The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – The Four at Magic Academy

The prestigious Royal Magic Academy.

A school of magical learning where young boys and girls attend, a venerable cradle for fledglings.

It was established and expanded with a massive budget, the pinnacle magic academy the Leuville Kingdom took pride in.

On one of the facilities, the café terrace seats—though in principle available to any student, currently it had become an inviolable territory none dared approach.

There were no barriers in place. The academy hadn’t forbidden use of it.

In fact, four students sat there now. In short, the reason other students didn’t come near was because of those four.

The boy who was First Prince of the Leuville Kingdom, Leor Berg Leuville.

The boy whose father was the knight commander, Dold Guenelle.

The boy whose mother was director of the Magic Technology Institute, Filga Dormatis.

And—the commoner girl, Lucille.

Simply enjoying an elegant tea time, but as people at the center of ongoing turmoil, none voluntarily approached the notorious group.

“How have you been recently, Lucille? No issues I hope?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry Leo. And thank you for your concern.”

Lucille looks at me. Smiles at me. Just that…those simple, trivial things fill Leo’s heart with pleasant warmth.

“Tch… The second those guys stopped coming here, nothing happened to Lucille anymore. That’s practically proof they’re the culprits. No need to wait for the exhibition match… Should I go beat the crap out of them right now?”

Filga pounds his fist into his palm, eyes blazing with fury.

“N-No, you can’t, Filga! Violence is… Besides, I’m okay.”

“Lucille, your kindness is charming, but evil chains won’t cease that way. Scum like them should be judged immediately.”

“Ehh!? J-Judged, you mean…”

“Stop it, Dold. You’re scaring Lucille.”

“Mm… My apologies.”

Dold had a reputation for his piercing gaze, but it softened before this girl Lucille. If other students saw, they’d be shocked, but Leo understood his feelings. Such was the charm of the lovely Lucille.

“Tch… Does the knight blood in you make you act like that incompetent?”

“Don’t compare me to that fool. He’s a friend, but I can’t stomach that much.”

Dold’s eyes sharpened again, strong contempt dwelling in them.

It happened every time the talk turned to his father—the Leuville Kingdom’s Knight Commander, Grashian Guenelle.

“You’re right, I spoke out of turn… Being with Lucille relaxes me too much it seems.”

“Eh? S-Sorry…”

“No need to apologize. Rulers must bask in sunshine at times too.”

“Sunshine, huh… You’re right.”

“Hehe, Lucille is like our warm sun.”

Leo was thankful for meeting the girl Lucille. The other two likely felt the same.

She watched over him. Embraced him. Held him close in her heart. He couldn’t express how saved and content it made him feel.

“Calling me sunshine is… I’m not that great.”

“Your modesty has its own charm, Lucille. But you should know your own worth properly.”


“Oh? Then Leo, do you properly know your own worth?”

At Filga’s teasing tone, Leo averts his eyes.

“Yes…I know it well.”

To confirm. To wring it out. He speaks the words.

“I know my own worth very well.”

The girl’s delicate hand rests atop Leo’s.

Without a mirror, he doesn’t know what sort of expression he has, but he seems to have worried her.

“Leo…are you crying?”

“Lucille always watches over me…”

No teardrops stain his cheeks. Outwardly, Leo isn’t crying at all.

But this girl sees him.

She always does. Always so. The sun illuminating the depths of his heart.

“I’m fine, Lucille. You needn’t worry. I will eliminate all that blocks your light…”

The approaching exhibition match. He would end it all there.

Leo renews his determination, stoking the flames burning in his chest.

“Thank you, Leo. But…I’m sad you’re fighting family…”

“It’s nothing you should worry about.”

“She’s right. Sorry Leo, but it’s all those two’s fault. Lucille shouldn’t worry.”

“But I love my family… Family is precious to me… Seeing you and your brother fight makes me sad.”

Lucille’s innocent words pierce his chest.

Dold and Filga likely feel the same, their expressions clouding.

Without addressing it, Leo simply maintains his silence.

“Lucille really is kind, huh.”

After their tea party ended, Filga and Dold were sparring in the arena.

Using practice swords for training, their skill was beyond most students. Inevitably they often ended up training together.

“Yeah… We’re really saved by that kindness.”

They clash wooden swords. Somehow it let him understand the other’s feelings.

“I just…can’t forgive them.”

Filga’s fierce blow forcibly pushes Dold back.

“Alfred and Charlotte…what they did to Lucille, I absolutely can’t forgive them. Letting those two run wild too.”

Filga grips the practice sword. Tightly, as if blood would seep out.

“But Lucille doesn’t want ‘that’… Those bastards can do as they please until the exhibition match anyway.”

“I know. But I can’t hold myself back. Most of all, I gotta pound them myself before I’ll feel better. You feel the same, right?”

“Yeah. Rarely, I’m…of the same mind as you.”

Filga and Dold’s eyes burned. With hatred for the two who hurt Lucille.

“Alfred. Charlotte. I absolutely won’t forgive them… I’ll crush them both.”

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