About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 1

Rain’s Middle School Struggles



The cherry blossoms were fluttering down.

It was early April, around the time when the lovely spring weather started streaming in. The cold air was gradually becoming warmer, and the wintery smell from just a while ago could no longer be sensed. The cherry blossoms had reached full bloom the other day, and were now slowly starting to scatter. It was the season when many people began new lives. As the year changed, some became working adults, others moved up grades, and some started living in new places after moving.

And the new students entering new schools. The cherry blossoms warmly welcomed this transitional period for people.


Here was the front gate of a private combined middle and high school. Today, this school, which had its middle school and high school together, was holding an entrance ceremony to welcome new middle school students. Cherry blossom petals were fluttering down onto the heads of the middle schoolers filled with nervousness and anticipation for their new life.


This male student standing under a cherry blossom tree gulping down saliva due to nervousness was also one of those who was about to start a new life.

His name was Rain. Today, he was entering the middle school as a new 1st-year student.

He was a reincarnator.

To put it simply, he was a person who could be called a genius, wise beyond his years since childhood, excellent at studying, and a person who discovered a new treatment for illness at a young age. He succeeded in creating a magical tool to cure illness, left his mark on the medical world as a young prodigy, and attained great honors.

However, perhaps due to his abilities, he was never able to get along with people until the end. He was unable to make friends at school, was bullied, and that life made him withdrawn. He was always carrying around a sense of inferiority as a person, living while curling himself inward. And then he passed away due to an accident.

After that, reincarnation occurred, and he made a friend named Yuki. And today, he stood in front of the middle school gate. For him, school was like a demon’s gate. It was a place where he was unable to properly communicate with people, was thoroughly bullied, and became a bitter memory of his youth. Even after reincarnating, using his weak health as a reason, he had barely attended school and kept running away from it.

But today, he stood in front of the school gate with an entrance ceremony signboard.

“Oh, Rain!”

A loud voice called out to him from behind. When he turned around, a girl with long, pale blue hair was waving at him enthusiastically. She was Yuki, the girl who had become his friend in the real world. Seeing her in a middle school uniform was quite refreshing. Rain felt self-conscious about the people around, but he shyly waved back at her. A childlike smile blossomed on her face.

I’ll try my best one more time.

With a little courage in his chest, Rain now stood in front of the new school.

—His small challenge was about to begin.

“Hmm? So you’re like a nasty bug after Yuki, huh? Hey, Rain?”


This happened in the classroom after the class assignments following the entrance ceremony.

No one yet knew the faces or names of the other students around them, and tension filled the entire classroom. It was right around the time when various feelings like anticipation and anxiety about the new middle school life, wondering if they could properly make friends, if they could keep up with classes, were swirling around the classroom.

Amidst that, in the corner of the classroom, a few male and female students with a strange atmosphere were there. A blond male student sat on a chair, stiffening his face and shrinking down. Two female students surrounded him in a threatening manner, and another female student watched that scene in exasperation.

“Um…why might that be? Kasumi, Tiffy…”

The ones surrounding him were Kasumi and Tiffy. And the male student being surrounded was Rain. The one watching from afar was Touri.

“Hmm~? Why, you ask? You don’t know why you’re surrounded~? Are you joking around, huh~?”

“No…I really don’t understand very well but…”

Kasumi entangled herself around Rain like sticky sap.

“I’ve heard a lot about you from Yuki, Rain.”

“Yes, I’ve also heard a lot about you two, Tiffy. You’re the girl who fell asleep for 8 hours during a game of hide and seek, right?”

“Ah, memories.”

Without looking abashed, Tiffy smiled slyly.

Rain had just met these three today through Yuki’s introduction. At first it was nice to meet you, glad we’re in the same class, chatting merrily—but immediately after Yuki stepped out to use the bathroom, Kasumi and Tiffy had cornered Rain in the classroom corner and begun interrogating him. Rain was powerless against their smooth, flowing cornering.

—Right away, a great difficulty had come to obstruct the small challenge by a boy who had decided to try his best once more.

“That’s right. Yuki talks a lot about Rain : There’s a really smart kid at the hospital, I can’t lose to someone smarter than me, I have to study harder…she talks about him like he’s her rival, you know.”

“….it’s a little embarrassing.”

Rain’s face reddened slightly as he scratched his cheek over and over.

“She also talks very happily about you two. Her eyes shine as she talks about her close friends who she did all sorts of things with.”

“Oh, I’m glad. Yuki is innocent, for better or worse.”


Kasumi put her hand to her cheek and smiled politely.

“That’s right. Yuki-chan is your rival, your rival, and you really seem to enjoy talking about her…”

Kasumi spoke slowly.

“So, what’s your point?”


“It means we have to eliminate the bad guys who deceive Yuki-chan, you know?”

“That’s too much of a leap in logic!”

Rain was perplexed by Kasumi’s conclusion.

“Wait a minute! That doesn’t make sense. Just because Yuki happily talked about her male friend, I’m a bad guy deceiving Yuki!?”

“This isn’t about logic.”

“Illogical! Totally illogical!”

In short, Kasumi and Tiffy were trying to eliminate any men who got close to Yuki.

“Yuki is a really smart kid, but also a really naive kid…so we can’t have bad guys deceiving her!”

“About that…I mostly agree but…”

Kasumi sighed and spoke without any guilt, and Rain mostly had the same opinion on that.

“So, will you quit this school now and move far away to the northern lands~?”

“That’s Unreasonable!”

He had been recommended to withdraw on the first day of enrollment. Kasumi and Tiffy shook Rain’s shoulders. It was not a cute, playful motion, but an attack filled with hostility. Kasumi and Tiffy’s eyes were terrifying.

“Confess! Just what is going on between you and Yuki!? Is there anything you’re hiding!?”

“N, no, there’s nothing like that between me and Yuki…”

“What do you mean nothing like that~!? I don’t know what kind of relationship you’re talking about~! Can you explain in more detail~!?”

“Scary! Middle school is scary!”

Rain, who was now 39 this year combining his previous and current lives, was being shaken by middle school girls.

“I won’t let you have her!”

“She’s not your daughter!”

“But you’re not Yuki’s dad or anything…”

“You’ve got no right to call yourself her dad!”

The conversation was becoming exaggerated and nonsensical. If there was some hot tea around, Rain felt he might get doused with it.

“No doubt this guy is after Yuki’s virginity, what a lustful beast! Disgusting! Disgusting!”

“Wha…!? What are you saying…!?”

Kasumi started saying outrageous things.

“Men are nothing but beasts after girls’ bodies. Oh, how vulgar. What do you think, Tiffy?”

“….after her body?”

“Oh my, there are still such innocents here.”

Tiffy was confused by Kasumi’s words. As a girl just entering middle school, she didn’t really understand what Kasumi was talking about.

“Listen, Tiffy. In short, all the middle school boys want to flip up Yuki and your skirts and see your panties and stuff.”

“Ew, boys are perverts.”

“Stop! We’re on the first day of middle school, don’t spread weird rumors!”


Scene transition


It was malicious harassment. Tiffy’s face reddened a little as she took a step back and held down her skirt.

“Come on you two, cut that out.”

Touri, who had been watching this exchange from afar, raised her voice in exasperation. She also went to the same piano lessons as Tiffy, passed the exam for this middle school, and ended up in the same class.

“Don’t stop us, Touri. I won’t feel at ease until I’ve taught this boy a lesson. If I don’t stop this guy, Yuki’s chastity will…!”

“Geez, quit acting stupid on day one.”


Kasumi, who had been running wild, was hit on the head by Touri and let out a sound like a crushed frog.

“Sorry about that, Rain. Don’t mind these idiots bothering you.”

“Ow ow ow, Touri, that hurts—“

While facing Rain to apologize, Touri was pulling on Tiffy’s ear right next to her. Tiffy’s eyes teared up.

“N, no, thank you for helping me, Touri.”

Rain lowered his head in a deep bow. He had inadvertently switched to polite language.

“I’ve heard about your situation from Yuki and Mr. Zeke. If you ever have any problems, feel free to talk to me.”


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