Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 3,5


[Wow, what incredible sandwiches! They’re super delicious!]

That memory from lunchtime in the library office today.

[Byleth St. Ford. You wolfed that food down without considering whether it might be poisoned. Weren’t you taught to be cautious of gifts? I would assume so, but…]

[Ah… That’s true, I was taught that. But I don’t wanna become the type of person who doubts others’ kindness. If I was overly cautious about everything, I wouldn’t be able to believe in anything, you know?]


[Well, I absolutely don’t think Luna would do something like that anyway.]

[With your position, that is the incorrect mindset. If I harbored killing intent, you would be completely defenseless.]

[Hahaha, then I’d gracefully accept my death if that happened.]

[In a different sense, you are quite the eccentric.]

[I’ll take that as a compliment.]

[…………Changing topics, but they really are delicious, aren’t they? Those sandwiches.]

[They truly, seriously are super tasty. It’s awful to say it like this, but it makes me glad I skipped lunch.]

[I see…]

[If it’s not too much trouble, could you let whoever made these know I said thanks? It’d make me happy.]

[…I-I understand. I will pass that along.]

[Thanks, Luna.]

The most memorable things were his smile and gratitude in that moment.

“……It really does feel nice to be praised so highly for food I made,”

Luna murmured as she closed her book and gazed at the darkened sky.

The time was six p.m.

Luna, who normally reads nonstop until the final eight p.m. dismissal, didn’t have the energy to stay in the library much longer today after feeding Byleth lunch.

And the exchange from earlier kept coming to mind, making it difficult to focus.

“Are you heading home?”

Carrying the book she had been reading along with two more to read at home in both arms, she descended the stairs to the first floor.

Luna’s eyes looked sleepy, but her vision was fine.

She stopped in front of the counter where the librarian was seated, without stumbling.

“Oh? What’s wrong, Luna? Did you find some other book you want to check out?”

“No, that’s not it. I’m heading home for today.”

“Huh, already!?”


“A-Are you not feeling well? Should we contact your family…? Wh-What should we do…?”

The panicked librarian wasn’t unreasonable.

It was Luna’s first time returning home before the official end of the school day.

“I’m feeling quite well,” she stated.

“Oh really? Then perhaps you had some important errand…”

“There was no particular errand.”

“I see…hmm?”

With no clear reason given for her early return, the librarian’s curiosity grew.

Luna explained simply and expressionlessly to the librarian seeking comprehension.

“The reason is simple. My lunch was stolen.”

“What?! That’s a big deal! I should contact someone right away…”

“… “

Hearing it was a thief, the librarian grew more distressed. Watching this with no change of expression, Luna spoke before things got out of hand.

“I apologize. That was a joke.”

“A joke?!?”

“Yes, nothing was actually stolen.”

“Oh dear…so that’s what it was. Sorry for overreacting. I’m glad then.”

Relieved after the reveal, the librarian sighed.

Luna always maintained an even tone and indiscernible expression.

“Were you surprised?”

“Of course! Since Luna’s lunch is here in the library, I thought precious materials may have been stolen too.”

“Ah…sorry. I didn’t consider you might think that. I’ll stop doing unfamiliar things.”

“Don’t worry about it. Nothing really happened.”


She bowed her head sincerely.

To an outsider, it may not seem like she’s reflecting.

But Luna apologizes when she feels bad, without bowing otherwise.

The librarian understands this well, allowing their good rapport.

“Fufu, but something good happened to Luna, right?”

“How did you know? I said nothing of the sort.”

“You did say just now [I’ll stop unfamiliar things] and that’s accurate – it was your first joke, right?”

“…Just from that? How embarrassing, it’s as if I was joking around…”

Her words and expression seemed mismatched. In a survey asking who appears to say one thing and display another, Luna would shine clearly.

Yet no matter the moment, her expression doesn’t change. The librarian presses further.

“Come on Luna, what nice thing happened?”

“I won’t tell you. You’re grinning too much.”

“Oh you! Your eyes just welled up too. You’re so rare today, it’s wonderful.”


The librarian didn’t mean any harm. She was simply voicing her honest thoughts.

However, Luna was taking it to heart.

“No more…I won’t tell the librarian anything else.”

“Come on, now I’m really curious what made you so happy.”

“Please get back to your work.”

Rather than turn her head, Luna walked away with her petite back facing the librarian, neatly hiding her expression.

She wouldn’t answer no matter what was said, showing a remarkably strong stance. The librarian watches in strange fascination.

It’s then, at that moment, a hesitant voice interjects from nearby.

“Pardon the intrusion…”

“Oh, no worries at all. My apologies, how can I help?”

Answering the ginger-haired male student, the librarian switches gears smoothly.

“Where would I find the business management section?”

“Business management, yes. For business, it’s on the left side of the first floor, third shelf in.”

“Thank you very much for your help.”

With refined bows, the student swiftly headed to that section.

“That guy just now seemed quite refined, didn’t he?”

As their conversation ends, Luna’s identity is revealed upon speaking up nearby.

“Of course, he’s the young lord from the Leclerc family – Lady Elena Leclerc’s brother.”

“Ah, no wonder I smelled jasmine. That’s a Leclerc family trait.”

Watching his back depart, Luna guides the topic.

“He seemed rather stressed to me, I wonder if he plans to use the whole time until closing to finish?”

“The Leclerc family’s restaurant business has really taken off, maybe he’s pursuing that route too.”

“That’s quite likely.”

“Want to lend him a bit of wisdom, Luna?”

“Please don’t joke. Experience gives wiser advice than books for business matters. I can offer no guidance and would take no responsibility if my words backfired.”

“Now that’s a tricky one alright.”

“Hopefully as classmates, he can resolve it safely.”

Luna’s words hold no flattery – as shown by her worried eyes beneath tired lids.

“…If you’ll excuse me, I’ll prepare to go home now. Librarian, may I borrow a management book that looks promising? Just to skim through a bit.”

“Fufu, you’re so kind, Luna.”

“That’s not true. I merely felt like gaining some knowledge, as I said before it’s important regardless.”

“I’ll leave it at that then.”

Though Luna tries to evade, she can’t help but see through here.

“Alright, let me pick one out for you…oh and Luna! About what had you so happy earlier-“

“I won’t tell you, I wasn’t happy.”

The librarian skillfully tried again later, but Luna didn’t budge – curtly refusing before taking

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