Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

“So he’s a student being put in charge of a new store… It’s impressive he’s been given such a challenging opportunity, but I understand why you’re worried, Elena.”

“Right!? Father is so impatient. Having him take on such an important role while still a student, and so suddenly too. I wonder why he won’t take it step-by-step?”

Unable to get it off her chest, Elena crossed her arms and delved into her worries and complaints again.

In other words, she was that concerned about her brother.

I found her attitude to be quite adorable.

“Hey, let’s be honest here. Talking about this won’t change anything when you know that perfectly well, right? The point is you don’t have the composure to properly advise because you’re so worried about your brother.”

“I-I know that’s the case… I didn’t only come here to complain. If there’s anything you can advise regarding this, please teach me.”

She brought her exquisitely beautiful face close like a doll as I was eating.

(Hey, you don’t need to get that close…)

Likely unconsciously, it’s bad for my heart.

Smelling a scent like jasmine, I subtly create some distance again.

“What kind of advice am I supposed to give?”

“Um, l-like…what my brother should do going forward…”

“Sorry, but I can’t give that kind of advice. All I’ve heard is the simple version story from you. Plus, I don’t even know how your brother feels about all this.”

If he had come to me for consultation himself, that would be a different story, but there’s too little information from only Elena’s side.

I want to help out, but all I can really say is innocuous advice like [Just try your hardest].

“But the business matters are complicated, so I can’t explain in detail… That can’t be helped, can it?”

“Dismissing it like that isn’t okay. I know you don’t have composure because you’re worried, but you should’ve at least jotted down what’s necessary for the consultation last night, right?”

“Mmph… Don’t be so reasonable.”

“Don’t make that sad face…”

Elena narrowed her jewel-like purple eyes and pursed her lips.

I’d never seen her make this expression before, but she was likely showing her true colors because she feels comfortable with me now and is impatient.

“Don’t say I’m sulking… That makes me sound childish.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Haah… But you’re right. If I want advice, I should’ve done as you said… I really am useless.”

She sighed deeply and her shoulders slumped.

While I didn’t intend to discourage her at all, when seeing her like this I had no choice but to follow up.

“Well… The thing is, from a broader perspective, things will surely work out positively in the end, so Elena just needs to stay composed, right? Don’t get distracted worrying about your brother.”

“While that may be true… How can you state so certainly that [things will work out positively]?”

“Because he’s being given a chance for practical experience from a young age. He’ll be able to learn from failures and successes. His family has the financial resources to provide an opportunity like this, one that’s impossible for most people, so the potential benefits for him are huge.”

“That may be, but he could just as easily do that after graduating or working his way up slowly…”

“What you’re saying isn’t wrong, but there are definitely perspectives you can only gain by doing this now. The ability to tenaciously pursue an ideal stems from being young. Isn’t that part of what your father expects of him?”

It’s all conjecture. However, the Lecrerc family Elena belongs to is so renowned in this town for vastly expanding the food and beverage industry that every resident recognizes them.

There’s no way such accomplished people are proceeding haphazardly.

(If I hadn’t reincarnated and entered society, I couldn’t have said any of this…)

Exchanges like these make me freshly realize I’m in a different world.

“While I can’t claim expertise, running a business for the first time means confronting countless unknowns and a high chance of failure. That’s exactly why he has no choice but to stubbornly give it his all, and when he hits walls of reality, he’ll have to think flexibly to try different approaches.”


“So in other words, I think your father wants his son to build the ideal restaurant he dreams of. Looking ahead, a restaurant embodying those ideals would satisfy customers more and thrive. In the end, what’s necessary is giving him experience as soon as possible.”

With my position, I definitely can’t claim to be right on target. But this is the best I can explain for now.

One thing I can say for certain is that the Lecrerc family has considerable assets and latitude.

They should have the stance that one or two failures are acceptable if it provides experience.

“While I’ve only talked upsides and am assuming he won’t get discouraged even if he fails, I think that if he has the chance to gain experience in a supportive environment, he should take it as soon as possible. If he’s going down the wrong path, your father will surely stop him and help out.”




This exchange reminds me of one with Sia.

“Th-That’s right! If that happens, Father would surely help, wouldn’t he!?”

“I don’t know your father, but he’s kind, right? Considering your personality.”

“Yes. Father always prioritizes work, but he’s kind.”

Perhaps frustrations had piled up about her father’s response, as Elena mulled over my words and brightly replied with a cheerful voice and delighted expression.

“Then it’ll definitely be alright. Personally I think focusing on studies is best as a student, but your father made this choice precisely because he believes in your brother. So try believing too, in the advantages over disadvantages. And most of all, in your brother.”

“Y-Yeah, I will!”

This might be the first time I’ve seen Elena nod so readily. Our eyes met as she smiled after what I can only assume was a weight being lifted from her chest.



Our conversation cut off there. We kept our eyes locked in silence.

I wonder how long that time lasted.

Elena’s fair cheeks gradually turned red.

As she started glancing around restlessly—

“Hmph! Anyway, you’re quite cheeky, speaking to me condescendingly like you think you understand everything.”


The moment I thought she had spoken, she turned her face away and stood up in an irritable manner.

“Th-That’s enough. I’m going to the cafeteria. You can spend time alone feeling miserable.”

She was clearly acting strange. Lacking composure, refusing to meet my gaze anymore, turning red up to her neck above her choker.

“Oh, could you be shy or something?”

“No way! Don’t be stupid.”


With that final retort, Elena hurriedly left the classroom.

(I might’ve made her angry without meaning to…)

I don’t want to be on bad terms with her.

“I’ll have to apologize later…”

If I convey that I didn’t mean to tease her, she’ll surely forgive me.


Scene Transition


Having decided in my heart to apologize the next time we meet, I finished the rest of my meal.

Then, I headed to the library with the romance novel I had finished reading last night in hand to return it.

“Yup, nobody’s here as expected.”

Upon opening the library door and seeing the vacant interior, I muttered to myself.

Even though some time had passed since the lunch break started, like yesterday no one was in the library.

(Well, it’s convenient that there’s few people.)

Since I’m living a school life being given the cold shoulder, empty places are the only spots I can relax my heart.

“Now then, first I need to find Luna.”

I came to the library for two main reasons.

To return the book I borrowed yesterday.

And to get a book recommendation from Luna.

While the romance novel she recommended was targeted at women, I was fully able to enjoy it.

Asking her would take time from her reading, which is regrettable, but I looked forward to what kind of book she’d recommend next, so I came here.

(I can return the book last, so first I’ll look for her on the second floor.)

I encountered Luna carrying a stack of books yesterday on the second floor.

If she moves in a similar cycle, there’s a good chance she’ll be there.

“It’d be nice to find her quickly, but…”

This library is so spacious you can play hide and seek in it, with a lot of blind spots. If we don’t encounter each other, it’ll probably take a considerable amount of time.

[I’ll start from the bookshelf with romance novels…] I thought to myself as I climbed the stairs.

And the moment I reached the second floor—



A startled-sounding voice suddenly rang out.

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