SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 5

It wasn’t a conscious decision but a reflex. 
Houjou shot me a gaze bordering on murderous. 
Yet none of the fear from before came. 
I don’t have any dreams. 
While I do have the goal of living inconspicuously, it’s a passive desire to avoid standing out rather than actively wanting something. 
And so she seemed dazzling. 
That girl Mihaneya, talking about her dreams, looked radiant. 
I only just met her, there’s no reason for me to butt in like this. 
If anything, it’s unnecessary meddling. 
But instinct, not reason, compelled me. 
Silence this girl, it said. 
“You have no right to laugh at Mihaneya’s dreams.”  
“Haah? Who the hell… You have no right to obstruct my freedom of speech either.” 
“Is that how you won the gold medal in the speech contest? By mocking others?” 
“…You wanna die?” 
“Hey, something’s getting tense over there… What’s going on?” 
“It looks like the transfer student is picking a fight with Houjou-san.” 
“That’s reckless…” 
“It’s over… Even among the Ten Sai, there’s only one person who can challenge Houjou in terms of debate…” 
“Duel me, Houjou. And when I win, apologize to Oohana–to Getsuka.” 
“Fine. I’ll humor you however many times you want–but what if you lose?” 
“Anything. You decide.”  
“Nice. Then become my slave–be prepared to lose your human dignity.” 
Houjou grinned ferociously.  
“So how will we compete? I’ll allow anything as long as it’s fair.” 
“Debate is fine.” 
A vein bulges on Houjou’s temple. 
“Are you looking down on me?” 
Objectively, it is suicidal. 
But I wasn’t rational in that moment.  
I wanted to crush her in her area of expertise… That’s what I felt. 
“You should be thinking up excuses for when you lose instead of worrying about others. You’re good at blabbing, after all.” 
“…Bring it on then.”  
Houjou’s tone becomes lower, clearly entering battle mode. 
“But as is, it’s too slanted in my favor to be interesting. I’ll at least let you pick the topic. Not that it’ll help even a bit.” 
Although I swore to defeat her on her home turf, there’s no need to concede ground on the actual content. This is where I need to gain any advantage I can with the theme– 
① Debate whether it is [OK] or [Not OK] to wear your mom’s panties to school. 
② Debate whether it is [OK] or [Not OK] to wear your mom’s panties on your head at school. 
“You’ve got no sense of appropriate time and place!!!!!!!!!”  
Seriously, think about appropriate time and place! This was a super serious scene just now! 
“You’re the one with no reading the air, suddenly shouting like that. Hurry up and decide.” 
Ah, too stupid…………The sheer stupidity of the choices defused my anger, and my rage-filled mind unexpectedly calmed down– 
………………………………………………………………………… What the hell am I doing… 
This is really standing out…extremely standing out! 
Oh crap, I’ve done it now!  
Picking a fight with the class queen…and the daughter of the Houjou family no less. This is absurdly over the line! 
“Um, Houjou…”  
“Can we call off this match…?” 
“No way in hell.” 
…Well yeah. 
As if to drive it home, the urging headache… Ah, I have to choose. 
“W-Whether it’s okay or not to wear your mom’s panties to school…” 
“……………………So. You’re looking down on me that much huh.” 
No, the one looking down is the weird choices in my head…wait, that’s still me in the end. 
“To insist I’m on the ‘it’s okay’ side with this theme, against this Houjou Reina…it’s nothing but humiliation.”  
“Ah, no wait, I’m on the ‘not okay’ si–” 
“Sakuraba! You’re on the broadcast committee right? Mind refereeing this for us?” 
“Y-Yes ma’am!” 
Houjou decides herself that she’s on the ‘not okay’ side, and unilaterally starts preparations. Well duh…it makes no sense for me to argue wearing my own mom’s panties is okay when I’m on the ‘not okay’ side… Not that I actually wore them! Just said it, didn’t actually wear them! And I should clarify that misunderstanding too, before debating as if I’m on the ‘okay’ si–…urgh, impossible. 
“We will now begin the debate match between Houjou vs Transfer Student !” 
While I’m still thinking, the appointed referee Sakuraba, true to his broadcast committee background, fluently announces the start of the match. 
“Today’s theme is: ‘Is it okay or not to wear your mother’s panties to school?’ Houjou will take the ‘not okay’ side, Ootomo will take the ‘okay’ side! Please debate based on those positions!” 
“I reeeally wanna back out now…”
“Ah…how badly does he wanna insist it’s okay to wear mom’s panties?”
“This guy’s either a huge idiot or a total psycho!”
“Nah, definitely just an idiot…”
“Well the theme’s crazy but getting to hear Houjou debate is lucky, right?”
“Yeah! I’ll cheer you on super hard!” 
This is bad…already clearly favoring Houjou from the start…but that’s a given based on these circumstances… Gotta somehow turn it around with logic here! 
“Okay, first Ootomo, please state your grounds for believing wearing your mother’s panties to school is okay!” 
Hey c’mon… 
“Whoops! A shocking silent treatment in this debate venue! We’ll take this as forfeiting your turn, and move to Houjou’s side. Please tell us why it is not okay!” 
“First, familial relations or not, sharing underwear is inconceivable from a hygienic perspective. It would be foolish to underestimate the risk of transmitting disease. Second, men and women’s underwear serve entirely different purposes by design. Even if hypothetically he and his mother share the same height and weight, there would be discrepancies in their bone structure and body shapes, making for poor fit. To maximize functionality one should wear undergarments suited to their sex. Third, even if we yield that wearing them is a personal freedom, promoting that fact loudly makes no sense. One should refrain from disruptive speech and conduct in an educational institution. And fourth, it is just physically disgusting.”  
“W-Wow, a merciless four-hit combo! Ootomo, do you have any rebuttals?” 
Hey c’mon… 
“O-Once again just silence! At this point it’s unreasonable to not consider this forfeiting, Ootomo!” 
No, what do you want me to… Houjou’s too strong! 
To think up and organize all that in such a short span… And methodically pushing with logic before ending on a blunt emotional appeal. She’s not just some debating bookworm, but has the skill to draw in the hearts of her audience too… With that, there’s no chance of winning this. 
“Hey…if you got no will to fight then hurry up and submit to being my slave.” 
Ugh…Houjou glares at me, eyes filled with killing intent. And livestock…well, I get what’ll happen if I lose. 
[Choose ] 
① Admit defeat, praise each other’s efforts, and request swapping uniforms.  
② Refuse to admit defeat, and make an inspiring final statement. Pose submissively face-up 
Both are completely insane! 
…But going with 1 means immediate slavery, so– 
“Surrender…? Don’t kid yourself. The one who’ll be howling in defeat in a few minutes is you, Houjou.” 
I passionately declare this while posing face-up like an overturned turtle. 
“Dude’s seriously screwed…”
“This guy’s a goddamn nutjob…”
“Why’s he making that smug face while posing like that?”
“Man, I’d wanna die if I were him…” 
Don’t worry, I wanna die too. 
“Whoa! An extremely bizarre taunt plays out here! Does this suggest you have some secret plan for a reversal, Ootomo?!”  
Hey c’mon… 
“…Cut the crap already.”  
Houjou glares down at me, seething with icy rage. 
“Keep joking around…and I’ll stomp you into the ground.” 
① “Please!”


② “PLEASE!!!!” 
Nothing but the loudness changed! No meaning in this choice at all anymore! 
You’re not actually gonna…there’s no way you’d really… Please! 
“Oh…then I’ll grant your wish.” 
Crapcrapcrap that’s a real scary look…! …Gotta hurry and get up! 

【Choose ] 
① Don’t stop posing submissively until the outcome is decided.

② Be naked until the outcome is decided. 
2 just means full nakedness!  
“S-Stop, Houjou! This is a debate! Violence is against the rules!” 
“You’re the one who told me to stomp you, what the hell’s wrong with your brain?!” 
…An excellent point. 
“And hurry up and stand already. How long you gonna stay in that babyish pose?” 
…Having chosen 1, I can’t stop posing until the outcome is decided.  
Gotta keep this debate going like this– 
【Choose ] 
① “Houjou, I’ll prove your underwear is worse than mine!”

② “Houjou, take off my underwear!” 
Way too random! Is the choice prompt getting tired of thinking too?! 
Ugh…as much as it pains me, guess I’ve got no choice but to rile her up again. 
I’ll just quickly pick 1 and– 
Suddenly I hear a fluttering sound as a small fly lands on the tip of my nose. 
At a time like this–well, sneezing kinda feels like it resets my head. 
“Houjou, take off my diaper!” 
What did I just…say…? 
Crapcrapcrap picked the wrong one after the reset ahhhhhhhhhh! 
I-I mean it’s completely my mistake, but if that stupid fly hadn’t come I would’ve picked the less awful option ①.. D-Damn…piled on my already near-zero luck…! 
“Dude…this is seriously bad.”
“Ah…not satisfied with mom’s panties, he’s wearing diapers too now…”
“Next-level pervert here…”
“Yeah, this is genuinely gross…” 
Oh, I’m done for… This is irreversible. 
With that going beyond just a gag and being genuinely offensive…there’s no recovering my reputation in this classroom.  
And with my image this ruined, the already tiny chance of winning the debate is completely gone too… No logic I cobble together will get anyone to listen now. 

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