The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 3 Prologue 2


My throat was parched dry. I drained the glass of water in one go, but it was insufficient to quench my thirst. All the laid out food should be superb. No, they are superb.
With extreme tension dominating, I didn’t have the leisure to enjoy the food. At stake was not just my destiny and ambition, but even my family’s future weighed on the scales.
For Toujo Hideomi, a prefectural assemblyman, this place right now was a decisive life-or-death match staking his advance or retreat.
“I can’t believe you know my girl over there… it’s a small world, huh?”
“So the person the Boss said is marrying is Himiyama-san’s older brother?”
“Yeah. I was worried he’d been single for so long, but finally, you know? And thanks for saving my girl there. It’s a load off my mind.”
“Why’s that? I’m the one who was saved though?”
“Don’t downplay it like that. But you know, before meeting you, my girl had shut herself in. Having watched her since she was little, I was at my wits’ end.”
The amiable conversation I overhear from the counter makes me break out in a cold sweat.
Sitting across from me in the tatami room is a woman. Though I’m much older than her, before power, things like age mean nothing. I know that well, so even the gentle smile on her face seems an object of fear to me.
Misaki Himiyama. She herself holds no power whatsoever. But to me, she seems to be at an unreachable height I have to gaze up at. And that’s not necessarily wrong.
“Since you’ve harmed my precious, precious Yukito-kun over some trifling matter, I hope you’re prepared to face the consequences. Although, you may already deeply understand that…”
“I sincerely apologize for the trouble I have caused this time.”
I bow my head without shame or hesitation. If I don’t gain forgiveness here, it’s all over.
I touched the reverse scale of an existence I absolutely cannot defy. I’m just a pebble by the roadside compared to her.
If my head got lopped off just like that, I couldn’t complain about the blunder. It could have just ended without even being given a chance. I can only cling to the slim hope I barely managed to grab hold of.
“Please don’t apologize to me.”
Even so, I continue bowing my head, admonishing my own short-sightedness.
I often go to high-class restaurants and luxury cuisine spots too, not just for meals but occasionally for talks that absolutely cannot be leaked outside.
But this place I’m at now is completely different from those.
This is the place where we are now. The Himiyama family’s go-to restaurant that you can’t even enter without an invitation.
I didn’t know about it either until now. If not for this opportunity, I might have never found out. If not for this desperate situation, I surely would have been shaking with emotion at being invited here.
“Come on! Himiyama-san, forgive him already. He’s shivering like a picked up puppy. I can’t watch this pitiful sight.”
“Yukito-kun… But you went through such hardship…”
“Huh? It was fun… Anyway, I became friends with Mr. Hideomi daughter. So I don’t want to make her sad.”
“Geez! It’s okay to get angry a little, you know? You’re always so kind.”
“Your brother’s getting married, right? That’s a joyous occasion. A pardon, a pardon.”
“Haah. At this rate, I’ll become a wicked woman.”
“Haven’t you already plenty…”
“Oh my, I feel like I might impulsively take out this overflowing maternal instinct on someone.”
“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!”
“What to do, I want to pamper someone so much. Isn’t there anyone near me like that?”
“I’m sowwy I’m sowwy I’m sowwy!”
“You made me vent my frustrations. To think I’d give a statement like that…”
“Boss, a slasher is coming! Help!”
“Oof…oof… Good for you, young miss…”
“Not good!”
I keenly felt it. How beloved he is. Recklessly trying to eliminate such a person without hesitation, the lack of risk management. I didn’t even consider what risks could be there.
It’s not limited to this boy. Anyone would be furious if someone precious to them was harmed. I have precious family too. More than anyone, I dote on my daughter. If my daughter went through the same experience, I would definitely never forgive the other party.
When did I become so arrogant, when did I become so conceited, I’m tormented by guilt.
“I have no choice. I will tell Grandfather myself in place of Yukito-kun.”
“However, please swear you will never trouble Yukito-kun again from now on. There will not be a second time. If the same thing happens again–I will crush you.”
“I promise.”
A ray of light shines through. But my heart does not clear. The one who reached out a hand to save me as my ship was sinking was the boy I tried to eliminate. Complex feelings of regret and gratitude mix together. It’s so unsightly I want to scream at myself.
“I don’t want the always kind Himiyama-san saying scary things about crushing someone.”
“S-Sorry! Let’s play with American crackers together later!”
“Bubble generation, huh?”
The woman who had given off such an intense intimidating aura to me does a quick turnaround, flustered.
I learn firsthand that the one I absolutely must not anger is this boy.
“I was saved by you. I’m sorry. It’s not something that can be brushed off so easily with mere words. It’s the adults’ responsibility to protect children. And I–“
I took the self-preserving action of trying to avoid ruin. It’s a responsible position. I don’t think it was wrong. My daughter changed after that incident. She became calm as if a different person, and considerate of others.
For the first time in decades, hot tears well in my eyes. My daughter realized. She may have hoped to become like him. Someone who can forgive others like him, a kind, magnanimous person.
“I don’t think I can repay the debt from this with something like this, but from now on, whenever something happens to you, I will surely support you with my power. If you’re ever in trouble, anytime, please consult me about anything.”
I jumped into politics wanting to help people, wanting to save those in need, determined to change the status quo even a little. I was remembering those young, naive origins.
“Well then, first of all please save me from Himiyama-san.”
“….My apologies. Though I just said it, I regret to say I lack the power.”
“Adults are liars!”
I quickly avert my gaze from the boy squeezing me tightly.
The unreasonable is unreasonable. There are things I can’t smooth over. That was the sad reality.
“Hey, Yukito-kun. Grandpa wants to see you. Do you have time sometime?”

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