The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 3 Epilogue


“I’m sorry, okay? You came along with me, and I couldn’t even find what I was looking for.”
“I’m the one who couldn’t be of any help. Let’s make a build-to-order (BTO) then.”
“I’m not really knowledgeable about computers, so I’ll leave it to you, Yukito-kun.”
I had gone to the electronics store with Himiyama-san, but we ended up leaving without accomplishing our goal. Himiyama-san had been considering buying a desktop computer, but she couldn’t find a suitable one for her needs. So, it turned out to be a happy date at the electronics store for me.
“By the way, what’s with these gaming PCs? It seems like they’re all about that. I don’t play games on the computer, so I don’t really care about the performance.”
“Indeed, it’s hard to imagine Himiyama-san, who’s usually calm, firing off a machine gun in an FPS game… but….”
It is a horror to see Himiyama-san, a quiet lady, shooting a gun while spewing profanities in the chat. There are people whose personalities change when they get behind the wheel of a car, so it’s a possibility. I thought there might be a Himiyama-san who had fallen into darkness, carrying a lot of stress, but I’m relieved that it’s not the case.”
I hope she continues to be free from such appearances in the future.
“But why do they all light up like that? Is there a reason for it, Yukito-kun?”
“It’s the Decotora theory.”
“It’s just theory based on misunderstanding that lighting up is cool.”
“So, it’s really just about lighting up?”
“It’s just about lighting up.”
“Does that have any meaning, then?”
“Such a rational observation may sometimes be cruel.”
So, with that, we gave up on the gaming PC and decided to order a BTO one.
Himiyama-san seems to be someone who doesn’t find romance in brightly lit computers, so she just wants one that can run Office applications like Word and PowerPoint. She doesn’t even need a dedicated graphics card. Being unfamiliar with it herself, Himiyama-san has a very relaxed understanding of market prices, so the budget she had prepared was unbelievably generous, and she had no trouble with her choices.
However, I couldn’t help but ask a simple question:
“Why did you suddenly decide to buy a computer?”
“I guess because I thought I shouldn’t be trapped forever and should move forward?”
She looks at me with a gentle gaze. On the way home, Himiyama-san, who walks beside me, is in high spirits and seems happy, despite not achieving her goal.
“I see. I think so too.”
“Yukito-kun, you don’t really understand, do you? I don’t think you should give such casual responses.”
“Strange, isn’t small talk supposed to go well by just agreeing to everything in conversations with women, and everything should be smoothed over?”
“Isn’t that a bit prejudiced?”
“Expecting someone like me, a loner otaku, to have social skills is quite troublesome.”
Moreover, the person I’m talking to is none other than Himiyama-san, who can be considered my natural predator. It’s unavoidable that tension rises.
But, though I hadn’t said it, She still held my arm, you know?
And her chest is touching…. ohhhhhh…! FOOoooooooooo!
“Yukito-kun, do you have a girlfriend or anything?”
“My relationship status is ‘single as long as I’ve lived.’ I firmly protest against this harassment.”
“Oh, is that how you put it? Can I seriously harass you?”
Himiyama-san moves her body lightly, and the sensation of her arm, which was pressing against me a moment ago, has become significantly softer. Through the thin fabric of our clothes, I can feel the warmth of her skin.
“I took it off♪”
“I sincerely apologize and bow down, please forgive me.”
“Well, I understand. I want to touch directly too.”
“Your translation is a bit too imaginative!”
My arm is held firmly, and I can’t move. In the meantime, the sensation is directly transmitted.
“It’s okay. This is a thank-you. You can consider it a no-count.”
“In a full count situation with 9 strikes and 2 outs, isn’t it?”
“I’m also embarrassed to do it outside, so how about when we get home?”
“I’m beginning to realize that mutual understanding is an illusion.”
Ultimately, people are foolish creatures who cannot understand each other. My life is about to end.
I was racking my brain to find a way to get out of this situation, even though I hadn’t consciously done it, when Himiyama-san’s words stuck in my ears.
“But, Yukito-kun, you are popular, right?”
Her words, spoken without any particular intention, weren’t meant to convey anything specific. But still, I can’t help but wonder if it’s because of the situation I’m in that I find them intriguing.
“I’m not popular at all. Besides, I don’t want to be popular. I can only choose one person, even then currently I can’t even choose that one person. Continuing to have feelings about someone like me would be unrewarding.”
Some people can casually date multiple partners. If we’re talking about popularity, it might be true. However, I don’t have that kind of capacity.
I can’t act innocently like a harem protagonist.
Since I, who can’t feel for anyone, don’t even have the right to be liked by someone.
Hinagi and Shiori will surely have wonderful encounters ahead of them.
Not meaningless ones like with me, but destined meetings. I’m sure partners who care for them the most will appear. Partners who everyone will celebrate, because those two have that much charm.
If a romance can only happen when the vectors of emotion point in the same direction, then I can’t reciprocate anyone’s affection. A one-way street to nowhere.
“It’s nothing. Let’s go home.”
I shake off those thoughts. Will a day ever come when I can reciprocate someone’s feelings?
Even as I daydream about that fantasy, I know it’s meaningless.
“You’re still strong, just like that day. But I’m sure someday your strength will–“
Himiyama-san starts to say something, then grips my arm tightly. Even though it’s the height of summer, our bodies press close together. Even avalanche victims wouldn’t huddle this tightly.
“Thank you very much. (Please give me some space.)”
“Are your true feelings the opposite of what you’re saying?”
“I’m an honest guy. I’ll gag the mouth of truth and violate it thoroughly, you hear me?”
“Ohoho, I don’t want to see the ocean god Oceanus vomiting.”
It’s clearly hard to walk, but that doesn’t seem to bother Himiyama-san.
As we walk through the arcade, Himiyama-san stops in front of a novelty shop.
“Yukito-kun, shall we take a look?”
“Sure, I’m not carrying anything.”
The shop isn’t very big, but antiques and knickknacks are packed in tightly. For someone ignorant about these things like me, it’s refreshing.
Needless to say, there’s no decor at all in my room. Now I’m feeling nostalgic for that barren space. These days, my room has been invaded by my mom and sister’s personal items.
Take your beauty products back to your room! Whose rubber are on my bedside table!?
“This placemat is lovely, isn’t it? Should I buy it? Yukito, do you want anything?”
“I have absolutely no sense when it comes to such things.”
“Surprising, right? You seem like you’d know everything.”
“There’s no one like that.”
Unfortunately, I don’t have a single shred of aesthetic sense. I generally think that black is the answer to everything.
Well, I’m a loner otaku! Recently, when I say this, it seems to come across as self-deprecating bragging. Sorry.
I’m starting to feel like I could get by with just jerseys and pajamas, even when it comes to clothes.
“Is there something we could get as a souvenir… Oh, how about this, Yukito? Matching mugs?”
“That’s a bit…”
Himiyama-san happily holds up two mugs sold as a pair. It would be unnatural for us to use matching mugs.
See, even the clerk is looking at us like “What’s their relationship?” I want to know too! It’s probably compensated dating.
“I just moved and haven’t prepared any dishes for guests yet. I need to gradually get some. I should start with yours, Yukito-kun.”
“But I won’t be going over…”
“Eh, you’ll come over, right?”
“I can’t just go to a young woman’s apartment…”
“Since I live alone, I’ll feel relieved if you come over.”
“I’m sure that the apartment pretty secure?, right?”
“My security is wide open for you, Yukito-kun. Don’t you want to get your hands on it? Fufufufu.”

–I surrendered to the pressure of her smile.

After the novelty shop, I go up to Himiyama-san’s place. We chat briefly, then take care of the main issue of ordering a computer. As I ask about her needs and pick parts on my smartphone, it turns out she doesn’t care much about performance at all, so the cost ends up quite low. For ease of use, I choose a large monitor, so this should handle all her work.
“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what kind of work are you planning to do?”
Himiyama-san’s body jerks slightly.
“I’m thinking of working as a cram school teacher.”
“I see.”
“So I’ll need it for making materials and things like that. I used to be able to ask the teachers around me, but now I have to do it all myself.”
“What age range will you teach?”
“Elementary school kids, probably. I still love children…”
“You’ll be great as a teacher, Himiyama-san.”
“You think so…?”
She smiles, but seems somehow uneasy. Unexpected reaction. As if searching for something, peering at it, or asking for forgiveness, Himiyama-san seeks an answer.

“–Do I have the qualifications to teach anyone, Yukito-kun?”

Am I in a position to answer that question? I don’t know why she’s asking me this. But her eyes are serious, and I feel like if I answer here that she lacks qualifications, it will greatly impact Himiyama-san’s decision.
“You do. Definitely. I’m sure you’ll teach kindly, Himiyama-san.”
“I-I’m sorry! Showing you something so embarrassing…”
Tears spill from her eyes. She hurriedly wipes them with a handkerchief.
Was that decision really so important to Himiyama-san?
Himiyama-san is generous and accepting. She might be a reassuring teacher for elementary school kids.

Though she said cram school teacher, it seems she’ll only work a couple days a week. But still, it must be a major choice for Himiyama-san. Seeing her tears, I feel that way.
“You’ll do great, Himiyama-san.”
“Thank you.”
She hugs me tightly. Her soft feeling transfers directly.
This tranquility that envelops me like the great earth, how marvelous! My restraint has snapped!
–By the way, why did she hug me!? My daily life is nothing but free hugs.
“Immediately no effect immediately no effect.”
I desperately hold back my rationality from crossing the Rubicon. If it collapses, I’m finished!
After that, I was hugged for a full ten minutes. I have attained enlightenment. I am the founder Yukito the Ninth.
“Leaving already? I wanted to properly thank you…”
“If you thank me thoroughly, I’ll be exhausted.”
“Oh my? What were you expecting?”
“If I say it out loud, I’ll get banned by the mods.”
“I don’t really understand, but you can say anything to me, okay?”
“Hiii! Mr. Mod, please look away!”
All I can do is pray. I’m powerless.
“Thank you so much for today. My heart feels a little lighter.”
“I’m glad. But, I always wonder, isn’t your favorability meter broken?”
“Anything Yukito-kun says just raises my favorability.”
“That’s a bug. You need to patch it.”
For some reason, Himiyama-san has high favorability toward me. We haven’t known each other long, but for some reason she really likes me. Honestly, judging by the frequency of her messaging me, Himiyama-san exceeds the refreshing handsome guys. As if it’s a perfect match in dating apps.
“Well, when the PC arrives, please call me. I’ll come set it up.”
“I’ll ask you to. But remember, you can come over any time, unrelated to that.”
“No way.”
“I wonder how long you can resist me. Fufufufufufu.”
“This is bad, so bad!”
So bad! Shivering like a frog eyed by a snake, even though I don’t know why. An opportunity arrives as Himiyama-san’s phone suddenly rings! My chance!
“Well, I’m going home now.”
“Oh, Yukito-kun. Sorry. I’ll see you next time.”
I escape, seizing this opportunity. I can’t miss this chance! As I put on my shoes at the entryway, she sees me off. Just as I leave and Himiyama-san answers the phone, I hear her say:
“–Hello, who is this?”
Must be an unknown caller. It would be rude to eavesdrop.
I start to leave, but notice Himiyama-san’s tone change.

“–Eh, Mikiya-san?”

I felt like I heard that name. Come to think of it, Himiyama-san mentioned it once before…
That’s all I can remember. I left the scene.

“Oh, sorry, I made a mistake.”
With the awkwardness of making a wrong call, I quickly correct myself.
“Oops, my bad. Let me check.” I close the door and verify that it’s undoubtedly my room.
Rubbing my eyes vigorously, I wonder if I’m seeing things. Sweat is flowing down like a waterfall. It’s self-detox. I gently open the door a few inches and peek into the room.
“Hurry up and come in.”
Yuuri-san gestures invitingly in sexy lingerie. I didn’t see wrong.
The imaginary me has very excellent taste… Was that really me?
While my identity crumbles due to the existence of Doppelganger Yukito, Yuuri-san doesn’t have a care in the world.
“How can I help you?”
“I’m very angry. Can you tell why?”
Oh, my God.
My expression contorts as I notice what Yuuri-san is holding.
Don’t tell me it’s that sketchbook I used for the incident!
Oh right, I moved the images to a USB drive and securely sealed it, but left the sketchbook lying around. Careless, tremendously careless! An elementary blunder!

scene transition


No use hiding the butt once the head is exposed. I hid the USB but forgot the sketchbook, realizing my mistake too late.
Wait a minute? It’s just drawings in a sketchbook, nothing but products of delusion.
There’s absolutely no evidence. I should be able to smooth this over somehow.
“This is that woman, right? Explain in 30 characters or less.”
“Well, my young libido exploded, so please overlook this.”
“Thirty-one characters. Fail.”
“Please forgive me! I beg you, spare my life! I’ll do anything!”
Begging for my life, I carelessly let slip something extra. Yuuri-san reacts subtly.
Why do the Kokonoe family have this abnormal fixation on “anything”?
“–I’m looking forward to summer vacation, you know. Anything… Let’s start, shall we?”
My careless words come at a great price. I’m assaulted by a sense of collapse.
Yuuri-san hugs me from behind and whispers in my ear with a melting whisper.
“Listen up. Your brother-exclusive ASMR track 3 [Crunchy Mountain]. Once upon a time, your big sister said to her beloved little brother. Oh my, why is this place so big? Even through your clothes it’s like a mountain. And it’s hot and crunchy.”
“Apologize to the raccoon!”
About to spew ectoplasm from my mouth at the shameless content, I desperately hold it back.
“What’s that weird cry? This is just the intro. The best is yet to come.”
“My limit’s already broken, so what’s track 10 like?”
I ask out of curiosity. It’s my bad habit. Why do I ask!?
“Fine, I’ll give you a little preview. My–first–with–you–“
“What happened all of a sudden?”
“I suddenly felt compelled to mimic a yamabal quinoa’s cry.”
“Is that what they sound like? Oh well. Don’t worry, you’ll be taken by a woman sooner or later anyway. We might as well confirm now, right? My virgi–“
“I’ll blast away that shameless student council president!”
That person’s very existence is a bad influence! Corrupting the innocent Yuuri-san, how could you!
Damn you, succubus student council president! (SFX: Buzz Buzz)
“Big sister, let’s unite against the Keido regime next semester! Raise the flag of revolt!”
“I’ve been waiting to hear you say that. I’ll give you my life in thanks.”
“Don’t leverage me to the extreme!”
The return on reward was crazily disproportionate. Don’t bet your life so easily!
“Just say the word whenever you’re ready.”
“I’ll refrain.”
“Let’s do something starting with S and ending with X.”
“Selenuntius, why…”
“Wrong. Eros.”
“That’s not it either!”
Curse you, Melos!
“You’re so cute when you’re shy. Now, let’s go to bed?”
Despite seeming to lead an indulgent life because of summer vacation, Yuuri-san does radio calisthenics and raises morning glories. Both Yuuri-san and I keep surprisingly healthy early to bed, early to rise lifestyles.
So next is just going to sleep, but bedtime is the most dangerous time in our house.
In bed, heart pounding, the battle against drowsiness continues.
“Why are you facing away? You’ll do anything, right? Then face this way. You’ll get lonely. I’m wearing the lingerie you picked out. What do you think?”
“Isn’t it too sexy?”
“It’s puberty.”
“Take it back, take back puberty too!”
At this point, I honestly pray from my heart for growth to stop.
“Oh, little brother. Are you interested in armpits?”
“Not really, but what, you want me to look? You can do what you like with mine.”
Without any hesitation, she shows me. I only said it on a whim, but yes, this is the normal reaction! Seriously, Hinagi-chan and Sanjou Temple overreacted.
“I’m starting to wonder if my common sense is seriously off…”
“………………………………………………………You haven’t got anything wrong at all.”
“Why the meaningful silence!?”
“It’s a test to see if your patience will give in or if I win. We’ll compete during summer break.”
“…Well, both options sound hopeless.”
As I became increasingly suspicious, I found myself admiring Yuuri’s beautiful smile, and before I knew it, my consciousness drifted away into a deep slumber, falling into the abyss. Snoooore…

“How do you think, Yukito?”
Hinagi-chan asks with a nervous expression. Whether it’s to boost the mood or to start with appearances, Hinagi-chan is wearing a beret. …Is that what manga artists wear?
We were the top bookworms in the class, the students who corrected papers in red ink. Under the supervision of Natsume, we had embarked on creating a web novel during the summer break. Currently, Hinagi and I are in a strategic meeting at a family restaurant.
Hinagi-chan is the one writing the novel, and I’m here to provide support.
“The content is interesting, but as it is, it might be tough.”
“Huh…? Why? What’s wrong with it?”
I read through the manuscript that Hinagi-chan wrote. I wouldn’t deny the culmination of Hinagi’s hard work.
Rather, precisely because it’s the result of hard work, I want many people to read it. It was so interesting that I genuinely felt that way. The sense of art was imaginative, but it seemed that Hinagi had a talent for writing. It was a surprising discovery.
“According to Natsume, in web novels, readers tend to drop out in the order of Title → Summary → Main text. In other words, there is a hurdle before they even start reading.”
“I get that. If it doesn’t seem interesting, people won’t even bother to read it.”
“Exactly. Keeping that in mind, take a look at this.”
We check the novel that is in draft mode together.
“Oh, I see! The spacing is too tight, and it won’t be easy to read like this.”
There is a difference in format between vertical novels and web novels. When the text becomes a solid block, it looks quite cramped on the screen and affects readability.
Paying attention to these details is also a part of usability.
“Let’s start by adding proper line breaks. It’s not good like this; it might lead to people clicking back, and that would be a waste.”
“Yeah! Hehehe. Working together like this is fun, isn’t it?”
“It does give you motivation when you have a goal, right?”
“Yeah, but it’s not just that! Anyway, thank you as always.”
Hinagi-chan was in a good mood. She continues working while eating her parfait.
“The title… that’s perfect. The summary is well-structured. The content is interesting, and we should write a bit more to build up a backlog. Is that okay?”
“There are so many things I want to write about. It’s strange, though. I used to think it was impossible at first, but now I can’t wait to write more.”
Hinagi seems to be feeling a sense of accomplishment. By the way, the novel Hinagi is writing is a romantic comedy.
The story is about a girl who unintentionally hurts her childhood friend through her actions, accumulates regret, and then realizes what is truly important. It’s a heartwarming romantic comedy where they repair their strained relationship.
The catchphrase is “A romantic comedy that will never be too late.”
Hinagi’s delicate descriptions and touching moments of regret weave the story with an impressive force.
I don’t know if “all of America” cried, but the emotional development should resonate with the readers’ hearts.
“Alright, let’s start the serialization in three days. On the first day, we’ll update with five chapters, and for the first week, we’ll update two chapters in the morning and two chapters in the afternoon. After that, we’ll update every day until the end of Part 1 to gauge the readers’ reactions.”
“…The time is finally coming. I’m starting to feel nervous. Will anyone read it?”
“Don’t worry. It’s so interesting that you should have confidence. Oh, if you see the first subscriber, that’s me.”
“You’re the first reader. Should I give you an autograph or something?”
“I thought that’s what you wanted, so I brought a piece of colored paper.”
“Come on, don’t do embarrassing things like that!”
Despite saying that, Hinagi-chan smiled while writing on the colored paper. She carefully put the piece of paper with “To my beloved childhood friend” in her bag. Mufufu. Yukito you’re making me blush.
“I might get depressed if people write mean things in their feedback. Even in the stories I read, I sometimes come across such comments. Those things can be really discouraging.”
“Let’s secretly collect them and then file for disclosure later.”
You should definitely file for disclosure vigorously. The age of extensive disclosure requests is coming.
“Not everyone are as mentally tough as Yukito. you know?”
“Well, recently, I’ve been on a losing streak and my mental strength is at its weakest. I’ve been getting beaten up by my mom and sister every day. Just yesterday, I couldn’t hold it in any longer when I was out, and I had to run home because I really had to use the bathroom. But there was already person in the bathroom at home. So, I was taken in and made to use the bathroom. Isn’t that harsh? Am I a baby? I’m a high school student who has already stopped breastfeeding.”
“You’re the one who can’t use the right hand rule, right? What was with that smug explanation? Don’t hold it in and go to the bathroom quickly. Oh, and what’s Ouk san doing…”
Well, it’s the usual stuff. There’s no point in worrying about it.
As we finished eating the parfait, the relaxed time with Hinagi-chan passed by.
“I hope people will read it.”
“Thank you. Thanks for being with me. If you hadn’t suggested it, I wouldn’t have known about this world.”
“It’s my first time too.”
“That’s why. Don’t be afraid to take a step forward. I’m okay with any hardships and efforts. You’re cool, Yukito. Just being with you is always so much fun.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah! So, I love you so much.”
A dazzling smile like no other. Pure and without a single cloud.
My childhood friend, who has abandoned her tsun of tsundere side, is a formidable opponent. Impenetrable. I don’t stand a chance.
I have to come up with an answer. After all, the ball is always in my court.

The next week, I received a message from the suddenly frantic Hinagi-chan.
“What should I do, Yukito! Hey, what should I do!?”
Hinagi-chan’s romantic comedy novel had been steadily increasing in page views since it was published.
She had been eagerly checking the page views every day, feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety, and if it continues like this, she might actually make some pocket money. That was the conversation we had had, but what happened now?
I met with Hinagi-chan at a family restaurant, as we had done last week.
“…I I got an offer.”
Doesn’t she sound like my sister now?
While thinking about that, I didn’t get the words due to my surprise, so I asked again.
“Sorry, I missed that. Ask in Greek.”
“Με πράν τηλέφωνο από την εταιρεία.”
“Hinagin, amazing!”
I was completely astonished, my eyes widened. At this point, I don’t even know what to be surprised about anymore.
The pronunciation is also a mystery. And the offer, is that, like, real?
“We don’t have time to play around! What should we do, Yukito?”
Excited but somewhat anxious, Hinagi leans forward.
“What should we do… Have you talked to your parents yet?”
“No, not yet. I kind of felt embarrassed to tell them I’m writing a novel, and I thought it might be better to wait until I have some results. I haven’t even told Hiori.”
If it’s just a hobby, it doesn’t matter, but when it comes to publishing, her parents’ support is essential.
This is no longer about pocket money. Now, what should I do…
As I’m fed up with the recent shitty design of Tyrannosaurus, a thought suddenly occurs to me.
Wait a minute, do I really need to worry about this? I send a passionate gaze to Hinagi.
If it were to be published, Hinagi-chan would become an active, beautiful high school girl author.
That alone is extraordinarily attention-grabbing. It’s a flawless promotional slogan. She might be reluctant to show her face in public, but this is a tremendous opportunity for Hinagi.
The works written by Hinagi have been properly recognized, caught someone’s eye, and moved the readers’ emotions.
She should stand proudly and confidently. There’s no need to hesitate. Hinagi is a C-cup.
“Hinagi, let’s take the offer! This is the future you’ve grasped.”
“Is it okay? I mean, not only me, but Yukito has also helped me a lot…”
“Be happy sincerely. It’s your effort and achievement, Hinagi. Congratulations.”
“…Waaaah… Yukito…!”
Hinagi-chan’s tear glands collapse, and she clings to me. I pat her back gently.
However, I never thought it would come to this.
But if we say that, there’s no trial where we thought this would happen and it didn’t. So, it might be considered normal if this doesn’t happen. The gestalt is falling apart.

About a year later, after multiple revisions, Hinagi-chan’s romantic comedy novel is finally released.
The cover had the words “[That Bunny Man also praises it]” written on it, but that’s another story.

(Once you get used to remote work, coming to the office like this feels so lazy…)
Even with a flextime system in place, work like this can easily be done at home. The fact that I even think that might be a sweet trap.
Feeling reluctant even to show up occasionally like this is probably because the home environment is so comfortable. There’s no use lamenting, but it’s undeniable that there’s an irresistible charm to being at home.
The chair I sit in at the office is just a plain office chair, but my son gave me an expensive chair as a gift, thanks to his extra income.
Just sitting in it makes me feel more motivated, and it’s like my son is hugging me from behind, making my heart race.
Just being near him is gentle and soothing. He’s the ideal man for me.
Lately, my son’s cuteness has gone over the top. If Yukito were a host, I would have gone bankrupt by now. But even so, I have no regrets.
I love my job, but when I go outside, I have to put on makeup. It’s a natural part of being a working professional, but it’s still a hassle.
I secretly sigh as I go through my work. Even though it’s a flextime system, I have a lot of work to do as soon as I come to the office, such as checking documents and having meetings.
I switch my focus and concentrate on my work. I check documents and talk to my subordinates.
“Hiiragi, you. How about taking on the role of an intern instructor? She’s a very promising girl.”
“Me? But it’s unusual for the chief to say something like that.”
“She’s a special case. I’m going to assign her to you when she joins the company.”
I leave the intern assigned to my department to my subordinate, Hiiragi. She seems to be a benefactor who saved my son from a false accusation. It’s nice to know the character of someone that you can’t see on a resume.
Hiiragi is also at a stage where she should have subordinates soon. Her growth will also contribute to that. If she can take on work with Hiiragi after I become independent, it will be reassuring.
Communication with colleagues is also a part of the job. Casual chatter during break times can be unexpectedly useful. These advantages may be unique to the corporate world.
I find my job very rewarding and enjoyable. Especially recently, I’ve been quite fulfilled.
However, there are people I’m not very fond of.
“Would you like to go for a meal together?”
A colleague calls out to me as I’m about to leave. I get annoyed without even looking at who it is.
This is the third invitation today alone. I’ve been turning down all of them because I just want to go home quickly, but when I look back, it’s someone from another department who approaches me every time I come to the office.
“I’m sorry. My kids are on summer break. I have to go home and make dinner for them.”
Even though I’m divorced, I’m still a mother of two. I mutter, thinking that they should invite younger, single girls instead of me, but men keep coming on like this, not caring about my feelings.
“I believe they’re high school students. If they’re around that age, you don’t have to interfere too much. They can manage their meals themselves.”
“I’ve already told them I’m coming home today.”
“Isn’t that fine? We’ve met like this, so how about it? I know a great Italian restaurant. Let’s forget about the kids for a while and have some adult time.”
“Don’t interrupt me. Goodbye.”

“Oh, I’m sorry! See you next time.”
“I don’t think so.”
I restrain myself from getting angry and yelling at him. It was incredibly unpleasant. I quicken my pace naturally to shake off the bad mood.
What does this man know about my family? Forget about my kids? Don’t make me laugh.
My children are the most important things to me. They are outsiders who know nothing. I feel irritated.
I’ll go home and be comforted by my son. Recently, our conversations have been increasing little by little. It’s been very happy and fulfilling days just with that. My son is my reason to live.
After doing some shopping quickly, I head home, and I see my son at the entrance of the apartment building.
He’s wearing a tracksuit. He must have just returned from his run. For some reason, my heart has been racing strangely lately. It never happened before.
I wonder if my way of facing him has changed or if my son has started coming to me, but it’s not about which one is right, it’s probably both.
As I start to walk towards my son with a light step, I see him talking to a man.
But when the man notices me, I freeze.
“Is that… why? Could that man be…?”

It’s summer, and even though it’s already late in the evening, it’s still hot.
When I return home after my daily run, I see an unfamiliar luxury car parked at the entrance of the apartment building. From it emerges a man with sharp, intelligent eyes.
“I’m sorry, do you know a woman named Kokonoe who lives in this building?”
“Are you a suspicious person?”
He certainly looks suspicious, but I need to confirm whether he’s really suspicious or not.
“What a waste of time. Even if you think I’m suspicious, there’s no way you’d answer ‘yes.'”
“Okay, then you’re suspicious.”
“Tsk. I know Kokonoe Ouka.”
“Oh, really? Who are you?”
“When asking someone’s name, you should introduce yourself first.”
I enters the apartment without waiting for him.
The man with a sharp look rushes to stop me. It’s such a hassle…
“What is it?”
“Normally, this is where you should give your name!”
“I wasn’t interested.”
“What an annoying brat.”
“I get that a lot.”
“I’m sure you do. You seem like someone I could have a good drink with.”
“Whoa, drinking with strangers is actually a thing? That’s annoying.”
“Aren’t you being too hostile right from the start?”
“I’ve been threatened by strangers at first meetings recently, so I’m being cautious.”
“That’s a matter you should report to the police…”
I gaze at the man closely. He has a self-confident look with an undercut. His square-framed silver glasses give him a cool appearance.
Even though he’s called my mother’s acquaintance, how and to what extent he knows her is crucial.
If he’s going to barge into my home, some caution is required. On the other hand, if he’s a close acquaintance, it’s unlikely that he doesn’t know where my home is.
In the end, it seems certain that he’s a person who lacks trust and is worth being cautious about.
“Kokonoe Ouka is my mother. What business do you have?”
If he has business that he can’t tell me, there’s no need to deal with him. As a side note, I secretly press the record button on my smartphone. I’ll have my mother check later.
“…Are you? So, you’re Yukito! It saved me some trouble. Anyway, Ouka… is your mother.”
What is this guy saying? I’m an introverted loner (known but non-existent), and although I’ve had acquaintances of the same age, I’ve never met a guy like this.
He’s acting overly familiar compared to earlier. It’s disgusting.
As I give him a suspicious look, an unexpected statement pops out of him.

“I’m Toren Shiyugi. I used to be… No, I am your… father.”

[Oh, hello, is this the police? I was about to be abducted by a suspicious person with a sparkly name who suddenly claimed to be my father. Yes. The description? He has an undercut, and the license plate of his car is…]


Thanks to everyone’s support, we were able to release this third volume. Thank you very much.
The phase of the story has changed, and we will continue to aim for the future, leaving behind a past filled with regrets.

Although this work originated as a web novel, we must not forget the essence of its origins, and “banishment” is indispensable. When it comes to web novels, “banishment” is a must. It’s a basic rule to just banish them for now.
Due to significant setting changes, the character’s background has also been modified. With various other differences, we hope you’ll enjoy what comes next as a separate entity.

More characters have been added, and we are grateful to wata-sensei for designing the JD group and Shakado-chan. Thank you as always!
Above all, to all the readers who have purchased the book, we sincerely thank you.

Now, even though it’s summer, it’s just beginning. Many events are still waiting.
Encounters with youkai lurking in the darkness. Fierce battles, and then… What will happen to Yukito-kun’s fate?
We look forward to meeting you again in the next volume.

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