Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Unconventional Prodigy

“May I ask you again?” Sandra looked at me with a puzzled expression. Today was the day Sandra was supposed to come, so I told her that I wanted to talk in the room near the training area with the blackboard. I explained about the magic measurement I created the other day, but it seems like it didn’t come across well.

“Well, I wanted to examine the magical power value used when activating magic, so I created a special magic called ‘magic measurement.’ Do you understand?”

“Your thinking breaks the mould, doesn’t it?”

She put her hand to her forehead and shook her head. She also began to take deep breaths, perhaps to calm herself.

“I don’t understand, but I do understand. Lord Reed, how did you create magic that can measure magical power?”

“Well, you see…”

I explained to Sandra the process that led to the creation of the ‘Magic Measure’. Based on the inspiration I got from measuring water, I created a spell that creates a certain amount of water. I created a hypothesis based on the magical power value obtained by activating this spell, and solidified the image that led to its creation.

Of course, there is room for improvement, but I think it can be used to confirm whether a new medicine will work against the depletion of magic power in its current state.

Sandra had listened to my story with a furrowed brow. When it was over, she covered her face with both hands.

“Lord Reed, you’re a genius. I would never have thought of such an idea. And you have the water attribute as well, right?”

“Er, yes. It seems so. When I think I can do something, I end up being able to do it.”

“Usually it’s not that easy.”

I’m still keeping my possession of all the attributes a secret. But her reaction is slower than I expected. I wonder what’s going on.

“Phew, listen, Lord Reed. From now on, the use of this magic is strictly confidential. If it becomes known that Lord Reed can use ‘magic measurement’, you will probably be taken to the Imperial Capital, you know?”

“I don’t want that. But why to this extent? I mean, even though I was surprised at the moment of inspiration, anyone could do it if they noticed, right?”

Actually, what I’m doing is quite simple, so if a researcher with the Water attribute talent tried, they could probably do it. I’m a little curious as to why she’s being so cautious.

“Sigh… Lord Reed, your perception is a bit off… Well, maybe I’m partly responsible for that. All right, let me explain about ordinary people.”

“…Don’t say it like I’m not ordinary…”

As soon as Sandra heard my words, she sighed again. It’s a bit rude to sigh face to face, isn’t it? She took a case from her bag, put on the glasses inside, switched into teacher mode and began her explanation.

“First, let’s refer to ordinary people as commoners. Most commoners cannot perform magical power conversion. In other words, there are very few commoners who can handle magic.”

“Huh? But in the first magic class, you said that ‘everyone has magical power, so anyone can do it with training,’ right?”

“Yes. However, that is about [after training]. In the first place, only adventurers, knights, and experienced magicians would have knowledge about magical power conversion. Therefore, it is rare for commoners to use magic. If there are any, it would be difficult unless their parents originally had the knowledge and taught it to their children.”

What a surprise, even though it’s a fantasy world, it seems that magic is not widely used.

However, if people are aware of the troublesome training required to use magic, they might be less inclined to rely on it. Humans tend to opt for the easier route and avoid activities that are bothersome. In my previous life, I quickly gave up on things like exercising.

“Well, I kind of understand. But researchers like  Sandra-sensei, who study magic, should be able to perform magical power conversion, right? There must be plenty of knowledgeable people capable of such conversions, right?”

“That might be a misunderstanding, Lord Reed, caused by me being your teacher. It is true that the ability to perform magical power conversion is a minimum requirement for conducting magic research. However, individuals like you who can perform advanced magical power conversion and manipulation are either geniuses or those who have dedicated decades of effort.”

I’m gradually starting to comprehend what Sandra is trying to convey. In other words, magic is not a necessity in this world. Therefore, it is primarily used in areas related to adventurers, armies, research, and combat. Even as a magic researcher, there is no need for advanced skills in magic conversion and manipulation. 

“The magic I demonstrated at the beginning is sufficient. It’s frustrating, but even I can’t create magic like “producing only one liter of water accurately.” I don’t possess the elemental attribute of water, and only a “genius and hard worker” like you, Lord Reed, can accurately perceive and imagine the precise amount of magic required.”

Hmm, it appears that Reed-kun is even more talented in magic than I initially thought.

But it’s true that I haven’t witnessed anyone using magic in the mansion, just as Sandra mentioned. It’s not that everyone is “choosing not to use” it, but rather “unable to use” it.

“I always believed that Lord Reed had talent from the beginning, but I never anticipated it would be to this extent. It’s like witnessing an “unconventional prodigy” who has honed their talent through effort and possesses unconventional ideas. What do you think? Do you grasp the concept a little better now?”

(Scene transition)

…I have come to realize that magic is not extensively utilized in daily life. But if that’s the case, what about Sandra-sensei? She should be more proficient in magic conversion and manipulation than me, right? I can’t be the only special one, can I?

If I’m considered an “unconventional prodigy,” then Sandra-sensei should be viewed in the same light. In that case, she would be invited to the imperial capital… As soon as I contemplated that, a terrifying realization struck me.

A chill ran down my spine. I cautiously gazed into Sandra’s face, and although she wore a cheerful smile, her eyes conveyed an unsettling aura.

…That’s why she was chosen as the director at the research institute in the imperial capital.

Sandra approached me slowly, bringing her face close to my ear, and whispered in a chilling voice. 

It sent shivers down my spine, and I couldn’t help but step back. Upon seeing my pale face, Sandra smiled and continued speaking in a playful manner.

“Well, I was crushed by envy and schemes right away. The truth is, I was invited to the imperial capital as a genius.”

Sandra-sensei revealed this to me. She playfully placed her right fist on her head, winked, tilted her head slightly, and stuck out her tongue in what is known as the “tehepero” pose.

In that moment, it felt as though I had suddenly grasped something.

“…Sandra-sensei, you thought I would eventually do something unconventional, didn’t you?”

“Honestly, I expected it to happen a little later, or rather, I thought it was still a long way off. If Lord Reed continues to refine his talent, it will be truly astonishing. The thought of that excited me, and I eagerly anticipated Lord Reed’s growth. I wanted to be by your side, not as a research subject, but as someone who would always watch over you.”

“Did you say “research subject”?”

Well, never mind. Perhaps since the first time Sandra-sensei started teaching me, she believed I was an exceptional gem and diligently taught me various things. Looking at her face, I could tell that she enjoyed our conversations, always wearing a smile.

“It’s alright, Lord Reed. “Outliers may be targeted in society, but no one can target an excessive outlier.” Don’t confine yourself to common sense—break through it!”

While speaking, Sandra extended her right index finger and pointed upward in a pose.

For some reason, it felt like I could see a swirling spiral behind her. Maybe it was just my imagination.

“Well… I don’t think deliberately defying common sense is necessary, but do exercise caution to prevent information leakage in future magic creations.”

“Yes, please do. If information spreads too widely, even Reiner-sama may not be able to handle it.”

Summarizing our conversation, it seems that I am regarded as an “unconventional prodigy.” Although I find it somewhat disagreeable, if this ability were to be exposed, it would likely lead to trouble even at this point.

“Phew… I will do my best to avoid attracting unwanted attention as much as possible.”

Yes, please do.

Observing that she recognized my ability to do unconventional things, Sandra smiled.

But since Sandra knew this would happen beforehand, couldn’t she have informed me earlier? However, I decided not to voice this thought.

Perhaps I will be called interesting because of it.

“Lord Reed, that’s precisely why it seemed intriguing.”

“Oh no!!”

“Hehe, Lord Reed, you’re very easy to read, you know?”

Sandra chuckled as if she could read my mind. I felt pale and prepared to confront her.

(Scene transition)

Sandra expressed her concerns about handling magical measurements, particularly regarding the risk of information leaks, but she quickly acknowledged the usefulness. Consequently, we immediately began working on creating powdered and tablet forms of magic recovery potions.

“At present, we only have Moonlight Grass, so we can’t expect any synergistic effects or the like. For now, let’s try consuming Moonlight Grass raw, then drying it and turning it into powder, and finally boiling it and consuming it. Let’s experiment with each method to determine the most effective one.”

“…I understand. Let’s proceed.”

Moonlight Grass was too bitter to eat properly. But with the determination of “for the sake of Mother,” I approached the experiment.

That day, we worked on it all day and got the results.

Eating the raw herb: Magic recovery effect = 20 (Eating it raw is excessively bitter and tough. With effort,it can be done, but no need for seconds.)

Boiling and consuming it: Magic recovery effect = 10-30 (Impractical, the most challenging method. Boiling it intensifies the bitterness and adds an unpleasant smell, making it even more nauseating. Additionally, you have to drink the broth containing dissolved nutrients, and if you don’t consume it all, the effect diminishes.)

Drying and turning it into powder: Magic recovery effect = 50 (This method was the easiest to consume and had the highest effect. The powder can be mixed with water and consumed all at once. However, when the powder spreads in your mouth, it might be even more challenging than eating it raw. Sandra suggested that the way of consumption might also play a role, and I felt a sense of dread when she advised me to roll it in my mouth before swallowing.)

(Scene transition)

“Well, for now, if we turn it into powder and then into tablets, it should be suitable even for Nunnaly-sama. Thank you for your hard work, Lord Reed.”

“…Sandra-sensei, I won’t forget this favor or grudge. Ugh…”

Every time I drank the medicine, Sandra would sparkle with excitement and ask, “How’s the taste? Is it delicious? I poured my love into it!” On the other hand, I would turn pale at the awful taste of Moonlight Grass. If it were turned into a drink or anything with this flavor, it would not only recover magic but also drain my energy and motivation, rendering it useless.

I made a firm decision to prioritize taste, no, I gave a direct order to do so.

“Oh, if that’s the case, then I won’t tell you.”

“What? What won’t you tell me?… Ugh.”

In the end, Sandra kept the information to herself.

“Well, you’ll probably figure it out today or tomorrow,” she said with a somewhat mischievous smile.

A sense of unease crept over me. However, I didn’t have the energy to delve into it. Seeing me in that state, Sandra gave me a teasing smile and dropped a hint.

“Well, I think you’ll understand if you talk to Meldy-sama. Try speaking to her once.”

“Huh? Meldy? Even though she’s not here?”

“Yes. Maybe Meldy-sama understands the most.”

What could Mel understand that I couldn’t? While pondering that question, Sandra said, “Well then, excuse me for today,” and left.

What was all that about? As I contemplated, I happened to encounter Mel as I moved from the training ground to the mansion. I called out to her as usual and prepared for a hug.

“Ah!? Nii-chan!! Welcome ba…!? “


Mel ran toward me, but her movement suddenly halted.


I cautiously called her name and approached, but Mel stepped back and distanced herself. Tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. Her adorable face twisted into a frown. I was taken aback by the situation, and at that moment, Mel shouted loudly, her voice echoing throughout the mansion.

“Nii-chan, you stink!! A smelly Nii-chan like this is not my Nii-chan!”


Mel screamed and ran away, showing me her back as she quickly distanced herself. Maid Danae, wearing a wry smile, bowed to me and followed after Mel. The other maids kept their distance and chuckled.

In that moment, Garun approached, holding a handkerchief to his nose and mouth.

“Lord Reid, I apologize, but that scent is a bit too strong. It would be best for you to bath outside the mansion first. Then, we can prepare the bath for you.”

“Understood. I’ll take a bath outside first, so please prepare it in the meantime…”

While bathing outside the mansion, I couldn’t contain my anger and ended up shouting.


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