Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 6

All kinds of troubles

Hearing that gave me a concern.

We were told at the start that [as you will have subordinates upon graduating here, you must have a stern mind].

Those words made me realize.

While I had hoped for a heroic death, was it okay to drag unrelated subordinates down with me?

I’m no fiend.

I don’t want to get unrelated subordinates caught up in it.

I need to find the answer to resolving this contradiction sometime in the next three years before graduating.

The lessons to train elite officers began in earnest the next day after the entrance ceremony.

Nao would also greatly struggle here.

He was on the verge of giving up many times, but had to become a soldier to achieve his goal – or death.

Otherwise he couldn’t die.

Yet at the same time, he also agonized, burdened by the contradiction.

Nao’s troubles were not just that. No, he struggled even more with the terrible evaluation of his practical skills.

His grades in strategy, tactics, and such were top of the class.

Especially in supply planning, he was far above the rest.

However, when it came to practical skills, to be frank, he was dead weight in the class.

He could barely pass life support skills like piloting and damage control, but was hopeless at anything related to combat like marksmanship.

Especially in combat using powered suits and battleaxes, he couldn’t even get a passing grade.

But the academy didn’t panic.

There was no precedent of abandoning a failing student.

Since students like Nao appeared every year, there were safety measures in place.

Though his case was extremely rare, he still managed to graduate from the elite military academy over the full three years.

Especially this was thanks to the cooperation of Mark and his classmates.

One distinguishing trait of this elite academy was an atmosphere of cooperating within the same grade no matter what.

While the school did cultivate that cooperative atmosphere, it was also part of the founding spirit – you can only lead troops with that cooperation.

Military officers unable to coordinate with the various departments would frankly be useless.

The elites had that hammered into their core.

Nao benefitted the most from that.

Without dropping out, he was able to graduate in three years, but Nao believes the greatest benefit was getting a hint from them for resolving the contradiction troubling him.

The trigger was during his final, third year. A fantasy opera popular in the kingdom at the time, especially the capital star sector, had the protagonist facing a crisis in every episode, covering those around him while shouting the decisive catchphrase “Leave this place to me! Go on ahead!”

It was a story where he overcame that life-or-death crisis every time by covering for everyone around him then pulling off a superhuman turnaround. It had become popular among Mark and others around Nao, and I could hear it talked about everywhere.

When I happened to overhear it at that time, I had a revelation.

–This is it.

–This is the one.

[Die a heroic death protecting my subordinates.]

–This is the only way.

After that, it was like the worries troubling me until then disappeared, and I took classes with even more motivation.

And I imagined that scene of dying heroically while thinking up decisive catchphrases, on par with or even more than classes.

It seems I had belatedly contracted [chuunibyou].

After that I diligently applied myself to my studies more than ever, while also thinking up decisive lines whenever I had free time.

Anyway, troubling and bothering those around me, I graduated from the elite military academy without incident and received my officer’s commission.

Though the academy was used to students like me, they were no doubt relieved.


Since my grades had been so extremely polarized.

Graduating was still graduating.

So the department that would next worry their heads came about.

From my grades, I clearly had aptitude as an intellectual military officer, and ideally I should have built a career aiming to be a staff officer, but my background as an orphan was an issue there.

There’s no way an orphan like me could advance to the military elite referred to as the staff officer course.

This course had only ever consisted of children of nobility, or of high military officials – admirals at least.

Here, even if I had ability, or rather precisely because I had ability, I absolutely could not be allowed to advance.

If I managed to get on this course somehow, not just the nobles on it until now but the quasi-nobility and major financial world families who hadn’t been able to get on despite wishing to would unanimously complain.

Well, nobody wants to deal with personnel problems like that full of issues, and most of all I don’t want to.

I was aiming to die a heroic death on the front lines, after all.

Which left me with nowhere to go.

I got a blanket rejection from all the local commanders at the front.

No matter how much staff officer aptitude I had, or rather because I had it, and moreover had absolutely zero aptitude for physically fighting, no commanders wanted to take me on to lead.

But there were no other placement options either.

There wasn’t an option to not place me somewhere.

This was the school that trained the military elite, watched by everyone in the country.

If I dropped out instead of graduating, excuses could be made, but for someone who properly graduated, that option was out.

My placement, involving the top brass, was finally decided by organizational compromise and power dynamics to be the Capital Defense Fleet guarding the capital region of space, known to the citizens as the Coast Guard.

As the name suggests, they were a police-like organization guarding the peace in the capital star sector, their activities limited to space in the capital region.

In fact, as evidenced by the first director being the national hero, Admiral Bruce, who also founded the Coast Guard, it was an organization established amidst the increasingly harsh circumstances surrounding the kingdom, for the purpose of easing, even a little, the burden on the space military.

As that background also shows, the Coast Guard top brass were all space military retirees.

Calling them retirees sounds good, but now it had become the military’s dumping ground for unusable people.

All the equipment used by the Coast Guard was hand-me-downs from the military, so it was very convenient for the military, with people not fit for the organization sent there.

Moreover, their duty was to guard the capital region.

No matter how chaotic the whole universe, as the safest region deep in the interior, things could still function even with the top brass being a little incompetent.

Due to circumstances like that, morale was extremely low among the Coast Guard top brass, and they were a group whose abilities frankly left much to be desired.

The Coast Guard’s main duties were suppressing piracy and monitoring smuggling at most.

Despite the incompetence of the higher-ups, this organization manages to survive mainly due to the nature of the work it’s given and, most importantly, the high morale and capabilities of the field soldiers.

The reason for such a disconnect between the field personnel and the higher-ups is that the Coast Guard is quite popular as an employment option for common citizens.

The popularity among common citizens stems from several reasons. The workplace is limited to the Capital Space Sector, it is relatively safe as a meritocratic organization, and yet it offers decent salaries compared to other civil service positions in the kingdom.

As promotions are limited to ex-military personnel in the upper ranks, the rank of Lieutenant is considered the limit, although most people don’t reach that level, so it isn’t of much concern.

In fact, there’s not much difference elsewhere since promotions are typically reserved for graduates of Royal University Number One. So, it’s not much different from other government offices.

I ended up being assigned as a secondment from the Space Force to support this organization that is sustained by the field personnel.

There wasn’t any opposition from the field personnel, as they were unaware of the real situation of the candidate, since they didn’t receive any military information. Moreover, this was a dumping ground for the military, and the personnel transfers from the military were in accordance with their personnel system, which the Space Force couldn’t oppose, making it convenient for them.

By the way, it’s customary for those seconded to a subsidiary to be promoted by one rank, similar to salaried employees.

Typically, graduates of the Elite Officer Training School are commissioned as ensigns in the Space Force when they graduate, gaining experience in the field for one to two years, then being promoted to lieutenant, before advancing their careers along their respective paths. However, in the case of this candidate, upon being seconded to the Coast Guard, they were immediately promoted to the rank of ensign, following past practices.

The rank of ensign demands that one serve as a commander in the field, whether it’s in the military or the Coast Guard, and this level of capability is immediately required.

The Coast Guard’s personnel department, which received the candidate’s personal data for the first time, was puzzled by their extreme grades, and after a series of complications, they were appointed as the commander of the 2nd Inspection Squad on the space frigate [Akeshi] within the 3rd Patrol Squadron upon graduation. Right after graduating, they suddenly found themselves in charge of thirty subordinates.

By the way, the Inspection Squad is a unit that boards suspicious ships found by Coast Guard vessels and conducts inspections using armed boats. It’s essentially the Coast Guard’s strike team.

To put it bluntly, this assignment is entirely opposite to the candidate’s aptitude.

The reason why such an impossibility went through, even though this is the Coast Guard, which is considered a dumping ground, is because this section is the dumping ground department for the Coast Guard itself.

In short, it gathered the Coast Guard’s unwanted personnel. The dumping groundof dumping ground.

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