Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 34

Mob No.34: “It’s reception’s job to broker requests to mercenaries. Refusing that is unthinkable.”

Protagonist Side: Yuri Prilliere

Damn it…

Damn it, damn it, damn it!

To not even be able to talk back to someone I’m obviously stronger than!

My current situation is the worst.

My sister was doing some outrageous things without my knowledge.

When that came to light, she fled the Guild’s pursuit and is now a wanted criminal.

Because of that, they think I was involved in her misdeeds too.

I’m still at Soldier rank!

So I needed to build achievements without misconduct.

But because of my sister’s incident, most receptionists started obviously refusing to give me work.

Partly because I was frustrated, I picked fights with various guys.

Provoking that creepy otaku was part of that.

I sort of understood.

That picking fights and winning did nothing for me.

With that creep’s words in mind, frustrating as they were, I headed to the lobby with the counters.

And as expected, the receptionists avoided me, clearly not letting me take work.

Just then,

“Please come here.”

one called out to me.

She was small-framed with delicate features, green eyes, blond hair elegantly braided into a single tail.

She must be a new receptionist since I haven’t seen her before, but she had to have heard rumors about me.

Possibly some kind of trap.

Or she was forced by the other receptionists as a penalty game.

But if there’s a chance for work, I’ll take any straw offered!

“I want work…”

“Let me check your rank.”

I did as told and scanned my bracelet terminal at the checker.

“Soldier rank, I see. So the available requests for you are these.”

The list she showed had various requests.

Of course, Soldier rank ones.

But with my strength, I should be able to handle the same requests as that creepy otaku, no, even higher ones!

“Show me the King requests.”

“What purpose would that serve?”

She seemed surprised by my words and looked at me doubtfully.

“I’ll take the request. And prove my ability!”

I declared strongly.

And naturally, the obvious response:

“I’m afraid that’s impossible.”


“There are no requests. King requests themselves are rare, and Kings fulfill them immediately, so they disappear quickly.”

As expected of Kings, I see.

“Then Queen or Bishop ones are fine!”

“I’m sorry, no.”

I asked for the next ranks down but was refused those too.

So it was harassment after all.

Get my hopes up for work then crush me right before.

What awful harassment!

I was about to scream abuse when I immediately reconsidered.

What foolishness.

Obviously a Soldier can’t get Bishop, Queen, let alone King ranked work.

Understanding that again, I deeply sighed, and

“I know what happened to you. So you musn’t take on reckless requests. You should reliably complete appropriate ones for your rank.”


She spoke to me seriously.

“But…I don’t know if I can get the next job…”

Her words shook me, and I voiced my anxiety.

Then she said,

“It’s reception’s job to broker requests to mercenaries. Refusing that is unthinkable.”

In other words, she would properly do reception for me.

I involuntarily teared up.

Since my sister’s incident, most receptionists had started obviously refusing me.

But she alone reached out to me.

“Thank you! I…I’ll do my best!”

I was crying as I tightly gripped her hand.

Protagonist Side: End

Returning to the lobby after finishing training, Hero-kun was at Zeistol’s counter.

The sight looked like a handsome young merc and cute female receptionist chatting, but both are [male].

After his sister’s incident, Hero-kun had apparently been shunned by the opportunistic receptionists who had treated him kindly.

Yeah, I understand those sad feelings very well.

It’s been my state since registering with the Guild after all.

So for him, this was probably the first proper reception in a while.

He was crying and holding [his] hand.

Well, Mr. Roans gave me the same treatment, but still.

And of course some receptionists were averting their gaze, while others glared.

The glaring ones were the hand-turners probably?

There’s a lot… 60% at least I’d say.

The ones looking away still had some shame I guess.

And obviously, the group of female staff and mercs staring fixedly enough to bore holes in space at that [male-male] sight, breathing as heavily as if about to hyperventilate, was undoubtedly present.

Isn’t the Merc Guild already done for?

And as expected, the group of males glaring at Hero-kun was a given too.

As expected of the protagonist, events for him to climb from rock bottom seem ready to go.

Leaving the guild after finishing my business, it was past 1 PM.

Since I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, I’ll grab something on the way home.

Don’t want to get caught up in something on the streets after all.

Just then, a familiar face appeared on a street vision.

[Congratulations on your victory in the Starcuster Cup, Ms. Noswile!]

[Thank you very much.]

It was Ms. Skoona Noswile, the ace pilot of the planet racing team [Crystal Weed]. We survived the same incident in our school days.

Seems she won another race.

[The race was through the grueling Flint Rock Belt. How was it?]

[Flint Rock is dangerous of course, but they didn’t fire on us.]

[I see! As expected from someone experienced in real combat!]

Looks like Ms. Noswile is working hard too.

Relieved it wasn’t her real self there, I hurried home.

For now, an anime marathon tomorrow!

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