Before the tutorial begins chapter 16

Chapter 16: I Only Came to Buy Equipment

  • Romantic Workshop [Lali-Lali]

Dungeon [Permanent Darkness]. The only dungeon where the legendary Panacea Elixir lies dormant.

All our efforts so far have been for the sake of getting there.

Covenant with spirits. Training to fight. Qualifying as an adventurer, having reliable companions.

The long time since reincarnation and my knowledge from my past life, even surviving a deadly battle with the Death Guy – I’ve gained quite a bit.

But there’s still a lot I need to prepare before I enter the dungeon.

Registering for housing within the dungeon, submitting paperwork to various offices, and equipment issues as well.

Especially equipment – there can be no compromises.

How could I neglect the lifeline for fighting the many powerful enemies lurking within?

“So today I want to get equipment here.”

I introduced Al, who was eating a crepe next to me, to the dull-colored building. Me and the secret boss together isn’t that unusual, but going out except for training is surprisingly rare, so I actually felt a bit refreshed.

“Romantic Workshop [Lali-Lali]. A cluster of shops with bold, newcomer-unfriendly prices, but equipment specifications to match.”

I showed some knowledge of the game.

It was also a choice I made after thoroughly researching their reputation in the world, so it shouldn’t be completely inaccurate. Fact-checking is super important.

“I don’t want to compromise with a partner I trust my life with. Fortunately, money is no longer an issue, so shopping here shouldn’t be a problem either.

“I guess you’re not wrong,” she conceded.


Well, yes.

There are many things in this world that it’s best not to delve too deeply into.

“It’s okay, Al.”

Some things are better not known.

And so, here we go!

A hodgepodge of antique shops crammed into a 7-story building – that was my first impression of [Lali-Lali].

A run-down neighborhood festival might be a good way to describe it. The shops all loudly assert their individuality, but there is a complete lack of harmony, which creates an off-putting vibe.

It doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of a mall, but there’s still a lot of visual noise. Stores with gaudy, eye-catching exteriors that show off are especially common.

Walking with Al through this counterculture adventurer theme park, I noticed a sign in the shape of pressed lips and a heart.

It said [Mother’s Milk].

Inside were…jewelry accessories that looked like elemental resistance aids, glittering in acrylic cases of various colors.

Resistance aids. Accessories made from the processing of spirit stones.

Not essential for adventures, but certainly handy to have.

“Do you mind if we go in?”

“By all means.”

I thanked Al briefly and walked nervously to the back of the shop.


The one who greeted me was a middle-aged man wearing a baby bonnet. A baby bonnet? No, it just looks like one. The distinctive outfit made me hesitate for a moment, but the owner’s friendliness itself was very good, so no problems.

…No problems, right?

“Hello. Um, can I look around the shop?”

“Go right ahead. It would be even better if you buy something while you’re at it.”

He smiled and said something that was not so easy to answer. He’s good at that, this owner. Everything is perfect except for the fact that the store is called [Mother’s Milk] and he’s wearing what looks like a baby hat.

“That’s not exactly perfect, is it?”

“It’s fine, Al.”

There’s a lot of happy things in this world that are best left unknown.

And so, this and that, we decided to look around the store, and wow. Yes, that [Lali-Lali] feeling.

Everything is handmade and of high quality, looks great too. Of course, the prices are correspondingly high, but just looking is so satisfying that it’s okay. Window shopping is fun!

“Woah…these conversion rates are crazy. Super increases resistance in exchange for power loss. Totally beats commercial specs.”

Unconsciously I let out a sigh. The parameters of the various conversion elemental resistance rings displayed in the case made even me, a Danmagi enthusiast, do a double take.

“Onii-chan, this is a bargain. At this conversion rate, it’s 8,000,000. You have to buy it, buy it!”

Of course, the price quoted by the owner also made me balk. A single piece of equipment for over 8 million, even as a support item… I’m a little tempted, but I shake my head firmly.

Calm down, Kyoichiro. If you make impulse purchases here, there’ll be no end to it. I have to open the wallet carefully.

“Sorry, I want to check out other stores as well, so I’ll come back later.”

“Oh, too bad! But be sure to come back, okay? Promise, promise!”

I felt a little sorry for the owner’s friendly face. I can’t say for sure when I’ll be back, but when I’m ready for accessories, I’ll definitely come back here.

“You fell into the clutches of that shopkeeper.”

“Didn’t I!”

Didn’t I?

Our journey through the twilight zone continued.


Innerwear, outerwear, leggings, gauntlets and leg guards – everything was high performance, high price, and most of the staff were… unique. Honestly, some were so perverted I wanted to go home. But I’ll try to look back on it as a good memory. Try, that is – I want to reset those memories of meeting them.

Anyway, it’s time for a break. I replenish my blood sugar in a stylish cafe in the building.

“The general layout is taking shape.”

Al started to talk while breaking down a huge parfait tower. As always, she eats a lot.

“You specialize in close combat, Master, so I recommend [Sodom] for underwear, [Masochol Formalin] for outerwear, and headgear from [Brainwash].”

“I agree about the headgear. But for underwear and outerwear, wouldn’t lighter types be better? Personally, I think [Pedominus] or [Battered Dog] would allow me to move more flexibly.”

“Then how about [Pedominus] underwear and [Masochol Formalin] outerwear? For even more flexibility, add [Pork Soup] gauntlets and [Nudist Beats] leggings.”

“Hmm… Actually, I think some light armor might work for the gauntlets and leggings. [NTRBSS] has pretty good durability.”

“I see. It’s worth considering.”

An ordinary person would faint listening to this dangerous conversation.

Why does my sense of shame swell up just by mentioning store names? We’re just naming stores.

It’s the perverts’ fault. Flaunting their fetishes in store names and calling it individuality – where’s your sense of moderation?

It was weird in the game too. [Lali-Lali] has several tenants in the building, but the shops were all unified as “Weapon Shop” and “Accessory Shop” and so on.

Now I understand why. There’s a certain individuality that’s best kept hidden…

“Yeah. Sweet.”

I scoop up the vanilla ice cream on the plate and let it melt on my tongue for refreshment.

Better not think about the perverts anymore.

If you stare into the abyss, the abyss will stare back – too deep an abyss, peeping toms and voyeurs – yeah, enough. Forget the perverts.

I should just concentrate on my own equipment. I change the subject to Al to distract myself.

“Besides the armor, the weapon is also a problem.”

“There were hardly any decent ones.”

I sigh. I don’t mean decent as in good. I mean decent as in sane. In other words, perverted.

The guys here were perverts as people and perverts as gun makers. Yeah, that’s right. We’re still talking about perverts, damn it!

For example, there was a shop that sold [Exploding Spears].

The spears had the warning, “For those who like explosions.

According to the owner, they increased the explosion power so much that even the user would be caught in the explosion.

So they can only be sold to people who don’t mind exploding.

…Yeah, I bet the law will be understanding if you sell to people who can handle the explosions.

Another store was selling a 5-Mode Combining Aerial Pile Bunker set.

Like a combining robot from a Sunday morning anime, five pile bunkers combine into one that automatically attacks enemies.

…Yeah, what are weapons anyway, huh?

And the worst were the maids.

Maids. The maids that say “welcome home, master”.

Their advanced AI does everything from fighting to cooking to laundry to reading bedtime stories to their master.

While it’s highly questionable whether they fall under the purview of the Armaments Manufacturing Act, I have to admit that I was a little tempted.

…Yeah, would you mind giving me one?

So, thanks to all the shops that live up to the name Romantic Workshop with their eccentricities, there are zero “decent” weapons.

Come to think of it, the online reviews focused on armor as well. Am I just now realizing that I was seeing things through rose-colored glasses? …No, no, wait. There’s only so much I can look past.

I mean, the game had decent normal weapons and no wild perverts!

Is this one of those things that will make sense over the next two years as the main story progresses?

How would anyone know? At least I couldn’t. No way, author.

“If I had to give a positive, I think the blades were relatively decent.”

While I was holding my head, Al was calmly finishing her first parfait tower. Her stomach is a mystery.

“Yes, the swords had a lot of normal ones. Even the eccentric ones were like a snake blade that turns into a bow.”

I feel like my standard for ‘normal’ is getting weird, but the swords were still ‘decent’.

“But swords, well…”

Swinging a sword next to Aono Haruka, an ultra swordswoman character, would just be a joke. She can have all the swords.

I can’t choose some weird weapon when lives are on the line, but swords are also unbalanced for the party.

Hmm. I haven’t checked everywhere yet, but it might be better to buy weapons somewhere else.

“Onii-chan, can I talk to you for a moment?”

A cheerful female voice rang in my ears just as I was about to decide.

Wondering what’s going on, I look back. My eyes meet a woman who is watching me intently over the back of the opposite seat.

“Um, yeah?”

“Huh? Huh, huh! No way! Could you be the rumored super rookie?”

The woman with the orange hair in side-tails and the girlish appearance clapped her hands, her eyes shining as if she was sure of something.

…Super Rookie, huh? It’s the first time I’ve been called that to my face, but honestly, it’s kind of embarrassing.

“Probably right. Did you need something?”

I probed carefully, and the girl’s eyes lit up with joy.

“Woah! Damn, for real! I’m so on board!”


“Ah, sorry, sorry! I got a little lost in my own world there lol. I’m Yashima Guren, I run a weapons shop here! Nice to meet you☆”

Guren introduced herself in a flashy manner, posing with her index and middle fingers on her chin. Cute, so cute.

“The Master’s thirst is at the level of an animal in heat.”


I can’t deny it. At least I’m very confident that I’m thirstier than any harem leader.

After that, we briefly introduced ourselves and exchanged some light conversation, deepening our friendship.

“So what did you mean about being able to help that you mentioned earlier?”

“Damn, talking was so much fun, I totally forgot! Right, that!”

With a light slap of her clenched left fist, Guren apologized for completely forgetting and rewound the conversation. All her gestures are cute.

“Fufun♪ The only power a weapon shop can lend is weapons, of course. If you want, come to my shop. I’ll sell you some suuuper special awesome crazy strong weapons.”

Al and I looked at each other.



We turned on our psychic link channel to have a high-speed private conversation.

Pervert or strong?

It took ten lines of dialogue before we arrived at the extremely safe answer, “Let’s check it out.

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