The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 4 part 2

“── [Imbue: Darkness]”
Darkness wraps around the sword in my right hand.

scene transition



“── [Armor of Darkness]”
Darkness takes the shape of armor, covering my whole body.

“── [Physical Boost ×2]”
Tremendous energy courses through my whole body.

“Shall we?”
“Bring it.”

With a grin that seems to split my face, I kick off the ground.

Yorand truly believes from his heart that his little sister Alice is the most beautiful girl in the world.
No man in the world would leave her be. Yorand understood that fact more than anyone, which is why he knew the day would come when Alice left his side.
He was prepared to accept it.
However, the most beloved little sister had been changed…by the demon known as Luke.
That alone was something he absolutely couldn’t accept no matter what.
And so Yorand released it─the true power he had concealed for a certain purpose.
Now, the monster that shouldn’t have any relation to the original work was unleashed──.

──Fun. Endlessly fun!!

In the first place, constantly active spells fundamentally can’t exist when one has a limited pool of magic power.
Yet Luke had multiple spells that should have been impossible. Including [Dark Blessing] he independently developed to counter Amelia’s [Sound Magic], he had several defensive spells and information magic.
So what made these possible…was another spell Luke developed before entering Aslan Magic Academy.

That would be── [Dark Drain].

A very simple spell that utilizes the Darkness attribute’s nature to drain magic power.
But Luke doesn’t use this on other people. He uses it to drain ambient magic power in the atmosphere, in other words to increase his [Natural Magic Recovery Rate]. There’s no resistance when the target isn’t human.
And so the ‘contradiction’ was born. His magic power doesn’t decrease but rather increases despite having active spells.
Through repeated training, Luke also succeeded in drastically improving the [absorption] trait of the Darkness attribute.
As a result, this ‘contradiction’ grew tremendously.

In other words──Luke basically doesn’t suffer from magic depletion, the big weakness of mages.

However, Yorand succeeded in ‘resisting’ Luke’s [Dark Drain].
This alone shows how superior Yorand is as a mage.
That said, the truth was if this continued, the difference in their magic pools meant Yorand would hit by [magic depletion] first.
Because he instantly realized this, Yorand provoked Luke. While fully convinced Luke would surely take the bait after recognizing it as provocation.
And he was right. Just keeping [Dark Drain] active could decide the victor.
Let alone Luke who had power leftover to further strengthen that spell.

But─that’s boring.

Luke want to see this man use his unparalleled magnetism magic without reserve.
And crush him head-on after that. This irresistible, extremely arrogant desire.
That alone was the reason. For Luke, that was plenty.
“Ah hah hah hah hah hah!”
“──You’re strong.”
That swordplay unfolding at speeds lightly exceeding human limits thanks to magic.
Everyone watched that battle unfold, one no one would ever imagine between mages, without saying a single word─no, they were enthralled.
This fight was so beautiful, it made the act of blinking feel sacrilegious.

Among them all, [Abel] was especially unable to look away from this battle.

(This is it.)

For some reason. ──He was convinced.

(The peak I’m aiming for is─beyond this!!)

Yorand’s appearance despite having no relation to the original story.
And Luke relentlessly pursuing strength with an insatiable heart rather than indulging in his talent.
The various unexpected developments that should have been impossible created branches in the story, indirectly spurring Abel’s growth.
Each time they crossed swords, Luke thought. In pure speed alone, Yorand’s edged out his own [Physical Boost ×2] ever so slightly.
(Terrifying. At present, he’s completely superior to Abel.)
Yorand’s magic power imbued with magnetism due to his Magnetism attribute.
His Magnetism Magic that could generate attraction and repulsion in anything, not just metal, by imparting that magic power. Extremely powerful magic.
But one could easily imagine its use isn’t simple at all.

“(Overwhelming acceleration using magnetism. And unorthodox movements that seem to defy the laws of nature… Haha, incredible magic precision.)”
However, even with all this, Yorand’s magic is effectively sealed by more than half.
That’s because of Luke’s activation of “Dark Armor.”
This magic not only provides physical defense but also prevents any magical interference.
As a result, Yorand can’t even influence Luke’s magnetic forces directly.
Whether it’s a warrior or a mage, for ordinary individuals, once Yorand gets close, the outcome is pretty much determined.
Naturally, Luke understands this fact. He understands it, and that’s why he made a decision.



And that decision is──not to use any more magic.

Yorand’s magnetic magic can affect even magic if he can infuse magnetism, but that’s not the case with Luke’s dark magic.
Darkness consumes everything. It’s no exception for magnetic magic.
If Luke were to use any more dark magic, the battle would become terrifyingly one-sided.
But that’s not what Luke wants.

To stand on the same ground as his opponent and overwhelm them with his absolute power.

A victory with no room for excuses.

That’s the kind of victory that the arrogant Luke seeks.
He believes that he has the power to make his whims a reality.
It’s not baseless self-confidence. It’s confidence backed by everything he has built up until now.

“(In terms of swordsmanship alone, I’m inferior to Alfred. But, the nuisance of magnetic forces is taking its toll. It’s taking time to get used to.)”
“(…None of them are hitting. Luke is just focusing on defense. Everything is being blocked by a hair’s breadth. There’s no feedback like cutting through water. I see, his eyes are sharp. Beyond my expectations.)”

The intentions of the two clash.
To those who are barely able to keep up with the battle using their eyes, Luke and Yorand’s abilities might appear evenly matched.
For Luke, who is currently limiting the use of multiple spells, that assessment is accurate.
However, this is only true for the current moment. Luke is growing rapidly in the midst of battle.
His opponent’s breathing, timing, and unique rhythm.
Luke mockingly grasps them all and creates premonitions as if foreseeing the future.
With the addition of the element of magnetism, the combinations of his swordsmanship become virtually limitless. Not only unorthodox movements but also, Yorand can change the intensity of the magnetism, allowing him to control the pace even more.
However, as humans, everyone has emotions. And these emotions cannot be completely eliminated.
There will always be sword forms and movements that one unconsciously dislikes. ── That’s what turns the infinite into the finite.

“(…Wow. He’s really something.)”

At the end of the relentless exchange of blows that makes one lose track of time, the roles of offense and defense reverse imperceptibly.
In the eyes of everyone, this spectacle captivates them, and some are even disturbed by it. ── Including Alice.
Right now, a question mark dances in her mind.

(…Is that really my brother…?)

Everything so far denies this fact. However, everything spread out before her affirms it. Her heart is uncontrollably agitated.
And then, a burning resentment slowly eats away at her chest.
(…He deceived me.)
It’s anger towards being betrayed.
At that moment, Alice had absolutely no thoughts of the cruel mistreatment she had inflicted on her brother. All she felt was a burning rage.
Next, Alice was filled with a feeling of frustration.
Luke was laughing with such delight because of the fight with her brother that he had looked down on.
There’s no way she could satisfy Luke as she was now.
That fact was unbearably frustrating.
I want to get stronger. I want to become much stronger.
At that time, Alice sincerely thought so in her heart.
I want my existence to be reflected in Luke’s eyes. If only for that reason alone.
She too has great talent. Originally, she would not have craved strength to this extent.

──Luke put in effort.

──Just that one fact distorts the story endlessly.

Exchanging over a thousand sword strikes.
Just when it seemed the battle would continue indefinitely, it ended abruptly ── as an inevitable result.
Yorand’s sword was flung away, danced in the air, and stabbed into the ground.
“I won…right?”
“…Yeah, I lost.”
A moment of stillness.
Then, overflowing cheers and applause rang out.
It was unrestrained praise for both of them. Everyone encouraged and honored them.
Amidst it all, Yorand thought.

(──Just as planned)

In truth, Yorand had watched the battle between Luke and Abel.
Seeing Luke’s ability then, he already knew he couldn’t win. Luke not using the great magic from the Abel fight was unexpected, but otherwise things went about as Yorand anticipated.
So why did he challenge Luke?

For Luke──No.
For the students’ growth──No.

It was to satisfy his own desires.

(Ah…I’m so pathetic… As an instructor provoking Luke and fighting him, then losing… And on top of that exposing such a miserable state to [Alice]…)


Yes, it was all to show Alice this unsightly appearance.
Ferocious, warped emotions raged within Yorand’s heart.
He could no longer even stand, collapsing to his knees.
“Hey, you alright teacher!? Should I call a priest!?”
“I-I’m fine…just a little tired…”
At that time, Yorand’s eyes met Alice’s.
Alice looked at him with contemptuous, scornful eyes that didn’t even see him as human.

(Ah… Ahh… Aaaaaa──)

“Huh, teacher? Ah! Everyone, this is bad! Yorand collapsed!”
The abnormally heightened twisted emotions readily deprived Yorand of his consciousness.

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