Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 2

As easy as it is to ask about his past here, the president is right.

We have to open Katsumi-kun’s heart on our own with our power.

“Well, his vitality and mood fully recovered afterward with the high-quality meat sushi delivered.”


“Well, you guys requested it as an apology, didn’t you? You were eating together.”

After lecturing us like this, Katsumi-kun’s mood was completely restored thanks to meat sushi!?

N-No, I was kind of excited about the delivery itself! True, I had a smile on my face when we were eating, but…!

We were on the verge of collapsing in our chairs at the president’s words, which disrupted the atmosphere itself.

“Now that the lecture is over, I’ll return to my usual self.”

With a look of annoyance, he tossed his white coat onto the floor and returned to his usual playful self, messing up his slicked-back blonde hair.

“The other day, I conducted a physical examination on him to investigate the side effects of the Proto Suit he’s been using.”

“And what were the results?”

The Proto Suit he used to transform into Black Knight is different from the Justice Suits we use, and it can pose a danger to the wearer.

He’s been using it for nearly two years, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he had been suffering from some hidden side effects.

“He’s in perfect health. No signs of reduced lifespan, and not a trace of the Proto Suit’s effects.”

“Is it possible that the Proto Suit was harmless from the beginning?”


The president replied immediately to Aoi’s question.

“If someone other than him wears it, it will explode from the inside. Otherwise, the body won’t withstand the load, and it will self-destruct and lead to death. Of course, that hasn’t changed, and only he can wear the Proto Suit without any risk.”

“…So it was such a dangerous thing.”

“That’s precisely why he’s special.”

With that, the president shifted his gaze to the tablet in his hand.

“He’s just an ordinary person. While his upbringing may have been unfortunate, there haven’t been any incidents where his body underwent any transformations. Personally, I had expected the worst, like him turning into a villain, but… he’s truly an unusual individual.”

“Don’t joke about him turning into a villain, please…”

Turning into a villain is no joke.

With that meaning behind my glare, the president shrugged casually.

“Isn’t it scarier when the mystery remains unsolved? After all, we have no idea why.”

“Come on, President! I think you shouldn’t say it like that!!”

“Yeah! When I’m not being serious, I’ll speak in pseudo-Kansai dialect! You guys are all so bland, I can’t tell you apart!”

“Ugh, that’s harsh…”

This was the first time Kirara had spoken since we arrived here, and the president forced her to speak in a Kansai dialect while pointing at her. Even though I’ve seen this exchange many times, I wonder if he has some kind of obsession with it?

“The Human Enhancement Power Suit that I created with all my talent and life. In short, the Justice Morpher, has successfully countered the threat of villains.”

“It’s not shorter at all.”

“Thanks to that, I collaborated with the government and formed the Justice Crusaders, and you guys were found through a test to identify people compatible with the suit disguised as a normal health examination !”

What he’s doing is really part of an evil organization, isn’t it? I understand the need for secrecy, but it really amplifies the mad scientist vibe he’s giving off.

“But the Justice Morpher, if it unites the powers of three people, then the Black Knight, no! The Justice Morpher Prototype Zero was a stage before that, designed to control immense energy with a single suit! Therefore, one person must handle the functions that should be divided among three!”

The president, with great enthusiasm, wrote on the whiteboard while holding a pen.

“But! The Proto Suit was not designed to generate such output, and, in fact, its performance was inferior to even the next-generation suits. In other words, it was a defective product! A failure!”

Is it like putting a sports car engine into an ordinary car?

“That’s why, with a heavy heart, I decided to dispose of it… or so I thought. But by some cruel twist of fate, the Proto Suit ended up in the hands of a middle school student, Katsumi Homura!”

Yes, Katsumi-kun has been fighting since middle school. Even though he didn’t engage in full-scale battles until high school, it’s still abnormal in every sense.

“Why can he bring out the suit’s performance? Why can he defeat villains? Why can he continue to use it without any risk? I absolutely must know his secret! I’m prepared to do anything, even swim naked in the freezing sea, to find out!”

Why do you have to make such a resolution?

The president, who had completely entered mad scientist mode, shouted for a while before suddenly regaining his composure.

“So, soon, we will have him wear the suit and measure his abilities.”

“What!? You’re saying that so casually!”

“He already gave his permission. He’s been here all this time and probably wanted to walk around the headquarters. He agreed immediately. Well, he did reject the new suit I made for him, though. Hahaha!”


The president, who was overly prepared, left me speechless.

“Also, there’s something I wanted to tell you today.”

With that, the president turned towards us.

He took out a tablet from his pocket and manipulated it, and a familiar voice from the recording began to play in his office.

“Are there any other villains who were stronger?”

“Well… troublesome ones were the intangible ghost-type villains. As for those with psychic powers…”

This is the audio from the questionnaire Katsumi-kun filled out the other day, right?

I can hear Dr. Shirakawa’s voice too, and this question was about the villains Katsumi-kun had encountered so far, I think.

“Is this the audio from the questionnaire Katsumi-kun answered?”

“Yeah, it’s the questionnaire you guys added your selfish questions to.”

“You allowed it, didn’t you!?”

The president is just as much a co-conspirator!

He comforted a trembling Kirara, and the recorded conversation shifted to the next topic.

“And, that’s not all.”

“…I don’t know, but what kind of villain is it?”

The audio is missing here for a moment. I can tell that Katsumi-kun mentioned the name of a villain, but it’s silent, and I can’t make it out.

“…I guess you couldn’t hear it after all.”

With a slightly puzzled look at us, the president stopped the audio.

“As per the government’s instructions, we are going to publicly release this audio.”

“What? You’re going to release it?”

“Yeah, I added information about the villains you heard from him to the questionnaire. But we’ll remove some of the information on our side as well. There are some tricky issues mixed in with that.”

With no words to respond, the president continued to speak.

“The government also can’t ignore the Black Knight’s achievements. You might not realize it, but… the villains Katsumi mentioned in the questionnaire could potentially bring disaster on a global scale, not just in Japan.”


I can understand if it’s a villain like “Smiley,” but what about other seemingly harmless ones like slugs?

“In terms of revealing some of his life and personality, the contents of that questionnaire are quite convenient. Oh, he gave his consent for this as well.”

“He gave his consent?”

“He realized he couldn’t refuse. But if you think about it, this might be for his own good.”

The president picked up a piece of paper from his desk and looked at it.

“He has a mischievous side, so this might even increase his popularity with women! Hahaha!”

“Your behavior is too old-fashioned…”

I’m exasperated by the president’s vulgar laughter, but he continues to laugh unabashedly.

“If I’m honest, I want him to be on our side. After all, there are still only three warriors protecting this country. If you were to fall, there would be no one left.”

“But what about Omega…”

“Yeah, he’s been defeated. But what if it’s not really over?”


I’m left speechless by the president’s words. I can also sense that unsettling possibility.

“That’s why we need his power. To do that, we must befriend him and raise his favorability… Justice Crusaders!”

“Is this a serious discussion…?”

“It’s become very cheap all of a sudden.”

“A complete disaster.”

I don’t know how to respond when given orders like this, as if it were some sort of joke.

The president, clearly annoyed by our attitude, leans forward on his desk and points at us.

“Stop making noise!! Isn’t it your fault in the first place for being so incompetent!!”

“What do you mean ‘incompetent’!? We’ve been thinking about the appropriate distance and everything!”

“Your distance control is extremely off, which is why we had to give you this warning!”

“In your face! We had to caution you because of your weird behavior!”

Imitating Kirara’s voice, the president makes a strange noise by pinching his nose, still mimicking her. I hear what sounds like something tearing next to Kirara.

“I’ll rip your spine out right here!!”

“Kirara! If you get mad here, it’s what they want!”

“It’s like a chivalrous film! Just like a chivalrous film!”

Kirara tries to reach for Justice Morpher, and Aoi and I do our best to stop her.

Despite how noisy and annoying the president is…!! He’s a significant person treated as the savior of humanity!!

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