Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 7

“You know, my goal is to make this school right,” Kurashiki says with her usual smile on our way back to the dorm.
After leaving the classroom where we’d held our meeting, I was walking back to the dorm with her beside me.
At a glance, her ‘true’ self has already withdrawn. Unlike earlier, the her now is flawlessly playing the part of Student Council President, to the point that even I can’t see through her act.
I was worried that after exposing her true side so easily and becoming my accomplice after just a few days here, she might not be reliable, but…it seems I was anxious over nothing. This girl had deliberately exposed parts of her true self.
At this point, I can’t even tell whether Kurashiki or I was the one who took the other’s bait.
“Right…make it right?”
“Yup. I want to live an easy life. I’ll make any effort to live easily. To live easily, I don’t mind pretending to be someone I’m not. I honestly believe that.”
So she says simply, to make it right.
“Because it’s annoying, isn’t it? Having classmates badmouth you, or getting oppressed by school rules on a whim. So I hide my thorny personality—Yuuto, I’ve decided to assist you in what you’re trying to do.”
As agreed, we formed a temporary, provisional cooperative relationship.
However, it too was only temporary. She had given me corresponding conditions as well.
“That said, this is on the assumption that Yuuto has the power to speak of ideals. I’ll say this in advance, but Yuuto—the moment you lose even once, I’ll cut you off.”
The meaning of ‘cut off’…well, it means she’ll abandon me.
It’s quite a difficult condition. I’m a small fry who would lose even to Kirido.
“Oh, but I’ll allow intentional losses, ‘kay? I honestly think it’d be shameful to lose to trash like that…but Yuuto is the type who gets excited by losing, right?”
“Please don’t lump me in with the likes of them.”
That line gave me goosebumps. As I rubbed my arms, I averted my gaze from her.
In my peripheral vision, her retied ponytail swayed.
However, the voice I heard was terribly cold:
“Luckily, your goal is fairly close to mine. Cooperating isn’t reluctant in the least….However, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not your comrade. I’ll always be ready to betray you anytime I see you as useless.”
That’s great. I don’t plan anything but using and wringing her dry unilaterally either.
I never had any sense of camaraderie to begin with. No need for trust or bonds.
All we need between us is a cooperative relationship, nothing more.
As I gazed at the evening sky, the student council president persona Kurashiki spoke to me:
“So, what’s the plan from here, Yuuto? Use force?”
“Don’t be stupid. There’s no way I could beat Kirido in a direct confrontation.”
“You can say that right after I telling you I’d cut ties if you lost?”
Well, no matter how much you tell me that… After all, I’ve lost once already.
Without exaggerating, I think Kirido is strong. Despite being in a position like an attack dog in the opening of a novel, his physical abilities are top class in our grade. And in just a few days here, his skill at manipulating his abilities is impressive. If it weren’t for his personality issues…
“But you could win if you used your real powers, right?”
“…I told you, I have no ‘real’ powers or anything like that.”
I’m not lying about my abilities. Probably. Though this line might be a lie too.
Oh, right. I forgot one or two things I wanted to say.
As I rummaged through my pocket, I returned my gaze to Kurashiki.
“Come to think of it, you graffitied Kirido’s desk, right?”
“Huhhh? No idea what you’re talking about!”
Her reaction confirmed it. You jerk…because of you I got punched again!
When my nose bleeds it stains my uniform, you know? At least pay the cleaning bill!
I thought that while handing her the item I took from my pocket.
“Also, this is an anti-wiretapping device. Going forward, when necessary, plug it into your smartphone before calling. It’ll disable any and all wiretapping.”
“Huhhh, Yuuto can make stuff like that?”
What I handed her was an anti-wiretapping device disguised as a mobile charger.
Just plugging it into the power socket temporarily prevents wiretapping.
“You can only use the provided smartphones for contact. Of course, you should assume all communications are monitored by the academy. I’ll conduct any important talks over the phone from now on too. Won’t use email at all.”
“Whoa. I hadn’t planned on using sketchy phone calls or anything anyway…Oh well. Gotta make use of anything that seems handy! Thanks, Yuuto!”
Kurashiki says that cheerfully.
Hey, you. Don’t forget that you graffitied Kirido’s desk, got it?
Most likely, your aim was to send him at me to probe my true character. And dude, that punch hurt quite a bit! You get how much a straight punch to the face hurts?
Well, I nullified most of the damage in the instant of impact, so it wasn’t as bad as it looked.
Thinking about all that, I let out a big sigh.
“Sooo, what’s Yuuto’s real power anyway?”
“You’re persistent, Kurashiki.”
I scowled…or at least tried to, but I think my expression was blank.
Why is she so stubbornly convinced I’m lying?
I don’t get her reasoning at all, but even if I did have some hidden power, I probably wouldn’t use it against Kirido. The real pain is the guys who got away with not breaking school rules as the first ones in our grade.
One is me, Amamori Yuuto.
The other is Asahina Kasumi.
The third is unknown, but the fourth is probably…
“Well, no need to get involved unless necessary,”
I muttered, glancing at Kurashiki beside me.
“Kurashiki. Tomorrow at 6am, meet in the classroom from earlier.”
“That’s really early… Are we doing something?”
She looks at me curiously, and I state matter-of-factly:

“Tomorrow morning, we’ll eliminate Kirido. That’s already decided.”


…I still dream about it sometimes.
I was abandoned by my mother.
I remember it being back in elementary school.
She had long black hair down to her waist, beautiful in profile as well.
My mother was much younger than my father, probably over 10 years between them.
I loved my mother, and I still dream of her beautiful back.
Whenever I close my eyes, the warm scenes of back then float into view.

—I can still vividly recall the eyes of that woman who abandoned me.

5am on his fifth day at the academy, Kirido woke up.
Though I tried to sleep more, I just couldn’t get in the mood… Recalling the reason, I clicked my tongue in annoyance. That’s right, a guy from my class kept me from sleeping soundly.
I spit the word out briefly, sat up throwing off the futon, and kicked over the desk in my room when I saw it.
I was furious. Extremely so.
Who I was furious at was simply the individual, Amamori Yuuto.
He rubbed me the wrong way from the start.
Despite not being strong, instead being pathetically weak and only gifted mediocre abilities, he advertised that openly and curried favor with Asahina acting like an ally of justice.
…Asahina Kasumi is special. Because it’s me, I understand.
The other guys definitely don’t get it, but I do.
She’s different from the rest. That’s why I paid attention to her from the start. From the moment I saw that black hair and green eyes, that back, I decided she would be mine.
And that guy…
“Pisses me off so damn much…”
He laid a hand on my Asahina. At that point alone, he was worth beating to death.
Even though she hadn’t greeted me, hadn’t waved to me.
There’s someone ahead of me. That alone was reason enough for me to resort to violence.
I’m cunning, so I carefully devised a plan that wouldn’t raise any suspicions, and I lured that guy into the battlefield. Well, I did let my guard down a few times and took some hits, but I kept on pounding that guy as much as I wanted.
…But then, Asahina sided with him again.
Of all times, he had to catch my punches. More than the humiliation of losing to a woman, more than the irritation of getting scolded by the higher-ups… I didn’t like the fact that he was prioritized over me.
“Someday I’ll definitely kill that bastard…”
My anger at that guy overflowed inside me.
Kill, kill, kill, kill—For the first time in my life fighting almost every day even before entering this school, I harbored pure killing intent. I would end that guy with these hands—
“Oh yeah, that bastard graffitied my desk…”
Thinking about that guy reminded me about my desk. I had…um, swapped it with one of the mob characters’ desks. I had them read the school rules too, and there was no rule against switching desks, so it didn’t directly harm me but…I just couldn’t let Amamori get away with it unharmed. Gotta make him taste humiliation far worse than I did.
“Yeah…I gotta get back at his desk!”
Suddenly, I hit upon a great idea! That’s right, if I do the same or worse to Amamori’s desk, that’ll be perfect payback! Man, the terrible things I can think up. I’m starting to scare myself with how smart I am!
I immediately messaged my underlings to come to the academy right away.
It’s 5am, but well, they’ll see a message from me right away. Being late means a fine.
I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and put on my uniform before leaving my room.
No time like the present, as they say. I’ve gotta get back at him right now or I won’t feel satisfied. I got a sandwich for breakfast at the nearby convenience store and considered my plan again as I ate.
What sort of revenge should I take? Just graffiti is too naive. Oh, I know! How about I cover his desk with leftovers from the cafeteria? Now that’s a great nasty idea!
After spending around thirty minutes polishing my plot, I arrived at the school building a little after 6am.
At that time, none of my underlings were around. Maybe the bathroom or something… Either way, not coming to greet me deserves death, their deaths. Death, yeah, death—I don’t really get the nuance, but it sounds cool, right? They deserve death!
Vaguely thinking about that, I absentmindedly directed my gaze toward the shoe lockers.
And there I opened my eyes wide at the figure of someone I never imagined being there.
“Oh, Asahina…?”

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