Two Childhood Friends Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – You’re the Scary One


Not just Enmi.

Even the attacking oni itself didn’t understand what happened.

It looked at its arm and club quizzically.

Meanwhile, Yoshihito glared sharply at the oni, as if he had anticipated this.

“(Huh? Why didn’t the attack hit? I thought I was gonna get killed by Kirako and the oni.)”

[Letting your childhood friend take the blame seems just like you.]

Apparently he didn’t really understand either.

“(Hmph, I knew this would happen so I pushed you out of the way!)”

“(No matter your excuse, you’re still guilty of attempted murder.)”

I’ll expose her.

That was all Yoshihito could think.


The oni roared.

It didn’t know why its attack failed.

But it couldn’t tolerate the human standing there calmly after being struck.

In its anger, it swung its club repeatedly.

Truly a storm.

Like being tossed into fierce winds – a violent natural disaster.

Beaten down from above, battered from the sides, launched up from below.

A head smashed to bits, every bone in the body snapped, innards splattered about.

The oni unleashed attacks of that level.


After a few minutes, the oni stood drenched in sweat, shoulders heaving up and down.

And before it was the completely unharmed Yoshihito.

Strange, impossible.

Even after all those attacks.

How was the human before it uninjured?

“So this is Kuchinasi san ability…”

Enmi’s eyes were wide.

For a new student, it was the worst monster imaginable.

Something that destroyed many human nations and civilizations.

Truly a vanguard among dungeon monsters.

Yet its attacks had no effect whatsoever.


The oni had shown its anger before.

But its current state held no intense emotion.

Because Yoshihito kept blocking its attacks.

No, if he had properly dodged or defended with a weapon, the oni might still be raging and attacking.

If he had prevented the strikes through visible actions, it could comprehend that logically.

But Yoshihito was doing something incomprehensible.

Yes, he wasn’t even making motions to defend.

He only stared fixedly at it.

Inability to understand, inability to reach.

Not knowing how he was preventing this.

That alone was terrifying.

Not understanding is extremely frightening.



The oni was experiencing fear for the first time in its life.

“Is it okay not to move?”


The oni flinched at Yoshihito addressing it for the first time.


It trembled and glared at the man.

All the oni’s awareness was now focused on Yoshihito.

So it didn’t notice Enmi peeking on them.


“My attack preparations are also complete, you know?”


Behind Yoshihito was Kirako holding a vivid red spear.

“Did you think I’d just stay silent and let Yoshihito take the brunt of this?”

Kirako coldly looked at the oni as she spoke.

Incidentally, despite her words, she had tried to flee while Yoshihito held her back negating attacks, and only reluctantly prepared to attack when the enemy seemed impossible to escape.

“It’s over now-“

Rather, please let this absolutely end, she prayed as she fired the spear.


The deep red spear pierced the oni’s abdomen and continued drilling in deep.

Right after impacting the dungeon wall.


A tremendous explosion.

Dust and fierce winds assaulted them.

“(Kyaaaaaa!? Why’re you detonating explosions in a cave-like place!? We’ll get buried alive!)”

“(I don’t know! It’s not my fault! It’s because of this ability!)”

“(It’s your fault consequently!)”

The two whispered angrily.

But Enmi wasn’t worried about collapse.

After all, dungeons were [Immutable].

Absolutely unbreakable.

No matter how much rampaging, even nuclear bombs, they would not be destroyed.

When monsters flooded out from dungeons before, military forces from many nations attempted to destroy their origin points with bombing raids and such.

But no dungeon was ever ruined.

More than that, Enmi was startled by the destructive power of Kirako’s ability.

An ability shattering the oni with one hit was exceptionally rare.

“…These two are seriously dangerous, young master.”

The dust cleared.

The oni’s form was now gruesome.

Literally, half its body was missing.

Only the head, left upper half, and legs remained.

Even a durable monster would surely die from such massive damage.

Two brand new students barely grasping their powers had slain a vicious monster that fully armed forces struggled against.


“(It’s a monster! A monster! And why’re you talking like that when I saved you too!?)”

“(My negation is what allowed us to be saved! Be grateful!)”

The two began grappling.

Enmi didn’t see this because the oni’s condition was strange.



The oni wasn’t dead.

Vomiting blood, it charged at the pair.

Its movements were far slower than when intact.

But the fact something they thought couldn’t move was attacking paralyzed the two.

Yoshihito might be fine.

He had his negating ability.

But if Kirako was hit, it would undoubtedly be a mortal wound.

The petrified pair.

The approaching oni.

Its deathblow attack meant to kill them closed in and…

“Whoops. That’s as far as you go.”

A light sound.

Behind the oni.

The sound of a slender blade piercing the neck.

A lethal spot for almost all living things.

Precisely skewered.

The oni heavily collapsed.

Yoshihito and Kirako could only watch.

Meanwhile, Enmi who had disposed of the oni, invisible to them, wryly smiled and said.

“…You’re both scary.”

“(No, you’re the scary one.)”

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