The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 2 Epilogue


“Whaaaaat is thisssss!?”
I fall to my knees in shock. The day I had been dreading has finally arrived.
While I was prepared, I wanted some time to mentally prepare myself.
A few hours after being told to get out of the house for a while by mom and Nee san, who seemed fidgety about something, I returned to my room to find a ruthless follow-up blow waiting for me.
When I tried to go back to my room after going out, the interior had changed.
What’s going on here? It’s an amazing before and after renovation.
Cream-colored wallpaper that is easy on the eyes. Stylish interior with carpeting.
The fluorescent lights were even replaced with LEDs. Triple the life, environmentally friendly!
The performance of the living space has increased dramatically. There is no trace of what my room used to look like.
What stands out most is the queen-size bed, which asserts its existence as if to say, “Look at me!” It sits there majestically dominating the room.
“So the eviction is finally here…”
“Welcome back. What do you think? Lovely, isn’t it?”
I thought they weren’t here, but there’s Mom and Nee san relaxing in my former room.
“Your room was too dreary, so I redecorated it for you. Be grateful.”
“Huh, my room?”
I repeat the disturbing remark reflexively. Didn’t you kick me out?
“What else could it be? It’s obviously your room.”
“It’s obviously not my room, but…”
Looking around again, this definitely doesn’t resemble my room at all.
I don’t feel like I could relax in a room that looks so comfortable.
“This is your room. So we made it suitable for you.”
Nee san’s expression becomes sad for a moment. Feeling seen through, I swallow my words.
My place. A strange feeling holds me captive. Is this where I should be?
I have never thought of my room as my place.
Is it okay for me to be here, with my family?
“Your room was a little lonely, so I took the liberty of messing with it. Sorry about that.”
Mom apologizes to me. As someone who is allowed to live here for free, I have no complaints, but there are some points of concern. A lot of them.
“W-Why is the bed so big?”
“We are always together lately, right? So I thought you might feel cramped…”
“Uh, wouldn’t it be nice to sleep in you own room…” Oh, don’t cry, Mom!”
As expected, my very reasonable opinion is shot down.
“For sleeping it would be fine, but a single bed is too small for…”
I don’t know what else beds are used for, but cautiously I open an ornate chest…
Pretending I didn’t see the inside…, I carefully close it again.
I have a bad feeling, so I turn over the pillow with YES embroidered on it. Contrary to expectation, it was YES on both sides.
“Both sides say YES!?”
I slap the bed in frustration. Where do they sell these things?
“Huh? I won’t say NO. NO is not possible for me.”
“To what!?”
“On this bed, even intense movement would be fine, and…”
“For what?”
Heart marks float in Nee san’s eyes. She can’t seriously…!
“Oh, these? They’re just contact lenses.”
“Don’t trick me!”
“I’m looking forward to sleeping with you.”
“Ah, yes.”
I pretend I didn’t hear that. Looking at the wall, there are two B1-size posters.
A mother poster and a sister poster (not for sale).
“They’re really very self-assertive.
I guess they are not for sale because how obscene.
“Next month it’ll be bathing suits. Look forward to it, ‘kay?”
“They’re updating!?”
Strangely enough, I’m starting to look forward to it. After all, they’re both beauties.
“By the way, your poster is up in my room and Mom’s.”
“Thank you very much.”
No, no, I’m not grateful! I’m angry. Boing boing!
“If you put up posters like that, no one can come visit us! “
I absolutely can’t show this to people I know. It’d be a pain to take them down every time. Why did you do that!
“You never brought friends over, did you?”
“Well, that’s true too.”
Just as I’ve reached this sad conclusion, a picture frame on the desk catches my eye.
It’s a family photo of the three of us, taken the other day. I’m sandwiched between my deadpan-faced sister and my cheerfully smiling mother.
Nee san and Mom are doing some trendy pose for Gyaru, but it’s fatally unsuitable for them. Nee san’s expression and Mom’s age… Give it up, you two.
“I feel unpleasant vibrations.”
“I’m so sorry, forgive me, Queen Yuuri, you’re a true beauty, the best, forgive me eehee, what do you think, milord? Shall I massage your shoulders? Go ahead, don’t hold back.”
As I crawl to Nee san, we’re hugged together by Mom.
“From now on. No, even until now, I want to make many memories together as a family. I’m being selfish, aren’t I? It’s too late, isn’t it? But little by little, while preserving them in memories and records, I want to build them up. So…”
My head is gently stroked, just like a mother would do. Even though she is my mother.
“Please let me be your mother from now on.”
No matter what, Mom is Mom, irreplaceable.
It’s not that I ever hated her, I just felt gratitude.
While divorced spouses become strangers, blood ties don’t change. A very deep connection.
Surely that’s a feeling far beyond “like,” a deep feeling in the abyss.
If I wish it, if I say this is my place, then maybe I can stay here a little longer with these three people, as a family.
Maybe I’m allowed to have such a modest hope.
Ding dong. Suddenly the doorbell rang.
Perhaps embarrassed by the hug, Nee san flees to the front door with slightly flushed cheeks. Despite her appearance, Yuuri-nee is weak when it comes to being teased.
“Hello Yuuri-chan. Yes, let’s eat together now. Huh, where’s your sister? This is Yuki-chan’s room…”
I hear a familiar voice. The guest is Sekka san
Our eyes meet at the entrance of the room. Sekka san looks around the room.
“Oh my, what’s wrong Sekka?”
“Whaaaaat is thisssss!?”

“It’s the classroom observation today, huh. Haa, I’m nervous.”
“In retrospect, I went too far. I didn’t expect it to be like this. At most I expected half…”
“You’re quite a student, huh….Don’t you mistrust adults too much?”
“Not at all. Thanks for covering for me.”
I who is known as the problem child have a rival relationship with Mr. Sanjoji, the guidance counselor.
However, I’m not particularly hated by her because we talk over tea and she lectures me like this. She also contacted me during my suspension, always an ally.
“Anyway, this time it was my fault. I made you go through unpleasant things, I am sorry. But you mustn’t behave indecently!”
“It was a pleasant suspension, full of playing and making the most of it, so don’t worry about it.”
“This is questionable in its own way…”
The Nikkei Stock Average fell again today. It’s been falling for three days in a row.
But for me, Kokonoe Yukito, this is the time to buy stocks when they’re down.
It’s time for the buy signals to get stronger. I immediately e-mail Sekka san the stocks I want her to buy. By the way, the funds are my personal money, so no problem there.
I’ve completely reverted to my original self, but suddenly becoming serious, real Kokonoe Yukito would feel out of place now. I’m fine the way I am. I’ve always been like this, so there’s no need to change in a hurry.
I’m not an impostor. The me before and the me from here are connected.
And so today I was called to the guidance office by Ms. Sanjoji Ryouka.
Ms. Sanjoji is an intellectual, bespectacled beauty and a very popular teacher. Her stern gaze pierced me. I don’t really know why I was summoned. For me, things like being summoned are so commonplace that days when nothing happens seem abnormal.
Everyday life is just… ooooh!
I feel like I have been told something about public morality, but I look at Ms. Sanjoji.
Ms. Sanjoji’s rich scent wafts through the room. It’s hot, so she’s unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. I can see her cleavage. And why is she wearing a tight skirt with her legs crossed, and I can see a glimpse of something I shouldn’t… Phew, black, huh?
Today was a nice, embarrassing Black Friday.
“I strongly warn you not to behave indecently in a way that disturbs public morals! I will teach you properly…”
Isn’t this teacher the one who offends public morality? I swallow the question that almost slipped out of my mouth. For me, it’s just eye candy, so there’s no need to say it out loud. From now on, I will live according to my wishes.
Suddenly, the door to the counselor’s office opens abruptly.
“What are you doing?
“Miss Sanjoji, what did he do for you to say that?
My sister and the student council president burst in angrily. Surprised by the sudden intrusion, Ms. Sanjoji and I looked at each other with wide eyes.
“What is the meaning of this?”
“What were you trying to do to him, teacher?”
“I was guiding a problem student…”
“Kokonoe didn’t do anything!”
“What part of this is guidance? It looks like you were making advances!”

Scene Translation


Nee san shows a picture taken with her smartphone, and Ms. Sanjoji’s expression becomes tense. Really, my sister worries too much.
Ms. Sanjoji is a wonderful, student-loving teacher who would never seduce a student. Besides, my eyes are pure.
Most of the time, it’s public knowledge that I’m a problem child, so being called that by Ms. Sanjoji is pretty much par for the course, but based on past experience, this level is nothing.
“This is trouble, Ms. Sanjoji!”
“The principal too, why are you here?”
The principal comes in with a pale face. He seems to be in a panic and is gasping for breath.
“Do you have any proof that he did something?”
“No, but he keeps causing incidents and…”
“I cannot accept guidance with such uncertainty, Sanjoji-sensei. I’m sorry, Kokonoe-kun. Can you please keep this matter discreet and close to your heart?”
“Headmaster, it seems like your personality has changed completely all of a sudden.”
The headmaster was also distraught. Lately, he felt like he was being closely watched for some reason, but this wasn’t an attitude towards a mere student. It was more like a school collapse than a class collapse. It was the unpleasant reality of the education scene.
“Listen, Ms. Sanjoji. If you do anything to him, it won’t just be me, but even you could be fired at any time. So please, please be careful! I’m begging you, Ms. Sanjoji!”
“But it’s not right for a student like that to be left alone…”
“There is no room for discussion on this matter!”
At some point, I had become an ultra-high authority figure. What kind of punishment? Students having that kind of power over teachers would be way too scary! Japan’s education system has some serious problems.
“Come on, let’s get out of here quickly.”
Nee san pulls me by the arm. For the most part, this kind of excitement is a daily occurrence for me. Even though I’ve lost the nano-carbon mind that can endure anything, it doesn’t reset all my previous experiences to zero.
I’m not weak enough for this to hurt me anymore.
I am still me, here and now.

But I underestimated things.
A battlefield suddenly erupted in Class B.
“Yukito, I made you a bento box. Let’s eat together?”
“To be told so suddenly, when I have Mom’s lovingly made bento…”
“That’s why I made it small and sudden.”
“Yuki, I can join in too, right?”
“So annoying. You guys aren’t needed. I’m the one eating with him.”
“Why are you here, Nee san?”
“What do you mean, to eat with you, of course?”
“I can’t say anything to eyes that radiate such unwavering light.”
A typhoon raged around me. You could say that Nee san was like Typhoon 12. Hinagi is 10 and Shiori is 11.
Lately, Nee san has been coming to my class all the time. Sometimes her friends come too, grinning. When that happens, Hinagi and Shiori always start fighting, but these two have also been eating lunch with me a lot lately.
“Kokonoe-kun, are you here?”
“Kokonoe Yukito, would you like to eat with us?”
“If you are so kind, may I join you for lunch?”
When the sea surface temperature rises due to heat, ascending air currents swirl as they rise above the sea.
The resulting cumulonimbus clouds give rise to typhoons, but the hot spot of this school, known as the area around me, is always stormy. One typhoon isn’t enough.
The student council president, Mikumo senpai and Erika senpai call me. Typhoons 13, 14, and 15 are raging in the classroom.
“Um, is Yukito-kun here?”
“Souma-senpai!? I’ll call him right away!”
The series of typhoon generations wasn’t over yet. Now, the long-awaited No. 16.
Called in panic by a classmate. Who is this Soma-senpai??
The name sounds familiar, but I can’t remember it.
“When did you meet Souma Senpai? What’s your relationship?”
“No, I can’t remember, but…”
“Yukito, I thought you had gotten better, but it seems like you’ve gotten worse.”
A refreshingly handsome guy with a fed-up attitude. We’re on the basketball team, but the basketball team, which only has three freshmen, is gradually gaining new members.
Thanks to that refreshingly handsome guy and Shiori. Definitely not my doing.
So who the hell is Souma Senpai? Reluctantly, I go over to him.
“What, isn’t that Amaterasu-senpai? “
“You’ve finally gone Japanese! And you still have no intention of seriously remembering my name!”
“Roger! Don’t worry about it.”
“Irritating! Irritating, and I still obediently came all the way here when it’s irritating!”
“So, what’s the matter, Amaterasu senpai? Considering that Amaterasu senpai used to be a shut-in, there’s some sympathy for loner seniors, right? Ahahahahahaha.”
“I’m not a loner! Why don’t you even listen to what I’m saying? You’ve been more weird than ever lately. By the way, you came back from suspension, but you didn’t come to lunch at all. Are you tired of being with me?”
The class fell silent as if frozen.
Hey, what’s going on? It’s a fun lunch, you know?
Here and there, you could hear voices saying something like, “Even Souma senpai…” but it was hard to make out.
“Oh, well, it’s just that I have less opportunities to go to the school store, or I’m under intense restraint…”
“I’m lonely, so come.”
“Hey, Fox Lady, go back to your own class!”
“Oh, Kokonoe Yuuri-san? Why are you here?”
Actually, my sister was more of a crazy dog. I’m a cat person. Meow.
“Hey, Yukito, what is your relationship with Souma senpai?”
“Right, Yuki, where did you meet her?”

Scene Transition


There was a commotion with both of them shouting. Surprisingly, even the seniors joined in, and my surroundings had become quite crowded. The noise level was over 60 decibels. It was time for some regulation.
“Kokonoe, would you like to come to my house today? My parents are out, so I…”
“I won’t let you say it!”
“My dad wants you to get along with me, too.”
“There’s one over here, too!?”
Unusually, Senior Mikumo, who is usually shy and quiet, showed extraordinary activity.
Every time, I can’t help but wonder, but what does she mean by “vir-“?
With my history of zero experience, I have no idea… I’d like to say it, but the white eyes around me won’t let me.
I mean, what am I supposed to do?
No way, no way, no way can this be…
I’ve realized something serious.
“Elizabeth. I want to ask you something.”
“Um… what is it, Kokonoe-kun? I feel like it’s something I shouldn’t hear, but…”
I look around the classroom.
If this is a misunderstanding, it would be humiliating until the day I die, but I have to clarify this question.

“Could it be that I am popular?”

“Seriously, just noticed right now?”
The whole class laughed at me.
I see, so I was popular…

The teachers with free periods are lined up in the hallways.
Starting with the principal, they stand still. Foreheads dripping with sweat, faces contorted.
Any lack of reaction is unacceptable. A true abyss, a do-or-die situation.
“Phew, I’m drenched in sweat too. My hands won’t stop shaking.”
“Thanks for the information I didn’t want to know.”
Sayuri sensei escaped from reality. I’ll escape too. Hehe.
Oh my, how wonderful, how wonderful! Somebody please send me home!
Classroom observation. The classroom was full of parents. Hello~
I heard from HIPBOSS that this is the highest attendance rate since Shoyo High opened.
“Wow! Yuki-kun, I’m glad you’re okay!”
“Mikuriya papa, it’s been a while.”
Mikuriya mama stood next to him. She greeted me shyly. Even though they’re divorced, they’re both indispensable parents to Masamichi. Yes, Class B’s classroom observation already had a ridiculous participation rate, but with some households having both parents present, the population density in the classroom had become tremendous. Parents also actively greet each other.
Since the teachers had already incurred the parents’ wrath, they all came out to greet them so as not to anger them further. Ah, Mr. Toujo is here too…
“Hmph. Yukito-kun, it’s not like I’ve forgiven you!”
“Mom! Tsun-tsun deres are so old-fashioned!”
“Really? They were mainstream when I was young.”
A flushed Hinagi pulls her mother away. I don’t expect to be forgiven, but I should probably prepare some candy and go apologize.
“…. So you are the rumored child. Huh, nice. In our family, we struggled with grades, so I don’t want my daughter to have the same hard experience. So keep it up from now on.”
“H-Hey, don’t say strange things to Yukito-chan!”
That must be Mineda’s mother. Yes, I see the resemblance. That means that lady over there it could be…
“Mrs. Elizabeth?”
“Don’t give my mother weird nicknames!”
“Oh, me? Ufufu, that tickles.”
As you might expect from Elizabeth’s mother. She vaguely exudes grace.
That tall, handsome couple over there I’ve met before at the hospital. The Kamishiro family.
When I go to greet them, they thank me for the watch. Sounds good.
“Well, you’re Kokonoe-kun! Look, An-chan is here too.”
The floating mother with the out-of-touch attitude must be from Shakadou.
The refreshingly handsome boy looks uncomfortable in front of his mother and loses all his strength.
“Yukito, I’m surprised that you can be so nonchalant in this situation…”
The refreshingly handsome guy lacks his usual intensity and edge. His power generation is cloudy.
“What do you mean nonchalant? Look at this.”
“Wha… Hey Yukito… don’t tell me, this is… a p-paper diaper!?”
My bad, I’m shriveling up.
“What the!? Who are these people? Some people have nothing to do with this, but what the?”
I try to escape reality, but panic and turn around.
With a wide smile on her face, she waved at me cheerfully.
“Yuki-chan, hello hello!”
“Really, behave yourself, Sekka.”
“Yukito-kun has become a real high school student.”
I understand that Mommy and Sekka san are here. Or rather, that they somehow did not settle their bloody fight and both showed up together for the classroom observation.
Okay. I’m in high school, too. I’ll swallow this irrationality. That’s fine.
“Why is Himiyama-san here, too?”
“It must be part of my social rehabilitation. And there are things we need to discuss, right?”
When Himiyama san gives a meaningful look, the principal and the teachers shiver. Mr. Toujo looks pale. I didn’t see anything. Okay?
By the way, she started touching my body right away. Her fingers skillfully caressed me. There’s still no chance to let my guard down, but there’s no way for me to escape. I’m at her mercy.
In the midst of my struggle, it was Mom who unexpectedly came to my rescue.
“Uh… sorry. My son doesn’t like it.”
“Ah, I’m sorry. But, Yukito-kun, you don’t mind, do you? The other day, you touched my chest so much-“
“Chest!? Wait, Yukito, what do you mean by chest? You didn’t do anything, did I?”
“Why are you taking off your underwear? You shouldn’t be able to see… peach-colored…”
“Hehehe, Yukito-kun is a boy too.”
“What’s going on, Yukito? If you’re going to do it, do it to me!”

“Huh!? The black history I thought I had erased!?”
“I’ll do it anytime, Yukito-kun.”
“Is this a witch trial…”
Maybe it’s not a witch trial, but the Ooka Judgment.
What the hell is going on here! My capacity is overflowing! Stop it already!
Sekka-san is angry. Sekka-san is definitely on my side!
Tell Mommy and Himiyama-san!
“Yukito is mine!”
“No, he’s not! When did she become Sekka’s? Yukito is my child, and…”
“Hey, you beautiful sisters, can you please be quiet for a moment?”
“Well, well. Yukito-kun, you can even touch my breasts if you want?”
“I’m done… it’s over…”
I’ve never gone through a rebellious phase, so I can’t defy Mom.
I felt a sense of dread as I sensed the impending fierce sisterly battle.
I was no longer just being petted; I was now being tied to Himiyama-san.
Something’s wrong, Himiyama-san! My pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears, but both Mom and Sekka-san had veins bursting out of their foreheads.
“Yukito, get away from that pervert!”
“That’s right! Yuki-chan is going on a date with me!”
“What is Sekka saying to my kid?”
“Yuki-chan is my child too.”
“Isn’t that even stranger!?”
“I wouldn’t mind if it were me, would I? Yukito-kun, who do you like?”
A forbidden question was asked. It was as sharp as a great spell unleashed to seal the Demon Lord in exchange for one’s life. What will happen to me after I answer this question? I guess I’ll have to go to church…
“Yukito, it’s me, right? After all, I am your mother…”
“Do you think I can say things like that, Nee san? Yukito-chan obviously likes me the most!”
“If it’s me, Yukito-kun, I’ll let you do whatever you want ♡♡♡♡ Ufufufu.”
What the hell is this situation? What is this chaos?
At this point, everything seemed ridiculous to me, and I burst out laughing.
I’ve been in a lot of trouble before, but today was probably the worst. All kinds of women have been giving me a hard time since this morning.
I always thought I had bad luck with women, but I’ve realized that having good luck with them is also a problem.
It all started negatively. It’s just that it finally went to zero.
My relationship with them will probably start from here, from now on.
But seriously,
Why am I in this situation?

“So this is the phase of women’s problems. …… “

I am Kokonoe Yukito, a man who has mastered the art of female trouble.
This could be the beginning of my love life…


First of all, thank you for picking up this work.
With your support we were able to publish the second volume safely.

How was the surprising cover of the second volume, which is not a typical romantic comedy?
In the first volume, the protagonist took action to help the heroines, but in the second volume, I tried to depict a scene where the heroines help the protagonist. I hope you can enjoy the struggles of each character as they try to get back what’s important to them.

In reality, the web version of the story ended once with the epilogue of this work.
The concept was a “romantic comedy that begins with a complete misunderstanding”, so once the romance began, it would be over. So I first set the starting line of this romantic comedy, where the story begins, as the goal. A story of making up for the negative and getting to the starting line.
After that, however, it continued, and now that it’s being published in book form, I wanted to expand the story considerably. So in the second volume, I added various developments that are not present in the web version to make it bigger. Perhaps from this point on, the protagonist who has won the favor of the Himiyama family will aspire to enter the world of politics, and “[Kokonoe Yukito’s Aspiration Chronicle]” will begin.
I’m even thinking of having them all move to another world, but I’ll keep in mind that it’s a romantic comedy.

There are even more characters in the second volume, and Wata-sensei has drawn fantastic new characters for them. I can’t express my gratitude enough. Thank you very much.
I’m grateful to many people involved, and especially to the readers who bought this work. Please continue to support me in the future!

A comic serialization project is also in the works with Comic GARDE. Information about it will be released gradually, so please stay tuned!

In an unexpected twist, the second volume mainly features my mother, “The Girls Who Traumatized Me Keep Glancing at Me, But It’s Too Late.
The time of the story is approaching summer. That means, “It’s summer! It’s the beach! It’s the pool! It’s swimsuit time!” I look forward to seeing you in the next volume.

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