Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 3

Well, none of this is of great importance. I have little interest in the family dynamics of the Sauzar clan. What intrigues me more is the reason why Miroslav has contacted me at this particular moment.

She had mentioned that she could use the name Alexandra to contact me, but only in emergencies. I had advised her not to contact me too frequently so as not to arouse suspicion.

The fact that Miroslav has now revealed another action of “Falcon Sword” means–

“So the time has come,” I murmured softly.

The question that lingers is why I hadn’t given detailed instructions on how to deal with Iria. In the case of Luna Maria, a detailed plan had been devised. It was predictable that once Luna Maria was acquired, Lars and Iria would become anxious and bewildered. I had instructed Miroslav to take advantage of that and create a rift between them.

But that was the extent of my instructions. I hadn’t outlined exactly how to create that rift and secure Iria. I had left the execution of that plan up to Miroslav.

And now, since Miroslav has contacted me in this manner, it suggests that a significant divide has indeed formed between Lars and Iria. Miroslav had said, “That’s where you come in.”

“Well, what should I do?” I contemplated.

I had already reached the point where I need another soul to devour, aside from Luna Maria.

After defeating the Basilisk, my level had increased to “8,” but I was still far from satisfied. If the opportunity arose to obtain Iria, I would not hesitate.

…However, Miroslav’s letter still little bit suspicious

Nevertheless, there was nothing that potentially dangerous. On the contrary, thus far, Miroslav had perfectly met my expectations.

The secret poison that would undermine “Falcon Sword” from within.

It was likely that I wouldn’t have been able to easily enslave Luna Maria if it weren’t for Miroslav—well, Luna Maria had seen through my scheme, but there was no denying that Miroslav deserved credit for successfully steering Lars towards Seal.

She had performed admirably once again. As I read the letter, I realized the conversation regarding “Falcon Sword” and the shifting sentiments within the group.

Iria was currently in a highly unstable state. It wouldn’t be too difficult to manipulate her mind and drive a wedge between her and Lars. Furthermore, being alone, I could bring her to the nest of the Lord of the Flies, just like Miroslav

And with Iria in my possession, Miroslav could have her way with Lars to heart’s content.

It would be a victory for both of us, so there was no doubt that she was doing her utmost.

That’s how it should be—yet, I couldn’t help but wonder why Miroslav was being so obedient. How should I put it? I didn’t sense her overwhelming fixation on Lars in the letter.

When I released Miroslav, I had assured her that I would leave “Falcon Sword” alone after obtaining Luna Maria and Iria. That assurance was meant to entice Miroslav to act as I desired, but at the same time, it was a genuine offer.

I had devoured Miroslav’s soul to such an extent that I had been sated, and along with that, I had obtained valuable information about the soul-devouring process. The grudge I held against her for nearly causing my demise had diminished. I could say that I had exacted sufficient revenge.

The same applied to Lars. I had already devoured two members of his group, and now I will devour Iria soon. I believed that should be enough. And since Lars was unaware, it added an extra element of intrigue.

Lars and Miroslav had no idea what awaited them. They could get married or do as they pleased, as far as I was concerned.

However, I hadn’t explicitly stated that. my current stance is “I don’t care.” In Miroslav’s case, as long as she acted in accordance with my intentions, her anxieties should persist. It was akin to saying, “Are you truly not going to do anything to me anymore?”

Therefore, after leaving the nest and establishing our initial contact through this letter, I expected her to voice such concerns.

However, that wasn’t the case at all.

The contents of the letter, aside from the report, were replete with phrases that I found unpleasant. To the extent that I questioned whether it was truly Miroslav Sauzar’s handwriting.

The mention of kidnapping and confinement, the insistence on obedience—doubts naturally arose when confronted with someone who had become so compliant. Yet, this was an individual who had endured ridicule, abuse, and stood at death’s door. The manner in which he had become so obedient was disconcerting.

Well, from her perspective, she had been on the brink of death for over a month. Perhaps she still harbored fear of me, and it was being expressed through her writing.

“…Hm. Well, it matters little. If all of this is genuine, it will prove very convenient. If it is a trap, I will simply dismantle it.”


With my doubts regarding Miroslav set aside, I shifted my focus to Iria.

There were two options I had previously mentioned. Exploiting Iria’s instability or forcibly taking her?

However, upon careful reflection, the latter option appeared unreasonable.

Unlike with Miroslav, I was now drawing attention from all directions. It was expected that I would undertake numerous tasks as a dragon knight out in the field.

The Rotten Sea had emerged in a remote location where ordinary adventurers wouldn’t easily venture. Thus, it fell upon me to explore and eradicate the Rotten Sea. Additionally, I had a role in obtaining the Jiraiya Oaks fruit, the key ingredient for the antidote.

In any case, I was the most suitable person for these tasks, given my possession of a Wyvern. I couldn’t refuse.

According to Fyodor, the slave trader, the capital would soon dispatch dragon knights, which would significantly alleviate my burden. However, the exact timing of their arrival remained uncertain. Until then, I had to shoulder the responsibilities on my own.

Furthermore, it would be irresponsible to neglect Suzume, whom I was protecting.

Therefore, there was no time for kidnapping Iria.

“First and foremost, in Iria’s case, forcefully subjecting her to such acts might drive her to take her own life. Should I approach her with the antidote to win her over? Tomorrow morning, I will gather the Jiraiya Oaks fruit and head directly to Lars and Iria’s village. Rather than relying solely on the diluted antidote, it would be more effective to bring the fruit directly. I should also consider additional medications as a precaution against the poison…”

As I pondered over my thoughts, a yawn escaped my mouth. I had traveled back and forth between Ishka and Tittis multiple times today, leaving me feeling exhausted. The main contributor, Kurausora, was probably already asleep in the stable.

Not feeling inclined to call Luna Maria or Seal today, I decided to lay alone on the bed. Lost in contemplation, I found myself succumbing to a sudden wave of drowsiness, and I closed my eyes without delay.

…Just as I was on the verge of falling asleep, I heard the roar of a beast echoing from somewhere.

The village of Melte, Lars and Iria’s hometown, was a rural settlement situated downstream of the Kale River. It took a seven-day carriage ride to reach from the city of Ishka. It was a remote village located near the border with the sacred kingdom in the south.

As I looked at the village of Melte, memories of Lars’ past remarks resurfaced in my mind. He had grown tired of living in poverty and had left his homeland. Upon closer inspection, it became evident that the village was characterized by a scarcity of houses, dilapidated fences and gates, and villagers dressed in worn-out clothes. It seemed to lack vitality.

It appeared that the entire village was permeated with a somber atmosphere. Such conditions would naturally drive many young people to yearn for a different life beyond the village.

However, considering their current predicament of suffering from the poison, it was understandable that the village lacked vibrancy. Perhaps the village of Melte had once been a more vibrant place.

Lost in these thoughts, I approached the village gate. Kurausora was hidden in a forest far from here to avoid alarming the villagers.

With a large bag slung over my back like a merchant and a black business katana hanging at my waist, I approached the gate. The two guards stationed there, upon seeing me approach on foot rather than on horseback, wore cautious expressions.

The guards consisted of a young man in his twenties and a mature man in his forties. It was the young man who spoke first.

“Hey, you there! Halt! I’ve never seen you before. What brings you to this place?”

“I’ve heard that this village is afflicted by a plague, so I’ve brought some medicine that may be effective,” I replied with a friendly smile. As I had mentioned before, it took approximately seven days to reach this village from Ishka by carriage. Naturally, Iria had not yet arrived.

During the journey to the village, I had considered picking up Iria, who was somewhere along the way. However, it was not as simple as saying, “I have a fruit that can cure the poison in your village! Let’s go together to help your mother!” with a cheerful smile like Lars. It was evident that she would not trust me so easily.

There was no doubt that Iria would harbor suspicions and become skeptical. If I were to enter the village with Iria in such a manner, those suspicions would quickly spread among the villagers, complicating matters.

Therefore, I decided to reach the village first and gain the trust of the villagers before her arrival.

Furthermore, in this village resided Iria’s mother. Before attacking the rider, it was crucial to first take down the horse.

The two guards, particularly the younger one, still seemed to harbor doubts. However, their expressions wavered slightly with my next words.

“I have come at the request of Luna Maria-dono from ‘Falcon Sword.’ This village is the home of Lars and Iria’s families. She asked if I could be of any assistance, so here I am.”

“‘Falcon Sword’… Are you acquainted with Lars and the others?” the young man asked.

“Yes. They have assisted me greatly. Ah, I apologize for forgetting to introduce myself. My name is Sora.”

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