Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Special Magic

One day, a while after my father and Chris went to present lotion and conditioner, I received a letter from them. I immediately went to my room, opened the envelope, and read its contents. From what I read, it seems that the presentaion was successfully completed.

I think that Chris’s letter contains a lot of complaints about my decision to leave the Imperial capital to her. There are also some radical sentences.

“Count Roland has been banned.

The Count, whom I have never met, has been banned without my knowledge.

Father also complains a lot about Roland, but what exactly is this person has done?

“Empress Matilda is dangerous. She is dangerous.”

Reading those words alone, it sounds like a sentence of disrespect. I have not heard much about Empress Matilda from my father, so I will talk to him when Chris comes back.

“Count Reiner of the frontier kept turning his back on me. He also fooled me.”

What do you mean? I don’t understand what you mean by “he kept turning away” and “he fooled me”!

But Chris was looking forward to going to the capital when she was here. I wonder what happened to her?

She should have been happy that she had made a breakthrough in the human realm of her hometown’s Saffron Trading Company. But from Chris’s letter, I sensed a dark aura emanating from it, like “Ooo…”

Or rather, this letter definitely didn’t seem like it was written in a normal state of mind. The Chris I knew was usually more intellectual. For now, I stopped thinking about it further.

Just as I finished reading the letter, there was a knock on my door. When I responded, Galun entered the room.

“Lady Sandra is waiting for you at the training ground. Shall we go?”

“Oh, tell her I’ll prepare and go right away!”

After hearing my response, Galun said, “Understood,” and left my room. I tidied up the letter and changed into more comfortable clothes before heading to the training ground.

“Reed, you’re late!!”

Sandra pointed at me with her index finger on her left hand while placing her right hand on her waist. In my mind, I thought it’s not good to point at someone.

“Sorry for being late, Sandra-Sensei.”

“Oh no, don’t worry. I’ll make the training even more strict to make up for it, so don’t mind.”

Why does Sandra always come with a little bit of poison? Well, it doesn’t bother me too much. Since I asked her about the magic recovery medicine and heard about her days in the capital, I feel like we’ve become a little closer. It’s kind of fun to think of us like siblings.

Today, while receiving instructions from Sandra, we immediately started practicing magic conversion. I practice every day without fail to increase the amount of magic power required to activate magic. Sandra observes to see if I can do it efficiently on the days she joins. If there are any issues, she points them out, so I improve quickly. After finishing the training, I told Sandra that I wanted her to teach me about special magic.

“It’s a little early, but you seem fine, Reed.”

With that, Sandra moved to a room with a blackboard in the training ground and began the lecture.

“As a basic premise, you need attribute aptitude to activate attribute magic. According to the current theory of magic learning, it hasn’t been confirmed that there are people with absolutely no attribute aptitude. Everyone has some kind of attribute aptitude. However, even if you hypothetically have no attribute aptitude, you can still activate ‘non-attributed’ magic through training. Is that clear so far?”

Sandra was wearing glasses, which she didn’t usually wear. But for some reason, she looked very refined with them. I quickly raised my hand to ask a question.


“Sandra-sensei, why don’t you usually wear glasses?”

“Huh? W-Well, that’s because Lord Reiner once told me, ‘It’s better if you don’t wear glasses’… Why are you making me say this!! We’re in the middle of a magic lecture!! Just stick to magic questions!!”

“Y-Yes,” I replied to Sandra with a simple response.

Sandra answered my question casually, but her face blushed with embarrassment at that moment. I wondered if my father was unaware of it. She cleared her throat and continued with the theoretical study of magic.

“For elemental magic, you need elemental attributes. But for the category called special magic, do you need special attributes? Please answer, Lord Reed.”

“Um, I don’t know!!” I honestly answered. I knew about elemental attributes from my previous knowledge of games, but special magic was something I had learned since coming to this world. So, I could only say that I honestly didn’t know.

“It’s important to be able to say ‘I don’t know’ when you don’t know something, right? Well then, let me tell you the answer. You don’t need any attributes or special qualities.”

“Huh? So anyone can use it?”

“Well, saying ‘anyone’ is a bit different. To be precise, it becomes usable after training and either creating or receiving instruction.”

So, it means you can create your own magic? The thought of being able to create even more special magic filled me with excitement. I had already created original attack magic, but the idea of expanding my repertoire was exhilarating.

“When it comes to attack magic, it can only be activated by clarifying the image and converting the magic power. Is it the same for special magic?”

“Yes, that’s right. However, special magic requires a more specific image and a larger amount of magic power than attack magic. Even if you have the image, it won’t activate without enough magic power. The same goes the other way around.”

“So, attack magic requires magic power conversion and establishing a clear image to activate. Does that mean special magic requires magic power conversion, magic power amount, and a clear image?”

“That’s correct. Lord Reed, your understanding is truly remarkable.”

Oh, as long as I have enough magic power, I can create unlimited original magic. That thought made my heart leap. But I didn’t fully grasp the concept of the required amount of magic power. It might be better to create magic that measures magic power or develop a tool for it.

“Lastly, let’s talk about the instruction of special magic. Instruction involves conveying the information of magic activation to the designated person in writing, and the person who receives it can relatively easily activate it.”

“Huh…?” I let out a slightly foolish voice. It seemed too powerful if it’s true that anyone can use powerful magic just by me creating the magic and teaching them how to use it. Sandra seemed to notice what I was thinking and resumed the conversation.

“Of course, instruction is not all-powerful. First of all, the person giving the instruction needs a considerable amount of magic power. And the person who receives the instruction also needs an appropriate amount of magic power to activate it. Also, only the person who created the magic can give instruction.”

“So, that means I can create magic and instruct Sandra, but Sandra cannot instruct someone else with that magic?”

“That’s correct. By the way, the magic I cast on you during your first training was created by me, so I can give instruction.”

I see. So, it’s not just special magic that can be instructed. I felt like I could also instruct elemental magic if I had the elemental attributes.

“Also, regarding the range of magic that can be created with special magic, I honestly don’t know how far it’s possible or where the limit is. Therefore, with special magic, you have to use magic power to test whether it’s possible or not. Is that okay with you?”

Sandra concluded her explanation, looking at me with a triumphant expression, sliding her glasses with her index finger. I raised my hand, indicating that I had a question, and Sandra responded cheerfully, “Please, Lord Reed.”

“I understand about the instruction of special magic, but based on what you just said, is it also possible to instruct elemental magic?”

“You’ve caught on well. It is indeed possible to instruct elemental magic as well. However, the person receiving the instruction needs to have the corresponding amount of magic power. In other words, they need to have undergone proper training. Besides, the person giving the instruction also consumes a tremendous amount of magic power each time, so it’s not very efficient. If I were to instruct you in special magic, I think I would probably be completely exhausted and bedridden for today.”

No matter how much magic Sandra cast, her magical power would become depleted, and she would fall ill. It might be more accurate to say that she exhausts all her stored magical power rather than requiring a certain amount of magical power for transmission.

“That concludes the explanation of special magic. Do you have any other questions?”

Sandra asked, observing me as I pondered over her words. She wore a happy smile, knowing that there were few people as passionate about magic as me. In many ways, she treated me like a disciple.

“Yes, thank you very much.”

I expressed my gratitude and bowed my head slightly.

“You shouldn’t bow so easily, being a noble’s son,” Sandra cautioned, but her face still displayed a happy expression.

“Sandra-sensei, the topic will change a bit, but how about magic recovery potions?”

I gathered the materials used in class and began to explain.

The other day, when I entrusted Sandra with moonlight grass, she asked me to prepare a laboratory. I remembered her saying, “For now, let’s try what we can do.”

“I have researched within my capabilities and confirmed the magical recovery effects of moonlight grass. However, it is difficult to extract and concentrate the components without facilities or tools.”

“I see. By the way, what form will the final product take? Like a drink, powder, or pill?”

I wondered if it would resemble a typical energy drink or more like a supplement. However, when I tried eating the moonlight grass raw, I felt my magical power recover a bit, but the taste was strong and unmistakably “this is definitely grass!” So, I didn’t want to eat it again. That’s why I personally didn’t favor the idea of a drink. But when I mentioned this, Sandra’s expression changed, and she seemed surprised.

“I forgot… If it’s to slow the progression of Nunnaly-sama’s illness, it might be faster and easier to make pills or powdered medicine for now. I’m sorry, I was too focused on enhancing the recovery effect.”

Sandra apologized and bowed her head to me. Seeing her in that state, I also panicked.

“N-no, I didn’t mean it that way, so don’t worry about it. So, lift your head, okay?”

Upon hearing my words, she immediately raised her head, her eyes sparkling with determination.

“Thank you very much! I will prepare a prototype right away! Well then, I’ll go back immediately and start my research!”

She said with excitement and quickly ran off.

“Huh?! What about the rest of the class?”

I called out to Sandra’s back as she walked away, “Sorry! Please study on your own! I heard her voice in the distance.

(Self-study… Ah! I think this kind of voice fading is called the Doppler effect.)

As I watched Sandra’s back disappear, I thought about such things.

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