Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 8

And there I opened my eyes wide at the figure of someone I never imagined being there.
“Oh, Asahina…?”
By the shoe lockers was Asahina Kasumi, in the middle of changing from outdoor to indoor shoes. She still didn’t seem to have noticed me.
No mistake, it’s Asahina. That black hair and green eyes.
There’s no way I would mistake that girl…that [back] for someone else’s.
“Yo, Asahina! What a coincidence running into each other this early! It’s like fate!”
I waved my hand as I dashed over to her. On the rare day I happen to come to school early, you come early too. It really is like fate!
No, this is fate. It’s definitely my fate to obtain you.
“That’s right, Asahina!”
I ran up to her. To try and see her smile, I leaned in to peer at her face.
Before I realized it, Asahina’s figure had vanished from before me.
“Wha—?! Where the hell did she go?!”
I frantically looked around. Divine Protection of the Thunder God…isn’t that too fast?!
And even though I greeted her, she ignored me…or could she not have noticed me? No, it must have been that she didn’t notice. That’s for sure—
As I looked around, I noticed Asahina walking down the hallway in the distance.
Without even changing into my indoor shoes, I sprinted down the hallway in my outdoor shoes.
That’s right, Asahina, there’s no way you ignored me. You just didn’t notice me, right?
I caught up to her and reached out to grab her back.
My fingertips were about to touch her familiar black hair…
but once again, right before I made contact, her figure vanished.
“Da—, shit! Why, how—?!”
Clenching my outstretched hand, I ground my teeth in anger and frustration.
Asahina was nowhere to be seen as I looked around. My gaze naturally dropped to my feet…and I noticed a white envelope lying there.
Curious, I picked it up and saw the name [Asahina Kasumi] written on the back.
Could this be…a love letter?
I hastily tore open the envelope and took out the letter inside. Sure enough, the letter contained Asahina’s passionate love confession to me.
…What the—. So she hadn’t ignored me after all! Her unnatural behavior earlier must have been because she was embarrassed to give me this love letter.
As I read over the letter, I raised the corners of my lips in a grin. With something like this, I’ve got no time to worry about that Amamori bastard! I’ve gotta find Asahina right away and respond to this confession…I’ve gotta show her my power and then surely—
“What’s this? ‘Before homeroom, on the third floor, in the farthest unused classroom, waiting for you’… is that it? Hah, just you wait, Asahina, I’m heading there right now!”
I’m sure I had a creepy smile on my face. That’s how ecstatic I was.
Asahina liked me after all. I’m the one, I’m the one who’s prioritized above anyone else.
No matter what school, what place I go to, in the end, I’m the king.

[“I’ll be waiting for you. To my dearest, Yuuto Amamori.”]

Looking at that sentence written at the end of the note, I realized that my vision was turning crimson.
My brain desperately tried to reject understanding the meaning.
But my body was honest; gripped by anger, I crumpled the note and threw it away.
Before even thinking, I kicked the hallway and started running.
“I’m gonna… kill him!”
I cast away reason, and from the depths of my instincts, a powerful intent to kill welled up.
I understood. The moment I laid eyes on Yuuto Amamori again, it would be his end.
I will kill Amamori. That’s a certainty. Punch him, kick him, and then punch him again, crush him.
I have to do that much, or this anger won’t be appeased.
I reached the staircase leading upstairs. I still couldn’t see Asahina.
Did he head to the empty classroom, take a detour… it didn’t matter.
Fortunately, I knew where Amamori would be coming. So, I’ll go at Mach speed, beat Amamori to a pulp, show Asahina his pathetic corpse… show my power, and then, surely…

[‘Ah, Yuuto-kun, I… I really loved you, after all.’]

I heard hallucinations in my head. Why is this voice… no, why is Asahina making such a voice!
Even in my imagination, I’m the only one who should hear such a sweet voice!
I shout that, but the hallucinations never stop.
[‘—Yes, I love you too, Yuuto-kun.’]
[‘I fell in love at first sight. Completely smitten.’]
[‘Eh, Kirido, Run? Who was that?’]
[‘That’s what his name was. To be honest… I almost forgot because I have no interest.’]
[‘He’s extremely annoying, isn’t he? That guy, does he really think he’s liked?’]
The disgusting hallucinations won’t stop.
It’s like, voices whispering in my ear as if some kind of ability is activated.
In Asahina’s voice… in Asahina’s voice…
[‘—I really hate you. I don’t even want to see your face.’]
That voice.
It overlapped with my mother’s voice from back then in my head.


[I hate you. I don’t even want to see your face]

That voice
overlapped with my mother’s voice in my mind.

“Amamori aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—!!”
I screamed. I couldn’t think about anything else now.
My mind was blank. Aside from the intent to kill him, there was nothing else. I couldn’t think anymore.
I started running. I used my Ability [Momentum Burst] at full power to blast off.
The location was the farthest room on the third floor.
That’s where…he was. That Amamori bastard was waiting.
I heard a shriek as I sprinted down the hallway.
A sharp pain remained in my arm but I didn’t care.
I could also hear unknown screams and pained groans from behind.
But whatever, I didn’t care…!
I could already see my destination. The farthest room on the third floor.
In my line of sight—Asahina was just entering the classroom.
On her face was an unclouded joy. A maiden’s expression before meeting her beloved.
That smile, a smile she’d never shown me, made me—!
“Asahina—! Damn you—!”
I screamed with all my might. But Asahina didn’t so much as glance my way.
She should be able to hear my voice! Why wasn’t she looking my way, why?!
—…Why was she looking at me like that.
A past memory crossed my mind.
Me trying to punch Amamori, my fist stopped right before impact. Amamori looking at me expressionlessly as he stopped it.
—And Asahina, sending her cold gaze at me.
It was a gaze like those of just allies looking at ‘evil’…the worst gaze.
Recalling that Asahina, that time, I let out a scream with all my might.
Look at me, just me! Asahina, look only at me!
Don’t look at me with a gaze like that. A gentle gaze like you do at Amamori.
Look only at me…!
“Damn you—!”
Asahina’s figure disappeared as soon as she entered the classroom.
I arrived at the classroom door right after her.
Chasing after Asahina’s retreating back, I kicked down the door and barged into the room—
And my eyes opened as wide as they could go.
“Oh, the guest I expected has arrived.”
Inside was Amamori Yuuto.
He was sitting atop a desk looking down on me, and next to him was…why was Kurashiki Hotaru here too? But Asahina, who I’d just seen enter the classroom, was nowhere.
“Wha…what is…”
The words I squeezed out.
Hearing them, Amamori Yuuto laughed loudly.
The expressionless guy showed an expression for the first time. …That smile was eerily distorted, giving off a brutally insane feeling. It made my spine run cold with how—ruinous it was.
“—Kirido. I will eliminate you.”
Those words were definitely not from the ‘Amamori Yuuto’ I knew.

That place was the empty classroom I had used to meet with Kurashiki before.
The room’s curtains were tightly shut, and the interior was filled with darkness.
The small lanterns scattered around the classroom were the only light source, and thanks to Kirido kicking down the door, it had gotten considerably brighter.
As I spun my thoughts while sitting atop a desk, I told Kirido before me:
“—Kirido, I will eliminate you.”
I stood up from the desk I’d been sitting on.
Kirido, who had unilaterally slaughtered me before…had he been overwhelmed by the atmosphere? For some reason he seemed afraid of me, visibly shaking.
“Wha…what the hell…you…!”
“Can I take that as your will? I’m short on time and want to finish you off soon.”
I cut him off sharply as he began shouting.
It was 6:30am. Even though it was early, some students may have already started arriving at school. I definitely didn’t want anyone seeing me crushing Kirido.
Kirido glared at me in what seemed like rage…but his feet didn’t step forward from where they were. Overwhelmed by the atmosphere, gripped by fear, the current Kirido was like nothing more than a frightened puppy.
Tormenting such a puppy is mentally unsanitary, so let’s wrap this up quickly.
“Hey, hey, Yuuto! Kirido looks scared, but there’s really no need to bother with him right? It’s obvious at a glance he’ll disappear on his own soon enough, right?”
With a broad grin, Kurashiki taunted him.
“Ku, Kura…shiki…? You too, what are you—?!”
A small shriek escaped Kirido’s throat at Kurashiki’s words.
But all that came in return was a click of the tongue.
—And then, Kurashiki’s body suddenly accelerated.
“Don’t you dare call me by name, vermin. It taints my image.”
The next voice came from behind Kirido.

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