Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 21 part 4

As a child, I furrowed my brow and looked at my father with a perplexed expression. Marriage, the act of getting married, was something I was familiar with as a noble’s child. It involved various procedures like marriage proposals, engagements, and the actual marriage. Typically, after the completion of these procedures, a wedding ceremony would be held. But as a young child, I shouldn’t be able to marry at my age according to the laws of the empire, unless there were special circumstances. So, what did it mean for a marriage to take place in a few months? I couldn’t recall ever hearing about such a thing.

“That’s right. I was informed about it for the first time by His Majesty the Emperor during my visit to the capital. It’s natural that you wouldn’t know,” my father explained.


Once again, I let out a dumbfounded voice at his unexpected words. I was curious about what my father meant by being informed in the capital.

“The other party is the princess of the allied country, the Kingdom of Renalute. In other words, it’s a political marriage to strengthen the relationship between nations, and [special circumstances] will be used. After the marriage, the princess will move to our Valdia territory.”

I wondered why a princess from another country wouldn’t be married into a royal family and instead be married off to a frontier noble. Numerous doubts arose in my mind.

“Galun, prepare to welcome the princess of Renalute to the mansion. If necessary, we may need to arrange a separate residence,” my father instructed.

After hearing my father’s words, Galun pondered for a moment and asked, “May I ask one thing?”

“First of all, unfortunately, it may become a bit cramped to welcome a princess from another country here at the mansion. Besides, the culture between Renalute and Magnolia is different, so the layout of the mansion is quite distinct. It may be presumptuous, but as the frontier noble of the Magnolia Empire, if you are going to welcome a princess from another country as your wife, it would be better to prepare a separate residence.”

My father placed his hand on his mouth and pondered over Galun’s words, then immediately gave his answer.

“Understood. In that case, let’s prepare a separate residence. The construction costs will be covered by the country. Sorry to ask, but gather the necessary information within a few days. Also, send a letter and an emissary regarding the construction costs once the estimate is ready.”

“Understood. I will start preparing right away.”

“Very well. I have more to discuss with Reed. Galun, please leave first. Until I call for you, nobody should enter the study.”

“Understood. Excuse me then.”

Galun bowed and left the study, leaving only my father and me in the room. A moment of silence ensued as we sat there. I drank the lukewarm tea to moisten my dry mouth and throat, then casually asked my father a question.

“…So, the earlier conversation was about the princess of Renalute becoming my wife to strengthen the relationship between our countries. And at the same time, legally taking her as a hostage of Magnolia, is that correct?”

“That’s right. It’s good that you understood quickly. By the way, she will be the same age as you.”

The fact that she would be the same age as me startled me internally. It felt like a story from a past life, where children who were barely of age were married. In that case, could there be something more than just a hostage or a political marriage?

“…Why would a princess from another country be bestowed upon the frontier noble of Magnolia, which is a neighboring country? Their ranks wouldn’t seem to match,” I voiced my doubts.

“Hmm… What I’m about to tell you must be kept secret. Any leak of information would be a capital offense. Remember that,” my father cautioned.

“Wait, is it classified information? I… I don’t want to hear it! Maybe I should have just nodded obediently…” I thought, but my father began speaking, and regret came too late.

My father proceeded to tell me about the “Barst Incident” involving Renalute, Magnolia, and Barst, as well as the secret agreement. Although it would be advantageous for Magnolia to marry the princess of Renalute, which had become a vassal state, there were few benefits for Magnolia itself. However, bestowing a neighboring country’s princess upon someone in a position close to the central government could lead to unnecessary factional disputes and chaos. Thus, the Marquisate of the remote region, which held some distance from the central government, was considered the most suitable choice. Being close in age to the princess, I became the ideal candidate.

“Indeed, I voiced my dissatisfaction to His Majesty the Emperor, who made such a significant decision without consulting us. However, as a son of the imperial nobility serving the country, avoiding marriage is not an option. Consider it as acting too hastily,” my father explained with a slightly lonely and distant look in his eyes.

Due to the secret agreement between nations, the princess from an unseen foreign country was destined to marry a royal or an equivalent noble. As Renalute was a vassal state, she couldn’t become a princess of Magnolia and was bestowed upon the Marquisate of the remote region. She truly found herself at the mercy of fate.

“Isn’t it extremely pitiful for the princess, though? Her marriage to a foreign royal was already decided from the moment she was born, and now she is bestowed upon the Marquisate…” I expressed my sympathy.

In response, my father’s face turned stern, and he pointed out my lack of understanding with harsh words. 

“We must not bring personal emotions into the exchanges between nations. That would become a spark for conflict. Besides, the secret agreement specifies [royals or nobles equivalent to them]. We are by no means violating the agreement. The nobles equivalent to them in Magnolia are the Grand Duke, Marquis, and Duke. We don’t have a Grand Duke in our country. Furthermore, if we delve into the hierarchy, the Marquis holds a higher position than the Duke in Magnolia. As members of the royal family and nobility, it is our duty to protect and lead the country.”

Faced with my father’s stern words as a statesman, I keenly felt my lack of understanding as a noble involved in politics. This world was not like my previous life, where peace was taken for granted. Even in my previous country, there were always hidden connections between nations behind the facade of peace. If the balance was slightly disrupted, war could break out. And in this world, it was even more apparent. I lowered my head, and my clenched fist naturally tightened.

Observing my bowed head and stern expression, my father understood that his words had reached me, and his stern expression softened into a gentle one.

“…However, it is true that the princess of Renalute is at the mercy of fate. If you think she is pitiful, then love and cherish her as your wife more than anyone else,” my father advised, looking at me not as a noble but as a parent, wishing for their child’s happiness.

I raised my head, startled, and met my father’s eyes. Those eyes were filled with kindness, not looking at me as a noble, but as a father trying to guide his child. He spoke strict yet gentle words, and it touched my heart.

“Serving the country as a noble is your duty and responsibility. But being able to cherish and love the princess who became your wife is something only you can do. The fate of making her happy lies in your hands. Don’t forget that. You are the one who will protect the princess. Understood?” my father emphasized.

In his expression and demeanor, there was no trace of severity when pointing out my shortcomings. He wanted to guide me as a father. His words carried such sincerity. And my father was right. Sympathizing with the princess’s fate and feeling sorry for her wouldn’t solve anything. I needed to focus on protecting and loving her.

“I understand, Father. Thank you for pointing out my shortcomings. I will do my best to make the princess happy,” I replied, grateful for his guidance.

In response to my words, my father simply nodded quietly, expressing his approval with a gentle smile.

At that moment, I realized that there was an important question I had yet to ask my father.

“Father, may I know the name of the princess who will become my wife?” I inquired.

“Ah, my apologies. I forgot to mention it. Her name is Princess Farah Renalute,” my father revealed.

Farah Renalute.

I repeated her name silently, etching it into my heart. It held significance now, as it would be the name of the person who would become my wife.

Scene transition

The stories I had heard from my father in the study were a series of surprises. Chris had left various marks in the imperial capital, in more ways than one. I never imagined that I would be getting married so soon. In fact, in my past life, I had never experienced marriage. Though I must have had a girlfriend at some point, right? She did exist, didn’t she?

I halted my attempt to delve deeper into those memories. It felt like it would only bring pain. My father and I remained alone in the study, engaged in casual conversation now that the important matters had been discussed.

During our conversation, my father asked about the knowledge I brought from my past life.

“Items like conditiioner and aloe lotion… things that are not yet common knowledge in this world. Are there still many things whose usefulness hasn’t been recognized?” he inquired. “I wonder what I should say,” I pondered, realizing there were indeed many such things. But I responded honestly, “There are plenty, like mountains.”

In response, my father furrowed his brow and muttered with a tinge of bitterness, “That’s the biggest problem.”

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