Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 21 part 2

“Understood. But can you believe everything I say?”

Contrary to my expectations, my father, Reiner, did not dismiss my “past life memories.”

“Your current actions align with many aspects of your story. In fact, if that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t believe you. Your actions defy common sense.”

“Defy common sense…”

“Is there anything else you haven’t told me?”

“…Well, it seems that I experienced this world through what I call ‘pseudo-experiences’ in my past life.”

In a world where the concept of video games didn’t exist, I used the term “pseudo-experiences” to help Father grasp the idea.

“Pseudo-experiences… Like dreaming? Are you saying that you experienced a world similar to ours in your past life?”

“Yes, and the knowledge gained from those pseudo-experiences seems to be connected to the knowledge of this world.”

“I see. So, that’s the foundation of your unconventional knowledge.”

While sipping his tea, Reiner listened attentively to the seemingly absurd story coming from his child. From any outsider’s perspective, we appeared to be a close parent and child.

“Yes, that’s how I see it. And as an additional note, I have developed a medicine using that knowledge without your knowledge. I would like Mother to try it.”

“…Depending on the content, what kind of medicine is it?”

Scene Transition

As the conversation shifted to Nunnaly, Reiner’s brows furrowed, and his expression returned to its usual sternness.

“Well, um… It’s a magic recovery potion.”

“Cough, cough!… A magic recovery potion?!”

Reiner was taken aback by the unexpected words, causing him to choke on his tea. However, the mention of a magic recovery potion brought a glimmer of hope. It was precisely what Reiner had been desperately searching for.

“Yes, I obtained the necessary ingredients and had Sandra create it. We used her special magic to verify the potion’s effects by measuring the increase and decrease of mana levels.”

“Verifying the mana levels through special magic…?”

Reiner looked puzzled at the unfamiliar term “mana levels.” After I explained it to him, his confusion turned into a furrowed brow. In this world, there was no method to quantify mana levels, so the fact that his own son and the home tutor had succeeded in quantifying it left Reiner dumbfounded.

“So, it’s Sandra…”

“When Sandra was expelled from the laboratory, I extended a helping hand, recognizing her talent. Little did I know that it would lead to her becoming my son’s home tutor.”

“…But even with a magic recovery potion, Nunnaly won’t be completely cured. It can only prolong her life. There are other medicines for treatment.”


Reiner was at a loss for words. “Mana depletion illness,” considered an incurable disease, had been haunting him. Having a potion for “life-prolonging treatment” alone was a significant discovery, but the revelation of another medicine for actual treatment was astonishing.

“…So, this knowledge comes from the pseudo-experiences you mentioned earlier?”

“That’s correct, Father.”

“Don’t speak of this to Galun,” my father cautioned me.

Galun, the most trusted butler in the Valdia family, was unlikely to leak any information. However, the more people who knew the secret, the higher the risk of it getting out. Being involved in politics, my father was well aware of this.

“The raw material for the magic recovery potion is called ‘Moonlight Grass.’ However, its source is limited, and we cannot cultivate it. I don’t plan on announcing this potion until we either achieve my mother’s recovery or complete the treatment medicine.”

My father pondered for a moment upon hearing my explanation, considering the problems and potential solutions. He placed his hand on his forehead, and our meeting continued.

“Well, if the value of the potion becomes known to the public, there will be competition, and the price will skyrocket. Let’s pretend we haven’t heard about the magic recovery potion. You can continue your work and bring it to me for a post-report. Also, consult with me beforehand if there’s anything you can do in our territory, such as cultivation. Most things can be permitted. By the way, are you sourcing the moonlight grass from Chris?”

“Yes, currently that’s our only sourcing route.”

After a moment of contemplation, my father spoke again.

“Hmm… If it becomes known that we’re sourcing the moonlight grass in Valdia territory, someone will surely investigate further. It might be difficult for Chris alone to handle that point. I will also take action.”

“Thank you very much. Also, please give me a little more time regarding the healing potion.”

“Understood. If it means saving my wife Nana, I will support you as much as possible. I’m counting on you.”

“Yes, understood!!… That’s all I have to say for now.”

Though unplanned, I felt genuinely relieved that I could have this conversation with my father.

Having such a reliable ally was incredibly reassuring. 

Reiner as a father, I aspired to be like him, just like Reed.

Scene transition.

In the office, my father and I primarily discussed the moonlight grass and the magic recovery potion. It would likely be needed in the future, but for now, it seemed sufficient. My father seemed to reach the same conclusion as me. To have a private conversation, we asked the butler, Galun, to leave the room.

“Reiner-sama, did you call for me?”

As my father responded to the knock on the office door, Galun entered the room, saying, “Excuse me.” My father handed him an empty teacup.

“Ah, sorry. I’ll have another cup of tea. When you bring it, please join our discussion without hesitation.”

“Yes, understood. And what about Reed-sama?”

“I’m fine.”

There was still tea left in my own teacup. Since becoming Reed, I had developed a preference for lukewarm tea, whereas in my previous life, I enjoyed it hot.

“Understood.” Galun lightly bowed in response to my answer, gracefully took the teacup from my father, and left the room. As Galun departed, my father looked at me with a slightly distant gaze and began speaking.

“However, someday we must inform Galun about Reed. It’s not just about preventing information leaks, but there may be times when coordination doesn’t go smoothly. Considering your future position, you don’t need to talk about it indiscriminately, but it would be wise to increase our allies.”

Though his face remained expressionless, my father’s voice carried a hint of concern. “About Reed” referred to the fact that I possessed knowledge from my previous life. However, the phrase “considering your future position” struck me as a bit exaggerated.

“I apologize to Galun, but I think it’s best to keep the magic illness treatment a secret until we can develop a remedy. After it’s completed, we can assess the situation and decide what to do,” 

“Hmm, that’s reasonable,” 

Information related to magic illness was highly confidential. At this stage, when the test reagents were not yet ready, it was not the right time to inform Galun.

“Instead of revealing my secret, we can inform Galun that we share confidential information between me and my father, emphasizing the aspect of preventing leaks. That should be sufficient, don’t you think?” I proposed.

My father considered it for a moment. Galun was a trustworthy and perceptive individual. I believed that he would understand what I wanted to convey with just that much information.

“Hmm, that’s a good point. If we need instructions for Galun regarding the medicine, we can create a code… Alright, let’s go with that,” my father decided.

After the discussion concluded, some time passed, and Galun returned to the office with the tea.

My father explained the “confidential information” we had discussed earlier to Galun. Without changing his expression, Galun listened attentively to my father’s explanation. He ended with a bow, saying, “Understood,” to both my father and me. At that moment, I felt like Galun smiled at me with a slightly joyful expression.

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