The Girls Who Traumatized Me Volume 1 Epilogue + Afterword

“Yesterday was really crazy.
Yesterday was really crazy. In the end, my emotionally overwhelmed sister just hugged me until we fell asleep together. Even though I’ve been worrying them lately, Mom and Sis are way overprotective.
No, the real problem is me. If I slept with my sister at my age, I couldn’t say it with my mouth open.
Wait, isn’t that weird? Didn’t I used to say such things without thinking about it, like it was normal? Why did I think that I couldn’t say it even if my mouth was split open?
The old me wouldn’t have thought that…
Oh well, never mind. It’d be stupid to worry about this first thing in the morning on my way to school.
I have a lot to do today. I have to move to find my true self. Something different than before. A different me than before.
“What’s with the serious face, Yukito?”
The refreshing pretty boy was as refreshing as ever today. Good morning. The rain that started yesterday is still coming down, but Refreshing Pretty Boy’s face is sunny today, too. He’s completely impervious to the seasons. Doesn’t he ever get tired of being sunny all the time? No clouds or anything? Although I’m not a weather forecaster. I had no time to worry about such things today.
“Kouki Mihou, I’m going to join the basketball club.”
“What!? Really!? What made you change your mind?”
“At least until the tournament the passionate senpai mentioned. Whether or not I continue after that depends on the situation.”
“I see. Then I’ll join the club too!”
“Disgusting! Don’t follow me. Do you like me or something?”
“Well yeah, of course.”
“Well, of course he says.”
For some reason, excited shrieks rose from the tense classroom atmosphere. I pretended not to notice, since this place was likely to turn into a snake pit if I dug too deep.
“Kamishiro… No, Shiori.”
I called to Kamishiro, who looked at me fearfully.
I hurt her just by getting involved with me. It’s true that I broke my arm because of Kamishiro and that’s why I couldn’t participate in the tournament. However, I had been broken long before that, so it wasn’t as if I was hurt. Just my body was hurt.
But what about Kamishiro herself? She must have been tormented the whole time. If I hurt someone the same way, I wouldn’t be able to ignore it.
“Have you nothing else to say, girl?”
“Huh? Isn’t that something you say to guys…”
“Equal opportunity society. Don’t worry about it. I’ll ask again. Nothing else to say?”
“I don’t really understand, but no! I’ve decided that I won’t lie to Yuki anymore!”
“Good. Then you can be my manager.”
“Huh? Yes, yes!”
Once again, screams came from different places.
Is the class really going to be okay like this?

“Hey, hey Yuuri. Do you see that? See?”
“I know. So suddenly, I wonder what’s gotten into him?”
“You seem kind of happy about it, Yuuri.”
“Do I? Then I’m sure it is.”
“Your little brother is amazing, huh? Bring him back again.”
It looks like my little brother is already causing a stir. The class is excited because he told a girl, “Be my wife” or something like that. The online chatter was crazy.
When did he become such a narcissistic character? I’m going to question him when he gets home.
His words and behavior are still reported to me in real time, but something seemed to have happened to this kid. The usual racket had changed, subtly or rather drastically. If anything, for once he was trying to do something himself instead of just getting caught up in things.
I remember the events of yesterday. My eyes might still be a little red. I ended up crying unexpectedly. In addition, I didn’t want to let go of my brother, so I slept with him.
Not just yesterday. I want to do it today, tomorrow, and from now on. I slept with Mom too, so it’s okay for me to do it, right? I am not looking for meaningless approval from anyone in particular. I have wanted to be called that for so long. To be recognized as a sister. To be seen not as a stranger, but as family.
Maybe I have touched this child’s heart a little. So far there have only been bad changes. Could this be the first good change?
If so, there’s no way I can let this chance go to waste.
I can’t let him get hurt again out of spite. I have to protect him. Me this time.

“So I escaped from the noisy class.
“At this point, you’re much more famous than I am.”
Lunch break. Eating peanut butter and chocolate bread in the emergency stairwell.
Bad choice. Too sweet. No matter how much I love sweets, these two overlapped in purpose. My current body craved combat more than sugar. I’m kidding, I don’t want to fight, please.
“More importantly, Hestia Senpai, why are you always here?”
“Don’t use a kinky sounding name! Stop it!”
“What do you mean?”
“Never mind if you don’t know. It’s nothing.”
“I have the matching string though.”
“I know you have it! Why do you have it?”
“I thought it might happen with a name like that.”
“Don’t tell me you tried to pin this on me!”
“You don’t have much of a chest anyway.”
“Hey, you underclassman.”
“Mercy, please! Mercy!”
As always, Hestia senpai was eating lunch alone in the emergency stairwell. No matter how you look at it, she’s a total loner, right? Enough to get a confession. She’s a beauty.
Still, she has no friends, which is kind of sad, you know.
“Well Hestia senpai, I’ll be your friend.”
“Why do you talk like you’re above me? And you think I’m some sad lonely loner, right?”
“Aren’t you?”
“I’m not! Look at me, I actually have a lot of friends!”
“It still bothers me a little that the peanut butter is so sweet. Damn America!”
“So listen, okay? Really listen to me?”
“Yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am.”
“I’m not a horse! Not a horse, I said!”
“She’s a goddess.”
“I’m getting tired already, but I’m starting to feel that this is okay…”
For some reason, Hestia Senpai looks exhausted. Feeling sorry for her, I give her the string I mentioned earlier.
“Unlike you, I’m not a loner, you know? Are you listening?”
“Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe I’m not a loner either.”
“Oh really? I guess you are pretty… unique.”
“W-Well, I’m still a shut-in! Geragaragaralala!”
“Don’t really laugh creepily with a straight face. It’s creepy. But I’m glad.”
“I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but if Hestia Senpai says so, I’ll decide it was the right thing to do.”
“That’s right, make sure you listen to what I say. Because I’m a goddess, right?”
“Hey, don’t compliment yourself.”
“Don’t suddenly take away the ladder! You’re the one who said it!”
The light rain continued to fall. It was quite unusual for students like me and Hestia Senpai to eat outside. The emergency stairwell doesn’t get wet, so it’s fine, but it had a strangely comfortable atmosphere for some reason.
Will school or home ever feel like a comfortable place to me?
I must have been – all this time.

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Thank you for picking up this book and reading it.
It’s thanks to all the support from readers that what was once posted online as a web novel has become an actual published book. You have my deepest gratitude.

Originally, this work was strongly focused on being the “protagonist’s story.
However, for the published version, I tried to focus more on the heroines to make it “the story of the protagonist and the heroines. How was that?
With the different heroines appearing, please let me know if you have a favorite!

The length of each episode also differs between the web and print due to the different formats, so I’m reviewing them. The overall content has gone through major revisions, so hopefully even those who read the web version can enjoy a somewhat fresh experience.

Finally, some thanks.
To the artists who, despite the large cast, made so many charming characters come alive. To the editors who oversaw this project. And the many others involved in the publishing process. But most of all, to the readers. Thank you very much.
The [romance] in this work has just begun.
This is the starting line. Please stay tuned for future developments!

I’m looking forward to meeting you all again in this way.

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