Female Soldier Infiltration Volume Chapter 3 part 4

The afternoon class is biology. After finishing lunch I return to the classroom for class to start.
“In this world there are creatures that threaten humans called [Danger Beasts – beasts] and [Magical Beasts – monsters], but can anyone explain the difference?”
The one holding the teaching baton is Nigel Mila Dytie. He always wears a white coat and seems to be holed up in the lab when there’s no class.
In response to his question, Raze tentatively raises her hand since she’s on scholarship after all.
“Then, Mertens.”
The one called on this time is kana. She’s often named in other classes too. Her dignified aura as a goddess surely catches the eye.
To show initiative, simply raising one’s hand should suffice, but the fact that some teachers, including Raze, hadn’t noticed meant her presence was still rather inconspicuous.
“First, the creatures inhabiting Baluda are referred to as ‘monsters.’ The stones on the foreheads of these monsters are the magic stones we use. On the other hand, ‘beasts’ refer to creatures with red eyes that inhabit Ordiana. The significant difference is that beasts don’t possess magic stones.”
“Yeah. Anyone else who knows more about it?”
Raze raised her hand to see if Dietie noticed her.
(Oh, it worked. It seems I was recognized.)
Since no one else raised their hand, perhaps she was found as a result.
After being called upon, Raze remembered the content of the question and answered.

“Humans obtain the stones held by monsters. Monsters gain the wisdom held by humans. By absorbing humans, monsters gain wisdom and stronger individuals are born. The Book of Genesis describes how in the past, humans who went from Ordiana to Baluda were taken in by monsters. The monsters that gained wisdom began invading Ordiana. Based on this, there is a theory that the beasts are born from the monsters that landed in Ordiana mixing with the beasts here, but I’d like to hear more details from Professor Ditie.”
“Oh, you read my paper?”
“Yes, it was very interesting content.”
It was Ditie himself who proposed this theory.
Due to her work, Raze needed knowledge about monsters, so she was quite knowledgeable about these kinds of stories. She knew of Ditie’s existence even before being admitted to this academy, so she felt lucky to be able to take lessons from him at the frontier of research. She definitely wanted him to teach her various things during her enrollment.
Raze meant to send Ditie a passionate gaze, but after thinking for a bit, he opened his mouth.
“I see. If you’ve read that, my lessons might be boring. I’ll give Granoll different assignments, so do those.”
When Ditie snapped his fingers, materials appeared on Raze’s desk.
“Okay, forget what you just heard. Let’s enjoy my lessons from the beginning, ‘kay?”
Saying that, he left Raze behind and started the lesson.
It was a response she could not anticipate even with her knowledge from her previous life.
Raze first glanced through the assignment. It seemed to be a test to check her biological knowledge.
She had no choice but to do the assigned task. Her pen moved busily as she rapidly filled out the text boxes.
After answering questions about monster and beast cells and digestion, she wrote essays about their ecology…
The question that took her the most time was “What are beasts?” In general society, beasts are perceived as the red-eyed creatures that attack humans in Ordiana. Unlike monsters, they do not possess magic stones, nor do they absorb humans to gain wisdom.
Almost all beast species are identified, and unlike monsters, there is little unknown about them. Knights and soldiers can judge the level just by looking at an individual, so they can do their job safely as long as they do not underestimate the capabilities.
As Raze thought about her work, she kept flipping through the bundled papers, not resting her pen for a moment.
The bell rang loudly, startling her back to herself. When she looked up, Ditie was looking down at her from the front.
“That’s enough.”
“I’m sorry, I haven’t finished solving them yet, but…”
She still had about three pages of problems untouched. Raze was frustrated that she couldn’t finish within the time limit, but Ditie’s eyes widened.
“These are problems taken from specialist books that researchers use as reference.”
He took the materials from Raze’s desk.
“Specialist books… Oh, that’s why some passages seemed familiar.”
“I didn’t think so, but you can do this much, huh. Don’t underestimate the scholarship student.”
As he casually flipped through the answer sheet, he clicked his tongue.
“I have a lot of interest in beasts and monsters.”
Desperately, Raze stated her reason. Since her job was to defeat monsters, she had studied them tirelessly, even forgoing sleep during military academy, and seen the real thing with her own eyes. It wasn’t a lie that she was interested. It was just natural for her to research the enemy’s forces and ecology before taking on a mission.
Incidentally, subjugation of beasts falls under the Knights’ jurisdiction, but when her missions required her to traverse the many dangerous areas that exist in Ordiana, Raze could also deal with beasts.
“I’ll tell you again after properly grading it, but in this class, I’ll have you do the assignments I give at the library. For any subject, we occasionally have outstanding students like this, so those students are given personal assignments. Don’t say I’m ignoring you, ‘kay?”
There weren’t many nobles who willingly studied biology. Ditie was happy that he had to prepare special lessons again for his class after a long time.
“I’ll contact you with the details later.”
He left the classroom taking Raze’s answer sheet.
Raze’s hands were tired from all the essay writing. She repeated stretching her neck and rolling her shoulders.
“Raze-chan, amazing! Special lessons?”
“Looks like it. It’ll be lonely not taking the same classes as everyone, but I was interested in biology. I’m glad I can dig deeper into it.”
The classes were over for today. After Folia, Carne also came over to her seat.
“Raze-san, the teacher called you about 10 minutes before class ended, but you seemed to not notice at all. You were very focused, weren’t you?”
“Huh! Is that so? I didn’t notice at all…”
When it came to studying, focusing on one thing was a bad habit. Raze reflected on kana’s words.
“Raze-chan will be solving assignments while researching at the library now, right?”
“Probably. …Would you like to go to the library with me now if you’re free?”
“That’s a great idea!”
With that decided, Raze put away her stationery and textbooks and stood up.
“Sorry to keep you waiting.”
The three of them headed to the library.


Outside, the sun was out and it was pleasantly warm.
Carne suggested a picnic on a day like this, so they made plans to have tea party at the flower garden next time. While chatting about that, an extremely tall, massive building came into view that seemed to reach the top of the ‘Tower of Time’.
“It’s so big~!”
Folia looked up at the library, craning her neck.
Researchers who obtained permission also visited here to borrow books, as it contained everything from specialist works to books for the general populace.
As soon as she entered the library, Raze was stunned by the overwhelming number of holdings, thinking how extravagant this place was.
“With this many books, it might be hard to get through the library in one day.”
“It seems easy to get lost here…”
The shelves crammed full of books were more like walls than bookshelves. With nothing but books as far as the eye could see, it seemed one could easily lose their sense of direction.
“We can ask the librarians if we get lost. Shall we meet at the counter on the first floor?”
“That’s a good idea.”
With that, they decided to each go to areas they were interested in.
Raze first searched for journals about biology.
“There it is.”
Using the search machine, she found the book she was looking for on the fifth floor. She then went to find the other two.
“I wonder which floor they’re on.”
Thinking those two would likely be reading novels, Raze headed down the stairs and peeked into the third floor.
Walking down an aisle and checking the rows to the side, she spotted milk tea-colored hair.
“Oh, Fol–“
“Raze-san, wait.”
Just as she was about to call out to Folia, Carne suddenly appeared from the shelf in front and pulled on her arm.
“Wha, what is it?”
Shh. Quiet.”
With Carne covering her mouth, Raze was confused.
After letting go of Raze, Carne hid behind the shelf and stifled her breath as she peeked at Folia.
(What’s going on with kana-sama?)
Still with question marks over her head, Raze observed Folia from afar together with her.

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