The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – The Second Generation Boss

“I see… The records have been skillfully purged.”

Impressed by the quality and thoroughness of the fabricated documents, meant to intentionally hide the truth, Knight Commander Grashian Guenelle muttered.

The records he procured from the archives contained information like combat reports against ‘Fragments’ and resulting damage. But Grashian wasn’t investigating the glorious war records of past royalty… Specifically, he looked into the recent years’ records. The records of the Third Prince of the Leuville Kingdom, Alfred Berg Leuville.

Though he searched for records, nowhere did it state that Prince Alfred had achieved any accomplishments. Grashian didn’t recall ever hearing that Alfred had performed any brilliant feats like defeating ‘Fragments.’

The curse left by the Night Witch. Defeating ‘Fragments’ was the duty of royalty. Thus Alfred, the Third Prince who neglected that duty, had no right to call himself royalty—that was one of the nasty rumors about him.

But what if that was intentionally fabricated?

With that hypothesis, Grashian noticed subtle oddities in the records he wouldn’t have otherwise.

“Some areas have lower ‘Fragment’ occurrence rates compared to previous years… Though the records list monsters, judging by the damage, ‘Fragments’ seem likely…”

Once he noticed something off, the rest came quickly. Behind the glorious royal achievements, he saw how much practical experience the prince had accrued.

“To think he defeated all of these…”

Despite blame and criticism, Alfred had continued fighting in the shadows. And likely not just against ‘Fragments.’ If Grashian investigated other records, he would probably find traces of capturing threats to the royal family like thieves. His honed combat skills were the greatest proof.


Suddenly, Grashian sensed a presence as if oozing out of the shadows in the archives.

Someone wrapped in black garb and wearing a mask…stood there.

Definitely one of Alfred’s personal forces.

“A member of ‘Shadow,’ I take it.”

“Smelling around our lord, it seems.”

“Hmph… As expected. No names were listed in ‘this.'”

He lightly tapped the materials at hand.

“So? What business do you have with me? I thought ‘Shadow’ lurked silently in the shadows.”

“…A warning.”

The cold, ominous voice continued.

“How you snoop through records is your business… But remember. If you prove harmful to our lord, we ‘Shadows’ will devour even righteous radiance.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. But what if the opposite is true?”

“We will see when the time comes.”

Leaving only that, ‘Shadow’ vanished.

“He seems quite admired.”

Until now he had only seen ‘Shadow’ as an eerie group of strays serving an incompetent.

His knight subordinates frequently vented dissatisfaction about “Why are they allowed to prowl the palace?”

But the day that ceased might not be so far off.

A few days passed after we returned from Mt. Itoel.

“Thanks for having me, shitty prince.”

Came the utterly gracious words from the one relying on our hospitality, as Elinne returned to the palace.

“Oh, quite the attitude from you. I’ll be specially accommodating.”

“I look forward to it. You’ll entertain me thoroughly, right?”

This guy… I sensed it vaguely, but Elinne seems to dislike royalty.

Probably from various issues back when she worked as a royal metalsmith two hundred years ago.

For her to willingly cooperate now… It must all be thanks to Charlotte.

“Elinne-san, you’ve arrived. I’m glad to see you again.”

As we talked, Charlotte rushed over with a beaming smile.

A pure, lovely, heartwarming smile like a soothing flower. Wasted on the royalty-hating Elinne. I’d have to protect her from this brat’s abuse.

“…Yeah. I’m happy too…”


“Oh, excuse me. I shouldn’t chat here… You must be tired. Makina-san prepared a room so please rest there.”


“You don’t have to be so considerate. I’m the one relying on you. And I’m not tired from just this much. I don’t mind chatting a bit more.”

Elinne smiled gently at Charlotte, following along as she guided her.

“She’s way too differential.”

“Charlotte reminded me of something precious, so she’s a benefactor to me.”

“What about me then?”

“A shitty brat who reminds me of shitty old times.”

“I’ll crucify you.”

What happened between the old royalty and her? Though for me, I’m just getting undeservedly dragged in!

“…Well, I’m thankful to you too. Thanks to you beating Deophil, I was able to protect the precious magic stones. So I’ll cooperate with you. I promise at least that much.”

But, Elinne casually added:

“I won’t tolerate it if you make Charlotte cry.”

“I stopped being a shadow to prevent her crying.”

At any rate, it seems Charlotte has gained another ally.

The day after Elinne arrived, we visited the magic ring workshop.

Just because the original returned didn’t mean the boss would suddenly change. I don’t have the authority to do that without the king’s approval, and even if I could, I’d only earn the site’s resentment.

But I did need to establish my foothold by announcing that I brought her back, and Elinne wanted to at least meet the disciple who was suddenly placed in charge of the workshop.

“After two hundred years, the atmosphere here hasn’t changed… “

In the venerable workshop, craftsmen diligently made rings even now, the searing heat thick in the air. Elinne watched the familiar scene with nostalgia.

“The scheduled time should be soon…right?”

“Not just soon, the appointment time we booked beforehand passed long ago~”

Makina shrugged with exasperation.

“As the one overseeing the workshop, he must be very busy. Urgent work may have come up…”

“It’d be nice if urgent work really came up.”


“Haa… Looks like he hasn’t changed…”

“Eh… What do you…”

Before Charlotte could finish tilting her head in confusion at our reactions—

“uwaaaa it’s bad, I’m late… uwaaaaaa!”

Someone came charging into the workshop, slipping and quite literally rolling magnificently inside.

Crashing spectacularly into the wall, he was then buried under an avalanche of items falling from the shelf.

“A-Are you okay!?”

“Leave him be, Charlotte.”


“This is normal.”

“Ehh~ As cold as ever, both of you…”

The one who crawled out of the pile of junk was a handsome elf.

His slender build and carefree expression lacked any hint of seriousness.

“I’m pretty diligent, you know? I hurried to meet everyone yet… You could compliment me a little for that… “

“Then tell me, what were you doing until now?”

“A date with a girl, obviously.”

“While making us wait, you were leisurely on a date huh. Nice social status.”

I knew that would be the case, but it still pisses me off to actually hear it!

“I couldn’t help it! I happened to spot a girl I liked in town! Of course I’d ask her out! Enjoy it! A date. Oh, for the record, I like girls who’ll pamper me.”

Don’t care. And I didn’t ask.

“As thoughtless as ever… Why not try coming on time for once?”

“Oh, Makina-chan! Still cute today. Let’s go on a date next time?”

“Shall I make that face your knife throwing target?”

“Nooo, that was just a joke! Haha…”

You’re the one wincing. And stop casually asking my subordinate on dates!


Meanwhile Charlotte stood dumbfounded, unable to follow our exchange as she watched.

“Charlotte. Let me reintroduce him. This guy is the current boss of the royal workshop…”

“I’m Evarl! Oh. Prince Alfred, who’s this cute and pure girl!?”

“She’s…my fiancée.”

“This girl is the rumored one!? Wow~ So lucky to have such a cute fiancée with big boobs… But I didn’t know you liked this type, Prince Alfred. The pure and wholesome but curvy kind. I get that feeling! The extra thrill from how they seem so innocent…”

“You’re still just chasing skirts, huh Evarl. No change.”

“Wha, Teacher!? It’s really you, Teacher! So you did come back~”

Evarl stared fixedly at the exasperated Elinne with widened eyes.

“The wrinkles between your eyebrows…increased?”

“I wonder how much elf eyeballs go for these days…”

“Whoa there! You’ve gotten even more beautiful in the time I haven’t seen you, Teacher!

As talkative as ever… No good will come of letting him run his mouth.

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