The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 4 part 4


It’s been a few days since I witnessed Yorand’s reprehensible true nature, Alice’s brother.
But even now, the events of that day are burned clearly in my mind.
I’ll probably never forget it. No, considering I’m engaged to Alice, there’s no probably about it.
Just thinking he might become my brother-in-law makes me shudder.
For him to give me, of all people, a sense of fear, he’s quite something. And I never imagined there’d be a day I feel sympathy for Alice. She really is pitiable.
If she didn’t have that creepy brother, she might have become a much kinder, more normal girl.
…Or is it my fault too? Well, no use thinking about that now.
In any case, what I can say for sure is that man, Yorand, is a nauseating [villain].

However──the events of that day also sparked my interest in [pawns].

Until now, I’ve only thought about and acted towards making myself stronger.
There were absolutely no compromises in that, and I can state conclusively there was nothing wrong with it.
Of course, I have no intention of stopping my pursuit of strength even now.
However, there are limits to what I can accomplish alone.
Eventually, humans who will become my arms and legs will definitely be necessary.
I’m dissatisfied with following Yorand’s words, and what’s even more unpleasant is my reason understanding that guy’s [usefulness] as a [pawn].
At that time, I remembered something.
Even though I had no interest in it whatsoever, it’s far too convenient that one of them will definitely [lose].
“─Heh, perfect for an experiment.”
Come to think of it, it’s today.
Mia and Lloyd’s ranking match is──.

For most of the populace, [combat] is something far removed from daily life.
Even more so if it’s [magical combat]. Therefore, Aslan Magic Academy’s [ranking matches], open for public viewing and spectating, are the ultimate entertainment for the kingdom’s citizens.
Setting aside the exceptional ranking match between Abel and Luke, they were usually first applied for with the academy, announced to the public, and then held on the day.
As such, this day’s events had already been publicized, and many people had gathered in the academy’s arena.
“It’s the first years today right?”
“Yeah, the third rank [Mia] and fourth rank [Lloyd] are going at it. Daaamn, upper ranks from the get go! It’s gonna be hot blooded!
“But you know, as expected, the first years will still fall short in flashiness and intensity of combat compared to the upperclassmen. For me, matches between skilled third years are still the best.”
“You’re an idiot, ain’t ya? You’re missing out on half of life, huh? The first years are like rough gems. Isn’t the potential for tremendous growth they hold wonderful? What’s important isn’t strength, but predictability. It’s fine to start weak. As long as they don’t give up and keep striving, growing, that brilliance they gain is what we ought to cheer on and support! We gotta spur them on!”
“You’ve really changed, haven’t you.”
“No, you’re the one that’s changed.”
People steadily gathered in the arena where the ranking match would be held.
There were sporadic vacancies here and there, but they’d all be filled within an hour.
The excitement towards what was about to transpire turned into heat, swirling about.
Now, all that remained was waiting for the start time.
“Th-there’s so many people…”
Amidst it all, Mia was experiencing a shrinking feeling she’d never felt in her life before.
Like her heart was being grabbed, it was hard to breath.
“I-it’ll be fine… It’ll be fine…”
She had no reason to be scared. She was a chosen one who had manifested three attributes.
On top of that, she had desperately honed her skills ever since losing to Alice at the entrance exam.
There’s no way she could lose. Mia desperately convinced herself.
“It’s time.”
It looked like it was about to start.
The unpleasant feelings swirling in her heart didn’t disappear.
But she didn’t want to lose. She absolutely hated the idea of it.
So Mia strongly responded. To somehow encourage herself.
As she slowly walked forward, unpleasant sweat ran down her back even though she hadn’t fought yet.

And the moment she set foot into the arena──an earth-shattering cheer resounded.


Overwhelmed by the piercing gazes of the masses, it further disturbed her heart.
Mia could hear her own heartbeat in her ears.
“What’s wrong shorty? You look nervous,” said Lloyd.
” …… Not really, not at all.
In contrast to Mia, Lloyd had a relaxed smile.
That weighed down the lead in her heart even more.
“Take your positions,” instructed the referee.
Mia took another deep breath and slowly walked to take her position.
She inhaled, then exhaled. Her heart calmed down a little.

(It’ll be fine… I can do it. I’ll beat Alice one day, and catch up to Luke too. I can’t lose here…!)

A burning fighting spirit dwelled in her eyes.
The thought of absolutely refusing to lose raged in her heart.
“Not bad, not bad at all!! That’s what makes it fun!!”
Lloyd had a ferocious grin. As if hurrying them to start.
“Are both of you ready?”
They both nodded, believing in their own victory.




The fuse of battle had finally been lit.
However, the intense magical battle that followed──did not unfold.
The conclusion of this battle was far too anticlimactic.
Mia could use three attributes: [Lightning], [Chains], and [Healing]. ──An unavoidable lightning magic attack. Physical attacks and restraint abilities with [Chains]. And even having recovery with [Healing], for an ordinary mage it wouldn’t even be permitted to properly battle her.

Yes──she was a rightly chosen existence.

However, a moment’s hesitation born from having too many options.
And feeling awkward, with activating magic being a slight weakness to begin with.
Those combining with the immaturity of her heart delayed her magic activation even more than usual.
In contrast, Lloyd’s attribute was [Fire] alone.
But with his extraordinary talent, he had raised its power to the limit.
The [Azure Flames], distinctly separated from ordinary fire.
With their overwhelming firepower, the simple power to burn everything to ash regardless of what it was.
That’s why Lloyd has no hesitation. That’s why Lloyd is strong.
Simply twisting everything down with the azure flames produced from his enormous magical power.
It wasn’t as if there were no ways to counter him, but Lloyd’s basic thinking was just that, and he was convinced it was his strongest tactic.
The azure flames spread before Mia’s vision, frighteningly enough to reflexively induce fear.
She activated [Lightning Magic] at practically the same time, but judging it inferior in speed and overwhelmingly lacking in firepower, she switched.
She immediately activated [Magic Barrier] to defend against it.
However, its power was tremendous, leaving her unable to cast other magic.
If she let her concentration on defending slip even a little, she’d be burned to ash in that instant.
She couldn’t do anything because she understood that fact.

──It was checkmate.

“Ohh what’s wrong!? Is that it already, shorty!?”
“Ugh… I-I can’t… it’s no good…”

From there it was only a matter of time.
The curtain fell far too anticlimactically.
“Uwaaaaaaaah it burns it burns it buuurrrns”
The last thing Mia felt was the intense pain of her whole body being burned.
And the last thing she heard was the frenzied cheers and tumultuous applause──.

Mia awoke without a single wound.
Sitting up her heavy body, she absentmindedly looked around. She couldn’t immediately grasp the situation, but slowly remembered over time.

──The memory of [losing].

A streak of tears rolled down her cheek.
“Uu… ahh…”
Mia desperately endured the tears on the verge of spilling out.
She conducted herself as bravely as she could, thanking the priest who had treated her.
Stepping out into the hallway, she walked, left the school building, and started running.
The moment she did, the tears began spilling out unrestrained.
Mia ran towards the dormitory, immediately locked herself in her room once she arrived, and collapsed against the door, sliding down to sit.
Now there was nothing holding back the overflowing tears.
“Uuu… uuu…”
Mia cried. Her voice leaked through gritted teeth, sobbing loudly.
Once they started spilling, no matter how much she wiped them, the tears wouldn’t stop. Various emotions like vexation, powerlessness, and more all jumbled together and fell as tears.
After that, Mia chose to shut herself in her shell. She didn’t know for how long she did that.
There were also people who came to her room.
Her friends [Lily] and [Abel], worried for Mia.
But she didn’t respond to them at all, ignoring everything. She didn’t want to talk to anyone.

─Knock knock

Then after a while, the sound of knocking came again.
“……I already said I don’t want to talk to anyone, right? Just leave me alone already.”
Mia’s voice contained quiet anger and irritation.
It was surely Lily and Abel again. She didn’t understand why they were so concerned about her when they hardly talked.
She didn’t know the reason, but she wanted them to just leave her alone for now, that was all Mia felt. However──

“─Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?”

The voice that responded was completely different from what she imagined. And it contained anger surpassing her own.
Mia immediately realized the owner of the voice was [Luke].
But whoever it was didn’t change anything. Her feelings wouldn’t change.
“Hurry up and get out here. Let’s talk for a bit.”
“I told you I don’t want to talk to anyone rig─”
“Shut it. I’m the one saying I want to talk here. Don’t think you have any options.”
It was speech so arrogant she couldn’t even consider it as someone who cared at all about others’ feelings.
“Make it quick. If you make me wait any longer I’ll bust down this door.”
“W-wait…! Okay, I get it…!”
Luke forcefully pried open and trampled all over her shut-in heart.
To Mia, it was intolerable, but she felt a dangerous aura like he really would break down the door, so she reluctantly opened it against her will.
“You look terrible, Mia.”
And just when Mia expected Luke to say something, his words were surprisingly unkind.
She could feel the anger welling up inside her.
“─Was it tough?”
That anger was immediately extinguished.
Such simple words. However, for some reason, Luke’s words found their way into the gaps of Mia’s heart and seeped in.
Even though she couldn’t understand it herself, Mia did indeed feel a sense of comfort at that moment.
And then, tears welled up and streamed down her cheeks. Mia realized it a moment later and hastily wiped them away, as if trying to hide her embarrassment.

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