I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 3

Some slave have severe burns that left their skin disfigured and illnesses that rendered them unsuitable as a household or sex slave, one was a female slave considered worthless. Their ages ranged from ten to fifteen, and not a single slave in this place had physical strength. They were all slaves of lower value, below even the level of a trash heap—imperfect beings.

They lacked education, skills, and physical stamina. The reason why they were being forced to study was beyond their comprehension. When they had gradually learned to read and write, the next step was the sudden arrival of numerous books. The armored man left them behind, saying, “Study with these. Come to me if you have any questions.”

The books had beautifully designed covers, filled with easily understandable explanations of basic education. They were not something commoners could afford; they were the kind of books used by noble children, costing several tens of thousands of Riens each. The slaves couldn’t fathom why the armored man would give them such expensive books.

However, as those days went by, the slaves slowly began to trust the armored man. They were never treated harshly as they had expected, nor were they ever given commands. In fact, unlike before when they were only given a meager meal once a day, they were now provided three meals a day. Although the meals were thrown together carelessly, using the supplies from the food storage, it was still a significant improvement.

The slaves, who had learned to trust the armored man, found it to be a turning point. To those who had been persecuted by their own families and slave traders, subjected to violence at every turn, the armored man’s actions seemed kind in comparison.

(…It doesn’t matter.)

However, for the gray-haired girl, none of that mattered. In the first place… the armored man was no different from those slave traders or the people who approached with sweet smiles. Just like them, he referred to the slaves as “you” or “hey” and never bothered to tell them his own name.

The reason he provided books and tried to educate them was merely to add value to them. And as a conclusive proof… the armored man had not removed the symbol of their slavery—the collar. Therefore, there was no doubt that he still regarded them as slaves.

That’s what the girl believed. Ultimately, this man was no different from those slave traders or the people who approached them with fake kindness.

Moreover, the armored man would occasionally disappear, saying “I’ll be out for a bit,” and return after a few days with new slaves. Although he stopped bringing more slaves once the number exceeded fifty in the house, he would still disappear and occasionally return, locking himself in his room on the second floor. The girl could not trust someone who behaved like that.

Furthermore, whether the armored man was someone she could trust or not was irrelevant to the girl. It didn’t matter if he was a good person or not.


Sitting alone in the corner of the wide garden, the girl hugged her knees, gazing absentmindedly at the slaves who were happily playing with a ball. In contrast to the lively atmosphere among the slaves, no one approached her, leaving her isolated.

Several months passed in such a manner.

“From today, I’ll teach you this,” the armored man announced as he arrived after a long absence, holding a crystal large enough to fit both his hands.

“This is a magical tool used to determine your most suitable magical affinity. Since you’ve acquired a certain level of basic education, we’ll now start teaching magic alongside it,” the armored man explained, placing the beautiful crystal on the table.

“Alright, let’s start with you,” he called out to a slave who was nearby.

The slaves seemed slightly excited, and the once boisterous atmosphere quieted as each of them approached the crystal one by one, reaching out their hands.

Then, the crystal began to emit various colors such as red, blue, green, and so on, changing its illumination.

While some colors changed, others remained the same, causing disappointment for a few. However, the armored man tried to console them by saying, “Well, maybe you’re skilled in manipulating magic power. Probably,” though his face wore a subtle expression.

“Next… it’s your turn, the girl with gray hair,” the girl’s turn came.

As the armored man called out to her, the other slaves quieted down. The girl, without saying a word, extended her hand towards the crystal while keeping her head down. And then…

“Oh, white. How rare,” the crystal emitted a luminous color—white.

“White represents… healing magic. It’s a rare one. Lucky you,” the armored man explained to the girl, who couldn’t discern the colors. She repeated the name of the magic she was told, her eyes widening slightly, and her lips trembling. Her expression seemed somewhat frightened.

“Alright. As for the rest… I’ll teach you only the theory and formula for magic. You’ll learn about practicing magic by reading the books I’ve left for you. However, when using offensive magic, you must always do it in my presence. Understand?”

And with that, the slaves cheerfully responded to the armored man’s words.

“Oh, but we don’t have any books on ‘Healing Magic’… The White Mage Association has forbidden it…”

After pondering for a moment, the armored man sighed and said, “Can’t be helped. I’ll personally teach you, the girl with gray hair. It’s troublesome, but…”

Upon hearing this, the other slaves appeared dissatisfied, but they didn’t voice their complaints.

From then on, the girl was reluctantly taught “Healing Magic.” The armored man’s teaching method was very meticulous. Even though the unmotivated girl repeatedly said, “I don’t understand,” he patiently started from scratch and taught her. No matter how rude or impolite she was, she was never hit or given any orders.

Originally, the girl had tried to avoid learning Healing Magic. However, the armored man forced her to learn it, saying, “No, you have to do it.”


Even if she stayed locked in her room, she would be forcefully taken out for lessons. And no matter how skillfully she tried to hide and avoid it, she would always be found, dragged to the room with a board set up for the lessons.

Each time, she was subjected to sharp gazes that resembled envy, fear, and resentment from the other slaves.

The girl hated it. So recently, in order to end this time quickly and escape the space as soon as possible, she decided to listen to the lessons to some extent. She just wanted to leave that place as soon as possible.

Days like that continued—until one day.

“Alright, today let’s put ‘Healing’ into practice. First—”

The girl, as usual, was being taught Healing Magic. They had finished the stage of learning the basic foundations required for casting Healing Magic and now were moving on to the practical stage.

The armored man took out a small knife from somewhere.

“Normally, I would like you to heal the wounds on my body, but… since that’s not possible now, do it on your own body. Don’t worry, if you cut too deep, I’ll heal it for you,” he said, handing the handle of the knife to the girl.

“…This is pointless,” she said, holding the silver glinting knife in her right hand, staring blankly at it. The armored man questioned her, “Pointless? What do you mean?” with a hint of doubt in his voice.

The girl glanced at the armored man’s reaction with cold eyes, and then, with all her strength, she swung her right arm holding the knife down and stabbed it into her slender left arm.

“!? What are you doing!?” The armored man was shocked by the girl’s sudden bizarre behavior and hurriedly tried to take away the knife.

“—! What’s with this magic…?”

For a moment, he stopped moving, astonished by the black magic emanating from the girl’s body.

It was only natural that the armored man was surprised by the girl’s magic. The black magic emanating from her body was different from normal magic… It was sinister, pulsating like a living creature.

The girl, with an expressionless face, vaguely observed that scene. She thought that this man, too, must be afraid of her, just like everyone else. But—

The armored man reached out his hand towards the girl.

“Hmph! Ugh, what’s with this sticky magic… It’s disgusting!”

He grabbed the black magic and forcefully pushed it away.


The girl’s eyes widened in astonishment and she was dumbfounded by the scene. It was too incomprehensible, an impossible sight.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” The armored man spoke as if it was the expected outcome. He casually took the knife from the girl, cast “Advanced Healing,” and repaired her left arm without a single scratch.

“Wha…what… You can…touch it…?”

The girl’s voice trembled as she spoke intermittently. The armored man replied nonchalantly, “Well… I can touch it normally.”

It was an unbelievable sight.

No one had ever been able to resist the black magic generated by the girl. Neither defensive magic nor magical tools had any effect. The moment someone touched it, it enveloped them, quickly weakened them, and led them to their death.

And yet, this armored man easily…

“Hey, hey, what happened? Does it still hurt? Should I cast ‘Healing’ again?”

Startled, the armored man shrank back and asked the question. The girl, for some reason, started shedding tears.

It was clear that the armored man’s touch was having no effect on the girl’s protection.

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