Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 21 part 3

The steamy aroma of the tea filled my senses as I took a sip, quenching my thirst. It was then that my father began telling me about his time in the imperial capital. While most of it confirmed what I had already learned through letters, when he mentioned how the theater had opened without informing Chris, leading to a farce, it reminded me of the phrase “I was ambushed” written in Chris’s letter. Without thinking, I murmured, “So that’s what this is about…”

My father appeared slightly puzzled by my reaction but continued speaking. Little did Chris know, as a noblewoman from another country, that the Emperor himself had ordered compensation for her from Roland, who had relentlessly attacked her. However, Chris declined the compensation, refusing to let the matter end there. On that day, she was summoned by Emperor Arwin himself to address the incident involving Roland’s disrespect. The Emperor offered her compensation, which she also declined. He then asked if she had any other wishes. Surrounded by numerous nobles, she spoke with a firm and resounding voice.

“Well then, I have something to say. Your Majesty, would that be acceptable?”

“Yes. Speak freely in the name of Emperor Magnolia. Say what you wish.”

Arwin sensed her determination and deliberately responded, “All will be forgiven.”

With this, Chris gained the ability to speak and act on par with the Emperor in this setting. Empress Matilda, seated beside the Emperor, opened her fan and covered her mouth, her shoulders and body shaking slightly. She observed the exchange between Chris and the Emperor with eager anticipation in her eyes.

“Well then, allow me to speak. Everyone makes mistakes, so there is no need for compensation. However, going forward, it would be best to base our conversations on verified information rather than believing rumors. As subjects of Emperor Magnolia and as nobles of the esteemed Magnolia Empire, if we were to engage in such actions as displayed in this incident, we would be looked down upon by other countries in diplomatic affairs, tarnishing the reputation of our nation. I hope that all the nobles of the Magnolia Empire will understand this point with fear and take this opportunity to reflect upon themselves.”

Chris’s words left the Emperor and all the nobles of the Magnolia Empire dumbfounded and speechless.

While the nobles remained speechless, Empress Matilda, sitting on the throne next to the Emperor, opened her fan and hid her mouth, her shoulders and body shaking minutely. Chris had expanded the issue, highlighting that Roland’s actions were a problem for the entire Magnolia nobility.

The fact that a noble of the Empire, a count no less, had directed such intolerable insults towards a noblewoman from another country concerned the entire nobility of the empire. It had the potential to become an international issue. However, Chris declined the compensation from Roland, and with the Emperor’s declaration of “all will be forgiven,” the entire Magnolia nobility found themselves unable to refute the actions taken against a baroness who was simply running a trading company. All the nobles, from barons to dukes and even frontier nobles, were grouped together as “nobles who are incapable of fulfilling their duties, just like Count Roland.”

Upon hearing Chris’s words, the nobles, who had been stunned and speechless, regained their composure and reacted in various ways:

Some trembled with anger.

Some suppressed their laughter.

Some were impressed.

Some glared at Count Roland.

To the nobles of the empire, Chris was initially seen as a “fragile young girl.” However, it was Roland who had taken advantage of her, and while he had been furious and red-faced during the compensation discussion, he now paled and turned blue. In fact, the majority of the nobles had to suppress their laughter in response.


The sound of a loud cough from the Emperor broke the silence, and everyone in the audience turned their attention to him.

“Chris, I appreciate your valuable advice. It is regrettable that our subjects’ education has been lacking, causing you great distress. Allow me to apologize on behalf of everyone here. I am truly sorry.”

Arwin stood up from his throne and slowly approached Chris, bowing his head not just slightly, but almost ninety degrees, showing an overly respectful gesture.

The nobles in the audience were shocked and shaken. It was unprecedented for a mistake made by a single noble to make the Emperor bow his head. Chris was surprised by Arwin’s apologetic attitude and felt internally unsettled, but she quickly noticed the change in the Emperor.

With subtle shoulder and body movements, he let out a stifled laughter,”Pfft, kukukukukuku …… “, his face turning red as if he were suppressing something. Depending on one’s perspective, it could be interpreted as enduring humiliation. In fact, distant aristocrats might have perceived it that way.

Sensing something from the Emperor’s demeanor, Chris immediately knelt down on the spot and bowed her head, lowering it below the Emperor’s.

“…Your Majesty, this jest has gone too far,” Chris whispered to the Emperor in a voice only he could hear.

“I-I apologize. But Chris’s words and actions were just too amusing, I couldn’t help but laugh. Please forgive me,” he whispered back.

After their private exchange, the Emperor raised his head, straightened his posture, and spoke with a dignified voice.

“All the exchanges that took place here, I, the Emperor, declare them to be with consequence. If you have any doubts or grievances about my actions, recognize them as your own mistakes and repent. Understood!”

In response to the Emperor’s words, the nobles present in the audience room all knelt and replied with a hearty “Hahaha!” Then, the Emperor looked around, found Roland, and approached him personally.

“Count Roland, lift your head.”


Roland, who had been kneeling and bowing his head as per the Emperor’s previous order, quickly stood up. Arwin gave him a sly smile, and Roland felt an abnormal pressure emanating from the Emperor’s smile. Desperately trying to maintain his composure out of respect, he resisted the urge to step back.

“Count Roland, thanks to you, I, as the Emperor, bowed my head for the first time in my life. This is how it feels to bow in front of a crowd. No, I am still inexperienced. I realized that even though I could bow my head, I had never done it myself. Thanks to you. Shall I express my gratitude?”

“N-No, not at all.”

Roland’s entire body went pale, drained of color.

“So, what are you doing?”


“The Emperor bowed his head, but you, who caused it, won’t bow your head to Lady Chris?”

“N-No! Right away!”

Roland hurriedly tried to apologize to Chris, who was still kneeling, for the exchange with the Emperor. However, Chris was unforgiving. She extended her right hand towards Roland, gesturing for him to stop.

“No, I have received a heartfelt apology from His Majesty the Emperor. I sincerely apologize, but I would like to decline an apology from Count Roland.”

“Hehehe, to make the Emperor bow his head and yet you cannot offer an apology yourself, how disgraceful, Count Roland.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

Upon hearing Chris’s and the Emperor’s words, Count Roland turned as pale as a sheet and crumbled to the ground right then and there.

In reality, he simply collapsed to his knees and slumped down, but…

Chris smiled at the Emperor and then, once again, with her knees still on the ground, spoke in a resolute voice.

“Your Majesty, this time, a certain baroness from another country made an impertinent remark towards the esteemed noble members of the Magnolia Empire. If you could grant your forgiveness…”

“Very well. I forgive you!”

Emperor Arwin’s face lit up as if a weight had been lifted.

Scene Transition

Father seemed to be enjoying himself as he recounted how Chris had skillfully manipulated the nobles of the imperial capital. With Roland now being glared at by the entire noble community, things would calm down for a while. He was delighted that one of the concerns in the imperial capital had been resolved. Chris’s dignified behavior in the audience room, where she stood confidently, had captivated those who witnessed it. Several people had even approached Father, asking him to act as a go-between for marriage proposals.

However, Father had turned them all down, saying, “Handle it yourselves.” He was very much like that.

“Ahem, Lord Reiner, should we not get to the main point?” 

Galun coughed, prompting a return to the main topic, as Father had become engrossed and talkative.

“Yes, you’re right. I got carried away talking about the imperial capital. Let’s move on to the main point.”

Galun seemed relieved that they were finally transitioning to the main point. It was true that the conversation had veered off track.

Father took a deep breath, looked at me, and spoke with a serious voice.

“Reed, your marriage has been decided.”


I let out a dumbfounded voice at my father’s unexpected words. But immediately, I understood the gravity of ‘marriage’ and questioned him.

“So, it’s not a proposals or matchmaking?”

“No, it’s marriage.”

“Not an engagement or betrothal?”

“No, it’s marriage.”

“…When will it take place?”

“As early as a few months from now.”

After finishing his response to my question, my father reached out for his tea with deliberate motion. He took a sip, moistening his throat. The sound of him placing the empty teacup on the desk echoed in the silent study.

“…Father, I have never heard such talk before. What is this about?”

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