Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 33

Mob No.33: “Yeah yeah, I’m a coward after all. You can have the win.”

“So, how may I help you today?”

Zeistol smiled and asked for my business.

“I…I wanted to fulfill my firearms training requirement…”

I need to finish my business and get away from here asap.

Or it’ll be life-threatening.

“Understood. I’ll prepare the paperwork.”

Hearing my request, [he] headed to the counter entrance still smiling.

Then suddenly a hunk at the counter entrance grabbed [his] arm.

“Hey, don’t bother with a guy like that. Forget work and come play with me, ‘kay?”

Hitting on [him] quite forcefully.

[He] gently brushed the hand off and said,

“I must decline, you are interfering with work. All nonsense pick-up lines, no actual request. If you don’t intend to submit a request, please leave.”

Glaring at the flirt like he was garbage.

Then the flirt said,

“The hell?! I was tryna make you my girl nicely!”

Spouting some incomprehensible logic at [him].

“I’ve no need for your kindness. More importantly, Mr. Caster Sagothez.

You currently have 7 consecutive failed or abandoned requests.

Of those, 0 were deemed unavoidable misfortunes where you tried your best.

Further failures may result in demotion from Rook to Soldier rank, no?”

[He] stated bluntly without hesitation.

“Hah?! Demotion?! Ain’t heard that before! Don’t mess with me!”

“It’s clearly stated in the Guild’s rules. More basically, obvious that continually failing work lowers your rating.”

“Then you guys should cover for me and fudge the records! I’m nobility, got it?!”

Seems it was news to hunk Sagothez, who got in [his] face, but [he] calmly shifted gears.

Angered by the attitude, Sagothez

“Don’t get cocky, you amateur!”

recklessly tried to punch [him].

[He] dodged the fist, grabbed the arm, and beautifully slammed him to the floor with a shoulder throw.

Wasn’t that an ippon seoi nage?

And to Sagothez groaning on the floor,

“And I’ve said it multiple times, but I am male!”

[he] declared.

They say a beauty’s wrath is fearsome, and that surely was true.

[He] then entered the counter, took paperwork from the desk, came out and handed it to me.

“Please fill in the required information and submit this to me. After processing, I will return it to you, so take it to the shooting range reception downstairs.”

With another bright smile, [he] returned to the counter.

“Next please~”

And resumed work cheerfully.

The underground range allowed shooting and sniper practice at up to 100m, with capacity for 50 people to train simultaneously, but it was sparsely used now.

I’m bad at shooting, though not at ship cannons.

Not for that reason, but I have the reasonably widespread and affordable Televim P-11 variable output blaster, also called the Mulbierre.

First, at the range entrance I submitted the paperwork processed earlier for receiving training.

It’s to record receiving mandatory firearms training, which can be done at the range entrance alone.


Incidentally, the form is on plapaper and stored in the vault after filing.

Why paper documents still in this era? Apparently some idiot hacked the data to avoid mandatory training, so they switched to this method since paper can’t be hacked.

Job request forms are similarly printed on plapaper, then filed and stored in the vault.

After finishing procedure, I went to my assigned booth, prepared my gun, extra mags, ear protection etc., then used the console to voice input starting training.

A target appeared about 25m away.

I took aim at it.

The training was 100 shots for a max score of 10,000 points.

It was to see how many points I could get.

No penalties for low scores or time limits, so quite easygoing.

I know my skills, so I leisurely pulled the trigger.

At 30 shots when ammo ran out and I was replacing the mag, a lamp suddenly lit up.

With ear protection you can’t hear surroundings, so lighting a lamp is the rule and etiquette when wanting to talk.

Removing my ear protection,

“Ha! You’re just barely hitting the target! With crap aim like that, how the hell are you a mercenary, you ugly creep!”

I was suddenly showered in abuse.

The voice’s owner was Hero-kun, Yuri Prilliere.

His statement now was like those bullies in youth or sports stories who condescend and provoke.

Clearly provoking someone he sees as weak to pick a fight and [show his real strength!].


“I’m in mandatory training, don’t interfere.”

Cutting off conversation and ignoring him is best.

But he didn’t falter.

“I’m way stronger than a guy like you! I’ll prove it, fight me!”

He demanded. So,

“Not interested, thanks.”

I dismissed him.

Of course that much wouldn’t make him back down.

“Hmph! Scared to lose? Of course, coward like you!”

Seems Hero-kun’s had it rough because of his sister, looked down on by mercs.

He’s trying to overcome that, but it doesn’t seem to go well.

I’d caught wind he was quite unsettled because of it…

Really tiresome stuff.

Still, I’ve no intention of engaging him, so

“Yeah yeah, I’m a coward after all. You can have the win.”

While brushing him off, I took my ear protection to resume training for the regulation 100 shots.

“You…have no pride as a mercenary? I’m stronger than you! And I’ll prove it!”

I guess he really didn’t like that, he kept yelling abuse and demanding a match even more fiercely.

His obsession with winning is surely because he wants to overcome his current situation somehow.

But I do wish he’d stop with these bothersome methods.

“I think you know already, but beating someone of a higher rank doesn’t automatically raise your rank to theirs, right?

And even if that system did exist, why challenge me when you think I’m below you?

If you really think you’re stronger than me, challenge someone above me.

Like Mr. Albert Circlet for instance, he’s got the epithet [The Jet-Black Devil].

Doing this just proves you’re a coward who can only pick fights with those weaker than you, no?”

So including all his past actions, I said that to get back at him a bit.

I figured he might fly into a rage and attack, but he just glared at me red-faced then stormed off.

Seems he still retained the concept of [shame].

Well, maybe it was because I had a gun.

I put my ear protection back on and resumed training.

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