Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 4

After introducing myself, I quickly observed their reactions.

If these two guards were aware of the name “Parasite” and the recent duel involving Lars, they would have shown strong aversion. Alternatively, if they knew the name “Bloody Sword” or had heard rumors of a dragon knight, their reactions might have been different.

However, there were no significant changes in their expressions.

The village of Melte was located far from the capital city and Ishka, and it was also removed from the main thoroughfares of the Kingdom of Canaria. As a result, the speed of information was slow. From what I had heard, it seemed that the origin of the plague had yet to reach the village. Naturally, the villagers continued to use water from the Kale River as they always had.

This might be the limitation of information transmission via human messengers and horses. I suppose the Kingdom of Canaria could outpace other nations in terms of information spedc due to the dragon knights flying to distant villages with news—though, could dragon knights truly be employed in such a manner?

Regardless, after a few more exchanges, they granted me entry into the village.

I had to surrender my black katana, but it was a reasonable precaution when admitting a newcomer to the village. I was then directed to a church located at the village center. They informed me that the afflicted villagers had been gathered there.

“Will that fruit truly be effective?” the young man, who had been guiding me thus far, asked skeptically. By the way, this was the fourth time he had posed this question. From what I gathered, it seemed that he had been childhood friends with Lars back in the village. It was clear that he didn’t trust me, as evidenced by his initial interaction with the older guard, who had said, “I’ll guide him to the church!”

I don’t know if his mistrust stems from his own personality or based on the village’s disposition, but it’s pointless to say “Don’t worry” to such a person. It’s evident from the four consecutive questions.

To be honest, I wanted to ignore it, but that could be problematic. I hid my expression of disgust and repeated the same response as before.

“Everything will become clear once it’s tested. If you’re worried about the poison or suspicious me, the priority should be the poison.”

“Obviously. I’m asking you if it will really work on the sick!”

“It will definitely work. If it doesn’t, feel free to punish me.”

“Fine, don’t forget those words. Also, Sarah-san is very busy. If you dare to hinder her or do anything rude, I’ll beat you up immediately!”


I maintained a smile on my face, though I was slightly irritated by the persistently skeptical young man. However, as an adventurer, it was my motto to consider the client’s feelings without being swayed by minor setbacks.

Furthermore, there was mention of a certain Sarah by the young man.

He stated that Sarah was the name of the woman overseeing the church, using her healing magic to care for the villagers.

Iria had inherited her martial arts and healing magic from her mother. Considering that a rural village like this was unlikely to have many mages, it was highly probable that Sarah, the woman in charge of the church, was Iria’s mother. I had to suppress my annoyance and make a favorable impression on her.

—When I later bring Kurausora here, it’d definitely intimidate the young man, but that’s another matter.

With that in mind, I pushed open the door to the church.

As I entered, an unpleasant odor wafted from within, causing my eyebrows to involuntarily twitch. Upon surveying the scene, I observed a significant number of people lying on the floor. There were elderly individuals, children, and young men among them. The sight exceeded my expectations in terms of the number of affected individuals.

In Ishka, the number of affected people had considerably decreased due to the knowledge that the illness was caused by the poisoned river. However, the information had yet to reach the village of Melte, and it seemed that many villagers still relied on the river water. Unlike Ishka, which possessed water and sewer systems, rural villages often directly accessed river water. Consequently, at this time, the number of affected individuals had increased significantly.

With those thoughts in mind, I set out to find the person named Sarah.

It didn’t take long for me to locate her. I could hear a melodic and prayer-like chant emanating from her. Her voice was clear and soothing, as if offering a hymn to God.

As the gentle light emitted from her palm enveloped the previously suffering patients, their expressions became calm. It was almost like witnessing a miraculous detoxification or a restoration of physical strength. Either way, it was evident that this woman possessed remarkable abilities. She must be Sarah.

The young man who had been guiding me throughout confirmed my assumption with a shout.


In response to the call, the woman dressed as a priestess turned towards us. At that moment, our gazes strangely aligned.

She had gentle eyes and long black hair. Her fair skin exuded a modest demeanor. I couldn’t help but wonder if Iria, with the sharpness replaced by calmness, would resemble her in ten years.

When I first met Iria, I saw a resemblance to my fiancee Ayaka. It also felt as if her mother resembled my late mother.

The way she tied her long black hair, prioritizing ease of movement, reminded me of my mother walking gracefully in the garden.

Upon closer inspection, signs of fatigue from her hard work were evident on the woman’s face. Her disheveled hair clung to her forehead, and the dark circles and slightly sunken cheeks couldn’t be completely concealed.

However, these factors did not diminish her allure in my eyes. At least, that’s how it appeared to me.

It had been three days since my arrival in the village of Melte, and the situation there had been rapidly improving. The villagers’ faces were gradually regaining life.

In addition to neutralizing the poison with Jiraiya Oaks fruit, we had also identified the cause of the plague, which had previously remained unknown, alleviating the villagers’ anxiety.

By understanding that the village hadn’t fallen victim to an inevitable plague but rather to poisoned water, preventive measures could be implemented to avoid unnecessary distress.

Drink from the well instead of the river water. Avoid consuming fish from the river. Keep the children from swimming in the river. With these recommendations, no new cases should arise.


However, even if new cases were prevented, it would still take time for those who had already been poisoned to recover. And it wasn’t just the humans who had been affected.

The soil, for instance.

In terms of agriculture, it wasn’t as simple as saying, “Don’t use river water.” Blocking the water channels would hinder crop growth. So we had no choice but to proceed with the usual methods.

However, we couldn’t ignore the possibility that the poison in the river water might affect the crops. Would it be safe to consume the harvest? Could food possibly contaminated with poison be stored? Even if it were consumable, could it be sold in the city and turned into profit?

There were numerous concerns that the poison could cause the crops to wither and that any residual poison in the soil might affect future crops in the coming years.

In that respect, the effects of the Basilisk’s appearance were spread out, and the real damage was yet to come.

That’s where I came in.

What I have just said was predictable. And when you anticipate it, you’re prepared for it. That’s why, in addition to the fruit of the Jiraiya Oaks, I brought a number of medicines to aid in the recovery of the sick, and holy water to purify the soil.

I had received both from the Temple of Mother Earth.

I had received them from the Temple of Mother Earth because I had fulfilled their preserved request to the Guild. At that time, the request was “I would like you to take care of the banshee that cries every night in the common graveyard near the orphanage”.

I completed the request and was able to make contact with the Temple of Mother Earth. I used this connection to obtain healing medicines and large quantities of holy water.

As expected, I wasn’t exempt from payment, so I needed quite a bit, but I had that covered by the Slaves’ Union reward for defeating the basilisk.

Well, to be honest, apart from the restorative medicine, I’m not sure holy water has any effect on the poison.

However, Mother Earth is, as the name suggests, the goddess of the earth. By saying that the holy water was made in the temple, the villagers will surely believe in its effects. This leads to their mental stability. It made sense to bring holy water. Only God knows whether it will work or not.

“He really took care of everything in the end…”

It was the priestess Sarah who bowed as if in remorse. There are no inns in remote villages, so I’m using a room in the church. Inevitably, I ended up living under the same roof as the priestess in charge of the church, and for the past three days we have eaten breakfast and dinner together.

But we’re not alone. There are several other people living in this church besides me and the priestess. And what kind of people they are…

“Sora, let’s go and feed the dragon!”



The three children who had become attached to the priestess exclaimed excitedly.

They were children from the village who had lost their parents and now lived in the church as part of an orphanage. Since my arrival in the village, they had been constantly by my side, hindering my preparations to bring Iria down.

Ah, those annoying brats!

In retaliation, I had been serving them boar and deer meat abundantly for the past three days, which I had hunted with Kurausora. The expressions on their faces when they saw the meat were truly delightful.

Kukuku, let them fatten up by eating all that fat. They’re too thin, after all!

While suppressing my wicked thoughts, I cheerfully responded to the children.

“Yes, yes, that’s alright. But do you truly like Wyverns—or rather, dragons?”

“We love them! They’re so cool! We want to become Dragon Knights in the future!”

“Count me in too!”

“Me too!”

“In that case, count me in as well.”

I turned to the priestess and asked, “And what about you?”

Sarah, raising her hand along with the children, tilted her head cutely.

Hey, a mother with an 18-year-old daughter shouldn’t act like a child! It’s not just a matter of it not looking good—I’m worried it might actually look good!

Sarah’s expression had greatly improved compared to three days ago. With time and rest, all the sick individuals who had sought refuge in the church had returned home. The recovery medicines I brought seemed to have taken effect as well.

As a result, Sarah, who had lost her dark circles and sunken cheeks, had begun to reveal her true nature.

Initially, my impression of her was one of kindness and modesty, but now I noticed a playful side emerging. I suppose it was a way to interact with the children.

Afterward, we left the village to meet Kurausora.

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