Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

Well, it’s Saint Riolle. Many are aiming to become high officials in the future. But don’t worry! You two cleared that entrance exam in the A Class!”
Encouraged by the ever-positive Alyssa, Folia’s shoulders relax.
The four chat about classes while finishing their meals, then head back to their rooms.
Raze places writing utensils in the square bag with the academy emblem and finishes preparing.
“Folia, ready to go?”
After checking they haven’t forgotten anything, Raze and Folia head to the classroom.

At Saint Riolle Royal Magic Academy gather not just noble sons and daughters, but children of wealthy merchant houses and officials despite being commoners. I don’t know what kind of education they received at their homes, but they’re more mature than other children their age.
Adulthood is at seventeen in the Cyan Empire. After another two years, they’ll be forced to act as adults, and the noble children will be even more careful about their speech, conduct, and behavior lest they sully their dignity. Sixteen year olds like them should be entering this year, but based on my past life memories, there seem to be more youths than boys, women than girls. Perhaps that’s because of the aforementioned reason.
It’s like a high school where there might be one or two hero or heroine-like existences standing above the other students that you rarely encounter.

“Good morning, Lady kana.”
“Good morning, Raze.”
Raze arrived at the classroom, greeted kana, and then took his seat after parting ways with Folia.
(Being told “good morning” like that…)
As expected of nobility. She thought, while waiting for the class to begin, the noise beyond the door caught her attention.
The female students who sensed the information early began checking their appearance in the mirror.
(What could it be?)
Raze sensed the presence of several individuals outside the classroom. As she observed, Adis, who led the female students, appeared.
“Good morning, Adis sama! Thank you for dancing with me yesterday. It was very enjoyable.”
“Good morning, Miss Gindence. I had a good time too.”
Raze shuddered at Adis’s smile.
The isolationist nation of Cyan, known as the [Ironclad Cyan], hails from a country of complete independent neutrality. Depending on how you look at it, they are considered even worse than the Magenda Empire. And the one referred to as Cyan’s mastermind is Prime Minister Wellrain, who is also Adis’s father.
(He definitely inherited that blood…)
Raze rubbed her goosebump-covered arms and realized instinctively that her mind identified him as a dangerous individual.
According to the rules of her mission, she couldn’t reveal herself as a military personnel. She had to confront him as a commoner, which felt equivalent to being on a battlefield without weapons.
He strolled down the corridor leisurely, and Raze was right there.
“Good morning, scholarship student.”
“Good morning…”
She felt like she was being targeted with an unnatural tone of greeting. She knew she hadn’t done anything to offend Adis, but it was a problem. Her goals for graduation were already on the verge of falling apart.
Raze looked away from Adis, who had taken his seat, and saw Ruben and Claude enter the room.
(Nobody’s using advances toward His Highness, who is engaged to Lady kana, are they? His Highness’s son is annoying, so they should hurry up and get engaged.)
An assembled state of people who seem a level higher. The flower garden. Compared to the military academy it’s a world of difference.
(Well, I’ll have to decline the muddy youth…)
No matter how many girls he lets serve him, for my sake too, please don’t cause any trouble – sighing at Adis as I glance his way.
(Crap! He noticed me sighing!)
Adis leans my way facing me. His expression isn’t the sweet one towards the young ladies.
As I hastily try to explain, a low, reverberating bell tone rings out.
I sharply face forward.
“Everyone here~?”
It’s the start of class. Hughan appears at the lectern and Adis also shifts his gaze that way.
Somehow Raze gets through that spot.
“Looks like everyone’s here. I’ll pass out the Class A schedule now.”
The documents placed on the lectern seem to float up, then flutter down to the students like paper cranes. Judging by the smooth activation of the magic stones, Hughan’s affinity is likely wind.
Checking the paper that reached me, the classes necessary for obtaining advanced licenses are clearly scheduled. Forty percent lectures to sixty percent practical skills, an active composition.
“Also, this is the annual schedule. As you know, there’s an tournament between all students in summer called the [Battle Festival]. Parents can also come to the academy then, so work hard to show them your growth.”
Summer break at this academy is short. There’s no Obon holiday from my memories, instead the national holiday is the “Star Festival.” Only the two weeks plus a bit of that period is summer vacation.
But instead – or rather – Saint Riolle holds things like the Battle Festival where students compete. In winter mock battles between grades are held, and the results greatly impact your career after graduating in third year, so they’re very important events.


“Summer’s pretty hard for first years to win against all grades combined. We’ve got excellent students this year so aim for the top spots. Even if you lose early, you’ll be properly evaluated if it’s a good match. For now, work towards mastering skills with summer as your goal. Though we do have the periodic exams first.”
Seeing we’ve finished reading the handouts, Hughan changes the subject.
“I’ll say this gently since it’s the start, but don’t misuse magic just because you’ve improved, got it? Depending on the situation I’ll have you expelled immediately.”
The classroom falls silent. This is him being “gentle.” I shudder imagining what would happen if we made him angry.
“It’s happened in the past. An arrogant noble brat caused serious injury to a commoner and got expelled. And vice versa. I hope there are no savage brats like that in this classroom!”
His tone is light but the content is heavy. It’s too frightening for even Raze to laugh.
(Is this the nation’s climate?)
Eliminate dangerous elements immediately. Mechanical with no room for compassion. This is something I felt even in the military. Unconsciously my past life memories resurface and Raze compares them.
“Okay. Let’s get right into class then and leave that talk here. Other classes start with selecting affinities, but you’re all clearly aware of your own so let’s have a light bout. Come up one at a time and show me any magic you’re good at.”
We’ll be going in reverse order of yesterday’s self-introductions it seems, so my turn comes in the first half.
Replying, I head to the front. I spot Folia making a little fist saying “Do your best!” which enters my vision. I can’t describe her as anything but cute.
“Whenever you’re ready.”
(For beginner movement type they mean teleportation right?)
Even if it’s not your affinity, it’s a commonly used standard spell. Should be fine to just use normally. Raze activates the magic stone in her earring.
“Woah! Where’d she go!?”
In the next instant after disappearing, someone raises a surprised voice at Raze’s absence.
“Hey now. No leaving the classroom, got it?”
Flustered, Hughan glances out the window but fortunately misunderstands.
“Um, I’m right here.”
Raze is nonchalantly seated at her desk.
Hughan stares wide-eyed at Raze raising her hand.
She forgot. Raze Shes Ohphan who wields movement magic, through repeated applications of applications has slightly deviated from the original magical concept of “movement.”
On the battlefield they say it’s impossible to grasp her figure, earning her the epithet “Head-Severing Phantom” from the Magenda Empire who fears her.
Instantly moving from standing to sitting isn’t normally possible–
“No…that can’t be.”
But believing he simply overlooked it, Hughan accepts it.
“Okay. Nicely polished. Activation is quick and concise. Good. Next!”
Seeing his reaction afterward, Raze wonders “Huh? Did I maybe mess up?” as she strokes her chest in relief.
(Movement magic runs deep. I was thinking of showing aerial movement too, but glad I held back…)
For just teleportation, transferal devices would suffice.
What sets apart Raze Shes Ohphan is she doesn’t stop there, developing a variety of magic from her past life memories and flexible thinking.
However, movement is still just movement. It’s not eye-catching magic by any means.
The students continue presenting their affinities, soon reaching the son of Viscount Muldeer.
“Kyaa~! Amazing!”
A whirling vortex of wind stirs around him. The classroom clamors at Adis’s magic.
(Flashy magic…)
No complaints about the power, and manipulating that much wind is impressive, but it’s also wasteful.
(Lieutenant Bahamut’s tiny shock that destroys nerves is more subtle yet far more terrifying…Well, I was the one who taught it though.)
As expected of someone likely aiming to be a distinguished knight. Raze blankly watches it.

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