Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 15 part 3

The Emperor’s eyes narrowed slightly in response to Chris’s reply. In truth, the exchange in the audience room had been orchestrated for the sake of Chris and Valdia. The Emperor and Empress had sanctioned and safeguarded Chris’s rights to produce the two products. This measure was meant to deter the interference of nobles in Chris’s and her friends’ affairs. However, the thought of Roland and some other nobles scheming without that exchange gave Chris a headache.

“Indeed, it seems you grasp the nature of this charade. Chris, you proved invaluable in addressing my inquiries. I am considering appointing you as my lady-in-waiting. What are your thoughts? Would you be open to considering it?”

“Thank you for your kind words, but I have received great favors from Count Reiner. Additionally, I have my own representative trading company, so I would like to decline the offer of being a lady-in-waiting, if I may.”

Chris believed it would be better for her to remain a merchant and navigate through this complex environment rather than living a life of luxury. Thus, she politely declined the offer, choosing her words carefully.

“Oh, didn’t you realize in the audience room that I am not a modest Empress who would give up so easily?”

“…Just kidding.”

The Empress seemed to relish her playful interaction with Chris. Chris felt her mental energy rapidly depleting. The Emperor and Empress then proceeded to explain the events that had unfolded.

It appeared that when the lotion and conditiioner prototypes were created at Christie Trading Company, Count Reiner secretly presented them to the Emperor and Empress. Emperor Arwin had his doubts, but Empress Matilda immediately recognized the products’ incredible value upon trying them. Matilda issued a gag order to everyone who knew about the products, including her attendants. However, rumors began to circulate among some nobles who caught wind of the upcoming offering from the Valdia Territory, anticipating its value. Certain nobles, sensitive about their vested interests, knew that even a small share of the profits would bring them wealth without any effort.

Yet, as more people became involved in these vested interests, the product’s price would rise, potentially impacting its distribution. Matilda contemplated the best course of action and concluded that recognizing Christie Trading Company’s production rights and the Valdia Territory’s vested interests at a gathering of nobles would be beneficial. This would establish a channel between the Empress (royal family) and Christie Trading Company, creating a new commercial flow.

Given the previous instances of noble interference in vested interests, tightening the regulations would serve two purposes. The Empress involved the Emperor and Count Reiner in this theatrical performance. Initially, they couldn’t comprehend why the Empress was so actively engaged. However, upon reflection, they realized that if the Empress and her attendants were determined to obtain this product, it must possess immeasurable potential value. The empress and her attendants naturally worked so hard because they wanted to secure the lotion and conditiioner that they would use.

It became evident that once the true greatness of the product became known, there would be a frenzy among the noble ladies of the royal family, as well as the dukes and counts. Maneuvering the Empress’s position in this situation was a challenging task. If the lotion and conditiioner were simply sold in the market like any other product, noble families such as the dukes and counts, who held influential positions in the commercial flow, would actively purchase and deplete the supply.

To ensure a continuous and steady supply of the lotion and conditiioner in the future, Empress Matilda had to conclude negotiations with Chris on the day of the offering. However, explicitly asking him to prioritize her own delivery would be seen as overstepping boundaries and unacceptable to the nobles. Therefore, she strategically cornered Chris to obtain a statement from him stating, “I will prioritize the delivery to Her Majesty the Empress.” In reality, Empress Matilda desired for this offering to surpass the success of any other.

Only the Empress’s attendants were privy to this information.

“I see. Most of it went as expected, and I am relieved,” 

Chris replied, attentively listening to the explanation from the Emperor and Empress. As she observed Matilda’s adorable smile, she couldn’t believe that she was the empress. Suddenly, something crossed his mind, and she decided to ask Matilda.


“I understood the previous discussion, but what were your intentions if I had declined to sell the production method and rights to the Empress?”

“Of course, I would have offered to purchase them at an appropriate price. And if you were to change your mind, I would acquire them from you immediately.”

Facing the Empress, who clasped her hands in front of her face and wore a bright smile, Chris couldn’t help but feel a sense of danger emanating from her.

“Hmm, it seems we have concluded the matter of the offering. Well then, I will go to another room to speak with Count Reiner. Matilda, you still have something to discuss with Chris, don’t you?”

“Yes, I would like to discuss the ‘priority delivery rights’ in the audience room.”

“Cough!” Chris coughed and choked on his tea in response to the Empress’s words.

The Emperor and Reiner chuckled at Chris’s reaction and exited the reception room, leaving it occupied by Chris, Emma, Matilda, and the maid.

“Oh, Chris. Surely you haven’t forgotten the phrase ‘priority delivery rights’ that we discussed in the audience chamber? Or were you planning to settle it with just a verbal agreement?”

“No, no, I have no intention of doing that. It’s just that I didn’t anticipate finalizing the details today.”

“I apologize, but as the Empress, I have very limited leisure time for conversations. So let’s finalize the details now. Meria, please prepare paper and ink.”

Upon receiving the Empress’s instructions, the maid named Meria promptly placed paper and ink on the table. It was unclear how long she had been prepared for this moment.

The excuse used by the Empress, stating “I don’t have time to talk leisurely,” was partly true and partly a fabrication to establish a contract with Chris at that very moment. Chris understood this, yet she couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the Empress’s determination.

(I definitely don’t want to become a business rival with her.)

Chris genuinely felt that way deep down.

“Oh, right, right! I almost forgot something important. Chris, when we’re alone, call me Matilda.”

Chris broke into a cold sweat upon hearing the Empress’s words and desperately tried to refuse.

“…I have attendants and servants, so I cannot address you as ‘Your Majesty.'”

“Oh , don’t worry about Meria. If you’re Chris’s attendant, I want to be on good terms with you too, so please call me Matilda. …Is that alright?”

“…Yes. …Matilda-sama.”

Emma, who suddenly found herself the target of the Empress’s attention, was already nervous just being spoken to by her. But when she was casually told to call her “Matilda,” she turned pale. Under the Empress’s smiling face, there was a sharp gaze, and Emma felt like a frog being stared at by a snake, quickly succumbing to the Empress’s influence.

“Ha… I understand. Matilda-sama. But only in places where there are no others present.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Matilda directed a bright, carefree smile at Chris and Emma, but to them, her appearance looked as intimidating as a dangerous serpent.

As the subsequent contract negotiations progressed, prioritizing Matilda’s products, Chris couldn’t shake the feeling of being manipulated by her from start to finish. By the end of the negotiations, Chris’s face had turned pale, as if her soul was about to escape her body through her mouth.

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