Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 2

Todd decided that in that case, he would whip himself today and deliberately ignore Enethya.
Takeru, whose real name is Takeru Huhn Rinsugaya, was born as the child of the king and a princess of Akitsushima, sent for the sake of goodwill between the oceanic nation of Akitsushima and the kingdom on the western side of the great strait.
The people of Akitsushima have yellowish skin compared to those who live on the continent, and they are shorter in stature.
Due to the education of Iris, which does not hesitate to call foreign people barbarians, Enethya has grown up with a sense of discrimination.
If things continue this way, she might become the kind of child who, like in the game, promotes policies that do not consider foreign races as human beings or treats them like slaves.
Worried about this, Todd, as part of her discipline, had started punishing Enethya for trying to make fun of foreign races.
He scolded her, and in cases where it was too much, he lightly slapped her cheek.
He steeled his heart and was in the midst of educating Enethya.
Takeru is a prodigy who will become one of the top Mobile Knights in the whole world in the future.
And Akitsushima, his mother Miyahi’s hometown, is also the birthplace of Iijima Haruto, who created the predecessor to powered armor.
The people of Akitsushima are by no means unintelligent barbarians, and there are many things to learn from them.

And──before such discrimination and the like, Todd just wanted all his siblings to get along well.
Enethya might have a slightly arrogant side, influenced by her mother, but she is a child with a firm heart that can firmly hold onto her pride as a royal and her love for her subjects.
And while Takeru is a little shy and tends to be shy around people, his kindness and inner strength can be seen from his occasional smiles, and he has grown into quite a mature child for his age.
Both Takeru and Enethya, despite their different ways of being and personalities, are good children.
There is nothing sadder than the fact that the two siblings’ relationship is bad.
“Oh, I see. In that case, let’s slowly send out the rear infantry this time.”
“We’ll put the cavalry in front and use their mobility to crush the enemy.”
Edward moved the king’s piece and glanced at Todd.
When Todd nodded in response to that, Edward also nodded slightly, as if he understood.
Edward, at six years old, is unbelievably intelligent.
You can tell this from the fact that he was about to go to Takeru’s place, who often feels uncomfortable inside the royal palace,
and also from the fact that he occasionally makes eye contact even now and seems to understand well that he is ignoring Enethya for educational purposes.
To Todd, the fact that his younger brother is doing so well fills him with pride more than anything else.
He couldn’t help but think that the future of the Rinsugaya Kingdom is secure with this.
“─This means checkmate, right? It’s my win again.”
“I… I give up.”
When he glanced at Enethya, who was desperately clenching her teeth, she was doing her best not to cry. She had tears in her eyes from the sadness of being ignored by her beloved Todd.
However, being a member of the royal family, she held a high sense of dignity that forbade her from crying in public without reason, and because of this, she couldn’t cry without thinking. She seemed to be desperately holding back her tears.
For Todd, who hadn’t expected such a big reaction, this was a pleasant surprise.
It appears that she is more affected by emotional pain than physical pain.
With a little more, she’d probably start crying in a few minutes if he kept ignoring her.
If so—he thought and called out to Edward who was about to start another game.
Really, he wants to immediately prostrate himself and apologize profusely until she stops crying, then hold her tightly until the tears stop.
But it’s because he thinks of her future that Todd hardens his heart.
Pampering Enethya here is not kindness at all.
If he really cares for her, he must firmly teach her to distinguish between what she should and shouldn’t do.
“As the winner I get privileges, Edward. Could you hurry and call Takeru here?”
“Yes…I understand, Big Brother.”
Without even asking why, Edward promptly left the room. Having seen Todd scolding Enethya for running, he maintained a quick walking pace without running.

Edward heads to Takeru’s room to relay Todd’s message, at a speed fast but not running.
What he found questionable was Todd’s reason for calling Takeru out at this timing.
(Why is Big Brother calling Takeru at this time?)
He understands it’s to correct Enethya who’s harsh to foreign ethnicities like the Akitsushimans by ignoring her.
However, from Edward’s perspective, calling Takeru here seemed like a bad move.
The reason Enethya was being scolded was for making fun of Takeru. Bringing Takeru himself, who had just been badmouthed in that place, didn’t seem likely to end well.
No matter how many times Edward thought about it, he couldn’t come up with an answer to his doubts.
(But there must be some reason for Big Brother’s actions…)


Desperately racking his brains, Edward was already beginning to develop an abnormally high level of thinking ability for a six year old.
The reason for his growth was simple.
It was because he had an older brother named Todd who was superior to him, always out of reach no matter how much Edward stretched his hand out.
As the second son, Edward had been raised constantly compared to his brother.
Though it was never directly said, Rynsgaya and Schlein often had clearly dissatisfied expressions even when Edward tried his best and produced results.
They were probably comparing him to how much better Todd had done at the same age.
Naturally, the bright Edward noticed this.
At first, he tried to be cold to his brother. But strangely, Todd’s attitude didn’t change one bit.
He was kind to his younger brother who should hate him, taught Edward when he didn’t understand something, showed him his back, and spoke from his heart without words.
Ashamed of being so spiteful, Edward decided to follow in the path his brother had taken and make an effort to improve himself.
Todd was called a prodigy and the kingdom’s most outstanding genius by the adults.
Even if he couldn’t reach that level, by imitating his brother, Edward believed he could gain the same breadth of knowledge.
He wanted to see the scenery that Todd saw.
He wanted to become someone who could stand shoulder to shoulder with him.
And someday – it didn’t matter what field – he wanted to surpass his brother.
With these thoughts, Edward had recently become absorbed in intellectual games.
As he mulled over his brother, he found his feet had unconsciously carried him to Takeru’s room.
Thinking of his brother accomplishing something beyond Edward’s comprehension brought a faint smile to his face. To Edward, Todd was his pride, and a goal he someday hoped to overcome.
The relationship between the two brothers had already begun drifting away from [Augustus: Throne of the Supreme].
But no one in this world, not even Todd himself, could point that out…

“Big brother, I’ve come.”
“Hello, little brother. And… Lady Enethya too.”
The black-haired boy named Takeru entered hesitantly, hiding behind Edward’s back.
His manner toward Enethya, who had been harsh to him and his mother Miyahi, was terribly distant.
Having been scolded once before for calling her “Big Sister,” even the way he addressed her was formal.
To prevent Takeru and his mother Miyahi from accumulating too much stress, Todd held regular tea ceremonies with Miyahi where he would speak with them.
On the surface, this was partly meant to showcase Takeru’s good relationship with Todd, and to extract raw information about Akitsu Shima from Miyahi.
But of course, the primary purpose was simply an older brother doting on his younger sibling.
Happy that his efforts had borne fruit in being called “Big Brother,” Todd couldn’t help letting his cheeks relax into a smile.
But remembering that he was supposed to be angry with Enethya, he quickly resumed a serious expression.
Luckily, Enethya didn’t seem to notice Todd’s change in demeanor.
Enethya’s nose was already dripping, and the eyes that kept welling up with tears had turned red.
Yet somehow, she still hadn’t shed a single tear, perhaps out of stubbornness.
Edward watched with curiosity, and Takeru, who had suddenly arrived at the scene, was bewildered and couldn’t quite grasp what was happening.
“Both of you came at a good time. Actually, we received some Akitsushima sweets, so I thought it would be nice to enjoy them together. Isn’t it nice to have the three siblings spend some time alone once in a while?”
Todd’s words seemed to be the final straw, as Enethya, who had reached her limit, collapsed to the ground.
The small palm of her hand, which had been against her cheek, was now wet with tears flowing down forcefully.
“Ugh, ugh…… waaaah!!”
” …… “
Now it was Todd’s turn to stay silent.
It would be easy to forgive her and immediately wrap his arms around her.
But thinking this would spoil her, he gritted his teeth and continued ignoring her.
Amid the wordless Todd and Enethya sitting with her legs folded weeping, a single figure appeared. It was Takeru, who until just before had been cowering timidly, now wearing a remarkably stern expression.
“Big brother.”
“Yes, what is it?”
Feigning ignorance, Todd asked back.
Inwardly, he struck a guts pose while staying focused so as not to give anything away.
“You shouldn’t make girls cry.”
“That’s not true, Takeru. Enethya did something bad… She deserves to be ignored for saying mean things about you, right? That’s unforgivable.”
“When boys and girls fight… the boy has to apologize first. That’s what Mama taught me.”

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