The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 2 Chapter 5

Chapter Five: “A Heartless Rhapsody

Let me say this – I’m currently suspended from school.
Actually, I’m on probation, which is different from suspension. The difference is whether it goes on the public record or not. Simply put, you could call it an interim suspension. I got a week off. Teehee♪
During that time, they say they’ll do a thorough investigation of me.
However, it’s strange. I was called in, and I was excited, thinking that the other person must really dislike me, but it turned out to be far from a confrontation.
It might have been a mistake to greet the principal with “Pleased to meet you, I’m the rotten apple Kokonoe Yukito. Everyone had tense faces. So funny.
The interview ended smoothly, but I was told things like “It’s because you did unnecessary things” and “A student like you has a terrible influence on those around you” to my heart’s content.
I have absolutely no intention of being hostile or disagreeing with them. You’re right, sir. That’s so true. I just kept agreeing, but why were they frustrated and stomping their feet?
When my sister heard about the suspension, she was furious. It was even more chaotic at home. She would scream, “Why can’t you believe him?” when Mom tried to check the facts with me, and Mom wouldn’t let me go and she started crying. So I ended up sleeping with Mom again.
Lately I hardly ever sleep in my own room. Am I a baby or something? I go whee whee baa baa.
However, with my mental strength stronger than molybdenum steel, this much is like a refreshing breeze to me who’s used to this stuff. As someone who’s well-versed in these things, I don’t have to worry about a suspension, but the aftermath of the ruckus spread further than just me.
Namely, my smartphone won’t stop buzzing with messages.
I didn’t know I had so many friends?
While I’m cautiously answering unknown numbers, fearing it might be a scam, it’s actually the goddess senpai, or Aihara-senpai from the go club, I also get messages from Masamichi and others. And somehow I also received calls from their parents
I became close to Mikuraya Masamichi through a consultation, but I thought it might be normal love advice or asking about the difference between the Seebeck and Peltier effects, but it turned into unexpectedly heavy content that left me at a loss. Since I had promised cheaply, I couldn’t back out, and it was quite an ordeal, but a good memory.
Oh, my smartphone is ringing again. It was Suo-senpai.
How does everybody know my address? Somehow my address has been leaked. Is it a personal information business? The unprecedented feverish state where even introverted loner me have to give up my shut-in status might have come. But that can wait.
What I have to think about now is myself.
Something is wrong. The feeling of unease is growing every day, and my doubts are swelling. I don’t trust myself at all. My mental strength is too strong. I don’t feel or get hurt by anything anymore.
But could it really be true?
What I lost was too much. In return, I feel that I have gained this unnecessary power. But when did I become like this?
If they say this is a trial period, then it’s just right. I’ll use this time to look for clues to find myself again. Because that’s certainly the process I need to repair my broken self.
Speaking of which, suspension is pretty fun. It’s a riot.
In soccer, you get sent off with two yellow cards, but in my case I seemed to have accumulated about ten.
Somehow I became not the suspicious department store, but the suspicious general store of doubt. Nostalgic.
The villain legend of Kokonoe Yukito continues to grow. Even though it’s nothing but groundless accusations, the only true fact is the online defamation of Hinagi.
I admitted that during the interrogation. I called it a grudge and stubbornly kept my mouth shut, but making Sayuri-sensei look apologetic was extremely regrettable.
Officially, the reason for the suspension was the Hinagi incident, but a considerable amount of time had passed since that incident. To be suddenly questioned and suspended now makes no sense. Sayuri-sensei told me privately that there was pressure from a prefectural assemblyman, but I don’t remember offending anyone, and she didn’t know the details.
What I want to know most is why I was suddenly suspended.
It all started a few days ago with a rumor that went around the school.

Kokonoe Yukito is forcing upperclassmen into physical relations by threatening them.

“What do you mean? Explain! “
“Yukito would never do such a thing!”
“That’s what I think too!”
“If you can’t give me a satisfactory explanation, I’ll have to report this to the authorities.”
“Calm down, Keido, let’s settle this peacefully.”
“That can’t happen!”
The principal’s office. Several students are pushing the principal and Fujishiro Sensei. Kokonoe Yukito has been suspended.
But the suspension was ambiguous. Because no evidence was found.
In the current situation, where students and parents already mistrusted them and their credibility had plummeted, they couldn’t push him to expulsion, no matter how much the demand. It was difficult enough to decide on suspension. Both the principal and the teachers who’d agreed to it looked haggard beyond recognition.
The school was in a panic. The timing was extremely bad. They desperately wanted to avoid a big uproar, wanted to investigate steadily, but were facing an intense backlash with students coming in daily.
Not only that, but word had already spread and they were inundated with protest calls from parents, mostly from Class B, who were furious about the suspension.
No one understood how things had come to this.
A concerned party, Suzurikawa, was also questioned, but she strongly insisted that he was defending himself. When asked why she was protecting Kokonoe or if she was threatened, Suzurikawa became furious and refuted us outright.
With that, the reasons for the suspension disappear. There are no victims.
In the midst of the student council’s leadership, which took a firm stance against the suspension, the school first had to verify the truth of the rumor.
When called, Kokonoe Yukito readily complied with their request and handed over his own smartphone without resistance. Hiding nothing, he revealed the call history, message records, photo albums – everything.
There were only communications with his family, and nothing in the photo folder.
While that in itself is abnormal, of course, they found no evidence or leads.
“Look at this. This is Yukito’s room. There’s no way he would do something like this!”
Yuuri shows photos of Yukito’s room that she took with her smartphone.
“Lies…this is…Kokonoe Yukito’s room…? What is he…!”
“It’s a lie…right? Is Yukito…in here? But this is–!”
“This is the first time I see Yukki’s room. This is…”
They are all stunned and silent. Some were moved to tears. There was nothing in this room.
No, that’s not quite right. There was a desk, a closet, a bed, and so on – it wasn’t empty. But there was nothing to indicate that an individual lived there. Rooms reflect the individuality of their owners. Things like posters of a favorite artist or manga and games, somehow the room should reflect the individuality of its occupant.
But this room was inorganic. The stark white walls were glaring, like a hospital. An empty space without anything to reflect Kokonoe Yukito’s individuality. This was Kokonoe Yukito’s room.
“He must have always been ready to disappear at any time. Ready to erase his own existence. And just when he might have finally gotten a little better, why try to hurt him again! Stop it already!”
Yuuri gets angry. Suzurikawa and Kamishiro feel the same way. If this causes Yukito to break again, what will they do? Why does this keep happening? They are overwhelmed by the fear of being crushed.
“On what grounds did you decide to take disciplinary action with insufficient evidence? This cannot be allowed!”
“Calm down, Keido! He wasn’t officially suspended.”
“There’s no way such an excuse can be accepted! The fact is that Kokonoe Yukito was put on probation!”
“But we had no choice but to do something…”
“…There was contact from Representative Toujou…”
“Fujishiro-sensei, stop! “
Fujishiro continued to speak despite the headmaster’s desperate attempts to stop him.
“There is no way to hide this! If it’s allowed to go on like this, it will eventually come to light. How many students do you think are unhappy? Mr. Tōjō was absolutely furious when he heard that there were such students at his daughter’s school.”
“So you took action without any evidence?”
“This is just a stalling tactic. During this time, we’ll prove Kokonoe Yukito’s innocence.”
“We had no choice, Keidō-kun. When we received a call from Mr. Tōjō directly, we couldn’t afford to do nothing.”
“So you hurt Yukito out of convenience?”
“Fujishiro-sensei, do you agree with that?”
“Of course not! Even I… Damn!”
It was indeed a silly story. Was there such a flimsy reason? Besides, that Prefectural Council member, Tōjō… Tōjō? Keidō suddenly realized. Maybe that person is…
“Is that man, Tōjō, the father of the third year student, Erika Tōjō?”
“Mr. Tōjō is an alumnus of our school and is very dedicated to education. He even came for an inspection. Well, it has nothing to do with me.”
Fujishiro spat out. Her feelings were similar to those of the students. She also had a feeling of self-loathing for not being able to stop the punishment. For the past few days, she had agonized over whether he was unfit to be a teacher.
“I see it all now. So that’s what’s going on.”
“Hey, Keidō, what do you see?”
Keidō was in a hurry. She was the source of the rumors of the upperclassman that Kokonoe Yukito had blackmailed. It had to be about her. In that case, she would have to go after Kokonoe Yukito again.
“It was Erika who asked her father to take action. Yuuri, let’s go to Erika’s class. It seems that the teachers have no intention of protecting the students.”
“Hey, Keidō, wait!”
“Kokonoe Yukito is suffering alone right now! Don’t mess around!”
As the situation continued to deteriorate rapidly and no one could find a solution, the end was silently approaching.

When you’re sick at home, it’s strange to feel high tension even though you don’t feel well, isn’t it? While everyone’s at school studying, you’re the only one enjoying free time – filled with that kind of exciting feeling.
Taking advantage of my rare freedom, I had a great time.
“Arriving at the riverbank!”
Clear blue sky, pleasant breeze. Conditions are perfect. Huh, probation? No way I’m doing that!
Unlike when I’m officially suspended, being told to think about it when there’s an investigation or whatever has nothing to do with me. With absolutely nothing to think about, there’s no need to comply at all.
Left with nothing but free time, I decided to secretly try the [Someday I Wanna Try Series] that I’d been nurturing, challenging kite flying as the first entry. And that’s why I energetically came all the way to the riverside!
These retro games have a sense of romance, huh? Things like Kendama and so on.
The grandma at the candy store said that fewer adults know how to make them these days.
That may be true, but when it came to actually flying the kite, I realized my fatal flaw.
“Isn’t it too big?”
How am I going to fly this thing? I’d been making it since yesterday, but since it was my first time, I had no idea of the actual size and ended up overdoing it for fun.
And now it’s almost summer. To use lift, summer with its downward airflow is fundamentally unsuitable for kite flying.
Kite flying is associated with winter, because that’s when updrafts occur. The traditional game thus embodied the wisdom of nature itself.
Foolish Kokonoe Yukito, who made two critical mistakes, and the massive kite.
Reality is merciless!
“Yo, it’s the wrong season, bro. Everything’s in its prime.”
Shouts a nice middle-aged guy who’s been watching from a distance. Maybe in his 60s, a youthful, handsome Ossan. His beard is gallant. I want to be a dandy like him one day.
“Oh, Onii-san, hello. The summer drafts are not to be underestimated.”
“Whoa whoa whoa. Brother, your use of onii-san is way too casual! Do you think I’m that young? Sheesh, it’s been forty years since anyone called me that.”
“Isn’t it nicer to be thought of as young?”
The Ossan shyly scratches his cheek. Do many people resent being considered younger than their actual age? I think most would be happy, like when I call my mother JD (College Girl).
“But that doesn’t mean there’s no limit! And why are you flying kites in the summer?”
“It’s my first time, and I wanted to do it. Oh, Onii-san! Would you mind helping me? I realized it’s impossible by myself.”
“I said don’t call me…well, I don’t mind helping, but shouldn’t you be at school? Is it okay to do business here?”
The Ossan also has an Ikemen personality. His tone is rough, but he’s full of kindness.
“I’m actually was suspended with nothing to do.”
“Huh? Have you caused any trouble?”
“No, nothing like that. So I have no intention of following the punishment, and I want to make the most of this opportunity while I’m at it. I don’t belong at school or at home.”
Lately, it’s not just my sister who spends a lot of time in my room – Mom’s occupancy rate has also gone up.
Thanks to them, I’m extremely uncomfortable. The tension is no joke. This is probably a price increase. They’re subtly pushing me out. The day I grow citrus on a remote island might not be so far away.
“Don’t say such sad things! If you’re worried, tell me. Listen, no matter what happens, children can always rely on adults! With this Ossan whose life is short and you with your whole future ahead of you, our value to society is different. Don’t look down on yourself.”
The Ossan sniffles as if on the verge of tears, then pats me firmly on the head with his strong hand.
“Thank you for your concern, but it’s only a week, so I’ll be fine. Are you on vacation or something, Onii-san?”
“Me? Just checking on some arrangements. I can’t leave everything to others. A buddy I’ve known since he was a baby is finally getting married. So we have to celebrate.”
“Yeah, don’t congratulate me. But thanks.”
Himiyama-san’s brother is getting married too, so it’s kind of festive, huh? I can only pray that they have a happy future together. A future with someone is too bright for me.
“Young man… Kokonoe…Yukito was it?”
“How do you know my name? Are you a Esper?”
“Why…! It’s written big on the kite, isn’t it? If anything, you’re making big claim.”
“I wanted to draw a picture, but I couldn’t think of a design, so I thought my name would work.”
[Kokonoe Yukito] is written large on the kite. It’s ironclad rule to label your belongings.
“You’re a strange guy.”
“Strange. For some reason, I feel like I hear that a lot…”
“But you’re not bad. I do have an eye for people. Hey young man, you hungry? I’ll treat you. Tell me the details while you’re at it. And if you don’t have anything to do while you’re on parole, come by anytime. I’ll at least teach you how to cut and shape fish.”
“Ooh, sounds like survival skills that will come in handy when I’m summoned to another world!”
“More like you’d be immediately banished from party soon…”
“You are well informed. Don’t tell me, Onii-san, you’re a returnee from another world?”
“As if this old body could save the world! My grandson loves that stuff, so I ended up learning a lot by watching anime with him. Anyway, let’s fly the kite – go!”
With the Ossan’s help, the kite caught the wind and flew high into the sky.
Cheers rise from the gallery watching from a distance. They seemed interested.
Housewives strolling with baby carriages, salarymen clearly skipping work to watch, people interrupting their runs to watch, and more, clapping sounds fly from them.
“This is kite flying! I’m happy.”
“It’s the kind of thing you do in winter…why are you doing it in this season…”
While feeling moved, a strong gust of wind suddenly hits.
“Yo, where you going!? Are you okay young man!?”

“Erika, are you happy? Eliminating someone you dislike and kicking them out of school. Is this what you wanted!”
“Lies! That’s not true! Mutsuki, you’re being deceived! Please open your eyes!”
“You’re the one who needs to open your eyes!”
Pres Keido grabs Toujou-senpai’s collar and pushes close.
A dry slap sounds as Toujou-senpai reels from the blow.
Toujou-senpai’s classmates watch the scene blankly.
Those of us who had been following Pres Keido also gasped at the alarming situation. I don’t know what kind of relationship Pres Keido and Toujou-senpai have, but one thing is for sure: Yukito was probably just involved.
A few months after enrollment. Yukito, who was always at the center of the conversation, had a terrible reputation.
He was talked about badly here and there. Suspension itself is extremely rare.
Especially for a freshman who was the eye of the storm, he naturally attracted attention. Everyone thoughtlessly smeared him out of curiosity. If this continued, it would be like walking on eggshells after Yukito’s return.
“That kid, why is he flying through the sky…?”
While looking at her smartphone, Yuuri-san muttered something.
I’m sorry, Yuuri-san. I mumble an inaudible apology in my heart.
The root cause is that I carelessly relied on Yukito, and that’s how this happened. No amount of apologies would be enough.
However, I hurt and tormented him again and again.
But I promised myself that day when Yukito relied on me.
I have to do something! Because this time, it’s my turn to help, just like I swore!
“But what should I do… I can’t do anything on my own…”
My impatience spins in vain. I hate my stupid self.
Now, of all times, I’m being shown my shortcomings. My poor communication skills. From the time I enrolled until now, I’ve only chased after Yukito without actively interacting with others.
In times like this, Yukito would always quickly think of what to do.
Powerless, tears streamed down my cheeks. What was I doing all this time?
All I did was asking his help, so I didn’t realize how difficult it was. How painful, how agonizing.
“Calm down, Suzurikawa Hinagi. If you can be helped, it doesn’t have to be me. I’m the losing heroine. Then someone other than me will do.”
I remember Yukito’s words. “Don’t limit your vision,” Yukito had said.
So many people who were worried about Yukito have gathered here.
This is the footprint Yukito left. It’s unmistakable. Rumors are just careless things.
Those who know Yukito, who have interacted with Yukito, will expose the false image of Yukito.
“–I see, so that’s how it was…”
Only now do I understand the meaning of these words. My vision opens and my thoughts become clear.
What I, as someone who only relied on him and always looked at Yukito, was missing to an overwhelming degree.
You could call it life experience, the power to find solutions and turn things around when things go wrong.
What else did Yukito say? Remember this, Suzurikawa Hinagi! That’s right, Yukito said–
“I can’t stand it anymore! Why only Kokonoe-kun? I’m the one who caused this!”
Two people come running over. She, Sato Koharu, try made me suffer because of her jealousy. Just petty revenge.
But there are no lingering grudges. I never held it against her. I understand her feelings painfully well.
I liked my childhood friend so much that I couldn’t stand it. So much that I didn’t want to give him to anyone.
Even now, Miyahara-kun is standing next to her, supporting her. The ideal couple.
“Why did I forget… I didn’t tell Yukito that.”
I takes a deep breath and looks around, there are pretty things everywhere. That’s right.
I only saw dirty things. I thought that everything around me was an enemy.
But that wasn’t true at all. You can see that when you calm down.
Even after what I did, Kamishiro-san said she wanted to be friends. Pres Keido and Yuuri-san and Sato-san and the whole class as well. There are also people among the teachers who will cooperate.
There are so many allies on Yukito’s side, right? My precious childhood friend to brag about.
I’m the one who told by Yukito that we should think it over together. That I can’t do anything alone.
We don’t need any more solutions where someone has to be sacrificed.
“Sato-san, there’s something I want your help with.”
“–! Yes, tell me anything. We have to do our best this time!”
Without a moment’s hesitation, Sato-san agrees. Sato-san is strong because she’s not alone.
“Um! I want you to listen to me.
I call to the members of the student council. There’s no need to hide anything anymore. After all, Yukito will be by my side.
The childhood friend who made me believe that I could overcome any hardship.
“Wait for me, Yukito. I’ll definitely take your place back.”

I carelessly gained the valuable experience of flying through the sky with a large kite. I’m a ninja. Nin-nin.
The Ossan wasn’t a normal Onii-san, but a boss. He personally served me the exquisite sushi he had designed, and the restaurant’s refined interior clearly distinguished it from the average eatery. Above all–
“…It doesn’t even come up when I search online. Is it some evil secret society?”
Even the power of search engines covering all of creation couldn’t find any information about the restaurant.
According to the boss, it’s because the place only operates on certain days, but apparently I’m welcome to visit anytime. I’ll invite Mom and the others next time.
“Still, Yukito-kun, why are you out at this time? Shouldn’t you be in school?”
Himiyama-san smiles as usual, but seems to be worried somewhere.
Even though it’s a probationary period, it’s not like I’m going to lock myself up at home without going out once. That would be unhealthy.
On my way home after dinner, I ran into Himiyama-san, who has an impressive meeting rate, as if she’d been out shopping – which brings us to now.
Well, that’s okay, I guess? But this person’s sense of distance is kind of…yeah.
“Sadly, I’m currently on suspension.”
“I tried baking cookies. How are they?”
“Thank you. They’re delicious!”
“….Suspension sounds disturbing. Did Yukito-kun do something bad?”
I’m a dar person, but I wouldn’t do something like that.
Himiyama-san is a [Fairy], isn’t she? She seems to have a soft atmosphere. In other words, I can never beat Himiyama-san in terms of type affinity, and Himiyama-san is very effective against me. Today, he is sitting next to me, and her hand is naturally on my thigh.
Why is that? Why does she do that? Pien!
Instead of hiding it, I spoke honestly because there was no reason to hide it.
I’ve learned from experience that when I hide or complicate things, the turmoil somehow grows out of misunderstandings and wrong assumptions. I won’t make the same mistake again. Honesty is the best policy, right?
So could you move your body a little further away?
“This is unforgivable!”
“It’s sad, isn’t it, Yukito-kun…”
For some reason, Himiyama-san hugs me. The minty scent sweetly stimulates my brain.
I feel like I’ve been hugged a lot lately, but I’m not a body pillow.
“I’ll help you. What’s with the prefectural representative? What about them? I won’t forgive some small fry for hurting my Yukito-kun.”
“No, um, Himiyama-san, what are you…? Huh? my Yukito-kun?”
Himiyama-san gets up and starts calling someone. I hear voices like onii-chan and ojii-chan. I don’t want to know what kind of maneuvering is going on. I have a feeling that nothing good is going to come out of this, but my sixth sense has a reputation for being completely unreliable.
Then Himiyama-san comes back, still smiling.
“It’s okay now, Yukito-kun.”
“Is it better if I don’t ask why?”
“Fufufufufufufufufu. They have to be punished for trying to falsely accuse you, right?”
“Your Highness, be gentle!”
“It will be solved soon.”
“Ah, this is bad.”
There are some things you shouldn’t touch in order to live well. That’s the way it is.
I’m the man who kept knocking on the stone bridge until it collapsed and couldn’t be crossed anymore, Kokonoe Yukito.
I’m going to show that I can live safely and avoid risks in this dangerous life!
“Oh, that’s right! Yukito-kun, would you please try to call me Mother?”
“Huh? I only have one mother, Kokonoe Ouka…”
“Then how about mama?”
“Then what!? The conversation hasn’t changed!? And Mother recently changed the class to mom too, so-“
“I helped you, right? It’s okay, Yukito-kun. Haaah.”
She blows in my ear. The sweet sigh makes me dizzy. Somehow, I was saved, but for me, this situation was more like a pinch.
It seems that I can’t expect Himiyama-san, who saved me, to save me from this situation.
“Since Himiyama-san is beautiful, if you do things like that, my reason might…”
“It’s okay, Yukito-kun. Rely on me as much as you want… See? Look.”
What look? Huh? Whoa!? Wait! What are you…?
It’s at a point where I can’t express myself anymore.
Is there any way to escape from this hellish utopia? I, Kokonoe Yukito, was in a hopeless situation.
By the way, I was wondering, when I could go home?

The sofa he was sitting on still has some heat on it.
The heat that remains on my fingertips when I touch it lightly makes me nostalgic. To think that I’m seeking human warmth like this again.
It’s lonely. I confess to no one in particular. The good times go by in a flash, and when Yukito-kun is gone, I spend my days idly alone again.
“If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have noticed…”
Our reunion was sudden, and regret torments me again. Yukito-kun didn’t remember me. But that was because I was insignificant to him.
I casually tried to ask him about the past.
[I make myself forget the past quickly. Because it’s all unpleasant memories].
I couldn’t pretend to be calm. I held back the overflowing tears so he wouldn’t see them, but the agitated man kindly comforted me. If only I hadn’t known–his kindness.
Once you know, only the crueler facts remain.
The ugly demon that trampled and caused the incident, me.
Tears trickled down my cheeks. I noticed the drops falling on my hand.
I wonder how long it’s been since I cried. Try as I might, the memories are hazy, and before I knew it, the thick ice surrounding my heart had frozen solid.
I thought I was cold-hearted. I thought I had no tears left.
But for some reason, my heart is shaken. As if I was returning to the past.
A single coin on the table. The one Yukito-kun showed me for his magic trick earlier. At some point, it landed in the palm of my hand.
A lucky six-pence Queen Elizabeth coin from Great Britain.
When Yukito-kun heard about my brother’s wedding, he prepared it especially for me.
A few years ago, when his luck was so bad that he couldn’t stand it anymore, he bought some, but since he heard that they were for weddings, he didn’t know what to do with them until now. I tried to refuse, but he said he had no plans to use it and gave it to me.
I’m sure my brother will be happy too, Unlike me. I want my brother to be happy.
I take the ring box and holds up the coin.
“Yukito-kun, do you think I can be happy too?”
Another coin. The one he gave me, not my brother.
I’m envious. As if he could see through me, he had prepared two coins from the beginning.
[Please find happiness too, Himiyama-san.]
Speaking so freely, that kindest of him, someone might hurt or wound him again, just like my old self.
“I won’t allow it…absolutely not.”
The welling anger and guilt of deception.
Even with atonement, I don’t expect to be forgiven for this.
The demon lurking in the darkness is exposed to the light and effortlessly brought back to the stage.
I won’t forgive the existence that clouds my light that dispels the darkness. It may all be inevitable.
She, who should have retired as an elementary school teacher, got back on her feet, took the high school teacher’s exam again, and met him again as if by destiny.
And I met him too, drawn together as if by fate, after we had forgotten each other.
“This can’t go on. I’ll protect you this time.”
Excitement I’d long forgotten. I cling to the coin, letting my emotions take over.
Not to let go of the happiness it gave me, to keep my resolve in my chest.

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