A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 16

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Extra 3: Marumaru Recommendation

The Round Table Knight Order, with its headquarters located in the Round Table Castle, is a grand four-story fortress. On the top floor lies the chamber of the esteemed Lancelot, the highest-ranking holy knight in the order. Within this room, adorned with a striking red carpet and a stern-looking desk, are scattered numerous holy knight relics, demonic artifacts, and various materials.

“Welcome, Maru Maru-kun.”

Seated in this very room is Lancelot, facing Maru Maru, a fifth-rank holy knight, who stands nervously before him. Maru Maru has been summoned to the study, a daunting experience to be called by such an influential figure. His complexion pales slightly.

“Yes… Do you require my presence for something?”

Although Maru Maru typically speaking in friendly tone he alters his speech when addressing the Holy Knight Commander, as such familiarity would be inappropriate.

(How Fei and Arthur were able to act so casually with the Holy Knight Commander…)

Lancelot, crossing his arms and maintaining a serious demeanor, addresses Maru Maru with a weighty tone.

“Well, Maru Maru-kun, I have a task for you.”

“A task, sir?”

“The maintenance of the warehouse, where wooden and iron swords, as well as other items, are stored.”

“Uh… Yes.”

(Chores… And that warehouse is truly filthy. This kind of work is usually assigned to new recruits. Why me, though?)

The Round Table Knight Order’s warehouse contains a multitude of wooden swords, staves, and other training items used by provisional members. Naturally, the upkeep of such a place is a cumbersome responsibility. However, Maru Maru fails to comprehend why he, as a fifth-rank holy knight, has been specifically chosen for this task.

(Ah, I see… It must be related to the Yururu-Garestia incident. Fei expertly covered it up, and the Holy Knight Commander resolved it without issue. However, I recommended Yururu to the special forces based on my belief in her sword skills, so my responsibility in the matter became practically pretty significant. The Holy Knight Commander is requesting repayment for the favor I owe him.)

Maru Maru was responsible for recommending Yururu to the special forces. Though the matter was resolved thanks to Fei and the Holy Knight Commander, Maru Maru realizes that the Commander is implying a debt owed to him. With a wry smile, he accepts the request.

“Y-Yes, I’ll do it.”

“Thank you, Maru Maru-kun. I’m pleased to have an exceptional holy knight like you. Now, proceed to the warehouse for maintenance.”


Maru Maru swiftly exits the Holy Knight Commander’s room and heads towards the Round Table Knight Order’s warehouse, resigned to the fact that there is nothing he can do.

(Well, I suppose it’s a better fate than dealing with the consequences of the Yururu-Garestia recommendation…)

Indeed, as Maru Maru reflects, his situation is relatively favorable. Had events unfolded as originallly they did in “The Heroic Legend of the Round Table,” Maru Maru would have faced severe repercussions for his recommendation, leaving him in a far worse position. Although he did not face expulsion from the Knight Order like Yururu did, bad rumors circulated among his colleagues,that was envious of Maru Maru’s higher rank as a fifth-rank holy knight. While such bad rumors persist to some extent, Maru Maru considers it a considerably more favorable outcome than what could have transpired.

“Here it is.”

Maru Maru arrives at the warehouse and swings open the doors. Inside, an array of swords and armor is scattered throughout. Just as Maru Maru is about to commence his task, he hears someone calling his name.

“Ah, Maru Maru-san.”


“…Is Fei with Yururu?”

Coincidentally, Fei and Yururu pass by at that moment. Knowing they are master and apprentice, Maru Maru understands that they are heading to the training spot with the three trees.

“Are you in charge of the maintenance here, Maru Maru-san?”


“But usually… ah, perhaps it’s my fault.”


“No, it’s not.”

(Though I can’t reveal the truth… she might have figured it out.)

Yururu reproaches herself.

“I’ll help you. Fei-kun, please go ahead to our usual spot. I’ll assist with the maintenance here.”

“…Then I’ll join too. It’s more efficient to finish quickly and train than to wait alone.”

“Thank you, Fei-kun. Let’s do our best together.”

“Huh? Is that alright?”

“Yes, I’ll help.”

“Alright, I’m counting on you.”

Maru Maru and Yururu feel that having three people working together is more efficient than attempting the task alone or with just two. They immediately set to work on maintaining their swords.

“Here and here…”

Yururu swiftly and skillfully carries out the task.

(She’s so fast… Well, as a Twelve-Rank Holy Knight, she’s had years of experience handling miscellaneous tasks and organizing materials. Her agility is impressive.)

As Maru Maru contemplates, he recognizes Yururu’s nimbleness and speed. While Fei also works diligently, Maru Maru cannot fathom his mindset and way of life. Fei’s perspective and existence transcend those of an ordinary individual. Maru Maru remains uncertain about Fei’s extraordinary nature.

(Perhaps I staked everything on his extraordinary nature and madness during the entrance exam… How will he change the world? Or perhaps nothing will change at all? I have high hopes, yet I’m also apprehensive.)

Maru Maru was the examiner who recommended Fei to the special forces. He comprehends Fei’s extraordinary nature, but he is aware that it is immeasurable. With each story of Fei’s intense training, Maru Maru’s expectations and worries grow.

(But well, I can’t disregard Fei’s contribution to the Yururu-Garestia incident… Wait, if Fei causes another uproar, will it fall upon me to take responsibility again…?)

He senses that his position is more precarious than he initially thought. However, his fervent desire to better the world drives him. Therefore, if something were to occur, he is resigned to face it.

“Fei-kun! Thank you for your hard work! Thanks to you, we finished quickly!”

“I see. Then let’s head off promptly.”

“Huh? Um, your hand suddenly… Ah! I’m sorry, Maru Maru-san!”

After completing the warehouse maintenance, Fei takes Yururu’s hand and swiftly departs. Maru Maru is taken aback, observing Yururu’s blushing reaction to Fei’s touch.

(Oh, Yururu has feelings for Fei… I had no idea.)

The two of them leave, and Maru Maru realizes that both individuals, whom he recommended and held high expectations for, share an unusual relationship.

He experiences an indescribable feeling as he contemplates the extraordinary bond between the two he recommended.

As the wind blows, Maru Maru gazes into the distance, eagerly anticipating the intriguing endeavors that Fei will embark upon next.

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