beginners or adventurers focused on making money, while unnecessarily bulky for adventurers with revelations – yes, it makes some sense.

But that logic ignores the mid-level adventurer, the space between top and bottom.

There are many adventurers in the world of Dunmagi. Some are nobles who do not care about money; others have decent resources and skills but are not good enough to defeat bosses.

The Lali-Lali buildings are primarily for the middle class. It is too self-deprecating for them to call their own gear, which matches their focus and specialization, “half-baked”.

Looking at the adventuring community as a whole, Guren’s point is valid. But from within Lali-Lali, her opinion doesn’t seem to match the facts.

The meaning of “correct” changes depending on your perspective. It’s a hackneyed phrase, but it’s like a kaleidoscope.

“So Master thinks that Yashima Guren lied?”

“That is not the case.

I suspect she’s still hiding something
“People have one or two things they don’t want to say. It’s not gentlemanly to pry them out and cry betrayal and liar.”

“Then you won’t denounce them?”

“Denounce, what’s there to denounce? I haven’t done anything wrong. I was just lucky to find the best weapon and buy it at a fair price.

I even exchanged contact information with her. All right!

“So I feel nothing but gratitude, no ill will towards Guren.

Al nodded “hmm” and chewed the rest of the kebab. Despite the messy way she devoured the food, her goddess-like appearance made her quite picturesque.

“I understand the master’s accommodating attitude. I also have no intention of making an issue of it at this time.”

“Make an issue…?”


Al’s eyes turned to me like art.

“If any events, or rather problems, happen to her or this store that relate to the future as you know it, what do you intend to do?”

I arbitrarily interpret this as a warning that it’s going to get annoying later, even if it’s fine now. Yeah, that’s right.

In that case–

“When the time comes, I’m going to impulsively stick my nose in and say, ‘What have you done to my regular business, huh?

“Blatant self-interest.”

“Yes. I’m small-minded, so I play favorites with acquaintances, and I put my own comfort first, because I’m small-minded.”

I’m not the protagonist. I can’t do heroic deeds like helping people indiscriminately.

But even a small man like me should be able to do as much as possible to help people within reach find happiness.

Helping not a distant stranger, but a close relative. Yes. For Shimizu Kyoichiro, this level of superficiality is just right.

Side Quest 1 End

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