About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 2

The phrase “[your situation]” was one that, taken at face value, seemed to mean that Rain couldn’t attend school much because of his weak body. But when you added “[from Mr. Zeke]”, the meaning changed between the two of them.

Rain and Touri had the commonality of being reincarnators. And Zeke, who was also a reincarnator like them, had explained their respective situations to Rain and Touri. He had acted as a liaison, telling them to help each other if they ever had any problems.

“Yes, I’ve heard about you too. Nice to meet you, Touri.”

“No need to be so polite. For now, nice to meet you, ‘kay?”

Touri laughed, ahaha. On the surface, there was nothing odd about that exchange, and neither Tiffy nor Kasumi seemed to take notice of the conversation.

“With how much trouble these kids are, having another reliable kid will really help. Rain, help look after these kids too if you can, ‘kay?”

“No…my heart is just about broken already…”

“You’re mentally weak!”

Rain’s body shook a little, and he was too heavily burdened to act as a voice of reason for Kasumi and the others. Touri had assumed all reincarnators were mentally sturdy adults, but Rain was not that much of an adult. Awkwardly, Rain turned his face away from Touri. Rain had no rebuttal for Touri.


Just then, Yuki returned from the bathroom.

“I feel refreshed—!”

She approached Kasumi and the others without any shame, loudly announcing it.

“Um…Yuki. You shouldn’t say things like that so loudly.”

“I’ll be careful from now on! Hm? Kasumi and Rain, you’re already on good terms?”

Seeing Kasumi and Tiffy surrounding Rain, Yuki tilted her head slightly. In just a few hours since first meeting, it seemed to Yuki that everyone had already become quite friendly without her.

“No, we ain’t close at all. More like the opposite, Yuki. In other words, this guy’s an enemy. We’re in the middle of battling enemies here.”


Yuki tilted her head.

“That’s right. I absolutely won’t hand you over to this nasty bug after your purity!”

“That’s enough! This is too much defamation!”

“Well, Rain is a bookworm, but…”

Yuki, just entered middle school, didn’t seem to understand very well.

“So Yuki, you can’t go trusting men too much, got it? Men are all wolves in sheep’s clothing.”


“That’s right! If you let your guard down you’ll get eaten, y’see?”

“Eaten…? I don’t think I’d taste very good but…”

“But for men, that’s delicious.”

“Cut it out already.”

Touri cut in with an exasperated voice. Rain and Touri thought this corrupting the education of children.

“So, Rain…um, are you going to eat me…?”

“I won’t eat you!”

Rain denied it for the still innocent Yuki. For her, the phrase [eat you] directly implied mortal danger. Tiffy also seemed to take a step back.

“Th, that’s right! Rain will be fine! I don’t think he’s a dangerous wolf!”

“That’s right.”

“After all, that time I slept in the hospital room with him, everything was fine!”



At that remark, Rain, Touri, and Kasumi all shuddered. It was an easily misunderstood choice of words. Cold sweat permeated Rain’s brow, and Kasumi and Touri’s faces showed astonishment like their eyes might pop out.

“N, no, I just fell asleep on a chair, I didn’t do anything…!”

“Wha, What’s going on, Rain…!?”

“I knew it, this guy really is dangerous…”

“You! Don’t tell me you really did something naughty!? Are you really a wolf!?”

“Wrong! No, ……! I really didn’t do anything! It’s a misunderstanding! “

Touri grabbed Rain’s collar and shook him back and forth. Rain’s head shook violently. Kasumi trembled as she watched. Rain took major damage.


The only ones who didn’t really understand were Yuki herself and Tiffy.


There was a time when Rain had carried the sleeping Yuki he found in the hospital lobby to her hospital room. Exhausted, Rain had fallen asleep on a chair in her room, and spent the whole night there. Nothing had happened of course, but it was a slightly inappropriate thing, Rain reflected.

Yuki’s remark could be extremely misleading. Yuki herself didn’t really understand the implications of what she had said, but…

“A, a duel…”

Kasumi spoke while trembling violently.

“A duel! Rain! I absolutely won’t hand Yuki over to you!”


Like throwing a tantrum, Kasumi loudly declared war on Rain. Not just Rain but everyone was dumbfounded. The petty quarreling happening in the classroom corner had attracted the attention of their classmates, causing a small commotion in the room.

Touri tried to stop her.

“What the heck are you saying all of a sudden, Kasumi!”

“Shut up! Shut up! I must defeat this man! I must defeat him and feed his corpse to the fish!”

“This is dangerous!”

Rain trembled.

“What kind of duel is this anyway!?”

“It’s obvious what kind of match this is at school!”

Kasumi stretched out her arm and pointed sharply at Rain. Kasumi puffed out her chest while Rain let a bead of sweat drip down his forehead as he trembled. The attention of the entire classroom focused on Kasumi and Rain. It was just the first step into their new lives in middle school, yet a battle with their friendships and pride on the line was about to unfold.

Everyone held their breath.

“Let’s compete in an academic test!”

Kasumi declared.



Rain and Yuki’s eyes went wide.

[Rain 100 points] [Kasumi 76 points] [Tiffy 46 points]

The battle ended.

Kasumi and Tiffy collapsed face down on their desks. They tightly grasped their answer sheets with the scores written on them, completely exhausted and miserable like losers, heads down and eyes dead.

An academic test was held right after starting middle school. Of course, Rain was victorious. He didn’t even glance at the miserable defeat of Kasumi and Tiffy. In fact, Rain was more perplexed at their sorry state.

“Grr… Rain got a perfect score, 100 points. I cannot let him live…”

“I’ll get you next time…”

Yuki had gotten 92 points. She looked at Rain with eyes seeking vengeance on her family’s enemy. Although it was something Kasumi had arbitrarily started, Rain had won the battle with Yuki’s friendship at stake, and as a result, Yuki began to view him as an adversary. Rain weakly shook his head.

“Whoa, you got 100 points on the first test!? That’s crazy!”

“Huh? Oh, yeah… Just got lucky I guess.”

“Nice to meet ya, I’m Flip.”

“Oh, I’m Rain. Nice to meet you…”

“Oh, nice to meet you! “

Rain was flustered as his classmates suddenly started talking to him. Although he was bad at conversing, his classmates enthusiastically tried engaging with him.

“Rain, you’re so talented! I’m Matilda, nice to meet you!”

“What’s this I hear? Rain won and dominated with a perfect score? Now that’s impressive!”

“Considering the duel declaration on the first day of school caused some commotion, it’s understandable. Do you know my name yet? Well, it’s still early days. I’m Gillian. Pleasure to meet you, Rain.”

Rain was surrounded by many classmates trying to talk to him. Kasumi challenging Rain to a duel had become a hot topic in the class. With everyone still nervous on their first day of school, a duel declaration had captured the full attention of the class.

As a result, Rain had won the duel decisively. Everyone crowded around Rain like spectators and tried engaging with him. He was perplexed by all the attention from his classmates, something he hadn’t experienced before.

Though confused, it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling. Despite being nervous, Rain felt a slight flutter in his chest. Surrounded by classmates, glared at by Yuki puffing her cheeks out while playing the mood maker, Rain was flustered yet couldn’t help but crack an embarrassed smile, blushing and awkwardly scratching his cheek with a stiff expression.

…On the other hand, Kasumi seemed to be in low spirits.

“What are you doing?”

Touri sighed as she approached Kasumi, collapsed lifelessly over her desk in the corner of the classroom. After spurring on a hopeless battle and spectacularly blowing herself up, Touri could only be exasperated. It was already known that Rain had the top score on the entrance exam. To challenge that boy to an academic competition was nothing short of foolish.



Face buried on her desk, Kasumi let out a muffled laugh. Her shoulders shook slightly as she laughed. Touri frowned at the somewhat creepy scene of Kasumi laughing.

“This…this is good. Yeah…”


Kasumi sat up straight, leaning back against her chair. Rather than looking like a miserable loser from a crushing defeat, the corners of her mouth turned up in a subtle, knowing smile. Seeing her expression, Touri’s eyes went wide. Kasumi had the face of someone whose scheme had gone perfectly, a hint of composure in her expression.

“That type would be shunned and isolated quickly if you don’t get them a little riled up and involved.”


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