Two Childhood Friends Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Just in the Nick of Time!

“(Now then, I wonder what kind of power these two have…)”

Watching Yoshihito and Kirako confront the oni, Enmi muttered inwardly.

She still hadn’t evacuated, remaining invisible in the area.

Of course, it wasn’t that Enmi couldn’t abandon them…

Whether innate or cultivated through upbringing, she possessed a ruthlessness that allowed her to readily discard anything and anyone for her objectives, for herself.

For the Kakushigi family, that was an essential skill.

It might be shunned by common morals, but within the Kakushigi family at least, no one would reproach her for it.

“(That Hakuhou brat is so troublesome too. Wanting to see their ability…)”

She shook her head exasperatedly.

If not for these orders from Hakuhou, there’d be no need for such distasteful spectating.

She didn’t think he’d seriously say something so childish as being unable to forgive them for standing out more than him.

The Hakuhou family should educate him better.

She’d thought that countless times.

But she couldn’t sever ties completely – such was the relationship between families.

“(Still, an oni appearing is unexpected. What’s going on with the management of this academy? If this happened with our family’s standing, the teachers’ heads would literally fly.)”

As a rather influential house, information about what happens at the Special Talent Development Academy flowed to the Kakushigis too.

So she knew about the annual recreation where new students entered a dungeon and encountered monsters, to learn their place.

But using an extremely vicious monster like an oni was unexpected.

Even fully armed forces would have risked defeat against it.

With many new students who still didn’t grasp how to use their powers, casualties seemed likely.

If students from families tied to the Seven Heroes like Hakuhou died, the academy’s faculty and administration would undoubtedly lose their heads.

If they were still doing this, their nerve must be quite steadfast.

“Well, those two are interesting. I’ll save them if it gets dangerous.”

Despite her slight association with them, Enmi had taken a liking to the pair.

They probably wouldn’t do anything stupid like directly battle the oni, so she’d help if they got a little hurt.

She’d give the Hakuhou brat a good report too.


The oni roared.

It was a declaration to kill the humans before it.

The ecology of monsters was still not well understood.

Research was insufficient.

But one thing known to some degree was that monsters often opposed humanity.

And this oni was trying to kill Yoshihito and Kirako – to slay humans.



Enmi unconsciously let out a voice.

She was startled by the oni’s speed, shattering the ground as it rapidly closed in.

As a daughter of the Kakushigi house, she had already battled monsters, using special connections.

She had experienced what many other ability wielders would only face later.

Yet even she was shocked by this oni’s explosive power.


The roaring oni wielded a cliché kanabo club.

Who made it was unclear.

Certainly not humans, but why monsters had such weapons and where they acquired them was a mystery.

But with the oni’s strength, that club packed power rivaling a tank’s armor piercing shell.

The swinging club descended.


The oni’s first target was Kirako.

No particular meaning.

Whatever slight physical differences existed between the two, they were trivial to the oni.

Both could be easily crushed.

It simply noticed and chose the one closer.

“What, really?”

Enmi saw something unbelievable then.

Despite being frozen, Kirako was shielded by Yoshihito stepping forward.

It was clearly an act to protect her.

This was probably his first monster encounter too.

And facing it let him understand the oni could easily kill him.

Yet disregarding the danger, he shielded Kirako.

For Enmi, raised in an environment where lurking and scheming was natural like the Kakushigi family, it was startling behavior.

“(Yessssss! Just in the nick of time!)”

“(Kirako! Out of the wayyyyyyyyy!)”

In truth they were just shoving against each other, but it looked otherwise to an observer.

To Enmi, Yoshihito seemed to act on instinct.

So he likely didn’t have any chance to brace himself.

The oni’s mighty swing brought the club crashing down.

“Oh crap.”

Enmi unconsciously murmured.

Yeah, this was bad.

In an instant, Yoshihito would die.

She had thought to help if needed, but never expected such a lethal blow so quickly.

When their elopement made news, more detailed information reached the Kakushigis too.

That they had incapacitated trained national official ability wielders.

So she figured they could fight to some extent.

Long enough for her to assist.

But the club strikes Yoshihito’s unprotected head would easily destroy it.

A blow of despair, dealing only death, swung down, about to catch his head and…

Was deflected.


Enmi stared dumbfounded at the scene.

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