The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 3 Chapter 1

Chapter One: “The Stirring Monster

The most popular boy in school has arrived! That would be me, Kokonoe Yukito, right?
I blurted it out as a question, but it can’t be true. I have no such experience. While I’m used to being disliked, being liked is unprecedented.
Confusing days, but that’s not the only thing on my mind.
After my disciplinary leave ended and I came to school, the looks around me changed completely. They must have taken a drug to reverse their liking, thanks to the efforts of Suzurikawa, Shiori, my sister, Goddess Senpai, the president, and others. I’m eternally grateful, but isn’t this a bit excessive?
I’m a dark loner, as everyone acknowledges, and yet I’m becoming a saint before I even turn 18. Through the machinations of the wandering poets Sato and Miyahara, the [Legend of Saint Kokonoe Yukito] has been serialized in the school newspaper without my knowledge.
Part 1 [Rebellion]. Part 2 [Resurrection]. And they are currently serializing Part 3 [Daybreak].
I’m not sure what they’re talking about. It’s a popular feature, apparently. I’m not quite sure what (abbreviated)
Still, it is true that I have been helped. I must thank them properly.
For my sister, I gave a wooden sculpture of Sister Yuuri menacingly clutching a salmon in her mouth (handmade), but she had a subtle reaction. Please refine your sensitivity, she instructed me.
And for some reason, whether it’s because I’m a saint or not, I’ve started getting all kinds of consultations from seniors. Lately, even teachers are coming to me for advice.
The math teacher the other day asked me to predict a trifecta in horse racing, so I had a word with the principal, but when I tried to predict just for fun, I miraculously got it right. I guess it was beginner’s luck.
“Looks like everyone’s here.”
One lazy morning, Sayuri sensei looked around the classroom.
The languid heat characteristic of the season seemed to sap my motivation, but compelled by a sense of mission, I can’t help but open my mouth.
“I thought a beauty idol had entered, but it was just the teacher. Good morning.”
“I’m going to arbitrarily add 5 points to your grades.”
“Aren’t you shamelessly brown-nosing.”
Hinagi scolds me, but she doesn’t when I suck up to her. Unfair.
“A student like me who has no expectations for his grades has to earn them where he can.”
“With Yukito, you can always get the principal to give you unlimited grades.”
“Don’t just shine with your face. As if there’s such a student.”
“But there is…”
Resigned sighing voices echo around me. Dear…
“I have an announcement today, so listen up.”
Oh, it looks like Ms. Sayuri has an announcement for us. Rarely does she make unnecessary chitchat.
“It may be rather old-fashioned, but regarding the dojo stormers that have been popping up lately…”
“Showa era?”
“Hey! Don’t disrespect the Showa era! Listen, whatever you do, don’t say thoughtless things like, “I’ve only seen Showa in textbooks,” in front of Mr. Sanjouji!
For us, things like the Showa era are like fantasy worlds.
“Pfft hahaha. But dojo stormers, pff… In this Reiwa era, swordsmen, pfft pfft.”
At the overly outdated term, everyone bursts out laughing, banging on their desks and rolling on the floor with laughter.
A relic lost to history. It’s hilarious that anyone would do something so silly today.
“Let’s all have a good laugh! What dojo-stormers! Get with the times!”
“Uh, Yukito, I have a bad feeling about this…”
“Yeah, Yuki, laughing and rolling around with a straight face is pretty scary!”
“What’s so funny, Kokonoe Yukito?”
“I’d like to see the faces of the parents who raised such clowns.”
“Oh-ho. Apparently, these dojo stormers are raiding gyms in the area under the name of warrior training.”
The mood changed in an instant. What happened, suddenly I can’t laugh anymore?
“I agree about wanting to see the parents’ faces, but we just saw them at the open house the other day. I wonder who they could be, huh? Do you know, Kokonoe Yukito?”
“Uh, um…yeah?”
Cold sweat runs down my back as I stall for time. Glancing sideways, the refreshing pretty boy has the same reaction as me. Shiori has turned away, feigning ignorance as she looks out the window. Ah, a sparrow!
“Unusually silent today. What’s the matter? Laugh, Kokonoe Yukito. Do you have any idea? From the testimony of the witnesses, some characteristics of the culprits have been determined. Mainly a guy who’s strangely hot, a guy with strangely excellent motor skills, a strangely tall girl, and among them, a particularly suspicious guy wearing a mask. Ring any bells? Huh? Well!?”
“Who the hell is that ……? “
No matter how you look at it, he’s just a suspicious person. Too suspicious. Officer, this man here.
“By the way, Kokonoe Yukito. What do you call the match format where the winner removes the opponent’s mask?”
“Don’t patronize me, teacher. I know that much. If both are masked, it’s a mask versus mask match. If one is unmasked, it’s Mask vs. Hair, where the loser gets his hair cut. A traditional method of dueling where everyone’s “pride” is at stake.
Common knowledge in Mexico!
“As expected, you study well. Quite knowledgeable.”
Oh no, don’t compliment me so much. I’m blushing.
“Apparently, the perpetrator group goes by the name of Team Snow Rabbits.”
“Affectionately known as the Snow Rabbits.”
“It’s you! What are you up to? You’ve only been at this school for a few months! This isn’t anime or manga, can’t you act a little more like an adult?”
“There’s also the possibility of a light novel.”
“What are you talking about? Really, so worrying. Because of you, my standing in the teacher’s office is, is, well… it’s rising, so that’s something to be thankful for, but…”
Mrs. Sayuri smiles wryly. It seems that her leadership as the teacher who oversees our class of top troublemakers, including the freshmen, is highly valued. (According to the student council president)
You could say that all the headaches get dumped on her. Sorry, Teach.
“Even Kamishiro and Mihou are in on it–!”
“So is Ito.”
Ah, the inconspicuous Ito looks dejected.
“Ahem. I won’t interfere in your private affairs, but please don’t cause any more trouble. Okay?”
An ominous silence fills the classroom.
“That worries me! Answer me!”
The refreshingly handsome boy opens his mouth awkwardly.
“Teacher, probably impossible.”
We watch absently as Ms. Sayuri flutters out of the classroom with a tearful face.
Well then, let [Kokonoe Yukito’s Thank You Chapter] begin!

“Hey, Yuki, can I touch it?”
“Go ahead.”
“Yay! Fluffy and squishy!”
Shiori rubs my head vigorously and randomly.
“I can’t believe Ms. Sayuri found out our identities…”
“In fact, was there any factor that prevented her from doing so?”
“Huh? The camouflage was perfect!”
The refreshing pretty boy asks a question that’s late by any standard.
“Why the mask?”
“I love it! Masked Bunny Yuki. Fluffy and squishy and fuzzy.”
I’m wearing a bunny man mask inspired by Friedrich II, but of course, it’s not for fashion or dressing up. It’s a matter of necessity. I’m a practical person.
“For some reason, I seem to have a constitution that frequently runs into trouble.”
“That’s… that’s true. There’s really no room for argument.”
“I want to live quietly without causing any trouble, but I’m still getting attention at school. I’ve inconvenienced Yuuri-san as well, so I’ve been thinking about it. How can I avoid being noticed?”
“Oh, I see. I’ll listen to the rest without saying anything for now.”
“The solution is actually quite simple. It’s like hiding in plain sight. In other words, if I wear a mask, no one will recognize me. I’ll be incognito. I won’t cause any trouble, and I won’t stand out.”
“What you’re saying is right, but what you’re doing is completely wrong.
“The mask was to avoid attracting attention! But Yuki, you stand out soooo much!”
Shiori, who was crushing me, suddenly became stiff as a board.
Even though I said it was inspired by Friedrich II, I didn’t skin anything alive or anything, so don’t worry. The material is safe, high quality leather. Hand-sewn work that I’m confident in.
“Well, somehow things got going. The tournament is coming soon. Just because the school found out, we can’t miss out on this valuable practical experience!”
As always, the hot-blooded senior was fired up. As he says, time is short for the 3rd graders graduating this year. We can’t practice with other schools that often. That’s why we came up with this method of practicing privately outside of club activities.
“If you get hurt, it’ll be a big problem, Toshirou.”
Today, even Takamiya-senpai, our passionate senior’s crush, was here. Even to an onlooker, you can see a strong bond between them. When they confess, it seems like they could achieve their love instantly, but from an outsider’s perspective, it’s quite awkward.
On the weekend, we gathered at the outdoor courtyard. It’s open to everyone and there’s no pressure, but the members of the basketball club, who have no other obligations, participate diligently every week. Their enthusiasm is a good thing.
Sayuri-sensei said dojo stormers, but of course we don’t do anything that uncivilized.
Everything is strictly above board. Using the refreshing pretty boy’s connections, I politely wrote letters inviting them to play streetball together.
“I’ve been waiting, Kouki. And for you! today I’ll finally reveal your true identity!”
“Impudent Usa. I’ll beat you again, Usa!”
“You know this guy’s identity, right, Senpai?”
“Kai was whining about why you didn’t come to him as well.”
“Kai Senpai? It feels nostalgic, like we’ve gone back to the past. I’m happy.”
The friendly, refreshing handsome guy is talking to the big man in front of him. A version of Kouki Mihou, who I don’t usually see at school, is there. The big man in front of him, who introduces himself as Daigo, seems to be a senior from junior high school. He was a great help in the basketball club. He’s a good guy who’s willing to hang out with us for the second week in a row. The handsome guy has a lot of acquaintances, but among them, you can tell that he’s someone with whom you can be at ease.
“I couldn’t steal the ball from you last time! I’ve been looking forward to this rematch!”
“No chance, Usa!
By the way, even though the main matches are against the hot-blooded seniors with no practical experience and the powerhouse Teiou High basketball team, in the timed one-on-one matches, for some reason I get my mask taken off if I lose. Why only me… Unreasonable, Usa….
It occurs to me. People have many faces and build different selves through relationships. In other words, it’s other people who bring about change. Maybe I can only change by interacting with others. No – my motivation to change must be there.
If I remained a loner, I would have no need to change. If no one was around, if I was always alone, I could have stayed the same. I could remain unchanged. But now…
“Yuki is so amazing, you know. Nobody but Yuki could do that.”
Shiori smiles innocently and openly. Smiles like that always made me cloud over.
“Saying thank you is not enough. I’m just so, so happy every day, you know. Everyone must feel the same. Even Kouki and the seniors. That’s why there are always crowds around Yuki. Because it’s fun – that’s how it is, right?”
Before I knew it, I couldn’t be alone anymore. Not that it isn’t stressful. Just this morning when I woke up, Mom was sleeping next to me. For the 7th time this month.
“I’ve become friends with Suzurikawa. A Love rival. But I was thinking, if days like this could go on forever, laughing together like this.”
Shiori changed. Suzurikawa too. They decided to change and took a step forward. The weakness they had before is gone. The darkness is gone. I might be the only one who thinks they’re still the same. Unable to keep up with the pace of change. Left behind by their growth. I’m running after them too. Even if it’s slowly, step by step.
“Haha, fun!”
Wow, why is she even bigger now? She has grown. Not only in height, but also in spirit.
“Aim for 180cm, Usa!”
“No way!”

“Speaking of which, hasn’t the number of participants increased significantly?”
In addition to the seniors like Daigo we invited, the powerhouse Teiou High basketball club, several other teams gathered at the streetball court. Some we invited from basketball clubs, and some we don’t know.
The number of participants had been slowly increasing, but it had become quite lively before we noticed.
“Yukito-kun, it’s been a while.”
“Who’s that?”
I turned around when I heard a voice from behind, and there was Senpai Hyakums, a college student.
“Hello, Hyakums-senpai, have you come to practice as well?”
“Hehe… I see, that’s why there are so many people here.”
“Well, what do you mean?”
Shiori, who knew Hyakums-senpai from Streetball, asked.
“Don’t you know? Yukito-kun and the others are doing something interesting, and it’s become a secret topic of conversation, you know?”
According to Hyakums-senpai, there’s been talk in town about a mysterious “Bunny Man” wearing a rabbit mask who’s unusually skilled at basketball and has been challenging the dojos. Some say that the basketball team is waiting for someone to come and challenge them. The situation seemed to become more serious than what Sayuri-sensei had warned about.
It’s said that one can find out the true identity of the Bunny Man if they win, and that makes it even more exciting.
With spectators gathering to catch a glimpse of Bunny Man, and basketball teams and Streetball teams coming to challenge each other, the outdoor court was busier than ever.
“It’s great for us too that streetball is becoming more popular. There is no lack of opponents. And there are also strong high school students. It was unexpected that it would become so big, but…”
Now that I think about it, I’ve heard “It’s the Bunny Man!”, “Wow, he’s really here!”, “Can I take a picture with you?” and the like here and there. Photos allowed!
“Yukito, whether you wear the mask or not…”
“Don’t say it. Don’t say it.”
“Yuki, you did stand out! Oh, your ears are twitching.”
“That wasn’t my intention, Usa…”

The mystery man [Bunny Man’s Invitation] gradually becomes the status symbol of the basketball club.
Without my noticing, the Bunny Man meme contamination quietly spread across the country.
This was the beginning of the coming [Third Basketball Boom].

“You helped me too.”
At these words, the classroom flushed. Of course, me too.
Yuki wants to thank me even though I caused him trouble. It’s true that everyone worked hard to get his suspension lifted, but the guilty parties were Senior Tojo and the school – Yuki did absolutely nothing wrong. If anything, he should be able to get an apology for the unfair punishment.
Besides, I and the others already owe Yuki a huge debt. A debt too big to repay.
Yuki had no obligation to thank us.
Still, those words were deadly poison to a girl in love.
I mean, Yuki is thanking me! How could I miss this chance?
My inner dialog ends quickly. I have a weak willpower and immediately bite the bait in front of me.
“A-Anything’s good!?”
“I can’t do everything. Saying anything will lead to disaster. Just the other day, when I told Mom I’d do anything, she said some scary things like wanting to sleep together five times a week.”
“Way too doting on your mom!”
“It was awful after that too. When I said I’d do anything, so please just spare me the five times, she said she’d increase it to six times, and I was completely backed into a corner. What did I do wrong?”
“It’s because you say everything!
Luckily, Big Sister Yuuri is there, so I think it’ll be okay, but Yuki is really loved by his family.
Anyway, this is a tough problem. What should I ask for?
I fiddle with my watch. Somehow, it had become a habit. I’d feel bad if I got another present. Just the other day, Yuki gave me an original watch just for me. Also handmade by Yuki. I don’t know the details, but I can tell it’s quite expensive.
Most importantly, it’s my precious treasure containing Yuki’s time and feelings.
As I agonize over what to ask for, I suddenly remember a video I saw online last night.
A nearby aquarium was featured as a recommended date spot. Apparently they also have dolphin shows. I haven’t been to an aquarium since elementary school.
A date with Yuki! I smile thoughtlessly. I’ve been doing nothing but chasing after Yuki for a while now. The future is unknown, every day a desperate struggle just to apologize.
But Yuki gave me a chance to start over. Then I’ll start from scratch. -To make this love possible.
Reset everything, start all over again.
“Hey, I want to play together! YWhere we can touch and interact. Let’s go see the fish?”
“I see, fish. Fish, huh… Wait a minute, let me check.”

The sunrise gradually illuminates the water’s black surface. A magnificent, fantastic scene unfolds.
I’m struck speechless, my eyes taken away. Goose bumps from the overwhelming magnitude.
The sea as far as I can see. The reflected sunlight makes the azure surface sparkle beautifully like a gem.
Seagulls dance gracefully in the sky. Fish jump out of the water in the distance.
The smell of the sea fills my nostrils and is refreshing. Everything is a new experience.
I said I wanted to see fish. And that you could interact with them and touch them.
But isn’t this a bit much? I’m overwhelmed.
Yuki’s actions were unexpected, but it seems I still lack understanding of the human known as Kokonoe Yukito.
On board the ship sailing across the Pacific, I was moved by the sheer magnitude of it all and shouted as if I wanted to vomit out the frustration boiling in my chest.
“Yuki you bakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! “

“Thank you boss. Seems like Shiori is enjoying it as well.”
Facing the sea, Shiori is shouting something loud. Looks like she’s enjoying it.
“Boy, I haven’t confirmed it, but isn’t what the girl meant by ‘want to see fish’ about going to an aquarium?”
“An aquarium? That’s not it. You can’t eat anything there.”
“This boy really needs to learn some common sense. Anyway, the fact that she’s willing to go on a boat knowing it’s for fishing means she must really like you. Take good care of her.”
To fulfill Shiori’s wish to see fish, I asked the captain for permission and was allowed to join the fishing trip.
It was quite unexpected that Shiori, who wanted to interact with fish, would be interested in fishing. Humans are full of surprises. Shiori is a good swimmer, and maybe she has a natural affinity for the sea.
Although it was early in the morning, the view from the boat dispelled any sleepiness. The vast sea in all directions. Every part of the landscape was colored by the sea, and I even felt a sense of loneliness, as if I had been left behind by the sea.
A few days ago, when I told Shiori that I got permission from the captain to go on board, she gave me a pat on the back. I wonder if it made her that happy. It was definitely worth asking.
As rookie sailors, we couldn’t interfere with the fishing. Of course, we couldn’t let Shiori do anything dangerous, so she wore a life jacket borrowed from the captain.
Although I’ve been on ferries and such, this is the first time I’ve been on what you could call a fishing boat.
While the captain skillfully started fishing, Shiori and I had rods in our hands for some fishing.
I had to teach Shiori from scratch since she had no fishing experience. We started by baiting the hook.
“Little shrimps?”
“They’re not shrimps, even though they look like shrimps. They’re called ‘amiebi,’ and we use them as bait to attract fish.”
“But it’s a shrimp, right?”
“Yes, it’s a shrimp, but it’s not a shrimp. It’s quite mysterious.”
We scattered the amiebi from the boat onto the surface of the sea. Shiori’s question was reasonable. After all, it looked like a shrimp. But even though it looked like a shrimp, amiebi is a kind of plankton. The creatures are strange. I also had some Okiami. Shiori might use them once she gets used to fishing.
We also had krill and cockles, but they wouldn’t be used because Shiori almost burst into tears.
As far as I know, Shakado is the only girl who’s good with insects. Although she looks like a small animal, Shakado is probably the most reliable one among us. Truly, humans are full of surprises.
“Waah! Yuki, how do you do that?”
I take over from Shiori, who’s struggling to attach the amiebi to the hook. Although it’s my first time fishing on a boat, I have some fishing experience. I’ve been studying various things just to be prepared in case I get kicked out of my home.
If we ever get stranded on a deserted island, as long as I can make a fire and fish, I’ll at least be able to survive. Relying on fish alone wouldn’t provide a balanced diet.
“After attaching the bait, swing the rod like this.”
A powerful swing of the rod pulls the weight at the end of the hook, sending it flying far into the distance.
Once you confirm that it has hit the water, all you have to do is wait for a bite.
“This is the way to fish. I was a little worried about how this would go, but it’s actually quite exciting!”
I apologize to the excited Shiori, but fishing sometimes requires patience. If the fish don’t bite, they just don’t bite. No matter how much you change your spot, there are times when there’s no activity.
And if there are no fish in the area, you won’t catch any. But today we’re fishing from a boat. There’s even a fish finder on the boat, so there’s no way we won’t catch any.
“Yuki! I’ve got something! Does that mean I caught something?! What should I do from here?”
Is this beginner’s luck? Shiori had already caught something while she was still asking.
It seems like it’s going to be fun after all.

“I did it! I caught something! Yuki, I caught something!”
“Congratulations. It’s… a horse mackerel.”
After struggling for a while, Shiori finally reeled it in. Even though I helped, it’s the first fish Shiori has ever caught.
“Huh?… It’s smaller than I expected? It felt so heavy!?”
She seemed a little disappointed. But for Shiori, it was satisfying enough. I remembered feeling the same way when I caught my first fish. It was quite a nostalgic memory.
“This is the weight of life. Even fish fight desperately not to be caught.”
“Yes… I get it now. This is the weight of life. I took the life of this fish.”
Strictly speaking, it’s still alive, but Shiori looked at the fish she caught with deep emotion.
“Are you afraid?”
“No. But I must understand this. To live, you have to take life and eat it. I buy fish in department stores and eat sushi, but I’ve never really thought about it.
That’s probably why we Japanese say “itadakimasu” before eating.
“Yuki, I almost killed you that time. I almost… took your life.”
She must have had a flashback because Shiori’s back started to shake. I stroked her back gently to calm her down.
“I’m alive and I didn’t want you to get hurt back then. I helped you because I wanted you to stay alive. So don’t take life for granted.”
“Come on, we just started. I want to fish too.”
I push Shiori forward. Knowing the weight of life, Shiori will probably grow from this experience.
“Yuki, I’ll do my best!”
It’s okay. I feel relieved. Maybe I shouldn’t have worried so much.

“Right. Boy, should we try to clean it here?”
As the boss reels in the net with the winch, the net contains colorful fish.
There are also some octopuses, but everything that is not needed is set aside. According to the boss, this is a good enough catch.
“Right, boss. Hmm, let’s start with the horse mackerel that Shiori caught.”
“When you eat it in slices, watch out for parasites. You can tell by looking.”
Following the boss’ instructions, I cleanly gut the horse mackerel. Shiori watches attentively.
“Gross, huh? You don’t have to watch.”
“No. We’re going to eat it after all. Then I shouldn’t look away. And I want to learn to cook too…”
Seeing her hesitant side, it looks like she has a long way to go.
Anyway, I wash the sliced mackerel and put it in a small bowl with soy sauce to taste.
“How is it, Boy?”
“Just being fresh makes all the difference. Would you like to try some, Shiori?”
Shiori carefully puts a slice into her mouth.
“After all, I caught this fish. Eating it is my responsibility, too. Let’s eat – it’s chewy!”
Shiori’s eyes are wide open. A fish she caught herself. The taste must be something special, too, since it’s mackerel.
“You have quite an appetite. When we get back to the harbor, I’ll treat you. But young lady, you wanted to go to the aquarium, right? Did you enjoy it today?”
“Ahaha….You knew, huh? I never thought I’d get to go on a ship like this. But it was a valuable experience and fun. Thanks for today!”
“Looks like Boy is still oblivious. Boy just lacks common sense. Even though it’s going to be hard for you, young miss, next time make it clear that it’s an aquarium date.”
“Wait a minute. Shiori didn’t say anything about an aquarium…”
“Alright, time to go back.”
–That’s nonsense!? Is this the communication skills of an old man? In this short time, he understands Shiori better than I do. I got a glimpse of why dandy uncles are so popular.
“Yuki, thank you for today as well. –We couldn’t have such an experience in an aquarium.”
Shiori’s satisfied smile shines brighter than the illuminated surface of the sea.

The classroom feels cozy in the early morning for those with an early start.
Classmates are scattered around as I search my bag for the item I want.
“Even though I got Yukito into trouble, I can’t accept thanks…”
“But you helped, that’s a fact. Besides, I already did it.”
During the suspension incident, Suzurikawa Hinagi helped me without a thought for herself. It wasn’t an easy decision for Hinagi who had suffered in the past.
But she made it. Although she said it was cool to help me, the one who was helped was me. So, I have to thank her.
“Thank you. It’s cute and soft… really squishy. Yukito, you’re pretty handy, huh?”
“You think so?”
“All I can do is sew on buttons.”
I hand the Yukito bear plush to Hinagi. I also made Hiori’s share.
Lately, with Mom doing most of the housework, I have a lot less to do around the house.
Feeling insecure about my reason for existing with nothing to do, I started to learn sewing.
One result is the Yukito soft toy she wanted.
“It’s not just a stuffed animal. If you hit it here, it’ll make a scream. There are 9 types of death screams recorded. Perfect for stress relief.”
When I poke the head part, it plays a sound of me screaming [Noooooo!] in a cute voice.
The fact that she wanted a stuffed version of me probably means it’s for stress relief.
She’ll use it to stomp on, hit, and throw against the wall when she’s pissed off.
So to add to the realism, screams are essential. I’ve done an excellent job here.
Hinagi squeezes the chest of the Yukito bear. It screams [Ngyaaaa!].
“Why the screams? It’s too scary! Seriously, you’re an idiot. It would have been nicer if it said my name or something…”
Pouting Hinagi. I’ll make sure to record some audio with name requests next time.
“Oh, and there’s also this.”
“….It’s a book, right?”
“A pop-up book with little Hinagi.”
When I open the book, little Hinagi pops up. The content is quite simple – a heartwarming story of little Hinagi going on adventures and becoming happy through various experiences.
“You liked picture books when you were little.”
“When was that? But wow, to be able to make something like this….Huh, the end is blank?”
Flipping through, Hinagi’s hand stops at the last page.
“Your future, what comes next, continues to unfold. It won’t come to an end”
Seeing the finished picture book, Hinagi’s eyes are bloodshot again.
That’s right, that’s right. When she was little, Hinagi loved picture books. She would often bring them to me and say, “Yuu-chan, let’s read together!”
For some reason, I always did the reading. While I read aloud, Hinagi would say “Amazing!” next to me – a nostalgic memory.
“I’ve been thinking for a while, but does Yukito like crafts and stuff?”
“….I wonder. I don’t intend to.”
Maybe I don’t mind immersing myself in something, even if not consciously.
“I want to join a club too. Now that I’m in high school, I want to try something new.”
Wiping her wet eyes, Hinagi smiles. She’s growing, walking down the blank page. She’s going to live the life she once neglected, worrying only about me and looking down on herself.
No unnecessary words are needed. I just respect her decision.
“Yes, I have decided. I’ll do the art club!”
“Not the wind band instead?”
In middle school, Hinagi was in the wind band. Hiori is in it now, too.
“I like the wind band too, but I thought I wanted to express myself by making something tangible.”
“I see.”
Watching my childhood friend gradually grow up filled me with a sense of pride.

“Hurry up, Yukito! I’m starving here!”
I quickly apologized, fearing divine retribution,
“I’m very sorry, goddess Takamimusubi senpai.”
The floor boss who always appeared at the emergency staircase was none other than Goddess Senpai, but I had informed her of my plans beforehand.
“This is too heavy a deity! And even though you can easily say that ridiculously complicated name, how come you can’t remember my name? Tell me the truth. Do you really remember it? You just pretend not to out of embarrassment when we’re alone, right?”
“Oh no, of course I remember!”
“Then say it.”
Oh dear. She was really looking down on me. But of course, I remembered the real name of the goddess, Senpai.
“Let’s see… it’s not Argento or something from Food Wars. Wait, I think it was…Bringer?” (T/N : Argento Soma, Shokugeki no Soma, Soma Bringer. Yukito is messing around with her)
“How can you still not remember it clearly?”
“It’s not Mera-“
“It’s Mera! No, wait, that’s not it either. It’s S-O-U-M-A. I have such a beautiful name, Souma Kyouka, so get it right!”
“But isn’t it a rumor that everyone just calls you Goddess Senpai?”
“You’re the one who started that! Why are you talking like you had nothing to do with it? “
To appease the angry goddess, an offering must be made.
“Well, I’ll give you this French bread.”
I handed the French bread I was holding to the goddess senpai. She looked at it several times, seemingly interested.
As I expected, she was busy with the French bread.
“Yukito, you said you were going to make lunch for me, right? This isn’t store-bought.”
“I made it myself. Here, dragon fruit jam too.”
Since it was too big to bake at home, I borrowed the boss’s power.
“This is amazing, really amazing! But dragon fruit has such an intense name. I’d feel bad if I got such a big, hard French bread for lunch. Unless… that was your intention?”
“We have French bread, but no Japanese bread, probably just because of how it sounds.”
“Hey, listen to me! Don’t make me seem like the only embarrassing one.”
What’s Japanese bread? Pan-pan seminar?
“I understand. I’ve prepared properly. Please nibble on the French bread during class, like a squirrel hoarding nuts. Oh, please have some of this pistachio jam, too.”
In addition to the French bread, I gave her a bento box.
“You made me a bento box, too?”
“I went to the home economics room to heat it up. Here, it’s an una-ju.”
“Gorgeous!! You suddenly leveled up too much. Is this considered a bento?”
I processed it myself after being taught . Then I grilled it and made it into a kabayaki.
“Yukito, do you want to be a chef too?”
“I don’t intend to, but…”
The Boss also said to me, “If you’re ever in trouble in the future, I’ll make you inherit this shop.” Apparently his son is just an ordinary employee in the company. He has no intention of forcing the business on him, and he laughed heartily, saying he’s fine with it ending in his generation. But the lack of successors seems to be the same everywhere.
“By the way, don’t you have one for yourself?”
“I have this one.”
I roughly pulled a blocky lump out of the paper bag.
“Oh, the luxury bread I haven’t seen much of lately!”
“This is my first time eating it.”
“I haven’t had it either. Can I have some later?”
“Go ahead. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish it.”
“Why did you bring a whole kilo?!”
I tried to tear off a piece and eat it after quenching my thirst with a tapioca drink.
“How is it?”
“…………Use jam?”
“Yes, please.”
The luxury bread was luxuriously delicious.
“Somehow your lineup feels like someone who missed the hype train.”
Ouch. I secretly took damage from the merciless jab of a current high school girl. But I won’t back down.
“Anyway, I have another thank-you gift.”
“Huh, did you make me something else?”
“It’s not food, but this! An A3 tapestry of a specially taken photo of Goddess Senpai!”
“That was the bonus from last book!”
“What?! What did I just…”
It was as if the Goddess had a revelation. She became even more divine.
I should clarify that there’s been a misunderstanding, just in case.
“It’s not a free bonus, there’s a fee.”
“Yukito, I think it’s time for you to moderate the way you arbitrarily do whatever you want. I’ll take it for now though.”
I was scolded.
“Mm, delicious! But eel is expensive, right? I feel bad at the end.”
“The cost of the ingredients is all that went into it, so don’t worry. Did you know? Doyo-uhi day has nothing to do with Saturday. So there’s no problem eating it today.”
“Oh, really!”
And so we became a little wiser that afternoon.

“Long before the Common Era, there was a prehistoric civilization.
The lure of ancient civilizations with supposedly advanced technology far beyond our own is never-ending, but for those of us living in the present, knowing the history of the Common Era and beyond is challenging enough.”
While imagining the majestic great history, there is something we must not forget.
Imagine the humble little histories.
There are two periods in the history of the Kuzuya household, the [Old-My Room Period] and the [New-My Room Period], and the change between them was extremely dramatic.
My once simple, inorganic space changed its appearance and took on bright pastel colors.
The ancient civilizations collapsed without a trace. Even searching for remnants is difficult.
And a chest of drawers had been placed without my noticing! When did this happen?!
Of course, the user was not me, but either my mother or my sister, or both of them. Faced with the two of them casually bursting into my room like a grocery store, I protested weakly but was completely ignored. Supporting family members is hard.
As I studied in my restless room, sighing heavily in my heart, an unprecedented crisis suddenly arrived, on the level of realizing I’d forgotten my essential scientific calculator for an exam. It was the great King Angolmois that Nostradamus had prophesied.
Powerless before the approaching figure, trembling with fear with my back to the wall. I couldn’t retreat any further. In the face of the far too powerful opponent, I steeled my resolve and defiantly stood my ground.
“Get a grip on yourself, Onee-chan!”
“I’m always sane.”
My attempts to convince her failed, for my sister was sane. Then I have no choice. In that case…!
“Don’t get carried away, Onee-chan!”
“I guess you are right that I lost my mind long ago.”
Yuuri-san completely destroyed me with her ultimate undefeatable theory. I couldn’t even face Yuuri-san directly. But inspiration descended from the heavens and I thought of a solution.
“I know, wait a second!”
I rushed out of my room to grab what I was looking for.
“Fufufu. This is perfect. I’m ready now. What did you need?”
I stubbed my toe hard into the corner and rolled around in pain.
“What are you doing!? Are you okay? It’s dangerous to do things like that.”
My eye mask was knocked off. Critical damage to my eyes as well.
“Why are you half naked?!”
“Didn’t I say before that my chest has grown so I have to measure for bra sizes? I need to replace them too.”
“It…wasn’t a joke?”
Come to think of it, she might have said that before her underwear had gotten tight.
“Huh? Am I really going to measure you? “
“Who else is here besides you?”
“Mom or…”
Wouldn’t someone other than me be more suitable? No matter how I think about it, it’s a more appropriate occupation than me, right?
“Mom is a rival. I’m still behind her for now, but eventually I’ll surpass her!”
“I see.”
I didn’t really understand, so I only vaguely acknowledged her.
“You’re used to seeing me naked, right? Measuring bust size shouldn’t embarrass you this late.”
“I think it would be bad if I was used to it.”
My sister tilted her head in confusion.
“Was there any room for doubt?”
I tilted my head in confusion as well.
“Don’t worry about such things. Here, I’ll measure it.”
My sister put her hands behind her head and spread her armpits wide.
It was too stimulating for my adolescent eyes, but she didn’t seem to mind at all.
There was such perfection. Her posture, like a beautiful sculpture, was almost divine. Skin so dense, detailed and pure with all impurities removed. Her purity, twelve-nines.
My knees hit the floor. Thunderous applause echoed in my chest. I clenched my teeth. Such excitement.
An encounter with the Renaissance of the present. Driven by the thirst welling up from the depths of my heart, my throat trembled.
“Erotic Venus.”
“It’s Milo.”
My mouth slipped! I’ve done it now! I did it now! Done it now! (Echo)
“If it’s you saying it, I don’t mind being called that.”
“Is that so?”
I could only admire her enormous tolerance.
“Measure from the back. The difference between the upper and lower breasts determines it.”
I gained more unnecessary knowledge. Tonight the sister’s harassment is exploding again.
I have to measure her or it won’t stop. With determination, I slowly run the tape measure around her back. Aligning it to intersect at the top, the number is… ahhhhhhh!
“Nn…that tickles…”
I have to escape this hell quickly or I’ll run out of credit and get a game over on life.
I heard nothing I heard nothing I heard nothing I heard nothing how many times now?
“For subtraction, that’s right, subtraction! Let’s see…about 25 centimeters?”
I checked the size chart on all fours. All I had to do was look at the G cup column.
Only then did I learn that even within the same cup size there are different types. Women have it tough. Since she’s studying sewing, it turned out to be surprisingly educational.
“Looks like there was growth after all. I’ll make you to measure weekly from now on.”
“Isn’t that too often?”
“It’s a growth period.”
“Growth periods are amazing.”
Growing season arguments are very convincing.
Anyway, I avert my gaze from my sister, who remains the same even after the measurement.
“What’s wrong? It’s not like they’re shrinking, so look as much as you want.”
“Please be a little more discreet…”
“We are a family. Don’t worry about such things.”
“If that’s how you feel about it, then I have thoughts about it too!”
Snap. Even I snapped at that point. There’s a limit to endurance. No matter how steady a mind I claim to have, like a level, there is a limit, like credit card limits.
They say there is an etiquette even in the family, but there is an etiquette even in the family.
Hey you, moderate yourself. Even if I put up with it, what’s with the attitude!
Oh, I get it. Fine! This is a war you started. I’ll give it my all!
I stared, ogling as much as I wanted. Like an eye exam. I crawled my gaze all over her body, licking her with my eyes.
Fufufu. How about that, isn’t that crazy? Feel the power of my vulgar, lustful gaze!
Yuuri-san flinched for a moment. I have won! But the price of victory is high.
Unqualified as a brother, unable to defend myself even when scorned.
As I worried inwardly, she gently hugged me.
“Yes, that’s it. Do what you want. I’ll accept everything, so… Because for me it’s the only… My value is… My reason for being is… Be true to your feelings, put your feelings first. If Yukito wants, no matter how much I…”
But suddenly, as if coming to her senses, Yuuri-san pulled away.
“It’s nothing.”
For a moment, her eyes wavered sadly.
At a loss from the indescribable uneasiness, my gaze wandered. What just happened?
As if on cue, my sister opened her mouth.
“I’m going shopping for underwear, so come with me.”
“Oh no, thank you.”
“I’ll buy you the underwear you like.”
“Even if you say it like you’re giving me candy…”
“Huh? You’re going, right?”
“I humbly accept.”
Our trip was decided. We could gradually become normal siblings again.
However, my sister’s anguished and painful expression remained burned in my mind.

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