Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 21 part 5

“Reed, your knowledge is very dangerous. It could potentially change the way this world operates. If you ever use your knowledge from your past life, be sure to let me know. Be careful not to mistake your common sense for the common sense of this world,” my father warned.

“I understand,” 

I nodded in agreement with my father’s words. The incident with the conditioner and lotion had already caused quite a stir in the imperial capital, so I resolved to be cautious. It made me curious about the “annex” that my father and Galun had mentioned earlier.

“Father, earlier you mentioned building an annex. Will it be just Lady Fara and me living there?” I asked.

“Yes. As a member of the royal family and a hostage from a neighboring country, it’s only natural for you to reside here. Besides, there is a possibility of spies, though unlikely. Considering all factors, constructing an annex seems to be the best option,” my father explained.

The idea of spies from a neighboring country did raise concerns, especially since the attendants would be different for the princess. While contemplating this, another thought crossed my mind.

“Father, in that case, may I participate in the design of the separate residence where my wife and I will live?” I requested.

“What?” my father responded, a hint of surprise in his voice.

“I would be thrilled to have a hand in designing the separate residence. Additionally, I would like to incorporate Sandra’s research facility and Christie Trading Company’s office into the plans for future considerations. And, if possible, I would also like to include an indoor area for magic and martial arts training,” I elaborated.

My father’s expression turned stern as he listened to my request. 

“Hmph. Fool… Even building a separate residence requires a budget, you know? We can’t create something too extravagant,” he cautioned.

“But earlier, you mentioned that we could make the request to the imperial capital, didn’t you?” I countered.

“The budget allocated by the imperial capital comes from taxes. If we make excessive requests, the central nobles will criticize us. We can’t push too hard,” my father explained.

Realizing that obtaining the budget from the imperial capital might not be feasible, I decided to withdraw my request regarding the budget for now.

“Understood. However, Father, please allow me to participate in the design of the separate residence where my wife and I will live,” I persisted.

“Fine. I understand. I will make the necessary arrangements. Well, let’s conclude our discussion for today,” my father acquiesced.

The conversation seemed to have reached its end, but there was one more thing I wanted to ask my father. It had just occurred to me.

“Father, I have one more request,” I spoke up.

“What is it?” 

my father inquired, appearing slightly weary after the lengthy discussion.

“I don’t mind visiting the Renalute Kingdom for a short period. Please grant me permission to go,” I requested.

“What did you say?” 

My father’s tired face turned stern, and his brow furrowed deeply.

“I heard earlier that I could participate in the design of the separate residence. For that reason, I would like to familiarize myself with Renalute’s culture,” I explained.

“There’s no need for that. We can simply consult someone knowledgeable about Renalute’s culture. You don’t have to go,” my father responded firmly.

“…There is another reason that I can only share with you, Father. It is related to my memories and experiences from my past life. It may also be connected to Mother’s illness,” I revealed.

A twitch appeared between my father’s eyebrows, accompanied by a loud ‘click’ sound. He maintained his stern expression, piercing me with intense eyes. However, I couldn’t back down. I met his gaze head-on, sporting a smile on my face. If anyone had witnessed the stare-down between my father and me, it might have seemed amusing. My father possessed a fierce expression and intensity that could make a knight flee. In contrast, I stood my ground, unwavering, with a smile on my face.

After a moment, a deep sigh resonated through the office, followed by my father’s voice saying, “Ha~… Very well.”

“…Even so, your visit will be accompanied by guards, and you will only stay in Renalute for a few days. Although the official announcement of your marriage to the princess is yet to come, this time we will inform Renalute unofficially that you will be sent as a marriage candidate.”

For some reason, it felt like a small matter had been blown out of proportion.

“In that case, how about going in secret with just a few of us?” I suggested.

“You fool!! If you were to cause any trouble by doing that, it wouldn’t only affect you personally but also the entire Valdia territory. It could escalate into an international issue! Don’t act recklessly!!” my father exclaimed, his voice filled with anger.

In response to my statement, my father’s angry voice thundered through the office, and it was the angriest expression he had ever shown. I flinched at my father’s first outburst of anger.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“You are the heir to the Valdia territory and will become the princess’s husband. Depending on the circumstances, you could even be a target for assassination. Furthermore, while Renalute is a friendly ally as an alliance nation, it is not a unified country. There will surely be those who harbor ill intentions towards Magnolia. Do not make reckless remarks like earlier. Understood?” my father warned firmly.

The thought of assassination hadn’t even crossed my mind. Indeed, this marriage was intended to remind Renalute of their vassal state status to Magnolia. As the son of a frontier noble, not a member of the imperial family, going as an unofficial candidate would likely displease some people in Renalute.

“I understand. I apologize for my thoughtless comment,”

“Good. I will inform you of the exact schedule once it is decided. Is there anything else?” 

“No, there isn’t. Thank you,”

“Very well. You may leave. I will also take a short break,”

“Yes. Goodbye then,” 

I bid farewell and bowed to my father before leaving the office. As I walked a little further, I heard someone calling my name, “Lord Reed.” I turned to see Galun approaching me with a smile.

“It seems you had a deep conversation with Lord Reiner. That’s wonderful,” Galun remarked.

“Yeah, we had a lot to talk about today. But anyway, what’s up?” 

I wondered what it was. Galun took a breath when he saw my face and then began to speak.

“Since Lady Nunnaly fell ill, everyone in the mansion has been worried as everyone started to drift apart and become gloomy. However, you seem to have changed more than before, and everyone is becoming brighter again. All the retainers are truly delighted.”

Galun was smiling, the same smile he showed me in the office. Perhaps he was happy because my father and I were getting along. And the retainers of the Valdia family had noticed and worried about it. I naturally smiled in response to Galun’s words and replied, “Thank you for worrying about me.” Galun cleared his throat and whispered in my ear.

“You will make the princess of Renalute happy, Lord Reed. We will assist you as well. After all, she will become the young wife (waka no okusama) of Lord Reed,” 

He had been waiting for the opportunity to share this with me. 

Blushing slightly, he scratched his cheek with his finger, embarrassed by his own words.

“Thank you, Galun! I will do my best,” 

“It will be our pleasure to assist you,”   

However, there was one particular phrase in Galun’s words that caught my attention, so I decided to address it.

“But, Galun…” 

“Yes, what is it?”

“I’m still just a child who hasn’t even reached adulthood. How can I already have a mistress? (waka no okusama)” 


Galun couldn’t contain his laughter, finding my unexpected comment amusing. He chuckled and tried to suppress his amusement.

T/N : Sorry for butchering the joke, My Japanese pun game is weak

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