Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 8 part 3

The drifting organs gave me a bad feeling. I felt we were going to be wrecked. We’d be attacked relentlessly from above over a wide area. There would be no chance to escape by jumping.

To evade, I’d have to memorise and predict the landscape beyond my vision and process it all.

“[Momentary Enhancement – Fiftyfold]”

Yes, now I could control my vision even more. Short-term memory was also good.

The water content in my whole head was getting hot. Almost boiling.

I looked up and there was the attack. Not just tentacles, but water spears and blades and more.

I see it. I see it all. I can remember. 370 tentacles and 7. 490 blades. 55 spears. That was all of them, even outside my vision. I could also predict their trajectories. As expected from a highly intelligent Hierarch. She wanted them all to hit at once.

I found the shortest way. This would work.

I kicked the water. I could kick it. So the footing didn’t matter. I aimed at the water blades. With their wider span, I could nullify other attacks by making them collide. I jumped up and took the first blow against the belly of my sword, disrupting the nearby tentacles and spears.

I was able to parry or stop most of the attacks. The rest I could cut down.

Tentacles, spears, blades – they were trivial now. I struck with my longsword to the right and used the recoil to strike to the left in the same movement. If the impact was too strong, I spun once to kill them. This stopped the attacks for a moment.

I had a foothold. I kicked hard upwards. The second wave came, of course. It was far from over. I had to deal with these wave attacks. Slash, slash, kick, dodge, spin.


Feels good. Fun. The omnipotent feeling of having a 360-degree view of everything around me.

I was seamlessly converting all my actions and reactions into momentum.

It all worked well.

Could anything feel more satisfying? The thrill of making the slightest mistake that could mean death was tingling.

The fact that the Hierarch had a strategy was also good. It felt like we were competing. How stimulating.

As soon as I became aware, I couldn’t stop.

I had this kind of impulse inside me?

To go all the way. Delighted.

Scene transition

When the Vim boy approached the Hierarch and he jumped as if in fear, he disappeared.

I thought he’d been blown away. But the next moment I realised I was wrong – he had burst out of the Hierarch’s flank. He had broken through. Still in the air, he turned and threw a knife.

The Hierarch began to writhe in pain. From the side, it looked like a near fatal blow.


Hans’ voice brought me back to my senses.

“Are… are you hurt?”

“Can’t fight worth a damn, but I can stand. Thanks to Abel.”

Abel was still protecting me. Although the attacks from the main body of the Hierarch had weakened thanks to Vim Boy, we were still being ferociously attacked by his minions.

“What about escape?”

“Can’t sta–oof! I’m not standing!”

The attacks came without pause, even when there was a little talk. Every member of the party was struggling to survive individually. We were in no position to execute a plan.

“Chief! Orders!”

When I saw Hans’ eyes, I understood. He was confused.

They all felt the same. They had carried out my foolhardy order to abandon their leader, only to have it violently overturned by the Vim boy.

And then they had witnessed this unprecedented, extraordinary battle.

What should they do? How could [Night Dragonflies] stand it?

Reinforce him? No, impossible. This high-speed combat – we’d just get in the way and hurt each other. Retreat? Also impossible – we were surrounded. We couldn’t break through with our remaining forces. All we could do was somehow deal with the underlings right in front of our eyes…

The Hierarch’s condition was changing. He was transforming.

I was astonished. Vim Boy had driven the Hierarch into a corner all by himself.

The minions who had attacked rose into the air and began to drift overhead. Had they become some sort of support organs?

For the moment, the attacks stopped.

Even with my clouded mind, I could predict the next attack. It would include not only Vim Boy, but us within its range. A rain of blows we couldn’t withstand was coming. I had to take command.

[All hands on deck! It’s coming from above! Get as far away from where you are as you can and concentrate on defending!]

Soon after, a massive downpour of tentacle-like projectiles rained down from those support organs.

“[Move, Decapitator!]”


I raised the Decapitator with all my might, and its blades spread out radially like an umbrella. Just a token defence, but it should hold for a while. Enduring the attacks that made my arms vibrate, I used the little space I had to look at Vim Boy.

Vim Boy was spinning around. Twisting his body, cutting off the follow-up blows, continuing to dodge the wave attacks from above. Almost to the point where he could no longer distinguish between hits and misses, he maintained his speed.

He said he would defeat the Hierarch. I thought it might be bluster, but it wasn’t. He was fighting evenly, no, driving her to the point of transformation.

And yet I didn’t understand. Vim Boy looked as if he might have the power to overcome the Hierarch’s threat. But even as my hopes soared, my mind whispered to remain calm.

One thing I understood for certain was that we could no longer interfere in this dimensional battle.

Scene Transition

I wanted it to last forever. I loved this time that allowed me to let myself go.

But it was fruitless. I could only endure the attacks from above, unable to attack the main body at all. No room even to move sideways at full strength. It would be a war of attrition.

I wondered if there was a way.

As I thought, I felt something in a corner of my mind.

Something was missing. No, not missing – I hadn’t noticed it. This was different. I had missed a premonition. An important premonition. Not danger – something inside me was telling me.

Communicating what?

My memory grasped the field of vision. Before. Further back. That’s right – the main body of the Hierarch.

The clanking sound when I stabbed it bound it together. Connected to what?

That’s right – there was something hard inside the Hierarch’s body. It was protecting something. What was that something?

Obviously – a weak point, his organs. In other words, the hard thing was a shell. Some kind of shell?

If I could just break through that shell, my victory.

The moment I realised it, my mind had plotted a course to the Hierarch’s main body.

What was this? How had this answer been derived? I didn’t understand the calculation.

Surely it was a series of insights. Not the sequential processing of decisions. From the overlapping probabilities of parallel events, a solution adapted to reality jumped out.

The movement was also predicted. No chance of error. Nothing unexpected could happen. If I followed this path, I could win immediately. As long as I didn’t make any mistakes.

–At some point my hands began to shake.

A mysterious trembling. Not trembling for fear of anything. Trembling at the path I had found. So perfect, although it came to me so abruptly, that it was suspicious, but without any reason for objection, puzzling me. That kind of trembling.

Looking back, perhaps I had been trembling all the time.

Now I understood – it was a premonition of victory. Even against an opponent I normally couldn’t beat, a single path would come into view, assuming a one in ten thousand miracle.

How was this different from delusion? Objectively, it was just as nonsensical.

But I had the conviction that I could do it now.

Almost suicidal – I’d probably die nine times out of ten, but what’s wrong with a little thrill?

The spears looked the easiest. Even though they were water, they had a high viscosity. If you jumped sideways, they’d give you a good foothold.

I kicked sideways at the objects falling beneath me. While dodging tentacles and whatnot. A stupid idea, but doable.

The moment I thought that, I had done it. The separate processes of thought and action had become parallel, outstripping sequential speed.

Maybe it was because I was dodging and kicking attacks, but at some point I had risen quite high. I accelerated sideways while half falling. Dodging, kicking. Pushing. Cutting or taking blows for what I didn’t dodge. I also used all my reactions as acceleration.

The wind was cold and felt good. At maximum speed I was falling faster than the rain. It had been a while since water hit my skin.

The noises disappeared. I braced myself for the shock wave.

Time stopped.


It was as if I was the only one in the world.

My heart raced as if I ruled this room.

Another moment and I’d be closing in.

The Hierarch was right in front of me.

At this speed, I could pierce his armour.

I had expected the Hierarch’s final barrier to be raised in shock as well. I sliced the same spot five times. That was enough. I hardened my body as much as I could with all the magic power I had left. Maintaining my speed, I charged.


Twice I felt the hard impact against my extended longsword.

The flesh split open and my entire body passed through.

A disgusting slippery feeling ran over my skin, then I burst out the other side in one fell swoop.


–A moment.

Against the white background I saw what looked like a large shell. I knew it was what I had pierced.

Something crawled out of the crack, slowly moving upwards. It looked human. I couldn’t see its face. I didn’t even know my own condition as I watched it.

This human form stood still in front of me and probably said:

I didn’t understand the meaning, but I didn’t feel bad.


So I nodded in response.

Using up all my magical power and physical strength, I descended.

I looked back.

The Floor Master stood still.

The giant translucent mass resembled a large stalactite.

Ooon, I heard a sound that couldn’t be called a scream, and the massive mass began to crumble and melt from above.

The collapse of the huge object in front of me felt like clearing the view by removing something obstructing the field of vision.

And then I could see. It was everyone’s figure. It seemed like they were standing up and running towards me.

Oh right, I was fighting to protect everyone.

There was such a thing.

I feel relaxed and my consciousness becomes hazy. All the enhancements have worn off, and a gradual sense of normality returns to my body. It feels like my whole body is in excruciating pain, as if it’s being torn apart. I pushed myself too hard. I’m tired, and I can’t move anything anymore.

Someone embraced me. They called out to me. I don’t understand.

At least it seemed like the rain had stopped.

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