Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 15 part 2

…And now, we come to the present.

“Miss Christie, can you hear me?” Chris was brought back to reality by the Empress’s voice. They had no choice but to gather their courage.

Chris made up their mind and spoke, “Your Majesty, I’m terribly sorry, but I cannot accept that offer. Furthermore, the development of the lotion and conditiioner involves Count Roland as well, so I cannot make any decisions on my own.”

“No,” the Empress dismissed Chris’s desperate words. “Count Roland is a subject of the Magnolia Empire; therefore, he ultimately cannot defy the orders of His Majesty the Emperor and myself, the Empress. It’s up to you, Miss Christie. Will you sell me the production method and rights?”

Oh no, this Empress is dangerous. I can feel my heart beating faster.

Chris glanced at Roland, but he turned away. Seeing his reaction, Chris muttered in her mind, “Useless!”

Chris took a deep breath and whispered to herself, “If it doesn’t go well, I’m sorry, Roland.” Then she carefully chose her words and began speaking again.

“While I cannot sell the production method and rights, I will prioritize your orders, Your Majesty. Rest assured, I will do my best to prevent any shortages and provide you with exclusive delivery priority. I hope you understand.”

Prioritizing the Empress’s orders was something she had already considered, but there was a significant difference between implicit understanding and formalizing it through spoken words. Chris and her team now carried the responsibility to always prioritize the Empress’s orders. When the Empress heard the proposal, she looked directly into Chris’s eyes. After a short while, she smiled brightly.

“Understood. It’s unfortunate, but let’s agree on granting the exclusive right of delivery priority.”

Although she expressed regret, the Empress appeared satisfied with the negotiation.

“Your Majesty!” “Is that acceptable!?” Voices expressing disbelief and surprise filled the chamber. In response to those voices, the Empress’s resolute words reverberated.

Scene transition.

“That’s acceptable. Miss Christie’s words are correct. If nobles forcefully take away rights from the common people, the Empire will be forsaken by its citizens and ultimately head towards destruction. This is an opportunity to thoroughly review ‘rights and privileges.’ It is for the future and the creation of even more exceptional products,” the Empress declared.

“Your Majesty, do you find it agreeable?” Chris turned her gaze slowly towards the Emperor. The Emperor stood up as if he had been awaiting that very gaze.

“The Empress is right. We shall enforce stricter ‘rights and privileges’ from this moment onward. Naturally, the production rights and privileges of the lotion and conditiioner shall belong to Christie Company and the Valdia domain. Is that clear?”

The gathered nobles respectfully bowed their heads, accepting the Emperor’s words in silence. Observing this, the Empress playfully winked at Chris and uttered, “I’m sorry. Teehee.”

With a stern and perplexed expression, Reiner slowly shifted his gaze and looked away once again.

Were Reiner, the Emperor, and the Empress scheming together? Was it all a meticulously planned setup, a manipulation? In that moment, Chris recalled the satisfied look on the Empress’s face earlier and realized something. The Empress’s desires extended beyond mere “method of production and production rights.” There must have been something else she sought.


It seemed she aimed to secure “priority delivery rights” for the cosmetics and conditiioner that she herself intended to use, or something similar.

Chris turned her gaze towards the Empress, slowly, to confirm if her interpretation of her intentions was correct.

The Empress noticed her gaze and concealed her mouth with a fan, though her eyes betrayed a hint of a smile. Based on the events that had transpired, it appeared that Chris had unknowingly become entangled in a charade, manipulated by the nobles as a check against the aristocracy.

Chris recalled Reiner’s words during their journey to the imperial capital.

“The imperial capital is a treacherous place. It’s no different from dealing with infants.”

In that moment, Chris understood that she had been played, and her pride as a merchant, cultivated over many years, had been wounded. She no longer desired to set foot in the imperial castle; she genuinely felt that way from the depths of her heart.

Scene transition.

Exhausted from the events in the audience chamber, Chris slumped on the sofa, her face pale. Emma looked concerned and asked, “Are you alright, Chris-sama?” The events in the audience chamber had been an incessant shock. Amidst the influential nobles at the center of the room, she had greeted the Emperor and Empress, followed by product explanations and negotiations. However, in the end, she learned that it had all been a staged performance. Among the actors, Chris was the only one left uninformed.

They say that to deceive your enemies, you must first deceive your allies.

Chris cast a resentful gaze at Reiner, who approached and praised her, saying, “You did a great job.”

“Hmm, that’s why I warned you. The castle is treacherous, so don’t let your guard down.”

Upon hearing Reiner’s words, Chris harbored bitter thoughts.

“I didn’t do anything; I merely enjoyed myself. It wasn’t a complete ambush…”

After muttering silently, Chris sighed and exclaimed in exasperation, “Ugh… It’s the most exhausting day of my life.”

Just as Chris let her guard down, a knock on the door of the reception room startled her, and a maid’s voice resonated, “Their Majesties, the Emperor and Empress, have arrived.” In an instant, Chris rose from the sofa and bowed towards the door. “What’s going on? Hasn’t the conversation concluded?” Chris felt a surge of tension, wondering if there was more to come. The door swung open, and the Emperor’s gentle voice, completely different from the one in the audience chamber, echoed, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Sorry for interrupting while you were resting.” Chris and Emma remained in the room as the Emperor requested everyone else’s departure.

“In the audience chamber, we couldn’t even exchange proper greetings. Allow me to introduce myself again. I am Arwin Magnolia. Nice to meet you.”

“And I am Matilda Magnolia, his wife.”

Both of them greeted Chris with graceful gestures, momentarily revealing a lost expression. Chris, taken aback, hadn’t expected to be greeted by the Emperor and Empress with such formality, regardless of how much she had impressed them.

“Well, let’s have a seat and talk first.”

The Emperor’s previously intimidating presence suddenly dissipated, and the tense atmosphere lightened. Following his instruction, Reiner and Chris settled on the sofa. Emma stood by the wall behind the sofa, where Chris and the others were seated. The Emperor and Empress took their places across from each other at the desk and began to speak.

“Miss Christie, I apologize for involving you in our affair.”

“Your Majesty, that’s incredibly gracious of you to say. Please don’t worry about it. And feel free to call me Chris if you prefer. Besides, everything turned out splendidly for us, so we should be thanking you.”

“…… Oh?”

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