Before the tutorial begins chapter 17

Chapter 17: Yashima Guren

  • Romantic Workshop [Lali-Lali]

The shop sign read [Dvergr]. The origin is probably the dwarf smiths of Norse mythology.

It’s a very decent name for a shop. So decent that it’s almost suspicious. Could “Dvergr” have some perverted meaning I don’t know about?

“Don’t worry, my shop name doesn’t have any weird fetishes in it!”

Guren laughed openly. My discomfort seemed to show clearly on my face.

“Sorry. It’s just… the shops in this building are pretty unique, so…”

“I know, right! Some of them really think their perversion is their charm, it’s ridiculous.”

Guren smiled wryly and deftly opened the shop door.

Her answer was very reasonable. She doesn’t seem to be an inhabitant of a perverts’ nest at all, but… is it okay to believe her?

“Well, they’re good people at heart. If you talk to them, they’re pretty funny. Pure lovable idiots, you know? Just interact with them within reason, Kyoichiro. A lot of them become surprisingly docile when you get along with them.”

The shutter opened fully, revealing the darkness inside the shop.

“Wait a sec~” Guren disappeared into the depths of the shop.

Seeing her go, I gained a strong conviction.

This person is completely normal!

I can’t stop doing the abdominal pose in my heart. An adult. A non-perverted adult is here – for some reason, that makes me so happy!

Besides, having such a perfect successor would make me go Kyun Kyun as well.

A mature girl, that Gap Moe is a weapon of mass destruction!


“What’s with that look, Al?”

“Oh nothing, just that you look like a pig in heat.”

The 100% pure insult poured cold water on my brain.

Hey, how can she read my inner Moe? I thought I had shut down the psychic connection.

“I don’t need to read your mind to see your virgin stink delusions written all over your villainous face.”


How obvious can I get?

A few minutes later, Guren returned from the now-lit interior.

“Sorry for the wait~ Come on in, this is my workshop!”

Following the slightly smug Guren, I slowly looked around the shop.

Bathed in a warm light, the workshop of the adult female craftswoman gave me a “sturdy” impression, contrary to her lively appearance.

No, “sturdy” has some nuance problems. Uh, solid, orderly, neat – yes, “neat”.

The weapons lined up in the displays weren’t gaudily decorated, and each sales tag was carefully filled out.

It felt as if Guren’s thoughtfulness permeated the store.

This kindness seeped into my heart, which was worn out from the perverts’ nest, I just can’t help it.

“I’m the only one buying today, right?”


Al can’t go to the dungeons because of the “Other World Invincibility Principle” or whatever. Unfortunately, I have to take one for the team.

“Any weapon types you like or want?”

“Hmm, let’s see…”

Weapon types I like, huh? Judging by simple preferences, I like standard swords of course, but that’s not the “like” needed here. Fitting or not fitting – in other words, what can maximize my performance and contribution to the party?

In this case…

“I’d like a decent weight. More crushing mass than slashing power.

Not ranged but melee, not agile attacker but strength fighter, the bigger the better if possible… Does that help?”

“Yes, yes. I got it! My hunch was right, with your muscles, this guy fits!”

“Ahaha, I guess so.”

Even without the spirit power, I can bench press about 200 kg. By Earth standards, I’m a complete monster middle schooler.

“By the way, what’s your budget?”

“It depends on the item, but I’d like to equip myself for about 100k.”

“I see. So if, say, a gun worth over 100k came up for sale at a reasonable price, you’d give it up?”

Al and I exchanged glances. Strange question. It feels like she’s probing my finances under the guise of conversation.

“What should we do?”

“I don’t particularly mind if the cost-benefit ratio is good.”



I set a budget to avoid wasting money, but I have reasonable means. If something good is reasonably priced, I’m all for it. I’m willing to loosen the purse strings.

…If it’s an honest business, that is.

“Well, I guess I could consider up to about 500k.”

The moment I said that, Guren’s eyes changed.

It didn’t seem like greed. A more primal, urgent emotion burned in the depths of her eyes.

“Seriously? No rescissions?”

“Uh, artistic value and such doesn’t come into it, this is purely functional value. It’s just the maximum when judged by pure utility…”

“Of course! I guarantee it. I have a hidden gem that can be worth hundreds based on function alone.”

With cheetah-like speed, Guren burst into the employee-only workshop. Optimistic or blatant, depending on your point of view.

“Please don’t turn this into an art fraud weapon version…”

No doubt Guren went to grab a high-priced item over 100k.

“Suddenly summoned to a cafe. Invited to their shop. Relentlessly asked your budget, then a high-priced item not on display appears – I see, seems the ingredients for a tasty duck hot pot are coming together.”

“That’s cold!”

Shouldn’t you try to stop your master from turning into duck meat first?

“It looks fun, so I’ll take pictures and post them online.

How about the title [【Sad News】Rumored Super Rookie Gets Swindled on High-Priced Weapon. ~The Sorrow of an Unattractive Man]”

“Not a shred of humanity!”

It even has a subtitle!

“Well, if you want to mock me so much, watch closely, Al. I’m going to calmly and coldly assess the authenticity of this article and–“

“Sorry for the wait~ I kept you a while, huh!”

“–No, not at all! We were having fun here!”

I immediately changed to a public face and smiled at the returned Guren.

Stop it Al, don’t look at me like I’m trash.

Guys always want to look good for girls!

“You two get along so well, you must be a couple, right?”


“Woah, bingo. This reaction says it all, Al-chan.”

What a face to laugh at.

But why is the secret boss making such an ugly face?

Wait, isn’t that her face when she kicked my balls?

Does this S take pleasure in trampling on her master’s petty mind like his family jewels?

“I feel no pleasure, nor am I an S. Rather, I provide a service tailored to the Master’s preferences.”

Shut up! Stop reading my mind! And don’t kick a guy’s balls with the same feeling as usual.

…Ah geez. Anyway, I’ve got to change the subject. This will never go away.

“Huh, what’s that?”

I ask Guren about the wheeled container box that probably holds the high-priced weapon.

“This? Curious? Eh, inside is the hidden gem I mentioned earlier!”

I react with exaggerated interest.

It’s wrapped in a mud cloth, so I can’t make out any details, but it looks like a pretty big item.

“Well, no point in dragging it out, so let’s open it up! Here we go, ta-dah!”

And so Guren reveals the contents of the container.

Inside was a black rod. Very long overall, with what looks like a trigger and magazine in the middle of the shaft.

A gun, but with a rod, no, no, that would only exist in a game…


That’s right. The shape. It’s familiar.

The source of the memory is a game.

And one I’m very familiar with – the second game in the Spirit Wars Dungeon Magia series.

The black staff overlapped with the weapon that physically embodied the versatile staff techniques of thrusting like a spear, swinging like a sword, and sweeping like a glaive.
Why are you here?

…No, calm down Kyoichiro.

There’s no way that a weapon that’s considered a top prize in a casino is being sold in a back alley smithy in Sakuraka Town.

There must be some mistake.

To prove it, I will now ask the crucial question.

“Excuse me. What is the name of that weapon?”

Asking the name right after seeing a weapon is strange, but Guren kindly replied.

“It’s called the [Ägir Axe]. It’s my ultimate best work!”

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