Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Mana Points

“Hmm, what should I do…?”

That day, I sat in a secluded spot behind the mansion and thought, going back and forth with various thoughts.

I thought about “quantifying mana”, which would be like “MP quantity” in a game.

During Sandra’s class I had always felt uncertain about the ‘amount of mana’ and it bothered me. Besides, if I wanted to give Mother a new medicine, I would have to convince Father.

I thought Sandra’s presence would lend credibility, but I wanted an extra push.

As I thought, storm clouds began to fill the sky with a rumble.

“It looks like it’s going to rain. Should I go back to the mansion…?”

Just as I muttered, a heavy downpour began. It came so suddenly that I couldn’t get back to the mansion in time and ended up soaking wet. When I returned to the mansion, the maids were wide-eyed at my drenched appearance.

“Ahaha… I got wet.”

“Eek! Lord Reed, if you stay like this, you’ll catch a cold. I’ll get you a towel right away. Also, let’s prepare a bath right away!”

The maids in the mansion rushed about. By the time I dried myself with a towel, the bath seemed to be ready, and I was promptly ushered into it.

“Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve had a bath,” I exclaimed, immersing myself in the water for the first time in a long time.

“Ahh, it feels so good,” I couldn’t help muttering.

“In this world, baths are precious and expensive, so I’ve refrained from using them, but they’re really nice,” I thought as I warmed my chilled body in the bath.

“By the way, this bath is amazing,” I remarked.

This time the bath was in my room. Normally I could only wipe myself with a towel, so there wasn’t a room in the villa with a bath. So if I wanted a bath, they would bring a portable bath into the room. Of course, they would put down a mat or something to keep the floor clean.

“It is unbelievable. I wonder how much water this bath uses,” I wondered as I scooped up the water in the bath with both hands and washed my face.

Speaking of which, the standard units in this world are the same as in my previous life. The unit of length is the same throughout Magnolia, and it’s the familiar ‘metre’. And the unit of volume is the ‘litre’.

“It’s strange, but there’s no point in thinking too deeply about it,” I thought, pondering such things, and then a sudden inspiration struck me.

“I see, this could work!”

After getting out of the bath, I quickly dried off and changed my clothes. Then I quickly asked the maids where Galun was, and they led me to his location.

“Lord Reed is the heir to the Valdia territory, the son of Lord Reiner. Even if you have knowledge beyond your years, you’re still a child. Please take better care of your health. Is that clear?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

As soon as Galun saw my face, he began to lecture me, saying that he had heard that I had been soaked in the rain. His powers of persuasion were impressive.

“I’m sorry. I have something I really want to try and I need your help.”

“I see. Then please listen to my request first.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Listen carefully and follow the butler’s advice.”


In this way, I listen to Galun’s lecture. But to test the idea that came to me in the bath, I need Galun’s help. So I’m not afraid of the lecture. While I am thinking about it, Galun stops lecturing and stares at me with a puzzled expression.

“What… is it?”

“Lord Reed, you haven’t been listening to me, have you? Then let’s start from the beginning…”


After that Galun’s lecture went on for a while. At the end I vowed never to get wet again.

As soon as the lecture was over, I made an important request of Galun.

“I want a container that holds only one litre of water!”

Galun looked puzzled, not understanding the purpose of the container I wanted, but he quickly regained his composure.

“Understood. I think there was one in the villa, so please wait in your room for a moment.”

“Okay, thank you. Then I’ll wait quietly in my room.”

“Did Galun understand the word ‘obedient’ a little?” Galun smiled slightly and left the scene to prepare a container.

I waited in the room, reading a book, until Galun arrived. After a while Galun came into the room and brought a container that held only a litre of water.

“Thank you. This is really helpful,” I said, expressing my gratitude. Galun bowed slightly and left the room.

“All right, let’s get on with it.”

I psyched myself up and stepped outside where the rain had stopped. Of course, I was in a place where I could take shelter from the rain immediately.

I placed the container at my feet and performed magical conversion to activate the magic. The magic simply produced water. To use water magic, you need to have the water attribute, but I have all attributes, so it’s not a problem.

When the container was filled with the water produced by magic, I recalled the sensation of the magic I had cast so far. To do the same thing again, I emptied the water accumulated in the container. Then, I activated the magic again, but this time I set a specific name for the magic to make it more precise.

The magic was called “One Liter.”

After that, I practiced the magic “One Liter” multiple times and finally completed the magic that could produce exactly one liter of water.

It may sound easy just by words, but it’s surprisingly difficult to produce an exact amount.

Too much or too little is no good. I needed to be able to activate it precisely every time I tried.

It’s not in this world, but it’s like turning on a tap to let water flow from the faucet. I needed to close the faucet so that the water becomes exactly one liter in one try. Trying it out, you’ll realize that achieving exactness in just one attempt is extremely difficult.

“Alright. The magic ‘One Liter of Water’ is complete. Next is to activate it ten times.”

I performed the newly completed water magic ten times.

I tried to grasp the sensation of how much my internal magical power had decreased. And then, I used the water magic ten more times to try and grasp the sensation again. I repeated the same thing earnestly. And I repeated it until I was out of breath.

“Haah, I’ve used quite a bit of magical power. But I’ve started to grasp the amount of magical power within me.”

I moved on to the next step. I quantified the sensation I had grasped so far. In other words, I assumed that the water magic “One Liter” was a magical power value of “one.” And since I had done it ten times at once, I assumed that the decreased amount of magical power was further “ten.”

Then, I recalled the sensation when it decreased. The number of times I had cast the water magic since completing it was nine hundred and eighty.

So, according to this calculation method, my magical power should be nine hundred and eighty or more.

I had repeated it many times, but the sensation of the decreased magical power was the same. In other words, the amount of magical power used for each magic was fixed, indicating that there was some kind of rule. I further sharpened this sensation and began creating it as a “special magic.”

Magic Name: “Magic Measurement”

Effect: Quantifies the amount of magical power possessed by oneself and a specific range of others within sight.

… It’s simple, but something like this?

Now, I just needed to firmly imagine the number of times I had used magic and the sensation of the decreased magical power. And then, I recited it.

“Magic Measurement.”

… When I thought nothing would happen, something resembling a voice echoed in my head, announcing a numerical value.

(Self: Magical power value eighty)

“Oh! I heard something in my head! It said magical power value eighty, right? Let’s try it again, Magic Measurement!”

(Self: Magical power value sixty)

“Wow, I heard it clearly again. It seems like it was successful. It’s amazing what you can do when you try!”

But does Magic Measurement consume twenty usages at once? It consumes the magical power equivalent to twenty liters of water for each activation.

I’m not sure if it’s too little or too much. I wanted to try various things, but my stamina was reaching its limit.

“Haah… I might have pushed myself too hard today. I’m already at my limit… Let’s go back to the room and rest…”

That day, when I returned to the room, I had fallen asleep before I realized it.

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