Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 3

[Chat] Thread about Black Knight-kun 2

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451: Hero and Anonymous-san
An outrageous bomb has been dropped, hasn’t it
Those shocked by Black Knight-kun’s real voice
Those who died from indignation at their favorite food being insulted
Undertaking the noble sacrifice of overanalyzing their favorite food and harboring darkness
Where do we even start analyzing this? (Irritated)

452: Hero and Anonymous-san
The voice sounds a bit young but cool

453: Hero and Anonymous-san
Aren’t the interview questions packed with personal feelings?

454: Hero and Anonymous-san
There are unnatural cuts so it’s clearly edited but a lot of information was disclosed, they really went all out huh

455: Hero and Anonymous-san
The doctor asking the questions is also mischievous and cute

456: Hero and Anonymous-san
Yes, catfish
Don’t pretend to be innocent, you criminal
What the hell, hamburgers, you damn brat

[Chat] Thread about Black Knight-kun 2
It would’ve been better if he just self-destructed

457: Hero and Anonymous-san
First I’m shocked by the revealed definition of villain
He’s not acting evil, he just wanted to live freely
He’s probably influenced by his environment to think that’s bad

458: Hero and Anonymous-san
At least for Black Knight-kun, being in an environment where things were taken from him was normal
Despite believing himself a good person, he only kept getting robbed, so he decided to become a villain

459: Hero and Anonymous-san
Of course, I think natural idiocy is also involved but I get it

460: Hero and Anonymous-san
Since his values differed so much from society that he was suffering… Possibility of that environment arises…

461: Hero and Anonymous-san
How his favorite food tastes childish… He did say he doesn’t have parents right?

462: Hero and Anonymous-san
This guy is way too dangerous
The gap between what he says and does is too extreme
If he comes out into the open, who’s gonna stop him?
Even Justice Crusader barely managed to defeat him with great difficulty
And that was against Black Knight with outdated gear
Why don’t you guys understand how dangerous this is?
There’s no guarantee someone who can easily dispose of monsters won’t harm humans
In the first place, this guy is a criminal and villain

463: Hero and Anonymous-san
Feels too pitiful being told all this just for answering questions

464: Hero and Anonymous-san
Awful way to say it but kind of a point
I can’t take either side but I also think Black Knight-kun is too dangerous
No deterrent other than Justice Crusader
If he went all out seriously, probably no one could win
The fear is he’s surpassing what we can imagine…?

465: Hero and Anonymous-san
The premise itself is weird
Why are we assuming Black Knight-kun will rage?
That only works if he’s tried to harm humans before

466: Hero and Anonymous-san
Who was defeating the monsters that appeared before Justice Crusader was active?
Black Knight-kun right?
Rather than his own danger, shouldn’t we consider the danger if he disappears?
I understand he’s dangerous, sure
But he’s never harmed anyone right?
At least not on record

467: Hero and Anonymous-san
Smiley was tranquilized quickly, no big deal right
Believer , If you want to worship Black Knight-sama that much, do it elsewhere

468: Hero and Anonymous-san
Saying Smiley was no big deal, what kind of thinking is that
That was a contagious hypnotic monster

469: Hero and Anonymous-san
So where’s the proof it’s not made up?
Who would believe this shitty fiction
Explain it to me

470: Hero and Anonymous-san
The militant types have appeared again huh

471: Hero and Anonymous-san
They always come out when new info drops

472: Hero and Anonymous-san
Just ignore this kind of thing, it’s stable

473: Hero and Anonymous-san
No joke, Smiley was no small matter
Because I saw Black Knight defeat Smiley
Not to mention completely impressed by his abilities, laughing loudly

474: Hero and Anonymous-san
Just reading it seems fun but its true nature is wicked

475: Hero and Anonymous-san
If you’re infected by Smiley’s power, you can’t feel anything except pleasant emotions
For me, I could see reality but my mind was filled with memories of doting on my pet dog that had already died
I couldn’t do anything but laugh
The people around me were all laughing too
If shoulders bumped, the smiles spread further like an infection, I couldn’t even tell if I was still sane

476: Hero and Anonymous-san

477: Hero and Anonymous-san
Smiley was humming a tune
“Everyone’s happy if they smile and laugh. If everyone smiles, there’s nothing to fear. No matter who dies, let’s blow them away smiling. I’m Smiley, you’re Smiley too. A clown who delivers smiles to everyone.” Smiley was tranquilized easily? There’s no way a mere human could defeat that terrifying monster

478: Hero and Anonymous-san
Let’s make a movie with Smiley as the subject
(Trembling voice)

479: Hero and Anonymous-san
What a horrifying monster… Black Knight-kun defeated him right?

480: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight was unaffected by his powers, I saw it myself
He wasn’t hypnotized by Smiley’s abilities at all
Surrounded by all of us laughing through tears, he didn’t laugh at all
Smiley was extremely agitated
You’re human right! He even seemed terrified
Then he easily defeated Smiley
I’m truly grateful now
If I get the chance to meet him, I want to say thank you

481: Hero and Anonymous-san
Does this imply Black Knight-kun is a monster?
Or that Black Knight-kun doesn’t even have happy memories?


482: Hero and Anonymous-san
Since Smiley himself acknowledged he was human, probably different

483: Hero and Anonymous-san
It should be an ability that absolutely works on organisms, so even if not a monster, it is odd he was unaffected, that must have been the perception…
Yet it didn’t work on Black Knight-kun
In other words, it means that, I guess

484: Hero and Anonymous-san
A monster who made the smiling monster cower in fear. What an intense situation.

485: Hero and Anonymous-san
As expected, Black Knight-kun’s darkness is deeper than we imagined

486: Hero and Anonymous-san
It’s scary that he surpasses our imaginations…

487: Hero and Anonymous-san
When I got caught up in Quiz Monster’s game, it was truly frightening
A helmet was put on my head, then I could hear Quiz Monster’s voice saying one person chosen as contestant had to answer the quiz
If you win, either damage Quiz Monster or escape
Lose even once and everyone is killed in collective responsibility

488: Hero and Anonymous-san
Forcibly assigning the role of contestant to people in the area, with no right to refuse, that’s extremely bad if you can’t reject it
And total group penalty for just one wrong answer, no intention of ever letting anyone win
Looks aside, an incredibly malicious monster
How was that guy defeated?

489: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun beat him by throwing a rock at him

490: Hero and Anonymous-san
Lol grass

491: Hero and Anonymous-san
Acting so evil yet paper endurance www

492: Hero and Anonymous-san
While you can say that in words!
Black Knight-kun threw it precisely on target hitting him from hundreds of meters away far beyond the ability’s range!!

493: Hero and Anonymous-san
What’s that, disappointed

494: Hero and Anonymous-san
That was the solution to clear Quiz Monster’s quiz
He precisely won the quiz

495: Hero and Anonymous-san
The answer being physics…

496: Hero and Anonymous-san
Even Tie-Up Monster was just this
When there was a serious trend of denouncing Black Knight over Electric Slug Monster, scientific examination of the enemy’s remains revealed its electricity storage was on a separate dimension level, causing great shock
If left alone it would have caused catastrophic great blackouts rather than just power outages

497: Hero and Anonymous-san
He was considered seriously dangerous back then…
Everyone recognized Black Knight-kun as bad news…
Meanwhile Black Knight-kun was smirking clearly through his mask

498: Hero and Anonymous-san
He was probably happy to do bad things

499: Hero and Anonymous-san
What scientists and ordinary people understood least was the irrationality of Black Knight-kun’s method of defeating the Slug Monster

500: Hero and Anonymous-san
Simply put, he just beat it down that’s all (around 10 hours)

501: Hero and Anonymous-san
For there to actually be someone who can be defeated that way
Only Black Knight-kun would execute and accomplish it www

502: Hero and Anonymous-san
According to analysis, Black Knight-kun punched Slug Monster to discharge electricity
→Black Knight-kun’s suit absorbed the electricity, converting it to power
→Punch Slug Monster again
→Repeatedly absorbing electricity it seems
Based on the info that Justice Crusader suits originally had the function of converting electricity to energy

Ignore his personal stamina and willpower? Such things are unknown

503: Hero and Anonymous-san
I think the biggest science defiance is from Black Knight-kun rather than the monsters

504: Hero and Anonymous-san
Normally the suit would get overloaded and short from absorbing too much electricity, but watching the posted surveillance footage, seems he was able to continue punching at full power while replenishing energy from absorption and consuming continuously
Too monstrous

505: Hero and Anonymous-san
One correction
It’s being called Slug Monster but that’s not a slug
As a marine biologist I can tell
It’s a sea cucumber
Don’t get it wrong again

506: Hero and Anonymous-san
Sea cucumber bro appears, lol
Probably writes sea cucumber thesis
Your brother got blown up by Black Knight

507: Hero and Anonymous-san
No self-respecting sea cucumber would let a man walk over him
If you want excitement then show some spirit that’d make you spit out your guts

508: Hero and Anonymous-san

509: Hero and Anonymous-san
A sea cucumber acting cool, lol

510: Hero and Anonymous-san
Sorry to interrupt but can I ask a simple question?
At the end of Question 6 Black Knight-kun mentioned a monster
Can you make out what he said there?

511: Hero and Anonymous-san
What do you mean?

512: Hero and Anonymous-san
The “After that is…” thing he said?

513: Hero and Anonymous-san
Doesn’t feel off or anything right?
Might just be mic issues making it inaudible

514: Hero and Anonymous-san
Can’t imagine what terrible guy is on the level of Slug Monster, Omega, Smiley, Phantom Monster

515: Hero and Anonymous-san
Then it’s misheard or edited
There’s other unnaturally edited parts too

516: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun’s reaction to the scheming loathsome Tri-Color Squadron in the final question is too funny

517: Hero and Anonymous-san
I get it

518: Hero and Anonymous-san
It’s easy to imagine the Justice Crusader trio charging at Black Knight-kun gripping his favorites afterwards lol

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