Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 3

“Next, Crecias!”
After seeing Ruben’s composite fire and water magic, it’s Folia’s turn.
She has a troubled expression before Hughan.
To demonstrate recovery magic requires an injured subject.
“Um, Teacher…Is it absolutely necessary to use recovery magic?”
Unable to read Folia’s sad feelings, the girls start whispering.
That she actually can’t use much recovery magic right?
Attack, defense, and recovery are mandatory fundamental magics. Even with an affinity, if you can’t utilize the standard types well, it falls short of polished standards, so boasting about affinities when you’re bad at the basics is foolish.
That’s the implicit mockery.
“Yes, Teacher.”
“What is it, Granoll?”
Raze can’t overlook it and raises her hand.
“I got a bruise on my arm so I’d like Crecias-san to heal it.”
“I see. That’s good timing. Alright with you, Crecias?”
Raze teleports to the lectern in an instant.
Rolling up her left sleeve reveals a faintly large bruise.
“What happened? This?”
“I bumped it when I was running this morning.”
(…Can’t say. I teleported back to the dorm just now to make this bruise.)
Raze rarely injures herself in daily life, and could heal a minor wound herself.
This was expressly made for Folia’s sake, carefully causing internal bleeding to bruise it. A completely improper use of advanced magic.
“I-I’ll heal it right away!”
Folia lays her hands on Raze’s arm and a warm light covers the injury. A warm sensation spreads, healing the wound.
“All better now!”
“Thank you.”
“Mm. Too delicate, activation time is slightly long. Practice to heal faster. Next!”
Walking normally back to my seat this time, Raze looks down at her arm now completely painless.
Among those watching her was Adis, the only one who didn’t miss that fleeting sorrowful expression on Raze’s face–.

The deep bell tone signals the end of the last morning lecture. Raze flips through the just-distributed textbooks on the desk.
(Government studies huh. Feels like learning for nobles.)
It details how to govern territories, from good governance to the downfall of tyrannical nobles. Content I didn’t cover in military academy, so I can’t be negligent even having graduated university – it really seems an academy for nobles and influential merchants. I’m sincerely impressed again when
“Raze-chan, let’s go eat together!”
I’m invited to eat by Folia. Obviously I won’t decline an invitation from an angel, so we head to the cafeteria together.
(What is it…I feel like I’m being watched a lot but…)
On the way there mixed in among the students flowing to the attached cafeteria building, I senses pressure from behind. At first I thought it might be gazes at the “looking at her, nothing but a commoner with no presence” along with Folia, but one was different.
That person had a roll of bread balanced on their shoulder, walking down the hall with an unwavering core. The path naturally opened around her, everyone’s eyes drawn by her dignified beauty.
Carne Foot Mertens, Ruben’s fiancée, was following Raze and the others while maintaining a certain distance.
(Thought she’d eat with the other ladies…)
Carne has thick support among the ladies too. Classes just ended and she was talking with the other young misses so I held back from the presumptuousness of a commoner inviting her to eat, but what to do now? If it’s not my imagination, kana’s gaze isn’t only on Folia but me too.
(Wonder why she’s alone? Should I call out to her?)
No. She might have plans to meet someone at the cafeteria.
Raze pretends not to notice kana’s probing eyes and enters the cafeteria as-is with Folia.
“Wonder what’s on the menu in the school building cafeteria!”
Distracted by the food, Raze temporarily forgets about kana. We promptly get food on trays and sit at seats open on the edge of the room.
“Looks delicious~!”
In high spirits, Raze grips her fork after picking a full platter including dessert. Just as she’s deciding what to eat first, someone stops near us.
“May I join you as well?”
“Lady kana! By all means, please do.”
Folia’s expression brightens as she offers the neighboring seat. Raze now has the two most beautiful girls in class sitting across from her.
“Thank you. You two seem quite close already. Like you’ve been friends for a while.”
Carne says that with a smile.
“Raze-chan is really kind you see.”
Is she embarrassed? Folia smiles shyly but for some reason Raze doesn’t feel at ease.
“I’d like to get to know you two as well. Where are you from?”
“I’m from Solente.”
“The peaceful place east of the imperial capital right? I’ve been once too. How about you, Raze-san?”
Raze swallows the food in her mouth and answers, “I was born in Forbes.”
Hearing that, the two seated across from her inhale.
Forbes is territory on the border between the Cyan Empire and Magenda Empire. It suffered the most damage in the defensive war six years ago. Though Raze is hiding her past, being born in Forbes isn’t a lie.
“I grew up lively in Lamia so please don’t mind.”
Raze adds that. Though she had some rough experiences in Forbes, because of that she was able to come here, so you never know what life will bring.
“I see. Sorry, I hope I didn’t offend you. Why did you want to enter this academy, Raze-san?”
Her sincere, earnest eyes tinged with hesitation stare straight at me. Raze acknowledges with an “Ah” in her heart.
(That’s why I felt uneasy. I feel like I’m being probed by Lady kana.)
If she and Folia were sitting together, both in terms of appearance and ability, it was only natural for Folia to be of interest. Carne had expressed her desire to get along with Folia. If she were more experienced in social matters, she could have expanded the conversation about Solen and talked about it without risking offending anyone.
With her current statement, Raze somehow felt like Carne was probing her for some reason.
Skills from my time in military intelligence unconsciously surfaced.
“It was my dream. To enter this academy.”
Trite but not a lie – Raze answers.
“The advanced classes, complete facilities, and most of all the cute uniforms. Plus, you can aim for a fortunate marriage.”
Important things for a girl right? With that smile seeming to say it can’t be helped, Raze stops eating.
“Fo-fortunate marriage…”


She enrolled in this academy with the objective of watching over the students. Let alone her own romance, she hadn’t considered it one bit.
(No no no. If Viscount Wellline and Viscount Muldeer found out about that kind of thing I’d…I wouldn’t be able to face those people!)
She can’t even imagine being lovey-dovey with someone, and shudder just thinking about what would come after.
“I can’t do anything so audacious. If I can quietly enjoy academy life, I don’t ask for anything more…”
Raze gazes into the distance, attaining enlightenment. To her, this is a safe workplace and the students are all charges.
My reaction seems to have been unexpected by Carne who looks surprised.
“Yes. I want lots of cute friends like Lady Carne and Folia but if I get greedy…”
Honestly conveying my feelings, for some reason Carne suddenly loses vigor.
“Even as a commoner you passed the exam as a scholarship student so you must have had considerable hardship and effort…”
Perhaps imagining Raze’s life leading up to now, the goddess’s face darkens. It should have been a fun mealtime but the mood stagnates and Raze panics.
“Not at all! I would have just kept working if I didn’t pass. Considering what Lady Carne and the others bear, it’s nothing at all!”
“Eh. Working? Raze-chan, were you studying while working?”
Though I tried to respond brightly, seems I’ve only dug my grave deeper with Folia’s words. Raze regrets the slip of her tongue being pointed out.
“I didn’t do anything that tough.”
I smile wryly at Folia, then I’m called by my name, “Raze-san!” by kana.
“Please forgive my rudeness for prying so much.”
Just when I think she’s apologizing, she even bows her head and Raze stiffens.
“Wha-! No! Please raise your head!! There’s nothing Lady Carne need apologize for?!”
“No. This is my way of making amends for suspecting you.”
I realized I was being suspected of something but that’s beside the point. Making a young lady bow her head could shorten my lifespan from shock.
“That’s plenty already! If something’s bothering you, please don’t hesitate to ask from now on. We even made plans to go out together.”
“…Thank you, Raze-san.”
Meeting eyes with Carne at last, Raze breathes a sigh of relief.
The gloom hanging over earlier was already gone.

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