Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 1

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When Sorcerer-in-Chief Schlein, the top imperial sorcerer, healed me, Todd had regained consciousness.
Incidentally, healing is a special magic only those who have mastered water magic can acquire.
“Really now, Prince Todd has such a rare talent for magic, yet why do you work so hard at swordsmanship… And mastering earth magic of all things, when the proper order is to learn fire magic first, then water magic…”
Of course, there’s a reason why Schlein launches into a long-winded lecture.
As the top imperial sorcerer, he also fulfills the role of home tutor to raise Todd with his exceptional magic aptitude into a full-fledged sorcerer.
To him, the fact that Todd who can already wield the four elemental magics – fire, water, wind, earth – at the age of eight, is wasting time on things like swordsmanship is unforgivably vexing.
Currently on the battlefield, military units called Magic Soldiers formed by gathering sorcerers capable of magic often determine the outcome.
Among them, fire magic sorcerers who can use fire magic are regarded as the stars of the show.
Sorcerers who race through battlefields slaughtering countless enemies, standing at the head and guiding everyone.
If Prince Todd grew into such an outstanding person, the future of the Rynsgaya Kingdom would be secure.
That’s probably how Top Imperial Sorcerer Schlein thinks.
With Todd’s knowledge from his past life, it was laughable thinking.
What’s needed to make Mobile Armors are earth and wind magic, and those two attributes will take on important roles going forward instead.
But there’s no point honestly saying what I think.
So Todd lightly ignored the long lecture, far longer than what a principal would give in his past life, letting it flow in one ear and out the other.
He was finally freed after a few dozen minutes later.
Todd walked through the palace looking worn out, his face sagging and clothes seeming somewhat disheveled from exhaustion. His destination room was quickly found, he knocked twice, waited briefly, then entered.
“Aah, uueeh!”
“Were you a good boy, Edward?”
“Yeah! So let’s play together!”
“Alright alright, no need to pull so hard, I said I’ll play!”
A lively boy brimming with energy, as if his entire being was packed with vigor, eyes shining like jewels.
His name is Edward Al Rynsgaya.
He’s the character the player of [Augustus – The Supreme Throne] would control, the protagonist of the story where he would remove Todd from succession and reign as king in practically every route.
Yet spending time playing together or having meals, I feel none of the ruthlessness that appears when he enters the succession route in the game.
“Could it be that innocent behavior is also an act to deceive me and seize the throne?”
At first Todd harbored such suspicions, but they were dispelled quite early on.
Todd, who had a somewhat affectionate side for his younger brother, Edward, complied with Edward’s request and placed a board on the table to play a board game unique to this world called “Slado.”
This game involves using pieces representing magic infantry and cavalry to defeat the opponent’s king, similar to chess in this world.
“Hmm… I’ll put the infantry in front and the magic infantry…”
“In that case, I’ll go all out with heavy cavalry, prepared for casualties.”
“Wait a minute! Hold on!”
While nodding in agreement and contemplating his next move, Edward would occasionally revert to the previous move, causing Todd to smile. Although it would usually be against his principles to go back on a move, he didn’t mind making an exception for his adorable little brother’s request.
Todd couldn’t help but smile at Edward’s efforts, so small that the swirl on his head was visible. even though complimenting him as cute would likely result in being scolded, so he kept those thoughts to himself.
While Edward thought about his next move, Todd recalled a time about six years ago when Edward, his younger brother, was born.
What Todd felt when their mother, Ceres, went into labor was a sense of urgency, as if the moment he had been dreading had finally arrived.
The first thing Todd had to consider was his own survival. If the world unfolded as in the game, it was certain that Todd would not survive until the end, regardless of which route he chose to take.
While Todd believed that he would be fine as long as he was careful, the uncertainty lay in the fact that he didn’t know what kind of person Edward would become.
Edward, who was the player’s proxy, had a personality that could vary significantly depending on his actions, the route he took, and the ending he reached.
If the Edward born in this world turned out to be power-hungry, like in the route where the eldest daughter was ruthlessly killed and saw Todd as an obstacle, even if Todd relinquished his right to the throne, there was a high chance that he would be killed.
Furthermore, in several routes, regardless of Todd’s personality, they ended up in a situation where they would kill each other.
In such cases, Todd even considered the idea of killing Edward himself, but it was just a fleeting thought.
Todd didn’t know what would be best to do, and he found himself facing the newborn Edward without any answers. He carefully observed the newborn, but there was no sign of the strange behavior that might indicate an awareness of being reincarnated, as Todd had experienced when he was born. There were no suspicious behaviors indicating he noticed reincarnating like Todd did.
Todd was relieved that Edward didn’t seem to be a reincarnator like himself, and felt a little disgusted at himself for it.
(I’m a …… I’m such a small person.)
While falling into self-loathing, he stared at Edward with a furrow between his brows, when it happened.


Edward firmly grasped Todd’s unconsciously extended right index finger in his palm.
–At that moment, a current ran through Todd’s entire body.
He felt proud that this adorable creature before him was his younger brother.
The small palm was throbbing, making Todd feel that Edward was a living person.
Gently touching that tiny hand as if it would break with a touch…Todd unknowingly let out an “aah” and ended up crying. Edward cried after being set off too, and the midwife laughing at them is a good memory now.
He must never do anything to kill Edward, no matter what happens to himself.
If something were to make him hated, he would offer up this body without hesitation.
That became the first oath the boy Todd made upon falling into this world.
After that, he attended the births of all his younger siblings.
And each time he touched the new lives, he renewed his oath to cherish him, her.
The infantry are trampled by the cavalry, and magic soldiers fired through gaps deal a check to the king in firing range.
Victory went to Todd again today.
He was spacing out reminiscing about the old days, but they lived a different number of years after all.
Including his past life, he’s over thirty years old, so there’s no reason he should lose…is what he wants to say, but in truth it was a very close fight. Only the king, queen, and sporadically placed magic soldier pieces remained on Todd’s board, the cavalry already gone.
He won, but it was a razor-thin victory where calling it a narrow victory would be appropriate.
(But as expected, Edward is amazing. He keeps getting better at learning how I play. At this rate, I might not be able to win a few years from now.)
“Aww, I lost again!”
“You almost had me, I think it was close.”
“Let’s play again!”
“Okay, then let’s reset the pieces—”
“Wait a minute, Big Brother!”
As if waiting for a chance to cut into their conversation, the room’s door burst open forcefully.
What ran in vigorously with loud thudding footsteps from the hallway was a girl with reddish-brown hair.
With a cheeky face closely resembling her mother Iris, hair flowing straight and long now disheveled without care, she clung to Todd.
“No no, Big Brother has to play with me!”
“Hey, you’re not supposed to run indoors, Enethya.”
“I’m sowwy…”
Clutching her pristine white suit she had just changed into in both hands, she is Enethya Al Rynsgaya.
The third in line to succeed the throne, the first daughter of the Rynsgaya family.
Like Edward, there’s not a hint of the ruthless empress in the game to be seen in her now.
The four year old girl just keeps clinging to Todd, wanting to play together like a normal cute little girl.
Neither Edward, nor Enethya, nor his other siblings, they’re all Todd’s precious family.
He intends to do everything he can to let them live happily.
“I’ll go play with Takeru, Big Brother.”
“Ehh, Edward is playing with stinky Takeru? Big sis said that’ll make you stinky.”
“—Edward, it’s okay. Let’s play another game.”
“It’s fine, let’s do it.”
As Todd stood up, he forcibly pulled Enethya clinging to him away so as not to be refused.
Then as if nothing had happened, he reset the pieces on the board and only took Edward into his field of vision.
As if Enethya in the room was invisible to him.
Her mother, Iris, is a very elective person.
Iris looks down on the citizens, no, all except nobles, and scorns those she sees as uncultured. Probably raised by such a mother, Enethya has a habit of looking down on Takeru somewhat, born between an Akitsushima princess and Todd’s father for friendship with the oceanic nation Akitsushima across the great sea strait to the west.
This wasn’t apparent in the game, but Enethya’s discriminatory ideology seems to have been ingrained by her mother Iris rather than Todd.
Probably from hearing only bad things about him from her mother Iris, her attitude toward Takeru wouldn’t improve no matter how many times she was corrected.

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