Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 22 part 1

Chapter 22 – Chris and the Reception Room

The day after our late discussion with Father in his office, I found myself seated on the couch in the mansion’s reception room, facing Chris across the desk. The tea, prepared by the maids before they left, was steaming on the desk. It was just the two of us in the room. Ideally, I would have liked to have this conversation with Chris on the day she returned from the capital, but she ended up collapsing from exhaustion and sleeping through the entire day.

Thanks to Father’s consideration, Chris stayed in one of the guest rooms in the valdia mansion while she was unconscious. She didn’t wake up at all that day. The following day, she woke up feeling disoriented. With a slight smile, Maid Danae said, “You were in quite a rush.” I had asked a few maids to assist Chris, as I thought taking care of her appearance as a woman must be difficult, but I wonder if everything went well.

As soon as I can communicate with Chris through someone in the mansion, I want to be informed. I expressed my desire to hear her report on what happened in the capital in the reception room. After a while, I received a message that Chris was able to speak. By the way, I asked the maids to leave the room because there were some matters I couldn’t discuss in their presence. They looked at me with slightly puzzled expressions. I want to believe it was just my imagination.

“Reed… I’m sorry. I came back and ended up collapsing and sleeping…”

“Oh, no, don’t worry. It’s okay. I think you were exhausted. I’m the one who should apologize for pushing you too hard this time.”

Chris seemed a little down. Maybe she regretted letting her guard down at the very end. When I looked at her slightly dejected face, I noticed her eyes were a bit moist.

I should encourage her, but the way her eyes glistened and her slightly downcast expression gave her a different charm from her usual lively self. Plus, I flashed back to her face when I saw her sleeping face as a prank, and my face started to feel a little warm.

Chris seemed to notice that my face was starting to turn red and asked, “Are you OK?” She then put her left hand on my forehead and her right hand on her own.

“Hmm, it doesn’t look like you have a fever. Don’t overdo it, OK?”

She lowered her hands and brought her face close to mine, near the tip of my nose, and smiled sweetly. I felt like my face was turning red enough to hear a “boing!” even from myself. But at that moment, Mel and Mother’s faces flashed through my mind and there was something incredibly sinister behind their smiles. My complexion instantly turned pale.

“Reed, are you turning blue? Are you all right? If you’re not feeling well, we should postpone the meeting…”

“No, no! I’m fine! See, I’m perfectly fine!!”

I shook my head and quickly got up from the sofa, moving my arms and doing stretches, trying to show that I was in good health. Chris looked confused but continued to worry about me to the end, “As long as you’re OK…”

“Anyway, how did it go with Her Majesty? I heard from Father that you secured the rights to the conditioner and lotion and even managed to keep the nobles at bay.”

Turning the conversation back to the capital, I sat back on the sofa and Chris’s face seemed to light up, returning to its usual vibrant and dignified expression. I listened to Chris’s story for a while.

Scene transition

1 Working together with the Saffron Trading Company

2 Confrontation with Count Roland and Chris’s counter-attack

3 Contract with Her Majesty the Empress for priority delivery of lotion and conditioner liquid

4 Development of a direct sales route with Her Majesty the Empress and the Christie Trading Company (Chris is the Empress’s favorite).

5 Priority supply rights guarantee a month’s supply of products for Her Majesty the Empress. Market sales will take place once the Empress’ supply has been secured. Additional orders from the Empress will be fulfilled from the market supply. Priority delivery rights require full payment in advance.

Scene Transition

Having summarised Chris’s story, I decided to confirm each point one by one for mutual understanding. I sipped my tea, moistened my mouth and throat and began.

“Chris, thank you for what you did for us in the royal capital.”

“I, er, I was just following Lord Reed’s instructions. And, well, I also felt like making a surprise attack on the capital myself…” she said, blushing slightly and speaking with a hint of embarrassment. Her eyes lost their sparkle for a moment as she quietly added, “…well, not anymore.” There was venom in her words. In response, I chuckled dryly and brushed it off with a laugh. Changing the subject, I asked about the Saffron Trading Company.

“But Chris is amazing, no flattery intended. I don’t think I could have got this far without you. And about working with the Saffron Trading Company, can we say that the royals have agreed?”

“Yes. The Saffron Trading Company has expressed a strong desire to become the exclusive distributor of our skin and hair care products. We have also discussed this with the Emperor and Empress. Since it is also a health issue, we have requested that only those with the necessary knowledge be allowed to sell the products. So for now, we can monopolise the market with the Saffron Trading Company,” she explained.

I smiled and took a sip of tea. “Understood. I’d like to pay the Saffron Trading Company a visit sometime,”

In response to my words, Chris replied cheerfully, “When the time comes, I’ll introduce you, don’t worry.”

“But Chris, you were actually a noblewoman from the Kingdom of Astoria. I was surprised when my father told me this,” I said.

When I was told about the Christie Trading Company, Galun didn’t mention anything about her being a baroness or anything like that. If it had been Galun, he would have given me that information. Does this mean that Chris hasn’t told anyone about it?

“Actually… I didn’t know either,” she said.


Her answer was unexpected. As I listened to the details, it turned out that while she was on her way from the Valdia territory to the capital, a messenger from the Saffron Trading Company arrived. It had been decided that her father, Martin Saffron, who was in the homeland, should be ennobled for his services to the kingdom and the achievements of the trading company. So technically she wasn’t a ‘Baroness’ when she was in the capital.

After checking with the Saffron Trading Company, it was decided that there would be no problem with her calling herself “Baroness” in front of the Emperor in the capital. Just to be on the safe side, they have already requested through the Saffron Trading Company that Chris’s father and home country match her story if any inquiries come from Magnolia. So there shouldn’t be any problems.

“Astoria and Magnolia have a cooperative relationship, and it would be unthinkable for Astoria to pass up the opportunity to establish a direct distribution route to the Magnolia Imperial Family. So there is absolutely no problem in aligning our stories. Please rest assured,” she said, looking down at the surface of the tea in her hand. Having finished her statement, Chris took a sip of tea and set the cup down on the table. I was amazed at Chris’s boldness and silently admired her.

She was convinced there was no problem, but she had bluffed the Imperial nobility. Her courage was truly admirable.

“She’s an extraordinary woman,” I murmured to myself.

“Huh? What was that?” she didn’t seem to hear it clearly, but she caught a glimpse of my murmur and quickly changed the subject.

“Oh, uh, it’s nothing. Anyway, did you really have to retaliate against Count Roland? Father was delighted, but was it necessary to go that far?” I asked.

“Oh, well…,” she hesitated. Roland was certainly disliked for his arrogance. But he didn’t become a count for nothing. His skills in underground work, regulating trading companies, and securing interests were not praiseworthy, but he excelled in these moves. He didn’t show this tail to anyone, including the Emperor and the other nobles. In a sense, he was also a member of the talented Imperial nobility. Because of his actions, foreign trading companies were shut out from the capital.

“The Saffron Trading Company” was among them, 

To do business in the capital with the Imperial and noble families, we had to do something about Roland sooner or later. That was the background of the capital’s business circle. On the first day, I reported the incident that occurred in the audience chamber to the top of the Saffron Trading Company in the capital and planned to give Roland a blow.

The Count Roland seems to have gone a bit too far. To put it nicely, he was protecting his own trading company, but it also ended up undermining the competitiveness of other countries’ trading companies.

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