I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 4

Until now, whenever black magic occurred, it would instantly heal the girl’s wounds. However, when the armored man slammed her to the floor, the black magic didn’t heal her wounds or even show any signs of healing. It squirmed uncomfortably before disappearing. In other words… the girl’s protection had been nullified.

(This person… if it’s him… he can…)

Quietly shedding tears, the girl’s face twisted into a faint smile, as if laughing and crying at the same time.

That night, when the slaves had settled down to sleep, the girl made her way to the armored man’s room. She was prepared beforehand, ready to ask for a certain “favor.”

“Kukuku… Hehehe…”

As she ascended the stairs and approached the armored man’s room, she could hear a strange laughter coming from inside.

The girl listened intently, trying to identify the source of that eerie laughter.

It was coming from the armored man’s room.

She had initially planned to knock, but her curiosity got the better of her. Standing in front of the room, she cautiously and gently opened the door.

“All right, all right…!” The red-haired man was sitting in his chair with his back to me, fiddling with something on his desk.

Though I first mistook him for someone else…upon seeing the full-face helmet lying nearby, I realized it must be the armored man.

Quietly, I approached to see what he was so focused on. But as I got close enough to see…

“Woah!” I accidentally stepped on something on the ground, making a sound that alerted him.

The armored man instantly put on his full-face helmet and turned to me in surprise.

“Oh, it’s you. You startled me…thought it was that damn cat for a moment…” he said, placing his hand on his chest in relief.

“What do you want? I’m busy right now, so come back later. And at this hour too, it’s time for children to sleep,” he waved me off, trying to send me away.

“I have a…request for you. That’s why I came,” I said hesitantly.

“A request? No thanks, I don’t feel like hearing your requests. Why should I?” he refused without a second thought… Seeing my unusual polite speech, treating me coldly and impatiently.

“Please…” I remained determined.

“No, but today ~” “…..Then wait until I’ll finish this,” Sighing begrudgingly, he agreed to listen to my request after he finished what he was doing. I couldn’t help but let a slight smile form on my lips at his words.

“By the way…what’s with that getup. Is that a coat? Do you always sleep in that coat? How do you not get bothered by how long it is… trailing on the ground?” he said, examining me from head to toe. My attire – a long gray coat covering my entire body – seemed to pique his curiosity.

When I answered hesitantly, “Night clothes…” he just said “Hm.” and returned to working on whatever had captured his full attention before.

“What…is that?” I asked, a little interested in what had him so engrossed.

“Oh, you’re interested? This here…is the 《Sky Soaring Boot》, a magic artifact. Isn’t it cool?” he said, showing me a metal-like boot with feather decorations.

“A magic artifact?”

“Yeah. As you can see, it’s a magic artifact that you wear on your feet. When equipped, it allows you to fly in the sky! It needs a lot of maintenance so it’s not something you can use frequently, but don’t you think it’s incredibly cool? Just look at this flowing form!” he said excitedly, leaning towards me to explain. His voice sounded so joyful… unlike his usual cold impression, he seemed like a boy at the moment.

While giving him a slight grimace, I answered, “I don’t understand.”

He became dejected, saying “Is that so…” I thought he had childlike aspects too.

Several minutes later…

“There, so what’s this request you wanted to make? If it’s something ridiculous, I’ll get angry.”

After finishing his work, the armored man spoke to me in a light tone.

I took a slight deep breath to calm myself. Then, with hope shining in my clouded eyes, I said:

“Please… kill me.”


The armored man uttered a astonished voice. As if he didn’t understand the meaning.

“Because… my protection seems ineffective against you. So…you can kill me. That’s why–“

“Wait, wait…why do I have to kill you. Also…protection? I don’t understand the meaning.”

The armored man gave a puzzled “???”. I explained my protection in a calm manner.

Several minutes later. After understanding with my explanation, the armored man with little interest,

“I see. So that’s…quite a formidable protection you have there. So you want me to kill you because the protection is ineffective against me?”

“Yes… That’s why I–“

“I refuse.”

The armored man interrupted me immediately.

“Furthermore I have no motivation to do so. …Is that all? Then quickly return to your room and sleep. I’m going to sleep too.”

The armored man waved me off, trying to send me away without listening to my reasons.

But I did not leave the room.


“There will be …a reward,” I muttered.

Reaching for the clasp of my outer coat —

“You can do whatever you want with this body,” I said, removing my coat and standing naked before him.

“I’ll do anything. So please… kill me.”

I exposed my unblemished white, slender naked body without hiding anything, to the armored man.

For me, showing my naked body to someone for the first time.

But… slave traders had often told me my looks were superior to other slaves, and many men looked at me with a sexual gaze. Though I could not be touched because of my protection… I thought my appearance seemed attractive.

Therefore, though I had no such experience, I thought if I told an armored man like this, he would listen to my request. I had nothing else of value to offer as a reward.


Instead, without a word, the armored man approached me and reached out his hand to my naked body. I closed my eyes, prepared to endure what was to come –

But suddenly, something like a cloth touched my body. When I looked, a blanket nearby had been placed over my naked body, hiding it.

“Stop joking. Get dressed and get out of here quickly,” the armored man said with his back to me and in a low voice.

“It’s not a joke… I really want you to…”

“Don’t fool around. Hurry and get dressed and leave.”

“I’m not…fooling around.”

“You are fooling around. You want me to kill you? I can do whatever I want with your body if I kill you? …What do you think of yourself?” the armored man raised his voice angrily, spitting out the words. I did not understand why he was angry, struggling to understand.

The armored man sighed wearily, then thought in silence for a short time before speaking slowly to me.

“I don’t know what happened to make you think that way…. But still, you don’t have to throw away your body like that. Value yourself more.”

“…value myself.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to die. Past things are past. There’s no need to cling to them and worry forever. Living is more difficult without failure or setbacks.”

“… ” I remained silent with my face darkened.

The armored man spoke in a slightly gentler tone, as if advising me.

“I think…you see the landscape in front of you as everything. But the world has so much you don’t know about. There are deliciously tasty foods that make your cheeks ache, fantastically scenic places to move you – in fact, it’s full of things and experiences you don’t know. …Isn’t it a waste to die then?”

“… ” I said nothing in response, remaining silent and bowed.

The armored man said nothing for a while. Then –

“Alright, then I’ll take you to that famous restaurant in this town tomorrow. After eating their delicious food, you’ll want to come again next time, right? And next time, you can save up money and go by yourself…Ah wait, keep this a secret from the others. I don’t have the money to indulge myself.”

“I don’t…want to go.”

“Don’t say that. Then how about a clothing store? Women like clothes, I can buy you a dress you like. “

“I don’t need – “

“That’s it, we’ll go to the clothing store and then have dinner on the way back. What luxurious treatment… I’m looking forward to tomorrow, aren’t you? Alright, let’s go to bed early today. You too – “

The armored man rattled on optimistically, without giving me time to think and unwilling to listen to my reasoning, deciding selfishly.


I just bowed my head and said nothing, listening to his words.

I understood. The armored man was correct and my thinking was wrong. I knew it was bad to throw away my life, that it was wrong…

But –

“I under…stand, but please… kill me.”

I said the words clearly to show my resolve, though barely above a whisper with my face still down.

“Please don’t say things as if you understand.”

In response to the girl’s words, the armored man closed his mouth, which had been chattering, and fell silent.

In truth, he hadn’t intended to say something like this. He had only thought that if he was rejected, he could return to a meaningless everyday life without arguing. …But for some reason, he found himself uttering those words.


The armored man glanced at the girl and sighed, scratching his head wearily.

His demeanor… somehow seemed to convey frustration and resignation, as if things weren’t going well.

“…Well, I guess I don’t know the details or understand the circumstances. But it’s not like you’re going to die, right?”


The girl remained silent, offering no response.

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